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辽宁省大连铁路中学2013-2014学年高中英语教案:Module3 reading (外研版必修1)

一、教材分析 本模块是通过旅游经历介绍风光,帮助学生学会关于交通工具和地貌等自然现象的词语,学 会运用表示过去的用语作回忆、写游记、介绍风光。 二、教学目标 1.知识目标 语音 词汇 词组 句子中的重音 abandoned cassette circus colorful desert diamond expert farm fields helicopter law tram shoot kindergarten product recently scenery supply in the central part of, a long-distance train, dark red, until the 1920s, on the coast of, out of date, a dining car, comic books, for the first time, feel nervous, a speed of 语法 功能 -ed 形式作形容词;表达过去时间的词语或词组 礼貌用语

话题 介绍旅游经历;介绍童年故事 2.能力目标 1) 语言技能: 听 说 读 写 听懂对事件的回忆、旅游介绍并获取信息 运用过去时间回忆;运用含有-ed 句子介绍风光 Scanning, skimming, careful reading, generalization; inference 等阅读微技能训练 用所学的词汇、词组、及含-ed 的句子写介绍旅游情况的文章和各种回忆

3.情感目标: 热爱祖国河山;为祖国建设感动自豪;倡导文明礼貌

三、教学重难点 重点:1. 如何使用地道英语描述风光、事件或回忆 2. 正确理解并应用-ed 形容词 3. 如何礼貌进行日常对话 难点: 能用得体的英语表达自己,描述过去的难忘经历 四、学情分析 通过学生的旅行经历来谈谈自己的感受,应利用这一点,让学生对于第一次展开话题讨论, 同时通过预习,课堂训练让学生掌握词汇,短语用法,并能灵活运用。 五、教学方法 学案导学:见学案 新授课教学基本环节:预习检查 总结疑惑; 情景导入 展示目标;合作探究 精讲点拨;反 思总结 当堂检测;发导学案 布置预习。

六、课前准备 1 学生的课前准备:预习课文,初步理解,查阅资料,尝试练习。 2 教师的教学准备:多媒体课件制作,课前预习学案,课后延伸拓展学案,分好小组。 七、课时安排 四十分钟 八、教学过程

Step1 Check(预习检查 总结疑惑)
检查落实学生的预习情况并了解学生的疑惑,是教学有了针对性。 Step 2 Lead in Do you like traveling ? Who can tell us your first trip? Say something . Step 3 Warming –up Content Prediction(2m) According to the picture and the title, try to predict what we will be able to learn from the passage. Task-cycle Reading(40m) Pre-reading Map reading Look at the map of the railways in Australia, discuss which city you would like to travel and how to get there. ? Pre-task

? Step 4 Fast Reading? A. Match: Find out what main idea each paragraph is about. (my first ride on a long-distance train, the food, the passenger, the Ghan ) B. Main sentence in each paragraph. First Ride C. Main idea D. Guide Ss to find out the structure of the passage. Other ............... Step 5 Detail ReadingActivity 2 Second ( Detailed ) reading Deal with 6 questions in (4) . Activity 3 Third reading ( Reading Strategies Applying ) A. Find out appropriate information to fill in the form below: Part One (1) Who When Part Two (2-3) Food First hundred kms Scenery After that Suddenly Where What Why How

Put me in the right order and form a passage, adding in the time signals. Camels were trained to carry supplies back from the central part. Camels were shot because of the new railway line built by the government. They brought camels from Afghanistan. Australians needed a way to the central country. They tried riding horses, but failed. Word-guessing (abandon, diamond, supplies) Step 6 Sum up Post-task

Activity 1 Retelling Retell the passage with the help of the form Activity 2 Discussion P24 (5) Activity 3 Small debate “They should shot the camels” Recalling(2m) Recall what we learn today. & Questions unsolved.

Step 7 Discussion Discuss your first trip among your group
Step 8 Homework Homework(1m) 阅读格式卡 Title__________________________ General idea: Words & Phrases: BS: BS=beautiful sentence Module _________ Date___________ Write a reading note

九 板书设计 abandoned cassette circus colorful desert diamond expert farm fields helicopter tram shoot kindergarten product recently scenery supply 十 教学反思


本课的设计采用了课前下发导学案,学生预习本节内容,找出自己迷惑的地方。课堂上师 生主要解决重难点,疑点,考点,易混点,最后进行当堂检测,课后进行拓展延伸,以达到 提高课堂效率的目的。教学案应精心设计才能调动学生积极参与提高课堂效率,加大课堂容 量。在今后学习中会继续探究本节课,争取更科学的设计,更有利于学生学习。


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