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人教版高中英语同步练习:必修1 unit 4规范训练(2)(含答案)

Unit 4

Earthquakes (2)

congratulate...on;be proud of;in honour of;express one's thanks to...;judging by 1.________ his accent,he must be from my hometown. 2.I'd like to ________ you for what you did all these years. 3.The stadium was named ________ the club's first chairman. 4.She ________ me warmly ________ my exam results. 5.You should ________ yourself. 答案 1.Judging by 2.express my thanks to 5.be proud of Ⅱ.单项填空 1.To all the workers of the hospital,it is a great ________ to be able to meet Premier Wen face to face. A.honour 答案 B.favor C.praise D.pride 3.in honour of 4.congratulated;on

A [考查名词词义辨析。句意:对于这个医院的全体员工来说,能够面

对面地见到温总理非常荣幸。It is an honour to do sth 做……很荣幸。结合句意 选 A。] 2.________ his expression,he probably is in need of help now. A.Generally speaking C.Judging from 答案 C B.To tell you the truth D.To be honest


generally speaking 一般来说;to tell you the truth 说实话;judging from 由…… 判断;to be honest 老实话。结合句意选 C。] 3.Since she listened to a ________ ghost story,she has never been alone during the night. A.frightening B.worrying C.interesting D.surprising



4.His parents wouldn't let him marry anyone ________ family was poor. (2013· 长沙高一检测) A.of whom 答案 D B.whom C.of whose D.whose

[句意:他父母不允许他娶家庭贫穷的人。whose 引导定语从句修饰

anyone。从句中缺少定语,故用 whose,不用 whom;但可以用 the family of whom/of whom the family。] 5.Luckily,the accident didn't ________ much damage to both of the two cars. A.make 答案 C B.take C.do D.bring

6.The other day,we got together to ________ her on her passing the college entrance examination. A.celebrate 答案 D B.reward C.express D.congratulate

7.He is a ________ man—he always says what he thinks. A.curious 答案 C B.serious C.sincere D.upset


就怎么说。curious“好奇的,好事的”;serious“严肃的”;sincere“真挚的,真诚 的”;upset“不安的”。结合句意 C 项正确。] 8.A park will be built ________ those who died in the big natural disaster in the city. A.in favor of 答案 C B.in face of C.in honour of D.in search of

9.The result was not as good as expected but the ________ on his face told us that he was still very happy. A.expression 答案 A B.impression C.celebration D.appearance

[ 考 查 名 词 词 义 辨 析 。 expression“ 表 情 ” ; impression“ 印 象 ” ;

celebration“庆祝”;appearance“外表”。由句意可知 A 项正确。] 10.—Have you finished your experiment report,Jane? —Oh,my God.I've ________ forgotten all about that.(2013· 温州高一检测) A.strongly B.extremely C.entirely D.freely




了。strongly 坚强地,强烈地;extremely 极其地;entirely 完全地;freely 自由 地,免费地。] 11.Everybody got ________ when they heard the ________ story. (2013· 南阳高一检测) A.shocked;shocked C.shocked;shocking 答案 C B.shocking;shocking D.shocking;shocked

12.________ his parents expected,he was admitted into the big local company. A.What 答案 B.As C.Which D.That

B [考查定语从句。句意:正如他父母所期望的,他被当地的大公司录

取。as 引导非限制性定语从句,可置于句首,意为“正如”。] 13. The head teacher was so ________ to receive the invitation sent by his students who would hold the MidAutumn evening party. A.pleased 答案 A B.upset C.worried D.concerned

14.When I got back home,I found my newly bought bag ________. A.missed 答案 D B.losing C.going D.lost

[考查 find sth done(发现某物/事做了)结构。句意:当我到家时,我

发现新买的包丢了。] 15.What you said ________ him to do that,I think. A.caused 答案 A B.cause C.made D.have

[句意:我认为你说的话使得他这么干。cause sb to do sth 引起某人

做某事。] Ⅲ.完成句子 1.Tom ________________(十分自豪)his new car. 2.I ________________(很高兴)to do business with you. 3.I would like to ________________(给你一些建议)in the name of a friend. 4.I would like to ________________(表达谢意)to those who have helped me out of trouble.

5.He was honored ________________(因他所做的). 6.________________(由他的话判断),the accident was terrible. 7.Please ________________(接受我诚挚的道谢)and best wishes. 8.I want to ________________(祝贺他成功). 答案 1.is very proud of 2.am very pleased 3.give you some advice 4.express my

thanks 5.for what he had done

6.Judging from what he said

7.accept my sincere

thanks 8.congratulate him on his success Ⅳ.完形填空 After the earthquake hit northeast Japan on March 11,2011,many touching stories that I saw with my own eyes happened around me. I had to walk home since all the __1__ had stopped after the quake.On my way home I __2__ an old Japanese lady at the bakery shop who was giving out free bread, which made my heart __3__.A middleaged Japanese man was holding a sign that read, “Please use our __4__.” He was __5__ his house for people to go to the restroom. My friend wanted to __6__ others.He stood in the cold with a sign “If you are okay with a motorcycle, I will __7__ you to your house.” And then I saw him take one gentleman home,all the way to a faraway place! Then next day I drove to __8__ my car with gas.There is a lack(缺乏)of __9__ now and many gasoline stations are either closed or have very __10__ lines.I got __11__, since I was behind 15 cars.Finally,when it was my __12__,the man smiled and said, “__13__ this situation , we are only giving $30 worth gas per person.Is that alright?”“__14__.I'm just glad that we are all able to __15__,” I said.His smile gave me so much comfort. I saw a man at the evacuation(疏散)center __16__ when people brought food to him.It was the first time in three days that food was brought to their center.However, after he wiped the tears,his next __17__ surprised me.“I am very __18__ that we are provided with food.But people in the city next to us haven't __19__ any food at all.Please go to that center as well.” And when hearing that,I realized there is a bright future on the other side of this __20__. 【语篇解读】 地震无情人有情,地震之后作者目睹到的一切让他对未来充满 信心。

1.A.rescue 答案 C




[由 I had to walk home 可知, 由于地震的破坏, 所有的“交通(traffic)”

都瘫痪了,“我”不得不步行回家。] 2.A.missed 答案 C B.caught C.noticed D.heard

[根据第一段的“many moving stories that I saw with my own eyes

happened around me”可知, 下面的事情是作者亲眼目睹的, 故在此用 noticed。 ] 3.A.kind 答案 D B.hotel C.broken D.warm

[面包店的一位老太太在免费发放面包, 这使得作者的内心感到非常

“温暖(warm)”。] 4.A.toilet 答案 A B.soft C.hospital D.house

[从下一句的 to go to the restroom 可知,这个人举的牌子上写着:请

用我们的“卫生间(toilet)”。] 5.A.selling 答案 B.opening C.repairing D.building

B [因为要让别人用他的卫生间,所以他“打开(opening)”房门。] B.change C.save D.help

6.A.encourage 答案 D

[从本段末的“And then I saw him take one gentleman home,all the

way to a faraway place”可知,作者的朋友也想“帮助(help)”别人。] 7.A.drive 答案 A B.follow C.lead D.send


来帮助别人,故选 A 项。drive“用车送(某人)”。] 8.A.start 答案 B.fill C.check D.wash

B [从下文可知,作者开车去加油。fill 意为“装满;填满”,符合语境。] B.gas C.food D.salt

9.A.information 答案

B [地震后“汽油(gas)”短缺,所以排着“长(long)”队。] B.fine C.long D.thin

10.A.direct 答案 C

11.A.worried 答案 A




[因为前面还有 15 辆车,所以作者“担心(worried)”(加不到油)。] B.turn C.duty D.decision

12.A.time 答案

B [最后,轮到了作者。turn 在此意为“(轮到的)机会”。]

13.A.Except for 答案 C

B.Together with

C.Because of

D.Instead of

[“因为(Because of)”目前的境况, 所以每辆车只能加 30 美元的汽油。 ] B.Of course C.No way D.Never mind

14.A.Not at all 答案

B [从下文的 glad 可知,作者表示同意,所以选择 B 项 Of course。] B.offer C.learn D.choose

15.A.share 答案 A

[作者很高兴能“分享(share)”到汽油。] B.eating C.smiling D.crying

16.A.singing 答案 D

[从下文的 he wiped the tears 可知,那个人收到食品后激动地“哭

(crying)”了。] 17.A.words 答案 18.A.sure 答案 A B.roles C.ways D.promises

[后面是他所说的话,所以在此为 words。] B.grateful C.surprised D.proud

B [那个人对于能够收到食物表示非常“感激(grateful)”,但他附近的那

座城市还没有 “收到(received)”任何食物,所以他建议给那所疏散中心送些食 物。] 19.A.bought 答案 D B.chance C.center D.city B.wasted C.prepared D.received

20.A.disaster 答案 A


Ⅴ.根据下面短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中 有两项为多余选项。 When the Home Office says that it's worrying about bars that encourage people to drink when they're already drunk,it means that the problem of drinking is about people falling over in city centers.__1__However,the latter is a more difficult issue. There are plenty of drunken people who are a bit unsteady going upstairs to bed and don't break anything.The biggest change in their drinking habits is the increase in the drinking of wine,most of which is drunk at home.This is what will stop us becoming a 24hour pub society.__2__The British are good at staying at home—most people now have informal dining kitchens,which encourage informal eating and drinking.__3__It doesn't sound unreasonable,but the Department of Health would say that it adds up to a

health problem.Yet this has become the cultural standard for all generations. The enormous rise in alcohol consumption from the 1980s is considered to be down to women drinking,partly reflecting their increasing importance as wage earners __4__ __5__Today,the number of people who say that they don't drink in this country is rising,probably because of incentives offered by insurance companies.It's probably the case that those who do drink are drinking more,possibly because of the recession. A.Why not have a nice meal and open a bottle of wine? B.People are happy drinking at home,where they don't pay pub prices. C.Will British drinkers take any notice of the government? D.What the Home Office is talking about is the link between drinking and Social order,rather than driving and health. E.The change in attitudes to drink driving in recent years shows that this can happen. F.There is a strong connection between the economy and alcohol consumption in Britain. G.Drinking at home seems safer fo many wmen than going to a pub. 答案 1.D 2.B 3.A 4.G 5.F


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