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东山外校 2012-2013 学年度初三中考复习讲义

完形填空专项训练 (一) Men and women have the exact same view of a best friend—a person who is always there for you. As one man put it, "To me, a best friend is 1 that you call

if you're on the road and get a flat tire at 3:00 a.m. and you've been told it's four hours 2 a tow track(拖车)can be sent. Your friend says, ?Tell me exactly 3

you are, and I?11 come and get you.' You never have to who you are. 5 4 yourself to best friends because they really, really know

best friends, you can be who you are. You can cry too hard or 6 what they'll think of you. They give you what you

laugh too loud and never 7

from a parent and don't always get. Best friends love you because they want to, 8 9 to. And for many people, a best friend becomes the brother wanted, but never had. Best friends are the 10 you

not because they or sister they'd choose. ( )1. A. somebody ( )2. A. unless ( )3. A. when ( )4. A. excuse ( )5. A. By ( )6. A. allow ( )7. A. expect ( )8. A. like ( )9. A. already ( )10. A. class

B. anybody B. until B. where B. mention B. Except B. agree B. collect B. have B. always B. crowd

C. everybody C. after C. why C. explain C. About C. worry C. choose C. are able C. almost c. audience

D. nobody D. because D. what D. send D. With D. dream D. realize D. used D. also D. family

东山外校 2012-2013 学年度初三中考复习讲义

(二) Frank W. Woolworth was born in Rodman, New York in 1852. family was His very__1____and even there was never enough food to eat.So,Frank decided he would do something else instead of being a farmer.Later,he took a short business training to find a job. a result, he got a job as a As 品)to attract the customers? 3 2 in a large city. It was not 1ong before Woolworth realized that he had a natural skill for displaying goods(商 ,but he also learned something more important after later.One day his boss told him to sell some odds and ends(小商品)for as much as he could get.A fresh idea came into his mind.He put all these goods on one table with a sign, it to buy the goods and the cents.This is the 6 5 4 : FIVE CENTS EACH. Seeing this, people pushed was soon cleared.

Soon after later,Woolworth opened his own store,selling five and ten of the famous “five and ten store” But he had another 1esson 7 by selling to learn before he became successful.That is,if you want to make

goods at a low price, you have to buy them in 1arge number directly from the factory.For example,Woolworth once went to Germany and placed an order for knives.The order was so large that the factory had to By 1919, Woolworth had over 1,000 throughout 10 9 8 running 24 hours a day for a whole year.In this way,the price of the knives was cut down by half. in the USA and Canada, opened and his first store in London.He made many millions and his name became famous .He always ran his business according to strict rules,0f which B. poor B. farmer B. ideas B. said B. table B. end B.contributions B. finish B. stores B. Canada C. big C. teacher C. help C. spoke C. room C. secret C. progress C. keep C. factories C. Germany D. small D. doctor D. interest D. talked D. store D. rules D. money D. stop D. salesmen D. the world the most important was:“THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.” ( )1.A. rich ( )2.A. salesman ( )3.A. feeling ( )4.A. wrote ( )5.A. ground ( )6.A. beginning ( )7.A. friends ( )8.A. begin ( )9.A. dollars ( )10. the USA A.

东山外校 2012-2013 学年度初三中考复习讲义

(三) All right! Enough cookies, Cola, and chips! It seems that junk food is all that the children want to eat these days. Television controls their ___1___. The kids see well-known people ___2____ potato chips, candy and other processed food, and they want to ___3___ their heroes. How do they do it? They eat the same food. I wish there were more characters like old Popeye, the sailor, who ate spinach and not French fries. Now I don?t expect my children to eat healthy food because I like brown rice(糙 米), beans, and fresh vegetables. I?m glad to cook traditional meals of meat and potatoes for them. I really can?t be too upset ___4___ the kids because most ____5___ aren?t careful about what they eat. ____6___ night, my wife and I went to a party where there was plenty to drink but very little for us to eat. They served hot dogs, with all those preservatives, and hamburgers ___7____ chemicals so that they looked better. __8___ the meat, they had sugar-filled cookies and cake, and, of course, chips. I don?t want the world to change ___9____ me, but I think that people should realize that there are alternatives to eating meat. They always tell me that I probably don?t get my essential proteins. I feel better than ___10___ and I am sure that it?s because I am a vegetarian. I would really like to see more television advertisements which show the benefits of good, healthy, and natural food. ( )1. A. tastes ( )2. A. eat ( )3. A. like ( )4. A. for ( )5. A. children ( )6. A. Others ( )7. A. were filled of ( )8. A. Besides ( )9. A. to ( )10. A. never B. taste B. eating B. be liked B. on B. men B. At B. were filled with B. Beside B. as B. ago C. smells C. to eat C. be like C. at C. women C. The other C. were full with C. Except C. because C. ever D. smell D. ate D. be liking D. with D. adults D. The others D. filled with D. But D. because of D. usually

东山外校 2012-2013 学年度初三中考复习讲义

(四) School education is very important and useful. The students not only learn language but also 1 an education. Yet, 2 can learn everything from school. 3 learnt

Great scientists such as Edison, Newton, Galileo and Einstein,

everything from school. They learnt a lot of knowledge outside school or in practice by themselves. A teacher, no matter how 4 he knows, can?t teach his students 5 his students how to learn, 6 experience in teaching 8

everything they want to know. The teacher?s job is

how to read and how to think. A good teacher who has can teach his students the methods of study. 7

these methods the students are 9

to learn and master a lot of things by themselves.

it is very easy for students to

remember some rules, but it is very difficult to use these rules to solve some problems. 10 a teacher really shows the students the ability how to use

knowledge, they can learn much knowledge by themselves. The reason for their success is that how they know to learn. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. know )2. A. somebody )3. A. hadn?t )4. A. many )5. A. to get )6. A. poor )7. A. Though )8. A. certainly )9. A. Never )10. A. Whether B. get B. everybody B. wasn?t B. much B. get B. rich B. By B. hard B. Sometime B. If C. have C. nobody C. didn?t C. soon C. shows C. many C. Through C. able C. Usually C. Before D. learn D. anybody D. haven?t D. long D. to show D. little D.With D. afraid D. Hardly D. While

东山外校 2012-2013 学年度初三中考复习讲义

(五) In many countries all over the world, people are leaving the countryside in large numbers to find jobs in the cities. They leave because the countryside is much 1 than the city, and there isn?t much work there. They hope their But in big cities of Europe(欧洲) and America, people are are tired of the noise and the dirt of the city, tired of the and clean air that isn?t 6 5 . 4 3 2 will improve when they move to the city. out of the city. These are families who have much money, and want to live a quieter life. They streets, trains and buses. They don?t want to sit in traffic any more. They want a house with a garden, So they move out. Some don?t go very far, just a little way out of the city, to the near the cities. Other people move to the real countryside, with sheep and cows 7 lives and try to make new friends. 8 . After 9 . They don?t make as Not all the people who move from the city to the countryside are two or three years, many of them feel that it was a big always very 10 and green fields! There, they start

much money and there isn?t much to do. Country people are very different and aren?t . As a result, quite a lot of people move back to the city. “It?s wonderful to see crowds in the streets and cinema lights.” They say. “I?m so glad I?m back in the city!” ( )1. A. dirtier ( )2. A. lives ( )3. A. running ( )4. A. busy ( )5. A. changed ( )6. A. villages ( )7. A. new ( )8. A. excited ( )9. A. success ( )10. A. quiet B. noisier B. jobs B. going B. crowded B. destroyed B. towns B. poor B. happy B. chance B. free C. poorer C. dreams C. pushing C. mixed C. polluted C. lands C. usual C. healthy C. case C. friendly D. richer D. actions D. moving D. terrible D. protected D. farms D. boring D. tired D. mistake D. lonely

东山外校 2012-2013 学年度初三中考复习讲义

Mr Bean, who is silly, awkward ( 笨 拙 的 ) but always funny and enjoyable, is a world-famous comedy character on TV and in movies. He makes people 1 of simple and funny acts using body languages. Rowan Atkinson is the Bean. Mr Atkinson is quite 3 for playing Mr Bean. 4 his early years on the family farm with 2 through a series who plays Mr

Rowan was born on January 6, 1955, and

his mother, three older brothers and his strict father, who did not believe in the value of television. For a time, he attended the same school as Tony Blair, who was two years older than him. At the age of 13, he ____5___ at Newcastle University where he had the highest marks in his year. At Oxford he got his Master?s degree (硕士学位 ) in electrical engineering. He was particularly 6 fast cars, of which he has a large collection.

Rowan's career change from an electrical engineer to a famous comedian was partly because of some speaking problems he had in his childhood. While he was still at primary school, Rowan had already shown great talent in ____7_____. Although his teachers predicted (预言) a career in acting, Rowan was not confident until he met a group of talented people at university, and he realized this could be a career for him. Another important event 8 . One day in 1976, he was playing around and making faces 9 . He

realized something. "I discovered my face," he said later. John Lloyd, who worked for the BBC, says, "When I watched Mr Atkinson act for the first time, I was famous than Chaplin." ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. laugh )2. A. doctor )3. A. honest )4. A. cost )5. A. worked )6. A. good at )7. A. swimming )8. A. caused )9. A. in the mirror )10. A. afraid B. sing B. writer B. friendly B. took B. studied B. amazed at B. driving B. missed B. in class B. sure ` C. cry C. actor C. helpful C. paid C. played C. interested in C. acting C. caught C. on the wall C. worried D. dance D. farmer D. famous D. spent D. helped D. worried about D. singing D. occurred D. in the playground D. surprised 10 that he would be more

东山外校 2012-2013 学年度初三中考复习讲义

答案: 1.A B B C D C A B B D 2.B A D B B A D C B D 3.A B C D D C B A D C 4.B C A B D B C C C B 5 CAD B C BAB D C 6. A C D D B C C D A B



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