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Unit 4

Astronomy: the science of the stars

Ⅰ. 听录音,根据所听内容选择正确答案
听第 1~4 段对话,分别完成第 1~4 题 1. What does the man want to have? A. A hamburger, fries and a Seven-up. B. A

sandwich hamburger, fries and a Seven-up. C. A sandwich hamburger, a fried egg and a Seven-up. 2. What’s the relationship between the woman and the man? A. They’re husband and wife. B. They are mother and son. C. They’re friends. 3. Where did the man spend his vacation? A. In a big city. B. On a farm. C. In a factory.

4. Where does the conversation take place? A. In the man’s house. B. In a dining-room. C. In a restaurant.

听第 5 段听力材料,完成第 5~7 题 5. Who do you think the speaker is? A. A visitor to the park. B. One of the persons who found the land. C. A guide from the park service. 6. What does the speaker say about the Yellowstone National Park? A. It is not the first national park. B. It is not managed by the National Park Service. C. It began to be managed by the National Park Service in the late 1800’s. 7. What is one of the duties of the speaker? A. To build fires. B. To guide nature walk.

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C. To train animals.

Ⅱ. 听录音,根据所听内容判断正(T)误(F)
1. A lot of women went to the large store to buy shoes that day. 2. The cashier of the store bought herself a pair of good shoes. 3. The woman speaking to the cashier in the dialogue bought a pair of new shoes. 4. The woman speaking to the cashier in the dialogue has a good sense of business.

Ⅲ. 单项选择,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择最佳答案完成句子
1. If one keeps what he wants in mind and tries to get it, he will succeed ________. A. on time B. in time C. for some time D. by the time

2. —Excuse me, can I help you, sir? —Yes, can you tell me the direction ________ the thief the police are after ran? A. where B. that C. under which D. in which

3. —Waiter, why are these eggs so small? —My duty is ________ the table, and I don’t care about the hen ________ eggs, sir. A. to lay; lays B. laying; to lay C. to lay; laying D. laying; lays

4. While in freezing weather, you’d better have heat ________ from escaping from your body and do more exercise. A. taken B. prevented C. disabled D. protected

5. We could do nothing in the darkness ________ to wait for help coming. A. less than B. more than C. rather than D. other than

6. As far as I’m concerned, ________ everything is ready for the project, the sooner, the better. A. because B. now that C. as D. for

7. Would you please move a little away? You are ________ the light. A. breaking out B. blocking out C. hanging out D. giving out

8. Her parents won’t ________ her ________ out later than 11:00 in the evening. A. allow; staying B. allow; to stay C. let; to stay D. let; staying

9. The ________ cause of his success was his ability to work for long hours without tiring. A. necessary B. fundamental C. sensible D. satisfactory

10. Do you know why sugar ________ much faster in water than in oil?
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A. dissolves

B. melts

C. spreads

D. swims

11. I don’t care about the price. The question is ________ it is worth reading. A. that B. what C. if D. whether

12. —Will you tell me ________ keep fit and healthy? —By eating more vegetables and fruit. A. how can I B. if can I C. if I can D. how I can

13. They will carry out the plan ________ much difficulty they may come across. A. how B. whatever C. that D. however

14. The reason why he got fewest apples from the tree is ________ he is the shortest of all the boys. A. that B. because C. why D. what

15. ________ she can’t bear is ________ he is always lying in front of her. A. That; because B. Why; what C. What; that D. Why; because

16. As anybody can see, China is no longer ________ it used to be thirty years ago. A. that B. which C. what D. one

17. —Why did Tom not hand in his paper? —He explained that it ________ yet. A. wasn’t finished C. didn’t finish B. hasn’t been finished D. hadn’t been finished

18. Word came ________ almost all the houses of the farmers had fallen down in the earthquake. A. that B. which C. whose D. what

19. What water is ________ clear to us after we attend his chemistry class. A. is B. are C. has D. become

20. Obviously, who will go ________ no difference, for the task is far beyond reach. A. make B. makes C. making D. to make

Ⅳ. 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择最佳答案
(A) Since the beginning of time, man has been interested in the moon. The Romans designed a special day to show admiration and respect to the moon. They called it “Moonday”, or “Monday”,
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as we know it today. Later, the great mind of Leonardo da Vinci studied the moon and designed a machine to carry a human to the moon. Leonardo said that one day a great machine bird would take a person to the moon and bring great honour to the home where it was born. Four and a half centuries later, Leonardo’s idea was realized. Apollo 11 took three Americans, Collins, Aldrin, and Armstrong to the moon. The mission(任务)did fill the whole world with great surprise, as Leonardo had said it would. Numerous essays, articles, and books were written about man’s first moon mission. But perhaps the most interesting story was one written before the event over 100 years before. In 1865, French author Jules Verne wrote a story about the first journey to the moon. His story was very similar to the 1969 Apollo 11 mission. Verne’s spacecraft also contained three men — two Americans and a Frenchman. The spacecraft was described as being almost the same size as Apollo 11. The launch(发射)site in Verne’s story was also in Florida. The spacecraft in Verne’s story was named the “Columbiad”. The Apollo 11 command ship was called “Columbia”. His account of sending the spacecraft into the space could easily have been written about how Apollo 11 was sent into the space. 1. Leonardo da Vinci said that a great machine bird would ________. A. bring great honour to the moon ? C. explore the heavens ? B. fly toward the sun ? D. take people to the moon ?

2. Jules Verne wrote his story of a man’s visit to the moon about ________. A. 100 years before the Apollo 11 mission ? C. four and one a half centuries ago ? 3. Verne’s story is very similar to ________. A. the first U.S. space mission ? B. the Apollo 11 mission C. Leonardo da Vinci’s story D. numerous other books on the same subject ? 4. The main idea of this passage is ________. A. some coincidence of mankind landing onto the moon B. Verne’s accurate preview of the future C. the 1969 Apollo 11 moon mission
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B. 10 years before the Apollo 11 mission D. 100 years ago ?

D. the 19th century science and technology 5. The underlined word “spacecraft” probably means a kind of ________. A. rocket B. plane C. train (B) Many scientists today are sure that life exists elsewhere in the universe — life probably much like that on our planet. They reason in the following way. As far as scientists can determine, the entire universe is built of the same matter. They have no reason to doubt that matter obeys the same laws in every part of the universe. Therefore, it is reasonable to guess that other stars, with their own planets, were born in the same way as our solar (太阳)system. What we know of life on earth suggests that life will arise wherever the proper conditions exist. Life requires the right amount and kind of atmosphere(大气层) This eliminates(排除)all . those planets in the universe that are not about the same size and weight as the earth. A smaller planet would lose its atmosphere; a larger one would hold too much of it. Life also requires regular supply of heat and light. This eliminates double stars, or stars that flash up suddenly. Only single stars that are regular sources of heat and light like sun would qualify. Finally, life could develop gradually only if the planet is just the right distance from its sun. With a weaker sun than our own, the planet would have to be closer to it. With a stronger sun, it would have to be farther away. If we suppose that every star in the universe has a family of planets, then how many planets might support life? First, eliminate those stars that are not like our sun. Next, eliminate most of their planets; they are either too far from or too close to their suns. Then eliminate all those planets that are not the same size and weight as the earth. Finally, remember that the proper conditions do not necessarily mean that life actually does exist on a planet. It may not have begun yet, or it may have already died out. This process of elimination seems to leave very few planets on which earthlike life might be found. However, even if life could exist on only one planet in a million, there are so many billions of planets that this would still leave a vast number on which life could exist.
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D. bus

6. Scientists believe that matter in different parts of the universe ________. A. has different laws C. shares the same laws B. has one common law D. shares no common law

7. The existence of life depends on all except ________. A. the right amount of atmosphere C. regular heat and light 8. Which of the following statements is wrong? A. The planet must be as big and heavy as the earth. B. Proper conditions are necessary to the existence of life. C. Double stars can provide regular light and heat. D. The distance between a planet and its sun should be right. 9. At the end of the passage the author suggests that ________. A. it is impossible for life to exist on planets B. earthlike life could only exist on a few planets C. life could exist on only one planet in a million D. life could exist on a great number of planets B. our own solar system D. the right distance from the sun

Ⅴ. 书面表达
假如你叫李华。在 2045 年,某宇宙航天局 (Space Administration) 正在招聘到月球上工 作的人员。你从某报纸上获悉后决定去应聘。请根据以下提示材料写一封应聘 e-mail。 1. 生于 2015 年。于 2039 年 6 月毕业于北京航天大学 (Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics)。毕业后一直在从事月球研究。 2. 业余时间喜欢体育运动、旅游和听音乐。身体很棒。 注意:可以适当添加一些内容使其完整,词数不少于 60。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
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Ⅰ. 听录音,根据所听内容选择正确答案 听第 1~4 段对话,分别完成第 1~4 题 1. M: It sounds good. I’ll have a sandwich hamburger and fries. W: Any drinks? M: A Seven-up. W: 4.25 pounds. And here’s your change. 2. W: Come in and make yourself at home. M: Thank you. You’re very kind. W: Invite your friend, Jim, if you like. M: You really make me feel at home. 3. W: What did you do in your vacation? M: I did farm work in the morning, went swimming every afternoon, and visited different families in the evening. W: Sounds like you kept yourself quite busy. 4. W: We’d like to arrange for a large party. M: What for, Miss? W: I want to have my wedding here. M: Fine. Let me show you our group menu. 听第 5 段听力材料,完成第 5~7 题 5. Welcome to Yellowstone National Park. Before we begin our nature walk today, I’d like to

give you a short history of our National Park Service. The National Park Service began in the late 1800’s. A small group of people found the land now called Yellowstone, and after hours of discussion around a campfire they decided that it should be enjoyed by everyone. Two years later the government declared it the first national park in the world. After it became a public park, many other areas of beautiful scenery were set aside and in 1916 these parks began to be managed by the National Park Service. I’m now employed by the National Park Service and I’m on duty at all time to answer

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questions and help visitors in any difficulty. Nature walk, guided tours, and campfire talks are offered by specially trained members. The park service also protects the animals and plants within the parks. Well, we have a lot to do this afternoon, haven’t we? Perhaps we should go to lunch now. 1. B 2. C 3. B 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. B

Ⅱ. 听录音,根据所听内容判断正(T)误(F) A large store was having its spring sale on shoes and boots. It was the first day of the sale and the shoe department was full of women who were eagerly trying to buy them. There were all kinds of shoes and boots in a variety of colours and the prices had been reduced a lot, because the store wanted to get rid of as many of them as possible in order to make room for their new stock. The cashiers were kept busy and at one moment a woman came to one of them with her money in her hand and said,“I don’t need a bag, thank you. I’m wearing the shoes I bought.”She pointed to them on her feet. “Would you like a bag to put your old shoes in, then? ” the cashier asked politely as he took the woman’s money. “No, thank you,” the woman answered quickly. “I’ve just sold those to someone else.” 1. T 2. F 3. T 4. T

Ⅲ. 单项选择,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择最佳答案完成句子 1. B 解析: ①in time 最终; 及时 ②on time 按时。 Every student is asked to go to school on time. 如: ③for some time 一段时间。 He once stayed here for some time. ④by the time (of) 到?? 如: 时候。如:We’ll have learnt 5,000 English words by the time he comes back. 根据句义选 B。 2. D 解析:本题考查定语从句介词提前的用法。under the direction (of) (在??)指导下。如: Under the direction of him, we have made great progress. in the direction (of)(朝??)方向。 句义为“你能告诉我警察追捕小偷逃跑的方向吗?”故选 D。 3. C 解析:lay the table 摆桌子;lay eggs 下蛋;My duty is to lay / laying… 但是 care about 后面 只能接动名词,故选 C。
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4. B 解析:①prevent sth from doing sth 阻止??做??。使役结构 have sth done 使??。 ②protect … from 保护??免遭??(损坏) 。如:You’d better put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight when you go out in summer. ③disable … from … 使??不 能做??。如:The hurt of the tongue disabled him from speaking then. 根据句义选 B。 5. D 解析: ①rather than 而不是。 He insisted on staying at home rather than go walking.②more 如: than 超过;不仅仅。如:Bamboo is used for more than building.③other than 不同于;除了。 ④less than 少于。如:There were less than 1,000 people left in the village after the serious flood. 根据句义选 D。 6. B 解析:①now that 既然,有不成理由的理由意味。②because 因为,回答 why 所提问题, 表直接原因。 ③for 表附加的、 推断的理由。 试比较: day breaks, because the sun is rising. The The day breaks, for the birds are singing.④as 作连词讲时,有“尽管;即使;虽然”的意思。 本句中,now that 的意思最符合句义。 7. B 解析:本题考查短语辨析。①block out 遮挡。 ②break out 爆发,突然发生。如:Riots and disorders have broken out. ③hang out 居住;把??挂出去。如:Please hang the wet clothes out. ④give out 用尽;分发;发出(热量,气味)等。如:The water supply at last gave out. 本句指把光线挡住了,故选 B。 8. B 解析:allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事;let sb do sth 让某人做某事。故选 B。 9. B 解析: ①fundamental 基本的, 根本的。 ②sensible 敏感的。 I’m sensible of his danger. 如: ③satisfactory 满意的。如:In fact, I’m sure that’s the only satisfactory way out. ④necessary 必要的。根据句义选项 B 为最佳答案。 10. A 解析: ①dissolve 溶解。②melt 融化。 Spring is coming, and snow begins to melt. ③spread 如: 扩散,延伸。这里指糖溶解,故选 A。
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11. D 解析:这里需要“是否”的意思,if 不能引导表语从句,故选 whether。 12. D 解析:宾语从句,用陈述语序。 13. D 解析:让步状语从句,however = no matter how。 14. A 解析:表语从句,引导词用 that 而不是 because。 15. C 解析:what 引导主语从句,在从句中作 bear 的宾语。that 引导表语从句,在从句中不作 任何成分。 16. C 解析:what 引导表语从句。 17. D 解析:考查宾语从句的时态,explain 用的过去时态,所以 finish 要用过去完成时并且又要 表被动,所以选 D。 18. A 解析:同位语从句,句中的 word 相当于 the news。 19. A 解析:主语从句 what water is 作主语,一个句子作主语时谓语动词用单数形式。 20. B 解析:主语从句 who will go 作主语。解析同上一题。 Ⅳ. 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择最佳答案 1. D 解析:细节理解题,见文章第四句和第五句。 2. A 解析:细节理解题。见文章第十句到第十二句。 3. B 解析:见第 2 题解析。
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4. A 解析:全文的主要内容是关于人类从幻想到真正登月过程的一些巧合。 5. B 解析:从上下文可以推测出词义。 6. C 解析:由第二段可知选项 C 符合文义。 7. B 解析:A,C 和 D 文章中都有提及,都是正确的,故选 B。只要其他星球具备生命存在的 要素,生命就可以存在,跟太阳系没有必然的关系。 8. C 解析:由第四段可知选项 C 是错误的,其他三个选项在文中均有提及。 9. D 解析:最后一段提到即使在一百万个星球中只有一个有生命存在,我们有数十亿个星球, 总会在某些星球上有生命存在的可能。只有选项 D 表达了相似的意思。 Ⅴ. 书面表达 参考范文: Dear sir, I’ve learnt from the newspaper that some clerks, who will work on the moon, are needed in the Space Administration. I’d like to apply for one of the positions. I graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics in June, 2039 and ever since then I have been doing research into the moon. I have some knowledge about it. At the same time I enjoy observing the sky. I like sports, travelling and listening to music in my spare time. I’m in very good health. If I’m hired, I will do my job with all efforts. And I’m sure I can do it well. I look forward to your reply. Yours truly, Li Hua

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