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高一期末考试 M2 U2 复习练习(016)
II. 单词填空 1. It’s__________ (不舒服的) to go trekking on camels through Gobi Desert. 2. In this heavenly world, people live in perfect ________ (和谐/融洽) with nature and the outside world it forgotten. 3. With a spirit of ___________(冒险), nowadays many young people to travel to places which have been seldom visited before. 4.The ______________(政府) is trying hard to fight against air pollution in the city. 5.According to the _____________(时间表),the first lecture begins at 9a.m. 6. Which place could _________ (正式地) take the name of this wonderful land. 7. He sat there in s___________, making no answer. 8. He has such a poorly-paid job that twenty dollars a week was the t__________ of his income. 9. You need a l_________ guide when you travel in the Brazilian rainforest. 10. We have a c__________ goal, that is, we all want to study in famous universities. 11. She is over 70 now, but we can see that she was a _______(美人) when she was young. 12. It is warm today, and the sun is shining. It is a p__________ day for a picnic. 13. New Zealand is an island country and it is s___________ by blue sea. 14. Large s________ of food, clothes and other assistance are coming to the flooded areas. 15. When the robbers in the bank pointed guns at the customers, some people were almost s___________ to death. 16. He owns a vast farm which r_______ as far as to the river bank. 17. You must follow the doctor’s advice and take the medicine r__________— three times a day. 18. The story he told was so t____________ that many of us were moved to tears. 19. Nobody knows for sure when the world came into ____________(存在)。 20. We will take a trip to New York City next week. Is there any p__________ that we meet you this weekend? II. 单项选择 1. The hospital has a new system to help ______ the best service _______ the patients. A. offer ; for B. provide; to C. provide; for D. supply; / 2. You may do ______ you want on condition that you stay in the room. A. whatever B. no matter what C. that D. all what 3. The _______ look on his face suggested he ______ that. A. astonished; hadn’t expected B. astonishing; hadn’t expected C. astonishing,hasn’t expected D. astonished; wouldn’t have expected 4. She looked forward to his ____ back home as much as he to ______ her. A. coming; seeing B. come; see C. to come; to see D. coming; see 5. The company has a free long-distance telephone number ___ customers may call with any question they have about its products. A. so that B. although C. even if D. as though 6. There are 30 stories in this book in all,this one ____. A. contained B. included C. including D. containing 7. Take warm clothes _____ the weather is cold. A. in case of B. in case C. so that D. in order that 8. I must ____ them an apology for not going to attend their get-gathering. A. supply B. provide C. show D. offer 9. If you want to see a doctor, you should fix a date with him ahead of time. That is a common ______in the USA. A. sense B. reality C. practice D. rule


10. --Did Tom say something about our plan to go camping next weekends? --No. I __________ ask him about it ___________the telephone cut off. A. was about to, as B. was going to, when C. was to, while D. was about to, when 11. He bought _____ clothing for his son. A. a suit of B. a number of C. a sheet of D. an article of 12. The mountain climbers had to return , as their food and water are_____________. A. run out of B. run out C. given out D. using up 13. Just in front of our house ____ with a history of 1000 years. (20005 年上海春) A. does a tall tree stand B. stands a tall tree C. a tall tree is standing D. a tall tree stands 14. John may phone tonight. I don’t want to go out ____ he phones. (NMET2000 年春) A. as long as B. in order that C. in case D. so that 15. Although the working mother is very busy, she still _____ a lot of time to her children. A. devotes B. spends C. offers D. provides 16. --What made Susan so angry? --_______ in the rain for a long time. A. Being kept waiting B. Being kept to wait C. Because of waiting D. She was kept waiting 17.They’ve ____ us &150,000 for the house. Shall we take it? (2004 年湖南高考) A. provided B. supplied C. shown D. offered 18. He suddenly saw Sue ____ the room. He pushed his way ___ the crowd of people to get to her. A. across, across B. over , through C. over, into D. across, through 19. He is really considering himself to these children of the poor mountain village. A. to devote; educating B. devoting; educating C. devoting; educate D. to devote; educate 20. If you spend a period of time with him, it will not be difficult for you to find him easy _____. A. to get along with B. getting along with C. to get along D. to be gotten along with 21. Mr. Smith is a boss, ____ factory my uncle is working. A. in whose B. whose C. in whom D. of which 22. Can you believe that in ____ a rich country there should be _____many poor people. A. such; such B. such; so C. so; so D. so; such 23._______ reading the letter, he was pleased ______ me that he would leave for Japan next day. A. With; telling B. With; to tell C. On; telling D. On; to tell 24.A clean environment can help the city bid for (申办)the Olympics, which ______ will promote its economic development. A. in nature B. in return C. in turn D. in fact 25. It’s required that we work some extra hours today, for a lot of work requires A. should, doing B. must, to be done C. have to, to do D. will, do 26. They ________with us for the time being . A. will stay B. would stay C. have been staying D. will be staying 27. The car ____at the present speed until it reaches the foot of the mountain at about ten o’clock tonight. A. would go B. went C. will be going D. goes 28.Smith will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because ________ A. he must have a class B. he will be teaching a class C. he teaches a class D. he will have been teaching a class 29. He ________his meals in the hotel when he lives here.


A. will have been eating B. will be eating C. will have eaten D. will be eaten 30.This time next week I’ll be on vacation .Probably I ________ on the beach. A. am lying B. have lain C. will have lain D. will be lying III.句型转换 31. I don’t think a boy of 9 can answer this question I think it ______ ________ a boy of 9 _____ ___________ this question. 32. Liu Hulan would rather die than give in. Liu Hulan _______ ________ die ________ __________ give in. 33. We must do our best to help the ones who are in trouble. We must do _____ _____ _______ to help ________ in trouble. 34. We haven’t found any ways to prevent people polluting the river. _____ _______ have been found to prevent the river from _______ ________. 35. Since the front door is shut, you may try knocking at the back door. ______ ______ the front door is shut, _____ _______ try knocking at the back door? 36. I was frightened when I saw strange-looking creatures with large eyes. I was frightened ______ the _______of strange-looking creatures with large eyes. 37. I heard him play his favorite CD. I heard him ______ _______ his favorite CD. 38. Five doctors and 12 nurses made up a medical team. A medical team was _________ _______ _______5 doctors and 12 nurses. A medicine team __________ ________ 5 doctors and 12 nurses. 39. He believed that Yetis exist while he studied the footprints. He believed _______the __________ of Yetis while _________ the footprints. 40. Nothing is more important than heath. Nothing is ________ ________ _________ health. 41. Please sing the songs by turns. Please ______ _______ _______ _______this song. 42. It is reported that he has discovered a new theory. He _____ _______ ______ ________ _________ a new theory. 43. 这是一本缺了三页的书。 It’s a book _______three pages _________________. 44. 他的运动会要推迟的建议是合理的。 His advice that the sport meeting _____ ______ _______is reasonable. 45. 她来时我碰巧不在。 I ___________ _______ ______out when he came. IV. 完形填空 Praises can really help others see themselves for their natural abilities and believe in what they are and what they can become. 46 , we must be very careful with the labels(称号), or they can backfire(产生反作用)on us. If a person is 47 identified(被等同于) with the same label, he may _48 to believe that he only has worth as he lives up to that label. As often as possible we should praise specific(具体的)actions, 49 the words never and always. In this way we don't tie a person too 50 with a label. Here are some examples: "I'm 51 that you already have your homework done. Doesn't it make you feel good when you work so 52 ?" Rather than "You always get your homework done on time. You are so 53 that you never have any problems with it," which gives him an 54 goal to reach. No one always gets his homework done on time without any 55 . "That was so nice of you to 56 your ball with your little brother. You really made him happy."

Rather than "You always share your 57 . You are the most thoughtful(体贴人的)person I know." No one always shares, 58 does he have to. We 59 to know we are still good people, 60 we don't share 100% of the time and even when we have times we don't 61 helping others. "Thank you for doing the dishes tonight, even though it wasn't your 62 . It means so much that you would do them for me." Rather than "You are always _63 . You never let anyone _64_ when they need 65 ." No one can always be all things to all people. If we give that kind of reputation(名誉)to live up to, we are setting up someone to fail. 46. A.Thus B.Besides C.Therefore D.However 47. A.occasionally B.continually C.gradually D.definitely 48. A.have B.object C.come D.cause 49. A.avoiding B.using C.forgetting D.remembering 50. A.attentively B.carefully C.excitedly D.closely 51. A.impressed B.puzzled C.honored D.dissatisfied 52. A.fast B.bravely C.hard D.hurriedly 53. A.careless B.smart C.open-minded D.promising 54. A.effective B.unimportant C.unnecessary D.impossible 55. A.try B.support C.effort D.aid 56. A.kick B.play C. exchange D.share 57. A.balls B.toys C.opinions D.losses 58. A.nor B.either C.hardly D.only 59. A.want B.need C.mean D.get 60. A.in case B.as if C.even if D.as though 61. A.seem like B.look like C.would like D.feel like 62. A.time B.turn C.dishes D.rights 63. A.serving B.giving C.doing D.encouraging 64. A.out B.in C.up D.down 65. A.work B.something C.help D.people V.阅读理解 A New research shows that Earth will have more than nine thousand million people by two thousand fifty. The world population is at present about six point four thousand million. The research is from the Population Reference Bureau, a private group based in Washington. It says most growth will take place in developing countries in Africa and western Asia. India is expected to pass China as the world’s most populated nation. By the middle of the century, the report says, India will have over one and one-half thousand million citizens, an increase of fifty percent. China has one point three thousand million people at present. The Population Reference Bureau says the population should increase about ten percent by two thousand fifty. Most developed nations will see a drop in their populations. The only big exception is expected to be the United States. The report says the United States will remain the third biggest nation. The population is close to three hundred million now. It is expected to reach four hundred twenty million. The report says this will be because of immigration(移民)and low death rates among babies. Between now and two thousand fifty, Niger is expected to be the fastest growing country. The biggest decrease(下降) is expected in Bulgaria. The study is based on information from governments and the United Nations. Researcher Carl Haub wrote the report. He examined infant(婴儿) death rates, life expectancy, birth rates and the age structure of nations. The study also considered family planning use and, for the first time,

rates of AIDS. Mister Haub says most growth will take place in countries with young populations and traditionally large families. He points to Nigeria and Japan as two nations that are moving in opposite directions in terms of population. 1. The best title for the text is likely to be _____. A. World Population and the Development of Industry B. Developed Country and its Population C. Developing Country and its Population D. World Population by 2050 2. In which of the following countries is the biggest decrease expected in the growth of the population? A. India. B. Egypt. C. China D. Japan 3. Most developed nations will see a fall in their populations except the US because _____. A. the country doesn’t try to control the population growth B. infant death rates are low C. people all over the world move there and settle down D. both B and C 4. How many more people is India likely to have than China by 2050 according to the report? A. 750 million. B. 75 million C. 70 million D. 200 million B Prince Lucian of Tolland was angry. He was eager to correct this injustice(非正义). His enemy, the ruler of Capanavia, was holding Tolland citizens hostages(人质) on the borders of their country. Prince Lucian would have to offer all his resources to saving them. The challenge was fierce. There was a huge mountain to climb and a thick jungle to pass before reaching the place where the hostages were held. "The news is not good!" the Prince told his advisors. "However, we can succeed. Call together the military department and let's plan a surprise attack!" "Yes, sir!" his subjects responded with eagerness. At the meeting, the Prince selected ten of his most trusted leaders to develop a plan. They worked for hours until they agreed to the steps they should take. They planned to gather supplies and employ soldiers within one week. Then, they would set out on their formal effort to rescue the hostages. The men went back to their towns and announced the need for military. They received a greater response than they ever expected. Thousands gathered to help rescue their fellow citizens. By the time they all returned to the capital city, there were 750,000 people ready to go. Word came to the enemy about the large army congregating(集合). It struck fear in their minds. "We can never survive against so many warriors!" they feared. They worried and planned, but knew they were outnumbered. In the end, they decided to set the captives free. 5. The best title for the text is _____. A. Courage and Victory B. Justice and Injustice C. Prince and his Soldiers D. Bad News for Prince 6. The underlined word “captives” in the last paragraph means _____. A. citizens B. leaders C. soldiers D. hostages 7. According to the text, which of the following is the best description about Prince Lucian? A. just, confident and inspiring B. helpful, powerful and warlike C. patient, fearless and helpless D. humorous, courageous and challenging 8. Tolland succeeded in the end because _____. A. Prince Lucian had made up his mind to fight with enemy B. many citizens eagerly responded to Prince’s call C. the enemy was frightened at the mention of Prince Lucian D. the enemy was friendly treated by Prince Lucian


A The meaning of the word “volunteer” may be a little different in different countries, but it usually means “one who offers his or her services”.Volunteers don’t expect any kind of pay. Tracy, a good friend of mine, however, recently came back from India with a new idea of what being a volunteer means.She worked for two and a half weeks in one of Mother Teresa’s homes in Calcutta.The following is her story. “I watched a video about her. was so moved by her spirit to help others and her endless love I for every human being that, after I graduated from a high school, I too wanted to try her kind of work.So with two friends I flew to Calcutta for a few weeks.” “I was asked to work in a home for sick people.I helped wash clothes and sheets, and pass out lunch.I also fed the people who were too weak to feed themselves and tried to cheer the up.I felt it was better to share with them than to think that I have helped them.To be honest, I don’t think I was helping very much.It was then that I realized that I had not really come to help, but to learn about and experience another culture that helped improve my own understanding of life and the world. ” 9.Why did Tracy choose to be a volunteer? A.She liked to work with Mother Teresa. B.She had already had some experience. C.She was asked to do so by Teresa. D.She wanted to follow Mother Teresa’s example. 10.Tracy started her work as a volunteer _______. A.after she met Mother Teresa B.after she finished high school C.when she was touring Calcutta D.when she was working in a hospital 11.What is Tracy’s “new idea” of being a volunteer? A.Going abroad to help the sick. B.Working in Mother Teresa’s home. C.Doing simple things to help the poor. D.Improving oneself through helping others. 12.What is the best title for the passage? A.How to Be a Volunteer B.Voluntary Life in India C.A Different Meaning of Volunteer D.Inspiration from Mother Teresa B Hey, Mr. Ms. and Unluckiness and Unhappiness! Terrorism, the war, the economic crisis and unemployment are at your door.Are you afraid of them? Well, don’t be! America is a happy land.The Smiley Face icon proves this in towns all over the country. The tallest structure—the steel water tower—is often painted bright yellow, in a circle containing a pair of black dots for eyes and an upturned(朝上的)line for a mouth: the unforgettable smile.Most towns decorated their spheroid (or cylindrical) water storage tanks in the 1970s, when Smiley was still conceptually fresh.As a "safe" counterculture symbol, with absolutely no bite, the Smile Face water tower was a low cost way to radiate sunny greetings to travelers and locals.Calumet City, Illinois claims to have been the first, when 8-year old resident Kim Fornero sent a letter to the city council in late 1972 suggesting a smile face would be more fun to look at than a plain old water tower. In the 1980s, with the paint on the water tower fading, residents of Calumet City decided to make the face their own. They repainted the tower, and a Happy Cook Restaurant and Smiley Face Inn appeared on the highway outside the town, ready to make you smile! Local businessmen printed the Smiley icon on their business cards, and displayed Smiley Face souvenirs in shop


windows. By the late 1990s, the survival of the Smiley Face water tower was assured.It didn’t matter why the face had been painted there—it was now a part of history.In May 2009, the town again celebrated its Smiley Face water tower as a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. 13.The author mainly wants to tell readers that the symbol asks them to . A.greet people politely B.deal with their problems C.enjoy themselves D.forget the past 14.The underlined word “icon ” in the first paragraph probably means . A.beautiful picture B.building C.image D.valuable painting 15.Why did Calumet residents accept the tower happily? A.It set a good example to them. B.It made them work harder. C.They wanted to think it for supplying water. D.They wanted to make the Smiley Face their own. 16.From the text we learn that the Smiley Face water tower . A.was based on a painter’s inspiration B.is a symbol of the prosperity of the town C.is meant to give people hope for a better future D.was created in 1972 by the city council, just for fun VI.书面表达(满分 25 分) 越来越多的中学生拥有自己的手机。手机给中学生的生活带来便利的同时也严重影响 他们的学习。为此你校学生会组织全校学生以班级为单位进行了使用手机利与弊的大讨论。 请你将讨论结果和你的看法写信给你美国的朋友 Mike。 65%的学生认为 1.方便快捷 2.具有发短信、上网查找信息、照 相等功能; 3.遇到紧急情况可随时随地求助 35%的学生认为 1.会利用手机玩游戏,耽误时间浪 费金钱; 2.会接触到不健康的信息。 你的观点? ??

注意:词数 100 左右,可适当增加细节使之连贯。信的开头和结尾已写好,不计入词 数。 Dear Mike, Glad to know you are so concerned about our school life, so I’ll tell you something. A heated discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of using the mobile phone has been recently carried out by our Students’ Union.

单词拼写 1. uncomfortable silence 8. total

2. harmony 3. adventure 9. local 10.common

4. government 5. schedule 6. officially 7. 11. beauty 12. perfect 13. surrounded

14. supplies 15. scared 16. reaches 17.regularly 18.touching 19. existence20. possibility 单项填空 1.C 2.A 3.A 4.A 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.D 9.A 10.D 11. D 12.A 13. B 14. C 15. A. 16. A 17. D 18. D 19.B 20. A 21.A 22. B 23. D 24. C 25. A 26-30 DCBBD


1. hard for to answer 2. preferred to rather than 3. all we can those 4. No ways being polluted 5. Now that why not 6. at sight 7. put on 8. made up of ; consisted of 9. in existence studying 10. as important as 11. take turns to sing 10. 12. is reported to have discovered11. with missing/gone/lost 15. happened to be 16. be put off .完形 46-55 DBCAD ACBDC 56-65 DBABC DBADC 阅读理解 1-4 DDDC

5-8 ADAB




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