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(’06 全国II, 7) We forgot to bring our tickets, but please let us enter, ___? A.do you B. can you C. will you D. shall we (’06广东,27)Sarah had her washing machine repaired the day before yester

day, __ she? A.had B. did C. hadn’t D. didn’t (’06福建, 29) I’m sure you’d rather she went to school by bus,__? A.hadn’t you B. wouldn’t you C. aren’t I D. didn’t she

(’06 全国I,35) Mary, ___ here--- everybody else, stay where you are. A.come B. comes C. to come D. coming

(’06 重庆, 27) ___ and I’ll get the work finished. A.Have one more hour B.One more hour C. Give one more hour D. If I have one more hour


1.主语+谓语动词(vi.) A little bird is singing. He stopped to have a look.

2.主语+谓语动词(vt.)+宾语 They all like him very much I heard that they were singing in the classroom. They decided to go out at once. I like basketball. You must practise speaking English more.

My father gave me money.

My father gave money to me.
Can you do us a favour?

Can you do a favour for us?


She named her baby John.
I had my computer repaired yesterday.

You kept me waiting for a year.

We wouldn't allow such things to happen again Keep the classroom clean and tidy, please.


He has been an engineer..
The shop stays open till 9 o’clock at night.


1.Mary is a pop singer.
2.The sun rises in the east. 3.We gave him a warm welcome. 4.He was called Bob. 5.I saw him going upstairs. 6.I found it no use quarrelling with him.


1. What I want to explain is this.
2.We should never pretend to know what we don’t know. 3.That’s exactly what I am planning to do.

4.We expressed the hope that they would come and visit china again. 5.He asked me to stay where I was.
6. The comrade whom you spoke to is a model worker.

并列句:有两个或两个以上分句:表并列、转折、 递进、选择等关系。并列句中的分句通常由一个 并列连词来连接,各分句意义同等重要,密切联 系,无从属关系。but,or, and, while,和when的 用法是高考考察热点.

1.(06’ 北京, 34) He found it increasingly A difficult to read , ___ his eyesight was beginning to fail. A.and B. for C. but D. or
2.(06’湖南, 23)A man cannot smile like a child, ___ a child smiles with his eyes, while D a man smiles with his lips alone. A.so B. but C. and D. for 3.(06’ 辽宁, 34) I grew up in Africa, ___ at B least I should say that I spent much of the first ten years of my life there. A. and B. or C. so D. but

4.(’06 全国II, 13) We thought there were 35 students in the dining hall, ___ , in fact, A there were 40. A.while B. whether C. what D. which

5.(’06天津,2) The cost of living in Glasgow is among the lowest in Britain, ___ the quality D of life is probably one of the highest. A.since B. when C. as D. while
6.(’06辽宁, 24) He was about halfway through his meal ___ a familiar voice came C to his ears. A. why B. where C. when d. while

由and, not only…but (also)…,neither, nor, neither…nor…等词连接的并列句.在意义上主 要对前一句作补充或引申,包括肯定和否定两方 面意义. 1.and 的用法 One day John was late, and his teacher was angry. Think it over, and you’ll find a way out.

2.Not only…but also…的用法 Not only was he himself interested in the subject, but( also) his students began to show interest in it. Not only you but also I am wrong.

3.neither…nor…, nor, neither的用法

Neither does he work hard, nor does his brother. Mr Wang doesn't smoke, neither/ nor does Li Ping.
Neither he nor I am wrong.

or, either…or…连接并列句表示选择意义
The children can go with us, or they can stay in.(选择) The workers were cheerful, or at least they appeared to be cheerful.(换个说法) Be careful, or else/ otherwise/ or you will be late.(否定条件) Either you are mad, or I am.

but, yet, still, while, when等连接并列句,常表示 意义的转折及对比.
1.but的用法 He scarcely knows a word of German, but he speaks French perfectly. 比较but和 however 的用法 He said it was so; he was mistaken, however.

2.yet, still连接并列句,yet 可以与although连 用,but不行.
She got up early, (and) yet she failed to be there on time. She tried again and again, (but ) still she didn’t succeed. Although the matter sounds strange, yet it is really true.

He asked his father why he couldn’t hatch chickens while hens could. 4.when相当于and then, just then, at the time, 一般放在第二个分句句首. We played outside till sunset when it begain to rain. I was about to go to bed when it began to rain.

for, so 连接并列句表示因果关系

for引导的分句是对前面的句子加以解释或推断, 一般用逗号隔开.引导的句子不用于句首. Someone is coming , for the dog is barking .
He shook his head, for he thought differently.

so表示因果关系 It was late, so I must go home. 比较:so 和therefore I know little about it; therefore I can’t give you any advice.

(武汉调研4月) Put yourself in situations where you will be forced to communicate in English, ___ you will see more progress over time. A. or B. so C. yet D. and (崇文4月) You must get up early in the morning, ___ we’ll have to leave without you A.and B. but C. or D. so
(’06 四川, 24) Start out right away, ___ you’ll miss the first train. A. and B. but C. or D. while

(05’江苏, 34)Unlike watching TV, reading is a D highly active process___ it requires attention as well as money and imagination. A.until B. but C. unless D. for

(05’潍坊统考)Kids talk frequently about what D they can do, ___ many adults do the opposite, tending to talk about what they can’t and why. A. and B. so C. for D. while

一、判断下列句子是简单句,并列句还是复合句: 1. We often study Chinese history on Friday afternoon. 简单句 2. The boy who offered me his seat is called Tom. 复合句 3. There is a chair in this room, isn’t there? 简单句 4. My brother and I go to school at half past seven in the morning and come back home at seven in the evening. 简单句

并列句 5. He is in Class One and I am in Class Two. 6. He was fond of drawing when he was yet a child. 复合句 7. Neither has he changed his mind, nor will he do so. 并列句 8. What he said at the meeting is very important, 复合句 isn’t it? 9. The farmer is showing the boy how to plant a tree. 简单句 10. Both Tom and Jack enjoy country music. 简单句



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