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1. compare (v.) 比较 2. phenomenon (n.) 现象 3. quantity (n.) 数量,量 4. measurement (n.) 测量,衡量,尺寸 5. data (n.) 数据,资料 6. catastrophe (n.) 大灾难,浩劫 7. state (vt.) 陈述,说明 8. environmental (adj.

) 环境的 9. consequence (n.) 后果,影响,结果 10. range (n.) 范围,种类 11. glance (vi.& n.) 扫视,看一下;一瞥 12. widespread (adj.) 分布广的,普遍的 13. decrease (v.) 减少

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 体 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

steady (adj.) 稳固的,持续的 emphasis (n.) 强调 average (adj.) 平均的 existence (n.) 存在 individual (adj.& n.) 个别的,单独的;个人,个 pollution (n.) 污染,弄脏 electrical (adj.) 电的,与电有关的 appliance (n.) 器具 nuclear (adj.) 原子核的,核的,核能的 disagreement (n.) 分歧,不一致 oppose (vt.) 反对,反抗,与(某人)较量

renewable energy resources 1.不可再生能源 non2.温室效应 greenhouse effect throughout one’s life 3.整个一生 4.和……比较起来 compare to 5.发生 come about quantities of 6.大量的 7.激烈的争辩 a fierce debate 8.人类活动 human activity 9.全球变暖 global warming 10.天然气 natural gas

1. quantity n. 数量(与quality相对) a large quantity of+n. 许多(作主语,谓语用 单数) large quantities of+n. 许多(作主语,谓语用 复数) in quantity大量地 注意:可接不可数名词或可数名词复数。

has ⑴ A large quantity of air-conditioners_____ (have) been sold since the temperature is high.

⑵ Large quantities of information_______ have (have) been collected. in ⑶ It is cheaper to buy goods _______ quantity.

? Large quantities of information ,as well as some timely help ____since the organization was built. ? A. has offered B. had been offered ? C. have been offered D. is offered

? 解析:当主语后面与with, as well as, but, except, like, besides, including等 + 名词或代词连用时, 谓语动词与 第一个主语保持一致。即与Large quantities of information保持一致。

? a large quantity of /large quantities of 后既可以加不可 数名词也可以加复数名词,其谓语动词与quantity的数 保持一致。由此可以排除A和D;since 引导的从句在主 句之后,应是时间状语从句,用一般过去时,主句则是 现在完成时。故答案为C项。

2. tend vi.趋向;易于;照顾;vt.照顾;护理 tend to do sth.常常会做某事,往往会做某事
tend to/toward sth.趋向,倾向 tend to sb./sth.(=look after)照顾,照料(旧式)

派生:tendency n.倾向;趋势

运用:用适当的词填空或根据提示完成句子。 ⑴ When I am tired,I tend__________ to make (make) mistakes.

⑵ His view tends ____ ours. to tending to ⑶ The doctors and nurses are busy______ (照顾) the injured.

3. oppose vt.反对;反抗;与(某人)较量 oppose(doing)sth.反对……(强调动作)

be opposed to 反对……(强调状态) 派生:opposed adj.反对的;对立的

⑴ People who are in favor of peace are __________(oppose) to nuclear weapon. opposed

⑵ Many residents in Guangzhou are opposed to________ (tear) down the old tearing buildings which are cultural relics. ⑶ 我反对酒醉时驾驶。 I _________________________________ am opposed to driving/oppose driving while drunk.

4. range n. 种类;变化范围,排;v. 涉及,延伸 a range of 一系列,一套(同类)

range between A and B在A和B之间变化或变 动
range from A to B 从A延伸到B;从A到B不等

运用:用适当的词填空或根据提示完成句子。 ⑴ He has a wide range of interests,_______ ranging (range) from chess ______ canoeing. to

⑵ Their ages range_______ 25 to 50. from

⑶ 边界从北部山地一直延伸到南部海 岸。 The frontier________ from the ranges northern hills ______the southern coast. to

5. circumstance n. 环境;情况 in/under the circumstances 在此种情况下 in/under no circumstances决不,无论如何 都不 用法:意为“环境,情况”时,多用复数 形式。

运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 ⑴ 在这种情况下,最好别告诉他事故的情 况。 In/Under the circumstances __________________________,it is better not to tell him about the accident.

⑵ 你无论如何都不要借钱给他。 _____________________________ you lend In/Under no circumstances do him money.

6.state n. 州,政府,形势,状态 v. 陈述,说 明 (1)in a state of nature处于原始状态 (2)state+n./thatclause/whclause声明……,说明…… It is stated that... 据宣布…… (3)statement n.陈述,叙述;声明 stated adj.指定的,预定的,宣布的 stateless adj.无国籍的

完成句子 in a terrible state (1)The roads are ____________________(路况极 差)after the severe winter weather. stated (2)The witness ________(证实说)that he had not seen the woman before. are run by the state (3)These industries ____________________(国家经 营). It is stated (4)________________(据宣布)that all the people in the accident were killed. The stated facts (5)____________________(所宣布的事实)disagreed with what actually happened.

7.average adj. 平均的;普通的;正常的;平常的 n. 平均数;平均水平;一般水准 v. 平均为;计算出……的平均数 (1)an average rate/cost/price平均比率/成本/价格 above/below average高于/低于平均水平 on average平均地;通常;按平均值 up to average达到平均数,达到一般水准 (2)average sth.out算出……的平均数

完成句子 below average (1)His living standard is _________________(低于一 般水平). The average age of the boys in this class (2)________________________________________(这 个班级男生的平均年龄)is fifteen. well above average (3)My school work is ____________________(远远高 于平均水平). On average (4)________________(平均看来)men smoke more cigarettes than women.

8.compare v. 比较 (1)compare...with/to...把…与…比较;对照 compare...to...把…比作… compare...and...比较…和… compare notes(with sb.)(与某人)交换看法或意见 (2)comparison n.比较,对照,对比 for comparison供比较,对照 by comparison比较起来,较之 by/in comparison(with...)(与…)相比较 comparable adj.可比较的,类似的 compared to/with...与…相比较而言(常置于句首作状语) (3)在作“与…比较”讲时,既可以用compare...with..., 也可用compare...to...,但是在作“把…比作…”讲时, 只能用to。

完成句子 compare the two (1)You can ____________________(比较两者)and take the better one. compared her to a rose (2)He ____________________(把她比作玫瑰). compared his camera with/to mine (3)He ____________________________________(拿 他的相机与我的比较). Compared to/with 40 years ago (4)____________________________(与40年前相比), standards in health care have improved enormously.

1. come about 发生;造成 用法:此短语通常与how连用。

例句:How did the accident come about?这 个事故是怎样发生的?

拓展:填入适当的词完成下列短语。 ⑴ come _______ (偶然)遇见(或发现) across ⑵ come _______ 出身于;来自 from ⑶ come _______ 出版;发行;结果是 out ⑷ come _______ 上来;上升;抬头 up ⑸ come _______ 来到;共计;达到 to ⑹ come _______ 变成现实;成为事实 true

2. subscribe to 同意;赞成(agree with);订购

运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 ⑴ 今年图书馆定购了什么杂志? Which journals did the library subscribe to ________ this year?
⑵ 只有疯子才会同意这样的观点。 No one but mad people would___________ subscribe to _______________. such views

3. go up(=rise)上升;增长;升起 拓展:go up to 上升到go up by上升了

运用:用适当的词填空或用所给词的词适形式填 空。 ⑴ In our area,the price of the new house has by gone up_____ 1000 yuan per square meter. That is, to it has gone up____10,000 yuan per square meter. ⑵ Production keeps _______ (go) up.


4. result in(=cause)引起;导致;造成(后接 结果) result from由于……而引起(后接原因)
运用:用适当的词填空。 ⑴ Many illnesses result_____ lack of from exercise.

⑵ Lack of exercise results ____ many in illnesses.

说明:表示“导致”的词组还有: bring about,lead to,give rise to等。

5. even if/even though... 即使,尽管 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 即使下雨我们也要去。 We’ll go________________________ . even if/even though it rains

⑵ 尽管他很忙,他还是愿意帮我们。 He would like to help us________________ even though he is ___________________ . very busy

6. keep on(doing sth.)继续;不断(做),反复 (做) keep doing sth.不停地/不间断地做某事

说明:⑴ keep on doing sth.可能有间断,强 调“反复”和“决心”,而且常常附加感情 色彩。 ⑵ 与sitting,standing,lying, sleeping等静态的动词连用时,只能用keep doing。

运用:用keep或keep on的适当形式填空。 ⑴ Whatever happens, _________ trying. keep on

⑵ Don’t ___________ asking me such silly keep on questions.

⑶ She was very tired,but she________ kept on working.
⑷ I ______ standing under a burning kept sun for a long while that day.

7. on the whole总的说来;大体上;基本上 翻译: 总的说来,我赞成这个提议。 On the whole _____________,I’m in favour of the proposal.

8. on behalf of 代表……一方;作为……的代 言人 用法:也可以表达为on one’s behalf。 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 我谨代表全家感谢大家。 on behalf of I would like to thank all of you___________ all my family ________________.

⑵ 史密斯先生不能来,因此他的妻子 代他领奖。
Mr.Smith cannot come here,so his wife will accept the prize ____________. on his behalf

9. put up with 忍受,容忍(=stand,bear, tolerate) 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 她整天抱怨,我一天也不能忍受了。 _______________________ another day — I can’t put up with her she never stops complaining.

⑵ 恐怕你得容忍她的坏脾气(temper)。 I am afraid you have to put up with her _____________ ___________________. bad temper

10. so long as=as long as只要…… 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 只要还活着,我就要学习。 _______________,I must study. As long as I live

⑵ 只要你真诚地对待别人,就能赢得 别人的尊敬。 ___________________ others honestly, As long as you treat you can win their respect.

11. and so on 等等 同义:and so forth,etc. 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 这商店卖衣服,鞋,帽子等等。 and so on This shop sells clothes,shoes,hats_______ .

⑵ 我有许多爱好,比如足球、篮球、音乐、 游戏等等。

I have many hobbies,_______________ such as football
basketball,music,games,____________. and so on

1.原句:There is no doubt that the earth is becoming warmer(see graph1)and that it is human activity that has caused this global warming rather than a random but natural phenomenon.(L1,P26)毫无疑问,全球正在 变暖,而全球变暖是人为的,并不是随意的 自然现象。 句型:There is no doubt that...毫无疑 问,……

⑴ 毫无疑问,圣诞节的庆祝活动是一个很 好地学习西方文化的方式。 ____________________ the celebration of There is no doubt that Christmas is a good way of learning the western culture.

⑵ 毫无疑问,过多的电脑游戏会对学生的 健康有不良影响。 ________________ that too many computer There is no doubt

games can ___________________________ have a bad effect/influence/impact
on students’ health.

⑶ 毫无疑问,做事不先考虑总会导致 失败。 ______________________ acting before There is no doubt that thinking always____________ failure. results in

2.原句:Some byproducts of this process are called “greenhouse” gases, the most important one of which is carbon dioxide.(L21, P26)这个升温过程的一些副产品就叫做“温 室”气体,其中最重要的是二氧化碳。
句型:the most+adj.+one of+which/who... 其 中最……的……

仿写:将下列句子译成英文。 ⑴ 这里有很多的动画片,其中我最喜欢的是 喜羊羊与灰太狼。 the most favorite Here are many cartoons,_______________ one of which _____________ is Happy Sheep And Gray Wolf.

⑵ 我有三个姐姐,其中最年轻的三年前去 了美国。 I have three sisters, the youngest one of whom ____________________ went to USA three years ago.

⑶ 应采取有效措施防止生存环境进一步恶 化,其中最重要的措施之一就是限制过多的 私家车的使用。 Some effective measures should be taken to keep our living environment from getting worse,______________________________ the most important one of which is to limit the use of private cars.

? Ⅰ.单项填空 ? 1.C 考查冠词。take action采取行动,是固定 短语;第二空是特指,特指“行动带来的后果”。 ? 2.A 考查动词辨析。glance匆匆看一眼。 observe观察;glare怒视;stare凝视。 ? 3.C 考查it的用法。此句是it is...that...强调句 型的特殊疑问句,在此作know的宾语,故用陈 述语序。 ? 4.B 考查副词辨析。unfortunately不幸的是。 句意为:对上届奥运会冠军陈中来说,不幸的是, 她无缘决赛。 ? 5.A 考查compare和get down to的用法。 compare与whatever she did构成逻辑上的动宾 关系;get down to后接动词ing形式作宾语。

? 6.B 考查主谓一致。句意为:在产钢的工厂中,只有 这一家使用大量的水进行冷却。quantities作主语,谓 语动词用复数形式;第二空用单数形式与先行词the only one保持一致。 ? 7.A 考查形容词辨析。average普通的。句意为: “你认为英国和意大利的那场足球赛怎么样?”“没什 么特殊的地方——太一般了。”usual通常的;typical 典型的;normal正常的。 ? 8.A 考查短语辨析。come out出版。句意为:我们 班里的大部分学生都喜欢读《中国日报》,它每天都出 版。come up上来,出现;come across偶遇;come about发生。 ? 9.B 句意为:你在作文中犯了几个错误,但总的来说, 写得很好。A.首先,最重要的是;B.总的说来,大体上; C.另一方面;D.迄今为止。 ? 10.B 考查连词。下句意为:“或许随后我会去散散 步,只要天一直好的话。” so long as和as long as一 样,可以引导状语从句,表示“只要”的意思。

? 11.A 根据空后的my selfishness and moodiness可知,她不能再忍受“我”的自私和 坏脾气了。 ? 12.D 此题考查it作形式主语代替从句的用法。 ? 13.D 此题考查近义词辨析。length指“(具体 物品的)长度”;aim作名词时,意为“目标”; distance指“(两地的)距离”;range可指“射 程”,根据后面的gun可知应选D。 ? 14.D 此题考查短语辨析。根据语境骑自行车 的目的应是增强体质,故选D。build up意为 “锻炼”。 ? 15.B 句意为:导致两名乘客死亡的事故起因 于粗心驾驶。result in后跟结果;result from后 跟原因。

? Ⅱ.阅读理解 ? 【语篇解读】 作者通过自己的经历和体会,就如何过 真正有意义的生活发表了自己的观点。 ? 1.A 推理判断题。根据全文尤其是第二段可知,作者 在个人生活方面是一个成功者。B、C所述与原文不符; 作者热爱生活这一旅程,并非指普通意义上的旅程,故 D错误。 ? 2.C 细节题。根据文章第五段“I learned to live many years ago.Something really,really bad happened to me.”可知答案。 ? 3.A 句意理解题。本句意为:生存容易,过真正的生 活并不容易。在作者看来,人们往往只顾谋生而活着, 并非过着真正的生活。 ? 4.D 细节推断题。根据第一段I have tried never to let my profession stand in the way of being a good parent.“我从不让工作影响自己做一个好母亲。”可知 答案。

? 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了一种新的服装——可以穿着 洗澡的衣服。穿上这种衣服洗澡,衣服不需要浸泡以及 打肥皂,而且干得很快。 ? 5.A 通读文章内容可知,本文主要介绍了一种新产 品——一种可以穿着洗澡的衣服。 ? 6.A 根据第二段内容可知,A项与原文内容相符,即 这种衣服可以免去浸泡甚至打肥皂的麻烦。 ? 7.B 根据倒数第三段内容可知,这种衣服受到经常外 出以及熬夜的人的欢迎,航空公司对此也很感兴趣,但 并没提到偶尔旅行的人。 ? 8.D 根据文章内容可知,Mr Feighan是这种服装生 产厂家的发言人,结合选项可知D项正确,即这种服装 的推广等方面跟他有关。 ? 9.C 根据倒数第二段中Mr Feighan自己没有穿这种 衣服“because they cut to fit Japanese figures”可推知, 西方人的体形和东方人不一样。


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