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Unit 3 Period Three

Period Three

Grammar & Writing

1.There was a car accident.The two injured(injure) drivers were taken to hospital right away. 2.The little boy was found seated(seat) at the table,sleeping(sleep). 3.The newly elected(elect) American President Obama is to visit China. 4.Seen(see) from space,the earth,with water covering(cover) seventy percent of its surface, looks like a blue ball. 5.It is important to have a balanced(balance) diet. 6.When offered(offer) help,one often says “Thank you.” or “It’s kind of you.” 7.Dressed(dress) in a white uniform,he looks more like a cook than a doctor. 8.People are trying to make the once polluted(pollute) rivers clean. Ⅱ.完成句子 1.The machine run_by_the_old_worker is made in Shanghai. 那个老工人操作的机器是上海制造的。 2.If_caught,the thief will be punished by the police. 小偷如果被抓,会受到警方的处罚。 3.Beaten_by the opposite team,we didn’t lose heart and encouraged each other. 虽然被对方的队打败了,但我们并没有灰心而是相互鼓励。 4.Disappointed_at the examination result,the girl sat there silently. 因为对考试结果很失望,女孩默默地坐在那里。 5.The president entered the hall,accompanied_by a group of leaders. 总统由一群领导陪着进了大厅。 Ⅲ.完形填空 Susannah was a shy but clever girl.She had worn__1__for as long as she could remember.And again, for as long as she could remember, some of her classmates had always made fun of her.The worst thing was that Lewis__2__her “Four Eyes”.She acted like she didn’t__3__,but in fact Susannah couldn’t stand it. One day,the class went on a school outing to visit some famous__4__.The children were walking towards the caves when Lewis__5__.While falling, he got__6__of Susannah, who walked next to him,and both__7__down the hole. They landed in a dark cave.Susannah and Lewis shouted for__8__,but no one came.The next morning they still hadn’t been found and Lewis continued shouting for help,but no__9__and he started feeling__10__.

It must have been noontime,because Susannah__11__that the ray of light just landed on the floor in front of her.__12__,she took a piece of wood that had fallen into the cave,and,using her glasses as a magnifying glass,she focused the ray of light onto the__13__.Now they had a torch.Lewis watched with surprise and__14__and off they went to explore the cave. It took them some time,and they had to burn quite a few torches,but finally they found a way out.On top of hugs and cries of__15__,Lewis gave Susannah his heartfelt thanks. 1.A.glasses C.earrings 答案 A 解析 根据常识,由下文中的“Four Eyes”可推出选 A 项。 2.A.teased C.warned 答案 D 解析 根据空后的内容可知。 3.A.care C.object 答案 B 解析 根据后面的“but in fact Susannah couldn’t stand it”可推出选 B 项。 4.A.villages C.caves 答案 C 解析 根据下一句可知答案。与 caves 是原词复现。 5.A.wandered C.smiled 答案 D 解析 根据常识,fall 之前自然是“slip(滑了一下)”。slip 与 fall 是近义词复现。 6.A.hold C.support 答案 A 解析 get hold of 抓住。 7.A.walked C.fell 答案 C 解析 由“While falling”可知选 C 项。与 fall 是原词复现。 B.moved D.flew B.touch D.place B.waved D.slipped B.hills D.parks B.mind D.offend B.laughed D.called B.necklaces D.watches

8.A.praise C.food 答案 D

B.water D.help

解析 下句中的“continued shouting for help”有提示。与其中的 help 是原词复现。 9.A.feedback C.reaction 答案 B 解析 由 but 可知是没有回应(response)。 10.A.scared C.disturbed 答案 A 解析 根据常识,求救无门时应该是感到害怕,故选 A 项。 11.A.doubted C.admitted 答案 D 解析 根据句意可知填 noticed。 12.A.Slowly C.Unexpectedly 答案 B 解析 根据语境可知,此时自然是立刻行动,故选 B 项。 13.A.glass C.wood 答案 C 解析 根据前面的“she took a piece of wood”可知选 C 项。与 wood 是原词复现。 14.A.sorrow C.excitement 答案 C 解析 此处句意为:Lewis 又惊又喜地看着?? 15.A.loss C.justice 答案 B 解析 根据语境可知,这时哭是因为获救了,当然是松了一口气,故选 B 项。 B.relief D.return B.trouble D.curiosity B.torch D.floor B.Quickly D.Obviously B.concluded D.noticed B.shocked D.annoyed B.response D.effect


Nowadays,doctors urge more playtime for children.The American Academy of Pediatrics says 1.what children really need for health development is more good,oldfashioned playtime. Many parents load their children’s schedules 2.with videos,enrichment activities and lots of classes in a drive to help 3.them do better.The efforts often begin as early as babyhood.Free play is neglected,a new academy report says. Numerous studies have shown that free play is very 4.beneficial (benefit).It can help children become creative , develop problemsolving skills , relate to others and adjust to school settings,5.the academy report says. “Perhaps above all,play is something 6.that is a cherished part of childhood,”says another report,7.prepared (prepare)by two academy committees for release Monday 8.at the group’s annual meeting in Atlanta. Enrichment tools and organized activities can be helpful 9.but they should not be viewed as a requirement for creating 10.successful (success) children.They must be balanced with plenty of free playtime. Ⅴ.信息匹配 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并照按要求匹配信息。 首先,请阅读下列国际社团的 Logo 及文字介绍: A There are still VCU Summer Study Abroad Programs that are accepting applications including trips to:France,Germany,Italy,Mexico,Peru, Puerto Rico,Scotland,and Spain.

B Azafady is offering you the chance to volunteer on the tropical island of Madagascar.Join our award winning Pioneer Programme and take part in sustainable development projects making a lasting difference to the region’s poorest communities.

C In Buckinghamshire,we have a wide range of teaching opportunities—from primary,special and secondary schools—and a diversity of locations from rural villages to towns.

D Clarke Willmott is a UK law firm with a national reputation in key commercial and private client services.

E EF Education First is the world’s largest private education company with the mission to break down the barriers of language,culture and geography that divide us.

F i2O Water Ltd.is based at the University of Southampton Science Park, and was formed in 2005 to provide technologies to help solve the problem of leakage in water distribution. 以下是一些学生的相关信息,请把他们与所关注的社团匹配起来。 1.This is really personal for me.It has always been my dream to help unfortunate and poor people around the world.I have always wanted to go to Sudan in order to help.I never thought the offer would come so early as I am only 17. 2.I live in Australia and next year I want to take part in a gapbreak program where I am placed in Kenya to do volunteer work,such as teaching English and building schools,however it is quite expensive and I was wondering if I could apply for sponsorship,and if I could,where? 3.So,I received this application for a free summer camp,and only 30 girls can go,and I want to be one of them.I have excellent grades and a good teacher recommendation.I just have to write a 500 words or less of why. 4.My name is Vee and I am a university student in Indonesia.I learn about crosscultural understanding and I want to know about cultural adjustment which is had by the newcomer and cultural conflict in a country. 5.I am a 20 years old freshman.I want to have a career in law enforcement but also want to study law.Now upon completion of my law degree,can I work for the Legal Dept of a law enforcement agency? 答案 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.E 5.D


Unit 3 Period Three

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