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高二英语选修7unit2 warming up and reading课件

Unit 2 Robots

What is a robot?

A robot is a machine designed to do jobs that are usually performed by humans.

Have you ever played robot toys?

Do you want to play with the real robots?

What can a

robot do?

It can do many different things.

robot waiter

robot worker

say hello to people

talk with people

play music



The robot which can dance with men

pour tea

sweep the floor

cook dinner

play football


cook dinner It can ______________________ .

clean the plane

Do the labour work

explore dangerous places

serve us

lead the way

Do you think it is possible for a robot to: ?have feelings? ?feel like a human being?

1. Do you know who he is? 2. Have you ever the film from his works? 3. What do you know about him?

Isaac Asimov
( 1920-1992)

About Isaac Asimov
Isaac Asimov,American Jew, an American scientist and one of the most great science fiction writers. He wrote so many works which are known as interesting, creative, imaginative, describe events and people that do not exist.

艾萨克· 阿西莫夫是美籍犹太人,为本世纪 阿西莫夫不仅是哥伦比亚大学的化学博士, 最顶尖的科幻小说家之一,曾获代表科幻界最高 更是世闻名的全能作家,一生著书达四百八十余 荣誉的雨果奖和星云终身成就大师奖。 本,内容广及科学类的数理化、天文、生物、医 以他的名字为号召的《艾西莫夫科幻杂志》 学,还旁涉人文类的文学、宗教、史地等。如此 是美国当今数一数二的科幻文学重镇。 渊博的学识使他的笔下世界具备了奇幻的想像与 《基地》、《机器人》等系列是艾西莫夫最 高度的预言性。几乎每一本有关机器人发展史的 脍炙人口的代表作。艾西莫夫通过宏观视野使他 书籍都提到他、他的小说与他发明的“机器人三 的作品处处闪动著关怀人类未来的笔触,超越一 定律”。他的“机器人三定律” 几乎成了以后 般科幻作品的局限。 科幻作家创作有关机器人的作品时必须遵循的法

Isaac Asimov (( 1920-1992) Isaac Asimov 1920-1992)

Asimov’s laws for robots
first law :阿西莫夫的“机器人三定律”: 艾萨克 A robot must not injure human being or allow them to be injured. 一、机器人不能害人,也不能坐视人 Second law : A robot must obey the others 类被害。 it by human beings (as long as given to human beings are not injured). 二、在不违反定律一的前提下,机器 Third law : A robot must protect its own 人要听人的话。 existence (as long as human being are not 三、在不违反定律一、二的前提下, injured; and as long as the robot does not 机器人要尽量保住自己。 disobey the human beings).

About his work

Isaac Asimov was an amazing writer who had finished more than 300 works since the beginning of1950’.

His most famous works I, Robot (我是机器人) The Foundation Trilogy
the foundation (1951) the foundation and Empire (1953) the second foundation (1952)

Enjoy the pictures






Satisfaction Guaranteed

Writer: Isaac Asimov

1. What is the main idea of the story? 2. What are the main characters in the story?

Main idea of the story: The story tells us how a robot used for housework was tested out in a family.

Main characters in the story:
Larry Belmont ---- works in a company that makes robots Claire ---- Larry’s wife, a housewife

Tony ---- a robot Gladys Claffern ---- a woman that Claire envies

Do the multiple-choice and matching exercises on Page18-19 in 《学案》

1. Which of the following is NOT Tony’s characteristic? A. Clumsy. B. Handsome. C. Helpful. D. Smart.

2. We can infer that when Claire first

saw Tony, she felt alarmed by

A. his appearance
B. his ability C. his facial expressions D. his cleverness

3. Why did Claire feel embarrassed one day? A. Because Tony asked her whether she needed help dressing. B. Because Tony offered sympathy for her. C. Because Tony helped her a lot. D. Because Tony bent his face too close to hers. 4. _________amazed Claire very much. A. That Tony gave her a new haircut B. That Tony changed the makeup she wore C. Tony’s fingernails and the softness and warmth of his skin D. That Tony wrote a shopping list for her

5. Which of the following is the right description about Gladys? A. She was a rich and powerful fat woman. B. She had everything that Claire wanted and envied. C. She was the one whom Claire turned to for help when she was annoyed. D. She had a bad relationship with Claire.

6. Tony did the following things to help Claire EXCEPT _______. A. giving her a new haircut B. changing her makeup C. having the house completely transformed and improved D. going into a jewellery shop to buy her a necklace

7. Which of the following is NOT the reason why Tony opened the curtains? A. To let other women see everything. B. To show the risk of Claire’s marriage. C. To let other women envy Claire. D. To make Claire elegant just like her neighbor.

1. Read the story, then fill in the occasions when Claire had these feelings. Occasion Claire… 1 Before he arrived disliked him 2 When he arrived was alarmed 3 When he offered felt embarrassed to help her dress

4 When he offered to help admired him her improve her house and herself 5 When he helped her with the salesman Called him a dear

6 When she fell off a ladder Felt his warmth and caught by Tony

When she heard Gladys Felt being whispering to another envied woman that she had never seen anyone so handsome as Tony 8 She remembered Tony Cried all night was just a machine 7

4 List Tony’s characteristics that were similar to those of a human being and different from those of a human being. Characteristics Similar Different Tall, handsome , black hair, deep voice Facial expressions never changed


Mental Clever enough Cannot to solve all think for kinds of itself

P1-2 Larry Belmont worked for a company that made robots. Recently it had begun experimenting with a household robot. It was going to be tested out by Larry's wife, Claire. Claire didn't want the robot in her house, especially as her husband would be absent for three weeks, but Larry persuaded her that the robot wouldn't harm her or allow her to be harmed. It would be a bonus. However, when she first saw the robot, she felt alarmed. His name was Tony and he seemed more like a human than a machine. He was tall and handsome with smooth hair and a deep voice although his facial expression never changed.


? Title: ? Satisfaction Guaranteed

Characters in the story:
Larry Belmont- employed in a company that makes robots Claire- Larry’s wife,a housewife Tony- the robot Gladys Claffern- a woman that Claire envies

Find out the information about Tony

facial expressions never changed

为...工作 开始干sth 对..试验 一个家用机器人 进行试验 尤其 缺席离开 说服sb.sth] 伤害 sb. 允许sb干sth 感到吃惊 面部表情

work for begin doing experiment with a household robot. test... out especially be absent persuade sb. that harm sb. allowsb.to do feel alarmed facial expression

1.he seemed more like a human than a machine more...than...与其说……倒不如说…… She is more my friend than my teacher. 与其说这男孩笨倒不如说他懒。 The boy is more lazy than stupid.

more than多于;超过;不仅仅 not more than不超过 no more than仅仅=only Mr.Zhang is more_than our teacher and he is our friend. Please don't be so angry.After all,she is no more than a child. 请不要如此生气,毕竟她还只是一个孩子。 1)The young lady is ____ a beauty; she is ______ than pretty. A. more than; more smart B.more than; smarter C. not only; smarter D.no more than; more clever 2)Ann acts quite unfriendly.I think she is ____ than unfriendly. A. shyer B.shier C.more shy rather D.more shy

1. desire v. desire to do sth. 1) 渴望;希望(做某事):__________________ desire sth. 2) 要求某事__________________ desire sb. to do sth. 3)要求(请求)某人做某事___________________ 4)desire that…do/should do; Exercise 我请您立即回信。 an immediate answer I desire ____________________ of yours. 我们希望有个好结果。 We desire to have a good result. _____________________________ Please desire him to come in. 去请他进来。__________________________

他们要求你马上回来。 that you should come at once They desire ______________________________.
desire n. (1) 愿望; 欲望
(3) 食欲

(2) 要求
(4) 向往的东西

a strong desire for knowledge / to learn He has ____________________________________.

meet one’s desire 满足某人的欲望 have\feel a great desire for 强烈渴望得到 at one’s desire 照某人希望

2. satisfaction n. ( opp. dissatisfaction) 1) 满足; 满意; 舒服 (at; with) 2)令人满意的事物

with satisfaction 满意地_______________
令某人满意的是 to sb’s satisfaction/ to the satisfaction of sb. _________________________________ express one’s satisfaction at/ with 对??表示满意_________________________ 我听了这个消息非常满意。 with great/ much satisfaction I heard the news ____________________.

satisfy vt. satisfied adj.

满足; 使满足 满意的; 满足的

satisfying adj.
satisfactory adj.


1.It’s not easy to satisfy him. 2.I am satisfied with the result of the exam. The result of the exam is satisfying. 3.It’s a satisfactory excuse for his absence.

4.As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. There stands...倒装句。 (1)there, here, now, then 等副词放在句首时,句子要完全倒装, 谓语动词常用 come, go, be, lie, run 等。 There goes the bell. 汽车来了 Here comes the bus Out rushed Jack's wife,crying Out she rused,crying *主语如为人称代词,则应放在动词前面 —Look! There ______. —Oh, there______. A.comes the bus;comes it C.the bus comes; it comes

B.comes the bus; it comes D.the bus comes; comes it

3. alarm n. 警报; 惊慌; 恐慌
火灾引起很大恐慌。 The fire caused much alarm. ____________________________
give/raise/sound the alarm take (the) alarm at a fire alarm a false alarm air alarm water level alarm 发警报; 敲警钟

火警 虚惊一场 空袭警报 水位警告

alarm vt. 使警觉; 惊动; 使惊慌 不要惊慌 Don’t alarm yourself. be alarmed at (the news) 被(那消息) 吓了一跳. be alarmed for (the safety of …) 放心不下; 担心(??的安全)
完成句子: 1) A small boy saw the smoke and raised the alarm _________________ (发出警报). Everybody was alarmed at 2) ________________________ (人人都感到惊恐)

the news that war might break out.

4. smooth adj. 平坦的; 平滑的; 顺利的
路平坦了/困难扫除了。 The way is now smooth. ______________________ vt. 使??光滑, 平坦或顺利 用熨斗把这件衣服熨平。 ______________________________ Smooth this dress with a hot iron. smoothly adv. 平稳地; 顺利地 一切进展顺利。 Everything went smoothly. _________________________

On the second morning Tony, wearing an apron, brought her breakfast and then asked her whether she needed help dressing. She felt embarrassed and quickly told him to go. It was disturbing and frightening that he looked so human. One day, Claire mentioned that she didn't think she was clever. Tony said that she must feel very unhappy to say that. Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot. But she began to trust him. She told him how she was overweight and this made her feel unhappy. Also she felt her home wasn't elegant enough for someone like Larry who wanted to improve his social position. She wasn't like Gladys Claffern, one of the richest and most powerful women around.

第二天早晨, 感到不好意思 有一天 说起/提起sth 一定肯定干sth 太胖/超重 提高社会地位

On the second morning felt embarrassed one day mention that... must do sth overweight improve social position

2.On the second morning Tony, wearing an apron, brought her breakfast and then asked her whether she needed help dressing 3.It was disturbing and frightening that he looked so human. 句子结构? It’s amazing that he gave up the job. It is clear that he will refuse the offer

5. embarrass vt. 使困惑; 使局促不安 销路下降使公司陷于财政困难. embarrassed the company The decline of sales _______________________. 在生人面前局促不安
be/ feel embarrassed in the presence of strangers

embarrass sb. with sth./ by doing sth. 做??使某人尴尬/害羞/窘迫 不要问隐私, 会让他们觉得不好意思 embarrass them with Don’t _______________________ (by asking) personal questions.

embarrassed adj. 尴尬的, 难堪的, 害羞的 他对我衣服的评论使我很尴尬。 _________________ by his comments about I was embarrassed my clothes. embarrassing adj. 使人尴尬的; 令人难堪的 你什么时候最尴尬? What has been your most embarrassing moment _____________________________?

6. sympathy n. 同情; 同感; 同情心 相关短语:

express sympathy for 慰问
feel sympathy for, have sympathy for 同情 in sympathy with 同情; 赞成; 跟着; 和??一致 out of sympathy for … 出于对…的同情 have no / some …sympathy with sb /sth

不支持 / 支持某人/ 某事

我确信她一定赞成你的建议。(in sympathy with)

I’m sure she will be in sympathy with your

我不同意他的意见。(have no sympathy with)
I have no sympathy with him. 我同情你。(sympathize) I sympathize with you.

P5 As a favour Tony promised to help Claire make herself smarter and her home more elegant. So Claire borrowed a pile of books from the library for him to read, or rather, scan. She looked at his fingers with wonder as they turned each page and suddenly reached for his hand. She was amazed by his fingernails and the softness and warmth of his skin. How absurd, she thought. He was just a machine. 答应/承诺干 sth 从...借来 一堆书 更确切地说 浏览 惊奇地 翻动书页 伸出手去拿 对...感到大为惊异 多么可笑啊, promise to do sth borrow... from a pile of books or rather scan with wonder turn each page reach for sth be amazed by How absurd,


Tony gave Claire a new haircut and changed the makeup she wore. As he was not allowed to accompany her to the shops, he wrote out a list of items for her. Claire went into the city and bought curtains, cushions, a carpet and bedding. Then she went into a jewellery shop to buy a necklace. When the clerk at the counter was rude to her, she rang Tony up and told the clerk to speak to him. The clerk immediately changed his attitude. Claire thanked Tony, telling him that he was a "dear". As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. How awful to be discovered by her, Claire thought. By the amused and surprised look on her face, Claire knew that Gladys thought she was having an affair. After all, she knew Claire's husband's name was Larry, not Tony.

给sb换了个发型 化妆 sb被允许干sth 陪伴 sb.去sth 写出 一份...清单 一家珠宝店 柜台 对sb.粗鲁 给sb打电话 和sb.讲话 立即 通过 有趣而又惊奇的神色 有风流韵事 毕竟

give sb.a new haircut wear makeup be allowed to do sth. accompany sb.to sp. write out a list of items a jewellery shop at the counter be rude to sb ring sb. up speak to sb. immediately By (doing) sth the amused and surprised look have an affair. After all,

7. pile n. 堆; 摞; 叠 v. 堆起; 堆积
a pile of / piles of = lots of 成堆的/成批的 pile up 增多; 积累; (车辆) 相碰 There were a pile of magazines on the desk . I’ve got piles of work to do this evening . The fallen leaves piled up. 堆积

8. with wonder: 疑惑地 with + n 作状语 with surprise / embarrassment / fear
9. reach for / reach out one’s hand for e.g.He reached out his hand for an apple. n. reach within one’s reach out of one’s reach= beyond one’s reach

10. accompany v. 1) to go / stay with I’d like you to accompany me to the supermarket. What accompanies him is always a dog. 2) to exist at the same time 和??一起发生 Lightning usually accompanies thunder.

11. turn around 转身; 回转; 旋转;好转, 有起色 他突然转过身来, 看见了我。 All of a sudden he turned around/about ___________________________________ and saw me. ______________
turn about 转身; 转向; 调向

turn against
turn away turn on turn off turn out

背叛; 反抗, 使对抗
把(脸)转过去; 抛弃 开(电灯, 收音机, 自来水) 解雇; 关掉; 使失去兴趣 结果是; 证明是; 生产(产品)

12. affair n. 事情/ 暧昧关系/ 私通 pl 业务/ 事务/ 事态 Affairs at present in that country are unsettled. 那个国家当前的局势动荡不安.
current/foreign/world affairs 时事/外交事务/ 世界事务 affairs of state 国事/ 国务/ 政务

13. declare vt. 宣布; 声明; 表明; 说明; 宣称 1) declare +n. 宣告

_______________________________ They will declare the results of the

_____________ election soon.
2) declare+n.+(to be) n./ adj. 宣布??为?? 裁判宣布他为比赛的冠军。 The judge declared him (to be) the ______________________________ winner of the competition. _______________________

我宣布这次会议开始. I declared this conference (to be) open. __________________________________ 3) declare +(that)从句 宣称; 声称 她宣称她是对的. _______________________________ She declared (that) she was right.
declare war on/ upon 对??宣战 declare against 声明反对

declare for (in favour of) 声明赞成

不仅仅是, 不止 14. more than + n _______________ 很 / 非常 + adj._______________ +num.______________ 超过 more + adj / adv / n / v + than 与其说……, ,不如说……

e.g.What he wants is more than money.
He is more than scared of cats. He is more scared than ill. 他与其说是病了, 倒不如说他是受了 惊吓。

15. It was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains… 强调句 It is / was + 强调部分 + that / who + 其他 It is not where you come from or what you are, but the ability to do the job______ matters. B A. one B. that C. what D. it B It was after the invention of printing _____to publish large numbers of books and pictures. A. were people able B. that people were able C. when were people able D. people were able

16. impress sb with sth impress sth on / upon sb make an impression on sb 这位姑娘既活泼又有幽默感, 给这位男孩留 下了深刻的印象。 The girl impressed the boy with her liveliness and sense of humor. 他的话铭记在我心里。 His words was impressed on me. 他给我留下了深刻的印象。 He made a strong impression on me.

17. envy vt. & n. 忌妒; 羡慕 1) envy+sb.(for sth.) 2) envy sb. sth. 忌妒/羡慕某人某事 我真羡慕您! How I envy you! _________________ 他们羡慕我们的成功. They envied us for our success. ____________________________ envy sb. doing sth. 羡慕某人做某事 be in envy of one’s success 羡慕某人的成功 envy at / of sth. 对某事物的忌妒/羡慕

I don’t envy him his money problems. 我庆幸自己没有他那些金钱的麻烦。 Her many talents were the envy of all her friends. 她多才多艺, 所有的朋友都很羡慕她。 ? 归纳拓展: envious adj. ? be envious of = be jealous of ? 我羡慕Tom的成功。 ? I’m envious of / jealous of Tom’s success. ? I envy Tom’s success. ? I envy Tom his success.

18. leave…alone 不管; 不打扰; 让? ?独自待着

Leave my book alone. _____________________
由我来做吧. Leave me alone to do it. ______________________ leave behind leave out leave off leave over 留下; 忘带; 遗留 省去; 排除; 遗漏 停止 推迟某事; 剩下

19. have …doing = cause sb to do sth 1) 让??做 I won’t have him cleaning his bike in the kitchen. She won’t have her children sitting down to dinner with dirty hands. 2) 鼓励, 教会, 劝说 I’ll have them all talking in English in the classroom.

Whom would you rather ____with your sister? C A. have gone B. have to go C. have go D. have going C Who did the teacher have ____ an article for the paper just now? A. written B. writing C. write D. to write


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