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First wealth is health. 健康是人生的第一财富

Retell the passage according to the key words:
Part 1: in the past frustrated? restaurant at present ?regular customer Part 2: Curiosity?follow Li Chang?slimming restaurant?menu?amazed Part3: do research? weakness and strength of these two restaurants? discount and a new sign

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. diet balance curiosity lie strength discount slim n. 日常饮食;vi. 节食 n. 平衡;vt. 权衡;平衡 n. 好奇心 n. 谎话; vi. 说谎 n. 力量(U);强项 (C) n. 折扣 vi.变细;减肥 adj. 苗条的


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

a balanced diet in different ways be full of ought to lose weight be tired of be amazed at

8. get away with 9. tell a lie 10. far too much fat 11. enen though 12. keep fit / healthy 13. win….back 14. do some research

Explanation in reading

1. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. 2. “Nothing could be better,” he thought.

3. Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did.

4. He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies!

5. The competition between the two restaurants was on!

1.diet n. 日常饮食 (C) go / be on a diet 节食 put sb on a diet 使..节食 A balanced diet a low-fat diet
v. 控制饮食

diet oneself diet sb

控制自己的饮食 控制某人的饮食

Diet cures more than a doctor.

1. 拥有均衡的,健康的饮食很重要。 It is important to have balanced and healthy ___________________diet.
2. 请不要给我的咖啡里放糖,我在节食。 No sugar in my coffee, please; I am dieting ________________.

Compare: ? diet 习惯的食物或规定的食物,特指维持 健康的定量或定质的食物。 ? food 一般的用语,凡能吃能喝的具有营养 的东西都称为food。

Proper _____ and exercise are both diet
important for health.

Many sweet _____ are on sale in the store foods

2. balance 1) v. 权衡、平衡 We must balance the two plans.

2) n. 天平、平衡
the balance of nature 搭配 be out of balance keep one’s balance lose one’s balance 不平衡 保持平衡 失去平衡

1. 生活中他很好地平衡了工作与玩的关系。 There is _________between work and a balance play in his life.
2. 他失去了平衡,所以跌倒了。 lost his balance he _______________and fell down.

3. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. V.+ing 形式短语为现在分词短语,表伴 随状语.
The teacher came into the room, smiling.

1) Nora stood at the bus stop, reading a newspaper. __________________ 娜拉站在公共汽车站旁看报纸。 2) Many of us,____ , could not go to sleep that night. A. being so exciting B. be so exciting C. being so excited D. be so excited 3)“We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, ____out of the window. A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked

4. ought to 应该 与should的意思大致相同,但should注意 表示主观的看法,而ought to 则反映客观 情况。 You _______ stay at home in such a bad ought to weather. should I ______ work hard.
ought not to do sth

你不应该喝那么多酒。 You ought not to drink so much. 我现在应该离开吗? Ought I to leave now? ought to + have done 表示本应该做的事 却没有做。 You ought to have told me earlier. 你应该早点告诉我。

5. “Nothing could be better,” he thought. 他想,“再没有比这些更好吃的了”. 比较级形式表最高级的意义 结构: 否定词+adj./adv.的比较级
I can’t agree more. 我完全赞同。

Nobody loved money better than he.

1) Nothing is more pleasant than travelling. Travelling is the most pleasant thing. = ___________________________________

相关链接: can’t...enough与can’t...too...再怎么也不过分;越..越 也是用否定形式表示肯定意义。例如: I can’t thank you enough. 再怎么谢你也不过分。 You can’t scold me enough. 你再怎么责备我也不过分。 You can’t too be careful. 你愈小心愈好。

Bob ran the 100 meters in 9.91 seconds, and I have not seen ________ this year. (浙江 2005) A.the best B. better C. the most D. more

6. Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did.
must have done 主观上对过去情况的一种肯定猜 测。

情态动词+have done Must have done sth. 过去一定做过某事 May have done sth. 过去可能做某事 can’t have done sth. 过去不可能做某事

7. Curiosity drove him inside.
Curiosity drove us to learn more! drive v. 驾驶, 用车载, 驱使, 迫使 have curiosity to do sth 有做某事的好奇心

out of curiosity
satisfy one’s curiosity



adj. 好奇心的
好奇做某事 对…好奇

be curious about sth be curious to do

it is curious that ….


If you are ________ about Australian cities, just read the book written by Dr Johnson. A. interest B. anxious C. upset D. curious

8. It cost more than a good meal in his own restaurant. @ cost 表花_____,作主语的是______ “钱” “物”
sth cost/costs (sb) sth.

@ spend 既可指花_____,又可指花_____。在主动 “钱” “时

间” 语态作主语的应当是_____, 宾语可以是 “人”
money, energy, time
1)sb. + spend + 宾语 + on + sth. 2)sb. + spend + 宾语 +( in ) doing sth.

“时间” @ take 一般表花______,常用于句型:
It takes sb. some time to do sth. ___________________________ “付钱” @ pay 一般表_______,在主动语态中做主语 “人” 的应当是______,其宾语有三种形式: sb. sb. pay(s)/payed some money sb. some money for sth.

1) Some passengers complain that it usually ______ so long to fill in travel insurance documents. A.costs B. takes C. spends D. pays

2) 我骑单车到学校要花20分钟。
I spend 20 minutes in going to school by bike. ______________________________________ It takes me 20 minutes to go to school by bike. ______________________________________

4. He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies!

can not have sb doing sth “不能容忍某人做某事”
1) 我不容许你这样说。 I can’t have you saying so. 2) 他不容许女儿晚回家。 He won’t have his daughter arriving home late.

have sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事 eg: She had us working day after day.

have sb do sth 让某人做某事 She had her daughter work in shanghai.

have sth. done 使某事被做 eg: I had my watch fixed yesterday. .

1. It was freezing, so they had the fire______ all night long. A. to burn B. burned C. burn D. burning 2. His computer won’t start, so he must have it________ . A. to repair B. repaired C. repair D. repairing

5. get away with doing sth.:(不用于被动语态)

① not be punished for sth.做了某事而不受惩罚
. have you getting away with cheating in the I won’t exam. ____________________________________ 我不能容忍你们考试作弊而不受惩罚。 robbed the bank 携带…跑掉 ② steal sth. and escape with it. and got away with a lot of money. The robbers________________________________

6. lie
n. 谎话

tell lies to sb = tell a lie to sb
vi. 说谎;躺;坐落于
She lay on the grass, looking into the sky.
她躺在床上,望着天空。 Don’t believe her! she always lies. 不要相信她,她总是说谎。 Shanghai lies in the east of China. 上海位于中国的东部。

动词原 形 lie lie lay



躺;卧 放置; 产卵

lay laid

过去分 词 lied lain laid

现在分 词 lying lying laying

规则的说谎;不规则的躺, 躺下就下蛋;下蛋不规则。

The child said that he had ____the pen on the desk, but I thought he _____to me. A. lain; lied B. lied; lain C. lied; lay D. laid; lied

7. The competition between the two
restaurants was on! on作副词与be连用时,可以表示以下几个意思: (1)(电灯、水等)开着 (2)正在进行,举行 (3)上演,演出 灯都亮着。

①The lights were all on.
他们家的电视总是开着。 ② The TV is always on in their house. ③电影院在上演什么片子? What's on at the movie? ④The film had been on for five minutes when I got to the cinema.

8. strength
n. 力量 (U) Unity is strength.

1. 每个人都有自己的强项和弱项。 strengths Each of us has our own ________ and weaknesses.

2. 他们没有足够的力气搬起这些箱子。
strength They have no _________to life the boxes.

1. Retell the passage; 2. Finish some exercises on the book given by ...


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

consult limit benefit combine debt glare spy

8. sigh

vt. 咨询;请教;查阅 vt. 限制,限定 n. 界限,限度 n. 利益,好处 vi./ vt. 得益于 v. (使)联合; (使)结合 n. 债;债务 vi. 怒目而视; n. 怒视;炫目的光 vi./ vt. 窥探,秘密监视 n. 间谍;侦探 vi. / n. 叹息;叹息声

1. consult vt.
1) 咨询,请教,商量 consult sb about sth 2)查阅 I have consulted a number of law books in the library.

2. limit v. 限定 n. 界限
1.all speeches limit to 10 minutes.

2. there is a limit to what I can do for you.

limit sb / sth to … 限制某人 / 物在…范围内 within limits 有限度地 without limit 无限地 limited adj. 有限的 limitless adj 无限的

3. benefit n.利益;好处
be of benefit to sb 对某人有益

for one’s benefit
have the benefit of


1. 为了领导的人, 我将把计划再讲一遍。
For the leader’s ______________who arrived late, I’ll just go over the plan again. 2. 我一直受益于多读书。 had the benefit of I’ve ____________________reading more books.

vt. 有益于, vi. 得益于
A benefit B A 有益于B = B benefit from / by A B得益于A


benefit from / by we will __________________her good example.

4. combine
combine A and/ with B

2) vi.结合 The two small shops combined to make a large one.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

earn one’s living (by) after all in debt cut down before long put on weight glare at spy on

(靠)..谋生 毕竟 负债 削减; 砍到;杀伤 不久以后 增加体重 怒视 侦查;窥探

Language points
1. Perhaps he would be able to earn his living after all and not have to close his restaurant. 1) earn one’ living by...=live by...=make a living by... He earned his living by begging from door to door.

表示“谋生”的短语: earn a living

earn one’s living
make a living make one’s living

2. He did not look forward to being in debt
because his restaurant was no longer popular. 他可不希望由于餐馆不受欢迎而负债。 be in debt be out of debt 欠债 不欠债 欠债

run/fall/ get into debt

pay off one’s debt 还清债务 Knowing they are deeply in debt, they cried out their heart.


(1) be in debt: owe a lot of money 欠 债 (2) be out of debt: not owe a lot of money 还清债务 (3) be in sb’s debt: feel grateful to sb. for his help, kindness, etc. 欠 某人之情 You saved my life, I am forever in your debt.

3. She didn’t look happy but

glared at him as she moved
round the customers.
她绕过顾客走进来,双眼直瞪着他, 看上去很不高兴。

glare vi. glare at sb.

怒目而视 怒目注视某人

4. I thought you were a new customer
and now I find you came only to spy on me and my menu.


spy on暗中监视;窥探 Jack was paid by the police to spy on his colleagues. 杰克受雇于警察在暗中监视他的同事们。

For nearly three hours we waited for the decision, only to be told to come again the next day. He died, only leaving nothing but debts.

n. 利益; 好处
v. 得益于……
1. 据说瑜伽对人体的健康大有好处。 _______________________________________________________ It is said that Yoga is of great benefit to human health.

2. 我们都得益于读书。

We all benefit from learning. _______________________________________________________




Fresh air is beneficial to our health.

sighed He deeply ________ for what he did.


sigh With a hopeless _____, he said goodbye to us and turned away.

sign He gave us a ________ of victory.

5. cut down 砍伐,削减, 删节 cut in cut off cut up cut out

插嘴,打断 切掉,删去,切断,使孤立 切碎, 粉碎 切掉,删掉,戒除,放弃

They cut the pear tree down .
The doctor asked her to cut out smoking. The fence cut off our view of the sea.

I was just talking to Mary when Tom _____. A A. cut in B. cut down C. cut out D. cut up

before long long before

不久之后, 很久以前

before long We will see that film ___________. The story happened ___________. long before

人人都需要均衡饮食和心情舒畅,才能保持健康,否则就会疾病 缠身. 我的一个朋友近些天来感觉很心烦,所以不得不去看医生.医 生问其缘由得知:该患者身感不适主要有两个原因:一个是由于从 前生活艰难,常常负债,但当一次生意成功成了爆发户后,便整天暴 饮,暴食鱼肉过量,结果非但没增加体重,相反体重大大下降,二是 从那以后每天提心掉胆,感觉有人在窥视他,窥视他的钱财,有人在 怒目而视于他,使他不敢入睡. 基于此种情况,医生建议他多做户外运动,保持良好心态,对健 康大有益处,此外,要改善自己的饮食习惯,把适量的肉类食物与青 菜,水果合在一起吃.最后医生还提醒人们要坚决不可饮酒过量,购 买打折食品时一定要谨慎,否则都会对健康产生不良影响.您明白 了吗? 牢记:病从口入啊!所以只要均衡饮食和适当运动,人人都会健 健康康的!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Balanced diets Keep healthy/fit Feel less healthy Feel frustrated Have to do Be in debt Become a success Drink too much Lose much weight spy on sb/sth glare at sb benefit sb/be beneficial to sb combine…with mustn’t buy food with a discount have a bad effect on Put on weight Eat far too much meat and fish


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