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第 14 周周练写作范文

On 4th Nov., 2009, the Shanghai municipal government announced that China’s central government has officially approved the Shanghai Disneyland Project. People have different opinions of the project. Some think it is not necessary to build another one in China since there already exists one in Hongkong. Also it is hard to attract large numbers of tourists, given current financial situation. It may affect the environment as well. But there is another voice. Other people think it will be a good choice for them, especially children, to spend their holidays in the park. Many jobs will be created, which is good for local economy. The opening of the park will definitely promote the development of transportation and tourism. Personally, I would love to see the park completed as soon as possible. I am sure people will have great fun there.
第 15 周周练范文:

In the course of the general revision, what we need is solid foundation. As you know, we didn’t learn well enough in the first two years, so please slow down and make sure we have really mastered something. Besides, we need a little more time to think for ourselves. As for those important points which also make us confused, would you please give us more practice in case we forget? Meanwhile, we need your instruction, for example, in how to write in natural English. I still have another request: assign us less homework in order that we can do it more efficiently. By the way, we often feel frustrated, which has a very bad effect on our study. We would appreciate it if you would give us some encouragement from time to time.
第 16 周月考:书面表达

It’s reported that school bus accidents have frequently happened in some towns

recently, causing many deaths and injuries. Quite a few families are so deep in sorrow that it attracts a great deal of public attention. The tragedies resulted from varieties of reasons. First of all, a bus was crowded with too many children because people couldn’t afford to provide more buses for them in some towns or villages, which may result in the accidents. Secondly, some drivers took the risk of doing the job although they held no driving licenses. Thirdly, the laws about school bus safety haven’t been strictly observed in some places so that the operation of school buses is in chaos.(在混乱中 As far as I’m concerned, the government should take more effective measures to protect school children against further disaster.
第 17 周周练:书面表达(25 分)

The Harmonious Campus Project has become part of the education in our school. As for students, how should we behave ourselves? In our daily life, it is essential for us to form some good habits. First of all, we should be honest and faithful to others. Never tell lies or cheat in examinations. Secondly, respect each others. Don't be selfish or hurt other's feelings when talking. Thirdly, you have to avoid some bad habits, such being late for school, throwing rubbish here and there or spitting in public. In general, it's our duty to protect our own environment. In my opinion, we all hope that we will be a civilized student, do all that we should do, and do as much as we can to build our school into a harmonious campus.
第 18 周周练书面表达

Nowdays a lot of schools keep their students in school all day long.Students have different opinions about it. Some of the students think they enjoy less freedom and have little chance to get in touch with society.They are not able to fully develop their interests and hobbies. Therefore, they have lst interest in their studies. Some others think school is the best place to get knowledge so they should put their heart into their lessons. Some students lack the ability to control themselves.Once out of school, they may lose control of themselves and do something that will influence/affect their studies.

Personally I think, it is necessary to keep students at school.But at the same time schools should organize various activities so that students can enjoy their school life.(I don’t agree to keep students at school all day. Schools should offer students more free time to develop their personal interests. 漫画作文 Let’s look at the picture above. It’s about a boy who picks up a book on civil virtue and he is looking for its owner. But let’s pay attention to the passers-by. One boy is throwing rubbish and one of the couple is spitting. Something occurs to me. The owner of the book not only lost a book, but also his civil virtue. It’s our duty to obey the principle made for our behaviours. And parents should set good exaples for their children to teach them to protect the environment. As we all know, kids always do as their parents do. let’s call on everybody to do the tiny things we meet in our daily life to make our earth, our home cleaner and more beautiful.




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