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高中英语:Unit1 Women of achievement 单元综合评估测试(新人教必修4)



高一英语同步练习: 必修 4 Unit1 Women of achievement
单元综合评估测试 (100 分 一、单项选择: (15 分) 1. Going on a trip into experience. A. /; the C. /; an B. the; the D. the; an space must be quite exciting 45 分钟)

2. — His mother was ill and he had to look after her in hospital. — That’s ______ he was absent from the meeting. A. why C. because B. what D. which

3. Our teacher looked here and there on our playground ____ looking for something. A. even though C. even if B. as if D. only if

4. Must I get through the business in one evening? No, you _______. A. don’t have to C. needn’t to B. haven’t D. mustn’t

5. He ______ on the bed_____ to his parents that blackbirds had_____ their eggs on Mars.


A. lying; lied; laid C. laid; laid; lied


B. lied; lied; lied D. lay; lying; laid

6. He observed two mice _____ in the yard when he looked out of the window. A. ran C. running B. run D. being running

7. He didn’t think it was a very ____ job, so he gave it up and found a better one. A. useless C. priceless B. worth D. worthwhile

8. Every boy and every girl _____ equal in the school. A. were C. is B. was D. are

9. Not only I, but also Jim and Tom, _____ tired of doing the same thing. A. are C. am B. is D. be

10. Nobody _____ the secret to others from then on, and you needn’t worry about it. A. tells C. has told B. tell D. have told

11. Many years had passed ____ the two brothers met again. A. as soon as B. in order that


C. before D. because


12. --- Who will give a report this Saturday? ---I am not sure, but so far, a scientist and an expert _____ invited. A. are C. has been B. is D. have been

13. It was only when I watched the film for the second time ____ to appreciate it. A. did I begin C. had I begun B. that I began D. and I began

14. ---Guess what! I ____ an old friend at the party last night. --- I’m sure you had a wonderful time. A. came up C. came out B. came over D. came across

15. To make a living, the poor girl had to ____ newspapers to many houses early in the morning. A. deliver C. make 三、完型:(30 分) It was dark, cold and wet. On my way home, I could hear someone__16_. The crying was coming from a _17_ boy of about 12 years old. He was just wearing a worn-out shirt to _18_ himself from the night’s cold. _19_ enough, he was holding a hundred-dollar bill. Thinking B. sell D. read




that he had become lost from his parents, I asked him what was _20_. He told me his sad _21_. He said that he had three brothers and four sisters. His father died when he was nine years old. His _22_ was poorly educated and worked two part-time jobs. She made very little to _23_ her large family; however, she had managed to give _24_ hundred dollars to buy her children some Christmas presents. The young boy had been _25_ by his mother on the _26_ to her second job. He was to use the money to buy presents for all his brothers and sisters. He had not even_27_ the mall, when an older boy robbed him of one of the two hundred-dollar bills and disappeared into the _28_. “Why didn’t you shout for help?” I asked. “I did,” replied the boy. “But _29_ came to help you?” The boy _30_ shook his head, “No one _31_ that I was crying. I was so frightened that I _32_.” That night , I _33_ many hours buying presents for him and his family and I also helped him _34_ home. I just wanted to tell him, “Be brave, help will always come.” His eyes were filled with tears, and he gave me a warm hug—the most expensive gift I had ever _35_. I knew he wanted to tell me “he will”. 16. A. sighing C. crying B. smiling D. whispering


17. A. poor C. kind 18. A. protect C. separate B. bad D. careless B. prevent D. benefit


19. A. Interestingly B. Personally C. Strangely 20. A. true C. broken 21. A. news C. result 22. A. mother C. brother 23. A. help C. support 24. A. several C. one 25. A. pick up C. taken on 26. A. trip C. direction 27. A. cleaned C. entered D. Seriously B. lost D. wrong B. story D. history B. sister D. aunt B. treat D. offer B. two D. many B. dropped off D. put off B. way D. road B. opened D. checked


28. A. dark C. eye 29. A. somebody C. everybody 30. A. sadly C. nervously 31. A. forgot C. told 32. A. gave off C. gave up 33. A. cost C. lost 34. A. back C. up 35. A. adopted C. chosen B. room D. day B. anybody D. nobody B. happily D. friendly B. cared D. thought B. gave away D. gave out B. took D. spent B. out D. across B. received D. accepted


四、阅读理解: (30 分) A When it’s cold and dark outside, the last thing you feel like doing is exercise. All you want to do is lie in bed for the winter months. However, regular exercise during winter will keep you energetic and help you beat the winter blues(抑郁). Don’t let the weather be your excuse for turning




into a lazy person. It is said that watching TV on a sofa or a couch for a long time will make one lose interest in life. Here are some great ideas to keep you active. Exercising Outdoors Walking is a great form of exercise in all weather conditions. Make sure that you have suitable shoes and clothing. You should also check that the road you’re walking quickly on a fresh or even a wet day and then having a warm shower can leave you feeling refreshed, and it can also protect you from catching diseases. Other outdoor activities include tennis, hill climbing and many others. These activities tend to take place in clubs or groups and can be great for keeping you active. Exercising Indoors If the outdoors is not your thing during the winter months, there are plenty of indoor activities for you to do, such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Most health clubs, schools and community centres also run exercise classes throughout the year such as dance and yoga classes. 36. The purpose of the passage is to_____ A. tell people how to spend winter. B. tell people how to exercise in winter C. advise people to rest more in their spare time




D. introduce different types of exercises in a heath club 37. What can we learn from the passage? A. People will get winter blues if they don’t exercise in winter B. Exercising outdoors can save you a lot of time. C. Exercising is not difficult if you are determined to do it. D. Indoor activities are not so helpful as outdoor activities. 38. When people go outdoors in winter, which sport most people can’t do? A. walking C. table tennis B. hill climbing D. football

39. Which word can be in place of the underlined word “refreshed”? A. bad C. relaxed B. terrible D. energetic

40. When we go for a walk outdoors in winter, ______? A. we’d better take a warm shower first B. we should walk slowly to avoid danger C. we must make sure that the air outside is wet D. we should pay attention to the traffic B Florence Nightingale was born on May 12th, 1820 in Florence, Italy. She was born to a wealthy and well-educated English family. When she was young she became interested in caring for the sick and wanted to work in nursing, but her parents would not allow her to be a nurse. They expected




her to get married and live a traditional woman’s life. However, Nightingale had made up her mind, so her parents had to give in. She traveled throughout Europe during her early years and learned many languages including Greek, Latin, French and Italian. She also visited many of the hospitals in these cities and took many notes of the sanitary (卫生的) conditions in these hospitals. In 1849, she traveled to Europe to study the European hospital system. In 1854, she worked as a manager at the Hospital for In-valid Gentlewomen in London. The following year, the Crimean War ( 克里米亚战争) broke out. Florence led 38 nurses and traveled to Scutari to help the wounded soldiers. When they arrived there they found the hospital conditions were very poor. Many of the wounded did not have beds and were lying on the ground. Florence and her nurses managed to improve the conditions. Florence also cared about the social welfare of the soldiers and would visit them during the night after every-one else had gone to sleep. She was referred to as "The Lady with the Lamp". In 1860 she founded the Nightingale School for nurses at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. Once the nurses were trained, they were sent to hospitals all over Britain where they introduced what they had learnt. Nightingale’s concerns for sanitation, military (军队的)health and hospital planning practices are still in existence today. She died on the 13th August 1910.




41. What are we told in the passage? A. Nightingale only visited the wounded at night B. Nightingale’s parents supported her decisions all the time. C. Nightingale didn’t want to marry. D. Nightingale had the same name as the city of her birth. 42. When she was young, what did her parents want her to be? A. a common woman B. a doctor C. a teacher D. a nurse

43. At least how many languages did Nightingale know? A. 2 B. 3 C. 5 D. 4

44. What was the purpose of Nightingale’s trip to Europe in 1849? A. To learn many languages. B. To examine the hospitals there C. To study the hospital system there. D. To manage the hospitals there. 45. What can we infer from the passage? A. Nightingale was the only woman who founded the school for nurses in history. B. Nightingale’s ideas affected Britain greatly. C. It was the war that helped Nightingale achieve her goals D. Nightingale was 80 when she died. 五、单词拼写(5 分) 46. It was very _______ (考虑周到的) of you to offer to drive me home.




47. The hospital has to treat ________ (突发事件) such as car accidents. 48. She is very __________ (谦虚)about her success. 49. The poor man had a very unhappy __________ (童年). 50. A lot of students are absent because of 六, 翻译(10 分) 51. 为什么不试着敲敲后门? Why __________________ the back door? 52. 我们刚刚碰到了一位多年不见的老朋友。 We’ve just come across an old friend ___________. 53. 今天我打算读完这本书。 Today, I ________________. 54. 他投递报纸有五年了。 He ____________________. 55. 他们在乡下过着平静的生活。 They ___________________ in the countryside. 七、短文改错(10 分) Last week I went to a movie. It was very touched. It was a 56.__________ sad movie about a mother and his son. When the child was 57.__________ a little boy, his mother was very poor that she had to send 58.__________ ________(疾病).




him to a rich family who had no child. The boy received a very 59.__________ good education and twenty years late became a doctor. In his 60.__________ hospital, he had a patient, who was an old lady. He did care 61.__________ too much about her, for she could hardly afford for the medical 62.__________ care. One evening, the lady died quietly of serious disease and 63.__________ on her bed the doctor found a letter, from it he discovered the 64.__________ truth and felt the love of a great mother. He wanted to call her mother, but it was too late. Nobody in the theatre was moved to tears. 65.___________

单元检测答案 一、1-5CABAD 6-10CDCAC 11-15CDBDA 二、16-20CAACD 21-25BACBB 26-30BCADA 31-35BCDAB 三、36-40BCCDD 41-45DACCB 四、46. considerate 47. emergency 48. modest illnesses 49. childhood 50.




51. not try knocking at 52. we haven’t seen for ages. 53. intend to finish reading this book. 54. has delivered newspaper for five years. 五、56.Touched 改为 touching 正确 60. late 改为 later 64. it 改为 which 65. Nobody-改为 Everybody 61.did 后加 not 62.去掉第二 for 63.of 后加 a 55. are leading a quiet life 58.very 改为 so 59.

57.his 改为 her



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