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名师1号新课标 2011高考1轮复习 外研英语选修6 Module 5 Cloning(可编辑课件)

Module 5


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Ⅰ.课标单词 chase 1〃__________(v.)追逐,追赶,追踪 murder 2〃__________(v.)谋杀 cont

rast 3〃__________(v.)对照 fear 4〃__________(n.)害怕,恐惧 identical 5〃__________(adj.)完全相同的,同一的 cure 6〃__________(v.)治愈 imaginary 7〃__________(adj.)假想的,虚构的 incredible 8〃__________(adj.)难以置信的 optional 9〃__________(adj.)可选择的
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flexible 10〃__________(adj.)最适应的 suspect 11〃__________(n.)嫌疑人 absorb 12〃__________(v.)吸收 sample 13〃__________(n.)样本 arise 14〃__________(v.)(问题、困难等)发生,出现 terrified terrify 15〃__________(v.)使惊恐,使受惊吓→__________(adj.)恐 terrorist terror 惧的→__________(n.)恐怖→__________(n.)恐怖分子 disgusting disgust 16. __________(v.)使觉得恶心;使厌烦→__________(adj.)令 disgusted 人厌烦的→__________(adj.)恶心的

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emotion emotional 17. __________(n.)感情;情绪→__________(adj.)易动感情的 breathe breath 18. __________(v.)呼吸→__________(n.)呼吸 beneficial benefit 19. __________(adj.)有益的,有用的→__________(n.&v.)好 处,有益 resist resistance 20. __________(v.)抵抗→__________(n.) analyse analysis 21. __________(v.)分析→__________(n.) violence violent 22. __________(n.)暴力→__________(adj.)暴力的

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Ⅱ.常用短语 contrast with 1〃____________________与……形成对照 throw oneself on... 2〃___________________扑倒在……上 treat...as... 3〃___________________把……当成……对待 (be)identical to 4〃_________________和……一样,与……一致 bring...back to life 5〃__________________使……复活 get out of control 6〃________________摆脱控制 burn out 7〃________________(火)燃尽,烧完自灭

again and again 8〃________________一再,屡次

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rely on 9〃____________依靠,信赖 as follows 10〃____________如下 as far as we know 11〃_________________据我们所知 break down 12〃________________分解

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Ⅲ.重点句型 1〃________on a cold November night ________ I saw my creation for the first time. 那是一个寒冷的十一月份的晚上,我第一次看到了我的“杰

答案:It was;that 2〃I wish I ________this creature,... 但愿我没有制造出这个家伙,……

答案:had not created

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3〃I woke, ________ with fear. 我吓醒了,浑身战栗着。 答案:shaking

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1. I have lost one of my gloves, I________it somewhere. A. must drop B. must have dropped C. must be dropping

D. must have been dropped
答案与解析:B 从时态上看,“丢手套”的动作已经发生,

动语态,再排除D项。must+have+过去分词这种结构表示 对过去情况的推测,符合题意。
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1. ________fired, your health care and other benefits will not
be immediately cut off. A. Would you be C. Could you be 答案与解析:B B. Should you be D. Might you be 本题考查虚拟语气,题意为“如果你被炒

了,你的医疗保险和其他利益并不会立即取消。”与将来事 实相反的假设,从句用should you be。

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2. I wish I ________ to talk this over with Mr. Zhang when he was here last night.

A. had been able
C. have been able 答案:A

B. should be able
D. were able

3. If there were no subjunctive mood, English ________ much easier. A. will be B. would have been

C. could have been

D. would be

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4. He acts as if he ________ the truth of the matter. A. knows B. knew

C. has known 答案:B

D. had known

5. The teacher ordered that the exam ________ before ten.

A. must finish
C. be finished 答案:C

B. would be finished
D. must be finished

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考点解读 1〃contrast vt.使与……对比,使与……对照vt.和……形成

精讲拓展: ①be a contrast to和……成对比 ②by contrast with 和……成对照;和……比起来 ③gain by contrast对比之下显出优点

④in contrast with/to和……形成对比(对照)
⑤form/present a striking contrast to和……成显著的对比 ⑥contrast finely with和……对比起来更加鲜明
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⑦by contrast与……相反;相比之下 ⑧contrasty adj.明暗差别强烈的 ⑨contrastive adj.对比的 误区警示:by contrast中contrast前无冠词。

①Their old house had been large and spacious; by contrast the new London flat seemed cramped and dark.


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②Mary was short and plump, in contrast to her mother who was tall and willowy.

③The snow was icy and white, contrasting with the brilliant blue sky. 雪冰冷洁白,与明媚的蓝天形成对照。 命题方向:contrast用作名词和动词所构成的各种句型。

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活学巧练:完成句子或汉译英 contrasts (1)The article___________(对比)generosity with greed. contrasted (2)Her actions and her promises______________(相去甚远) sharply. in... contrast to (3)His white hair was________ sharp____________(与……对 比)his dark skin. contrast (4)The white walls make a________(对照)with the black carpet.

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_________________________________________________ (6)你今天的成果与上周截然不同。 __________________________________________________ 答案: (5)There is an obvious contrast between the cultures of East and West. (6)The work you did today is quite a contrast to what you did

last week.

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2〃beneficial adj.有益处的,有帮助的
精讲拓展: ①be beneficial to对……有好处 ②benefit v.受益 ③benefit from/by从……中受益 ④benefit n.利益,好处 ⑤for the benefit of为了……的利益 ⑥be of benefit to sb.对某人有好处 误区警示:benefit做动词时,无被动语态。

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①She has had the benefit of a first-class education. 她获益于受过一流教育。 ②I can see the advantages of this for you, but how will I benefit? 我能看出这件事对你有益,可是我能得到什么好处呢? ③Fresh air and good food are beneficial to the health. 新鲜空气和优良食物有益于健康。

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④I hope your holiday will be beneficial. 我希望你的假期会对你有益。 ⑤I benefited enormously from my teachers‘ advice. 我从老师的忠告中获益颇多。

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活学巧练:汉译英 (1)新信用卡将会为我们的顾客带来很多好处。 ____________________________________________ (2)千千万万的人受益于这种新的疗法。

答案:(1)The new credit card will be of great benefit to our customers.

(2)Many thousands have benefited from the new treatment.

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(3)Exercise is________to good health. A〃beneficial C〃impersonal 答案与解析:A B.accessible D.of no use 句意:锻炼对健康有益。beneficial有“有

益的”;accessible“易接近的,易得到的”; impersonal“非个人的,非人力的”。

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3〃disgust vi.令人厌恶,令人反感;vt.使作呕,使厌烦;n.

精讲拓展: ①with disgust反感地,厌恶地 in disgust愤愤地 (much) to one’s disgust令某人(非常)气愤的是

②be disgusted to find/hear/see
发现/听到/看到……很气愤 be disgusted at/by/with sth.

disgusting adj.令人厌恶的
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with disgust (1)Everybody except Joe looked at me ________.
除了乔以外,大家都反感地看着我。 in disgust (2)Sam threw his books down __________ and stormed out of

the room.
萨姆愤愤地把书扔下,气冲冲地冲出房间。 was disgusted to (3)I ______________ see the picture on Page One of Sunday‘s feature section. 看到周日的特写专栏第一页上的照片,我感到很气愤。

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(5)The amount of violence contained in “Children Shows”disgusted many parents. _________________________________________________ 答案: (4)The bad fish had a disgusting smell. (5)含有大量暴力内容的“儿童节目”使很多家长感到气愤。

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4〃resist v.抗拒,对抗,抵抗,忍住(一般用否定式);抗 (酸),耐(热)等 精讲拓展:

resist heat耐热 resist the temptation经得起诱惑

resist arrest拒捕
resist doing sth.反对做某事 can’t resist doing sth.禁不住做……

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②resistant adj.对……有抵抗力的,抵制的,反抗的,抗拒 的 be resistant to对……有抵抗力 ③resistance n.反抗(对);抵抗(制) make some (no) resistance进行(不)抵抗 误区警示:resist后接名词或动名词。

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朗文在线: ①They are determined to resist pressure to change the law.

②He tried to pin me down, but I resisted. 他试图制服我,但我奋力反抗。 ③I found the temptation to miss the class too hard to resist. 我抵挡不住逃课的诱惑。

④I couldn‘t resist sneaking a look at her diary.

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⑤She resisted the temptation to tell him what she really thought. 她克制住自己,没有把真实想法告诉他。

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活学巧练: Although a teenager, Fred could resist ________ what to do and what not to do. A. telling B. being told

C. to tell

D. to be told
resist doing sth.表示“抵制干某事”,题



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5〃cure v.治愈,治疗n.治愈,痊愈 精讲拓展:

①beyond cure不可救药
②cure sb. of a disease治愈某人的疾病 ③cured adj.治愈的 ④curer n.治疗者;治疗器 ⑤cureless adj.无法医好的,无法医治的,不能救济的 误区警示:cure在表示“治愈”疾病时,既可用to cure a

patient 治愈病人/cure a cold治愈感冒,也可用cure sb. of a
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①When I left hospital, I was completely cured.
出院时我已完全痊愈了。 ②Attempts to cure unemployment have so far failed. 到目前为止,解决失业的种种努力都失败了。 ③Even whisky could not cure him of his anxieties. 连威士忌也不能消除他的忧虑。 命题方向:cure作动词的用法以及用作名词构成的各种句型。

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活学巧练:汉译英 (1)那位医生使许多患这种病的人恢复了健康。 ________________________________________ (2)这个病人的心脏病三年前就治好了。 _________________________________________ 答案:(1)The doctor has cured many people of such a disease. (2)The patient was cured of his heart disease three years ago.

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6〃control n.控制,支配;管理vt.控制,支配;管理(物价 等),操纵,抑制 He was in control of the car. 精讲拓展:

①be in/under control of sth.控制/掌握某事
②get/be out of control失去控制;不受控制 ③bring...under control把……控制住 ④control oneself/one’s feelings控制住自己 ⑤lose control of失去控制

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误区警示: in control of表示主语控制of的宾语,in the control of表示主 语被of的宾语控制。 类似短语 in charge of/in the charge of掌管控制/被掌管控制 in possession of/in the possession of拥有/被拥有

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朗文在线: ①The street party went on, getting louder and louder and was out of control.

②The government has been overthrown and the country is now under the control of the military. 政府被推翻了,现在整个国家都在军队的控制之下。 ③Firefighters now have had the blaze under control.


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controls (1)This handle________(调节)the flow of electricity. Control (2)________(克制)yourself; don‘t get angry. under control get (3)You must________ your spending______________(节制). keep control of (4)She managed to__________________(控制)her car on the ice.

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(5)All the city was ________ the enemy. A. under control of C. in control of 答案与解析:B B. under the control of D. beyond control of under the control of“在……的控制下”。


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7〃burn out熄灭,烧完 The fire burnt out.烟火熄灭了。 精讲拓展:

①burn away烧毁,烧掉(逐渐)熄灭
②burn up烧掉,烧光,发烧 ③burn...to the ground把……烧成平地 ④burn down烧毁,烧光,烧尽

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词语辨析:burn out, burn up, burn down与burn away ①burn out的英文释义是“make hollow by fire”,因为out 表示“from the inside of”,故此词组指要“……内部全部 烧毁”。 ②burn up的英文释义是“destroy completely by fire”,因

为up表示“completely”,同eat up中的up。
③burn down的英文释义是“destroy by fire”,因为down表 示倒下。 ④burn away的英文释义是“destroy or be destroyed by burning”。

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朗文在线: ①When you burn out,you lose enthusiasm. I always loved computers.All of a sudden I just didn’t care.

间我却一点也不在乎。 ②The short circuit burned out the fuse. 短路烧坏了导线。 ③Hours are long,stress is high,and many recruits drop

out or burn out.
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④Violent fires soon burn out. 野火烧不尽,春风吹又生。 ⑤The fire that I love about you,Rose,that fire is going to burn out. 但我爱的那团火,露丝,迟早会熄灭的。

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活学巧练: burnt down (1)The room grew colder as the fire_____________(减弱). burn... (2)Don‘t leave the gas on—you might_________ the
down house________(烧掉). burnt out (3)The hotel was completely_____________(烧毁). burn up (4)Put more wood on a fire to make it____________(烧旺).

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8〃break down分解;出故障;遭受挫折 精讲拓展: ①break up分解;拆散,驱散

②break in闯入;打岔
③break out(战争等)爆发 ④break into强行闯入 ⑤break off折断,中断,挣脱……的束缚 ⑥break through突破

⑦break away(from sb./sth.)挣脱开……而逃走;与……断绝
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①The elevators in this building are always breaking down.这
幢楼里的电梯总出故障。 ②Peace talks have broken down over the question of reparations.和谈因战后赔款问题而破裂。 ③It’ll be difficult to break down their prejudices about lesbians.很难改变他们对女同性恋者的固有偏见。 命题方向:break与不同副词构成的短语动词的用法,及相 互间语义的辨析。

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活学巧练: break... down (1)Chemicals in the body________ our food________(分 解)into useful substances. broke down (2)The peace talks______________(失败)without reaching any agreement. broke in (3)Thieves___________(闯进)last night and stole jewelry. breaking in (4)He kept_______________(打岔)with silly questions.

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(5)(2010· 广东深圳中学)If Tim keeps working like this, his
health will ________ sooner or later. A. break down C. get down 答案与解析:A B. give in D. put down 句意:如果Tim继续这样工作的话,他的

健康早晚会垮掉的。break down在此表示“(人身体)出毛病, 垮掉”;give in为“屈服”;get down to doing sth.“着手干

某事”;put down“写下;镇压”。

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9〃虚拟语气 与真实语气相反,它表示说话人的愿望、假设、猜测或建议, 而不表示客观存在的事实。 1〃虚拟语气用于条件状语从句

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(1)虚拟条件句中状语从句表示的行为和主句表示的行为所发 生的时间不一致时,称为“错综时间条件句”,动词的形式 要根据它所表示的时间作出相应的调整。 If you had listened to my advice just now, you would_be

better now.
(从句行为发生在过去,主句发生于现在) 如果刚才你听我的建议,现在你会好得多。

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(2)if省略句 在条件从句中,可省略if,把were(had, should等)提到句首, 变为倒装句式。 Were I at school again, I would study harder.

Had you come earlier, you would have caught the bus. 如果来得早一点,你就能赶上车了。 若省略的条件从句中的谓语动词是否定形式时,不能用动词 的缩略形式。如:我们可以说:Were it not for the expense, I would go abroad now.但不能说:Weren't it for the expense, I would go abroad now.
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(3)用介词短语代替条件状语从句。常用的介词有with, without, but for等。 What would you do with a million dollars?

We couldn‘t have finished the work ahead of time without your help.(=if_we_hadn’t_got_your_help) 没有你的帮助,我们不可能提前完成工作。 But for the rain(=If_it_hadn‘t_been_for_the_rain),_we

would have finished the work.
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条件句,而通过其他手段来代替条件句。 I was ill that day. Otherwise,_I would have taken part in the sports meet.(副词) A man who_stopped_drinking_water would be dead in about seven days.(定语从句) I might have given you more help, but I was too busy.(连词) Everything_taken_into_consideration,_they would have

raised their output quickly.(独立主格结构)
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活学巧练: (1)________fired, your health care and other benefits would

not be immediately cut off.
A〃Would you be C〃Could you be back by 6 o'clock. B.Should you be D.Might you be

(2)—If the traffic hadn't been so heavy, I could have been

—What a pity! Tina________here to see you.
A〃is C〃would B.was D.has been
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(3)If I________plan to do anything I wanted to, I'd like to go to Tibet and travel through as much of it as possible.

C〃had to

D.ought to

(4)If it were not for the fact that she________sing, I would invite her to the party. A〃couldn't B.shouldn't


D.might not

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(5)If I were you, I________study harder. A〃shall B.will

C〃would 答案:(1)B (2)B

D.may (3)B (4)C (5)C

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10〃强调句型 结构形式:It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他。 (1)强调的人或物不管是单数还是复数,该结构一律用it,be 动词根据it确定为单数形式。it无词义,不可换用this,that。

[误]It were Tom and Jim that/who won the race. [正]It was Tom and Jim that/who won the race.

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be动词用was。 (3)强调人,引导词用who,whom,that。强调其他均用that。

[误]It was in 2003 when the Iraqi War broke out. [正]It was in 2003 that the Iraqi War broke out.(强调句) [正]It was 2003 when the Iraqi War broke out.(it为时间, when引导时间状语从句)

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(4)强调原因状语从句时,该从句必须由because引导,因为 because表示的语气最强烈。 (5)强调not...until句型的时间状语时,要把not与until放在一 起。not until置于句首时主句须部分倒装。

[误]It was until 1920 that regular radio broadcasts didn't
begin. [正]It was not until 1920 that regular radio broadcasts began. It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I realized she was a famous star.

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=Not until she took off her dark glasses did I realize she was a famous film star. =I didn't realize she was a famous film star until she took off her dark glasses. No until yesterday did we know that Saddam had been seized. 例如: It was neither you nor he that was willing to go to the Great Wall. It is he as well as his friends who has ever been to Suzhou.

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(6)强调句的句型变化。 ①be动词或情态动词置于句首构成一般疑问句。 Was it during the Iraqi War that he died? Was it in the park that you met him? ②特殊疑问词+be或情态动词+it+that...?构成特殊疑问句。 When could it be that he went to our city? What was it that prevent him from coming in time?

Couldn't it be by plane that he went to France?

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④强调句型的反意疑问句须和主句一致。 It was at nine last night that I knew the news, wasn't it?

It is they who often help me with my maths. It was these books that they bought yesterday. 若强调句在整个复合句中作宾语,强调句需用陈述语序。 He told me that it was Lily who was standing there reading.

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考题演练 1.(2009· 辽宁卷)It‘s the first time that he has been to Australia, ________? A. isn’t he C. isn’t it 答案与解析:C B. hasn‘t he D. hasn‘t it 句意:这是他第一次去澳大利亚,是吗?

该句主语和谓语动词分别是it和is,所以反意疑问部分用 isn’t it。

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2〃(2009· 福建卷)But for the help of my English teacher, I
________ the first prize in the English Writing Competition. A. would not win B. would not have won C. would win

D. would have won
答案与解析:B 由介词短语but for引起的介词短语在句子

过去事实相反,故用would have done形式。

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3〃(2009· 浙江卷)—I‘ve read another book this week. —Well, maybe ________ is not how much you read but what you read that counts. A. this B. that

C. there

D. it
分析答语句子结构可知此处构成It is...that...

强调句型,被强调部分是not how much you read but what

you read。

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4〃(2009· 全国Ⅱ)They use computers to keep the traffic
________ smoothly. A. being run C. to run 答案与解析:D 在分词作宾补。 B. run D. running 句意:他们用电脑使交通运行顺畅。keep


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5〃(2008· 江西卷)What a pity!Considering his ability and
experience, he ________better. A. need have done C. can have done 答案与解析:D B. must have done D. might have done 句意:太遗憾了!鉴于他的能力和经验,

他本可能做得更好。A项“本来有必要做(而没做)”;B项是 对过去发生的事情的肯定的推测,表示“过去一定做了”;


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6〃(2008· 天津卷)She ________ have left school, for her bike
is still here. A. can‘t C. shouldn‘t 答案与解析:A B. wouldn’t D. needn’t 句意:她不可能离开了学校,因为她的自

行车仍然在这儿。can‘t表示不可能;wouldn’t have done 表虚拟;shouldn‘t have done本不该做(却已做了);

needn’t have done本没必要做(但已做了)。

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7〃(2008· 安徽卷)Don‘t be so discouraged. If you ________
such feelings, you will do better next time. A. carry on C. break down 答案与解析:D B. get back D. put away A项“开展,进行”;B项“取回,拿回”;


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8〃(2008· 重庆卷)—I can‘t find my purse anywhere. —You ________ have lost it while shopping. A. may C. should 答案与解析:A B. can D. would 表达推测之意,意为“可能……”。

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Module 5


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Ⅰ.单词拼写 beneficial 1〃Do you think it will be____________(有益的)to humans? nightmare 2〃Traveling on those bad mountain roads is a__________ (噩梦/可怕的事). contrasts 3〃The black mountain_________(对比,对照)sharply with the white snow. terrifying 4〃The hostages(人质)suffered a _________ (可怕的) ordeal (折磨). analyse 5〃We must try to___________(分析)the causes of the strike.

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created 6〃Shakespeare c________ quite a number of characters in his plays. anxious 7〃He is a________ to know whether he has been chosen. stayed 8〃He s________ awake throughout the night.

common 9〃Pine-trees are c________ in many parts of the world.
10〃Its aim is for people to be happy,so that there are no violence more wars or v________.

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1. (2009· 安徽皖南八校联考)________about the economic
crisis that he decided to look for more information about it. A. So curious he was B. So curious was he C. Such curious he was D. Such curious was he 答案与解析:B 考查倒装句。So+adj./adv.+that从句结构


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2. He asked us to ________ him in carrying through his plan.
But unfortunately we were too busy to make it. A. persist C. resist 答案与解析:D B. consist D. assist persist in坚持;consist in在于;resist为及

物动词,意为“抵挡”;assist为及物动词,常用于assist sb. with sth.,assist sb. to do sth.或assist sb. in doing sth.结构,


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3. If you take this medicine twice a day, it should ________
your headache. A. comfort C. treat 答案与解析:B B. cure D. recover cure后可直接跟表示疾病的名词作宾语,

也可用“cure sb. of+表示疾病的名词”,强调结果。 comfort后常接sb.,作“安慰”讲;treat只指对某种疾病进

行治疗,不表示结果,其用法是treat sb. for...;recover痊愈,

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4. —Robin told me that he would leave tonight. —What a pity!My brother wishes that he ________with him for a chat. A. can stay B. will stay

C. had stayed

D. would stay


天。是对将来的虚拟,因此用would stay。had stayed是对过

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5. Shall we ________ our discussion and have some tea or
coffee, please? A. break down C. break into 答案与解析:B B. break off D. break out 词组辨析。break down打破、破除、毁掉;

break off打断、结束;也有“休息一下”的意思;break into 破门而入;break out爆发,突围。根据句意,B项合适。

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6. (2009· 宁夏银川一中模拟)The famous singer walked into the hall and seated himself in a chair, ________ for answering questions to be raised by the journalists. A. had prepared B. being prepared

C. preparing

D. prepared

上,准备回答记者们的提问。prepared for为……做好准备,

强调状态;preparing for正在为……做准备,强调动作。由

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7. We are interested in the weather because it ________ us
directly—what we wear, what we do, and even how we feel. A. benefits C. guides 答案与解析:B B. affects D. effects 句意:我们对天气感兴趣,因为天气对我

们穿衣、做事、甚至心情有直接的影响。affect(v.)影响,与 句意相符。benefit对……有利;guide指导;effect作动词时

an effect on,其意相当于affect。

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8. She was so ________ in her job that she didn‘t hear
anybody knocking at the door. A. attracted C. drawn 答案与解析:B 配。 B. absorbed D. concentrated 句意:她的注意力全集中在工作上,没有

听见有人敲门。be absorbed in“专心致志于”为一固定搭

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9. —Dave‘s not at his desk today.
—________Isn’t he feeling well? A. Of course. C. So what? 答案与解析:B B. How come? D. No wonder. Of course当然;How come?怎么会呢?

为何?;So what?那又怎样?;No wonder毫无疑问。上句 “戴夫今天没上班”。根据答语后句“他不舒服吗?”可知


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10. My study of biology has ________ much of my spare time,
but it has given me a great deal of enjoyment. A. taken in C. taken up 答案与解析:C B. taken down D. taken away 考查动词短语的辨析。take in欺骗;take

up占去;take away取走;take down写下,拆下。句意:我 的生物学习占去了我大部分业余时间,但是它给了我大量的


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11. Jenny said she was ________ by the programme in the TV,
so she turned it off. A. disgusted C. disgusting 答案与解析:A B. attracted D. attracting disgusted厌恶的,失望的。句意:Jenny

说她对电视节目感到厌恶,所以把电视关了。由于是被动关 系,排除C、D两项。attract“吸引”,不符合语题境。故


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12. In that martial arts film, the character ________ by Li Xiaolong split a brick(砖)into several pieces with his hand, which made the audiences ________. A. playing; surprised B. played; surprised

C. playing; surprising

D. played; surprising


词短语作后置定语。the character played by Li Xiaolong意为

惊的”,而现在分词表示“令人吃惊的”。根据句意,答案 为B项。
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13. (2009· 重点中学模拟)As is known, it was Hu Jintao, ________president of our nation, who gave ________ lecture at the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics. A. the;a B. the;/

C. a;the

D. /;a

前不加冠词;give a lecture作演讲。

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14. What he said sounded ________,so I felt frightened
when I heard it. A. terror C. terrified 答案与解析:B B. terrifying D. terrify sound属于系动词,后面接形容词作表语,

所以先排除A、D两项。他说的话应是令人害怕,故用 terrifying。而C项为感到害怕的。

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15. ________contrast to Yao Ming, I‘m short. A. In C. From 答案与解析:A B. By D. Of in contrast to和……相比,是固定搭配,

by contrast后接with。

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Ⅲ. 翻译句子 1〃我工作了两年,只有一个目的,赋予一个无生命的身体 以生命。(give life to) 答案:I had worked two years with one aim only, to give life to a lifeless body. 2〃一定是有人疏忽,忘了关门。(by mistake)

答案:Someone must have left the door open by mistake.

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3〃我们绝对不可能按时完成这项工作。(get...finished) 答案:There's no way we're going to get this job finished on time. 4〃政府采用了好几种有力方法来控制人们,目的是使人幸 福,从而没有更多的战争或暴力。 答案:The government uses several powerful methods to

control people, with its aim for people to be happy, so that
there are no more wars or violence.

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5〃The only reason why scientists haven‘t created

thousands of identical clones is that they haven’t learned
how to do this. 答案:科学家们还没有制造出成千上万个克隆个体的唯一原


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(山东日照5月模拟) The United States government wants to know what the public thinks about its findings on the safety of cloned animals. The Food and Drug Administration says meat and milk from clones of adult animals are safe to eat. They called them “as

safe to eat as the food we eat every day”.

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And when those clones reproduce sexually(有性繁殖),the

agency says, their offspring(后代)are safe to eat as well.
The United States this year could become the first country to allow the sale of foods from cloned animals. First, however, the public will have ninety days to comment on three proposed documents. On December 28th the F.

D.A.released a long report, called a draft risk assessment,
along with two policy documents. The agency says it must receive comments by April second. The F. D.A.seemed ready to act several years ago, but an advisory committee called for more research.
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For now, the government will continue to ask producers to

honor a request that they not sell foods from cloned animals.
Clones are still rare. They cost a lot and are difficult to produce. The F. D.A.says most food from cloning is expected to come not from clones themselves, but from their sexually

reproduced offspring. It says clones are expected to be used
mostly as breeding animals to spread good qualities. Public opinion studies show most Americans do not like the

idea of food from cloned animals. But this research also
shows the public know little about cloning.
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Cloning differs from genetic engineering. A cell taken from a

so-called donor animal is grown into an embryo(胚胎)in the
laboratory. Next, the embryo is placed into the uterus(子宫)of a female animal. If the process is successful, the pregnancy reaches full term and a genetic copy of the donor animal is born.

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1〃From the passage, we know________.

A〃the US government is very cautious about the safety of
cloned foods B〃foods from cloned animals are popular in America C〃cloned animals will be easy to produce D〃most foods from cloning are expected to come from clones themselves 答案与解析:A 文中提到公众会有90天的时间来对三个文


方面,是相当谨慎的(very cautious)。
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2〃The best title of the passage is________. A〃Food Production in the US B〃Cloned Foods Waiting for Sale C〃People‘s Comments on Cloned Foods

D〃Cloning and Genetic Engineering
答案与解析:B 考查主旨大意。综观全文可以看出,文章



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3〃Who believes that foods from cloning are safe to eat? A〃Most Americans. B〃An advisory committee. C〃Critics.

D〃The F. D.A.
答案与解析:D 考查细节理解。从“The Food and Drug

Administraition says meat and milk from clones of adult

animals are safe to eat....”可知。

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4〃It can be inferred from the last paragraph that________.
A〃cloning has much in common with genetic engineering B〃not every cell taken from a donor animal can grow into a genetic copy C〃the donor animal should be a female one

D〃cloned animals grow faster than normal ones
答案与解析:B 考查推理判断。从最后一段“If the

process is successful, the pregnancy reaches full term and a
genetic copy of the donor animal is born.”可知答案。

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5〃Whether the sale of cloned foods is allowed in the US
depends on________. A〃cloning technology B〃the advisory committee‘s research C〃public comments

D〃the documents of the F. D.A
答案与解析:C 考查推理判断。由第五段的叙述,结合第

“public document”。

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Ⅴ.七选五 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳 选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 Everyone wants to be self-confident, but maybe we just don't know how to be. Here are some tips on how you can feel more confident about yourself. __1__ Everyone has shortcomings. When you have found

your shortcomings, work to overcome them. If you are a shy
person, take part in social activities, such as parties, and speak to at least one or two people there.
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Second, try to spend more time with positive people. Successful and confident people have their own ways of settling problems. __2__ Third, set goals for yourself. With each goal you achieve, your self-confident will increase. __3__ We are afraid that we might lose. Stop thinking like that and give yourself a

Fourth, start each day with a sense of opportunity. __4__ Think positively about yourself.

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Actually everyone has his or her own way of becoming confident. __5__ Friends might have useful suggestions, too. In short, as long as you try new things, you are sure to

become more confident.

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A. Pay attention and learn from them.
B. You should talk with your friends. C. First, don't think about your weak points.

D. It's not always right to ask friends for help.
E. Sometimes we might be afraid of trying new things. F. Start your day by reading something encouraging. G. First, you should know what your weak points are. 答案:1—5 GAEFB

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