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知识讲解语法一点通成果检测??? Unit 5 Canada-“The True North” 编 稿:李浩然 责 编:李万杰 目标认知 重点词汇与短语 surround; gift for; rather than; 重点句型 not... until... 语法 同位语从句 日常用语 情感(Emotions) A. 高兴(Happiness) How wonderful/ n

ice! 太精彩了/太美了! It’s well done. 干得不错。 I’m pleased to know that. 知道那个我很高兴。 B. 惊奇(Surprise) Is that so? 真的吗? What a surprise! / How surprising! 真是个惊喜! How nice to see you! 见到你真高兴! It surprises me that your English is so beautiful. 你的英语这么棒太让我吃惊了。 Is this what you expected? 这就是你所期待的吗? C. 忧虑(Worries) What’s wrong? 怎么了? What’s the matter? 怎么了? Anything wrong? 怎么啦?Are you worried about your health? 你在担忧你的健康吗? D. 安慰(Reassurance) Don’t be afraid. 别害怕。 It’s (quite) all right. 好了。 E. 满意(Satisfaction) Well done! 太漂亮了。 That’s good enough. 那还行。 I’m pleased with your spoken English. 我对你的口语很满意。 F. 遗憾(Regret) It’s a great pity! 真遗憾。 What a shame! 真遗憾。 That’s too bad! 太糟糕了。 I wish I had never given it up. 我希望我不曾放弃。

within; manage;

distance; catch

dawn; sight of;

settle down; aboard

have a

G.同情(Sympathy) I’m so sorry! 我很难过。 I’m so sorry about your illness. 你生病了我很难过。 I’m so sorry to hear you are going away. 听到你要离开,我很难过。 Please accept my deep sympathy. 我深表同情。 精讲巧练 重点词汇与短语 1.surround 【原句回放】 People say it is Canada’s most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 【点拨】 surround 为 vi & vt,意为“环绕,围绕,包围” , 如:The fence surrounds my house. 篱笆环绕着我的房子。 常用词组“be surrounded by /with sth.” 被??环绕 如:There is a small village surrounded with trees. 这有一个被树环绕的小村庄。 【拓展】 surround 的同根形容词为 surrounding;如:the surrounding country 近郊 surroundings 还可作名词,指“周围的环境,事物” ;如:social surroundings 社会 环境 【随时练】 1._______by a group of children, he felt happy. A. To surround B. Surrounded C. Surrounding surround

D. To be

2. We all like to work in pleasant _______. A. surround B. surrounded C. surrounding D. surroundings 【答案与解析】 1. B。本题句意为:被一群孩子包围着,他感到幸福极了。主语 he 与 surround 为被动 关系。 2. D。句意为“我们都喜欢在娱乐的环境中工作” 。surroundings 是名词意为“环境” 2.settle down 【原句回放】 That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. 【点拨】 settle down 意为“ (尤指四处奔波后)安顿下来,定居,专心于” 例如: (1)They’d like to see her daughter settle down ,get married and have kids. 他们想看到女儿安顿下来,结婚生子。 (2)She settled down in an armchair to read her book. 她舒服的坐在沙发上看书。

【拓展】 settle 做动词,意为“定居,解决,平静下来。 ” 如:settle a problem 解决问题 settle a room 整理房间 settle in sp. 在那定居 settle a date for the meeting 给会议定个日期 settle up 意为“付清欠款,结清账单” ; 如:It’s time we settled up. 我们 该清账了。 【随时练】 1. They came here several years ago, and _______ever since. A. settled B. settled down C. lived in D. have settled down 【答案与解析】D.本题考察 settle down 的固定搭配即时态。句意为:他们几年前来到 这里,从此以后就在这里定居下来。本句中有时间状语 ever since,决定了逐句应该用完成 时态。 3.manage 【原句回放】 They managed to catch sight of some mountain goats and even a grizzly bear and an eagle. 【点拨】 manage 的常用句型为“manage to do” ;意为:设法做某事.含有该事已经成功完成的意 思,相当于 succeed in doing sth. 如:He managed to get the work done with very little help. 他几乎没有什么帮助的情况下,设法完成了工作。 【拓展】 try to do sth. 意为“尽力去做某事” ,不包含成功的意思。 如:I had him close the door. 我让他关门. 【随时练】 1. The 22-year-old student ________ to stop her by the side of the road in the winter night and opened the trunk. No spare tire. A. afforded B. wanted C. allowed D. managed 2. After several hours they ________ to put out the fire and saved the town. A. tried B. succeeded C. managed D. decided 【答案与解析】 1. D。从后边的句子可知,轮胎保留而没有备用的;但尽管如此,他还是设法把车停靠 在路边。 manage 表示设法干成某事。 2. C。经过了好几个小时他们成功的扑灭了大火,挽救了这座城市。 4.catch sight of 【原句回放】 They managed to catch sight of some mountain goats and even a grizzly bear and

an eagle. 【点拨】 catch sight of 意为:看到,发现,意识到。 如:The child caught sight of himself in the river. 那个人看见自己的水中的倒 影。 【拓展】 at first sight 乍一看,一见之下 如:They fell in love at first sight. 他们一见之下就相爱了。 at the first sight of 一看到 如:They ran away at the sight of the police. 他们一看见警察就跑了。 lose sight of 看不到 如:I lost sight of him in the crowd. 我在人群里看不到他。 out of sight 在视野范围外 如:The boat is out of sight. 船不在我的视野范围内。 【随时练】 I ________her in the crowd. A. see B. catch sight of C. look at D. meets 【答案与解析】B。这题考察词组 catch sight of 看到,发现。句意:我在人群中发现 了她。 5.have a gift for 【原句回放】 Many of them have a gift for riding wild horses and can win thousands of dollars in prizes. 【点拨】 have a gift for 意为:在某方面有天赋的,有才华的。 如:She has a gift for learning languages。 她对学习语言很有天赋。 It seems he has a gift for music. 好像他对音乐有些天赋。 【拓展】 gifted 作为形容词意为:有天赋;有才华的。如:a gifted pianist 有才华的钢琴家 【随时练】 1. Everyone agrees that she has a gift _______painting. A. in B. on C. at D. for 【答案与解析】1.D。句意:每个人都认为她在绘画方面有天赋。考察 have a gift for 这个词组。 6.within 【原句回放】Canadians live within a few hundred kilometers of the USA border. 【点拨】 (1) 介词,意思是“在??之内,不超过” 。 如:They are 400prisoners within the prison walls. 监狱围墙内有 400 名犯人。 (2) 做副词,意思是“在??之内” 。

如:I am grateful within. 我从内心里表示感激。 【拓展】 常与 beyond 放在一起考察,beyond 表示“超出,超越??的范围” 。 【随时练】 1. This new model of car is so expensive that it is _______the reach of those with average income. A. over B. within C. beyond D. below 【答案与解析】 1. C。 本题考查介词的用法区别。 句意: 这款新的汽车模型如此的昂贵, 以至于那些收入一般的人们都买不起。 over 表示 “在??之上” , 只度过。 within 指 “在?? 范围之内” ;below 指“在??下面” ,意思不符。 7.rather than 【原句回放】 Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly from China to Vancouver and to take the train from west to east across Canada in September. 【点拨】 rather than (prep.):in preference to (sb./sth.);instead of 与其;不愿;不要 如:Rather than cause trouble, he left. 他不愿惹麻烦,宁可离去. I’ll have a lemonade rather than a coke. 我想喝柠檬汁,不想喝可乐。 He was busy writing a letter rather than reading a newspaper. 他正忙于写 信而不是读报。 【拓展】 宁愿??而不愿意?? would rather do... than do... prefer to do... rather than do... prefer doing... to doing... 【随时练】 1. He came all the way to China for building up friendship _________for making money. A. other than B. more than C. better than D. rather than 2. He told his teacher that he preferred ____ the classroom to _____ the text. A. to clean; reciting B. clean; reciting C. to clean; to recite D. cleaning; reciting 【答案与解析】 1. D。本题考察几个固定表达的词义辨析。other than(=except/but)意为“除了??之 外” ;more than 意为“不仅仅,不只是” ;better than 意为“比??好” ;rather than 意 为“而不 是” 。原句意为“他千里迢迢来到中国是为了建立友谊而不是为了赚钱” 。 2. D。本题考察 prefer doing A to doing B 的用法。

8.distance 【原句回放】 In the distance, they could see the misty cloud that rose from the great Niagara Falls. 【点拨】 ① n. 距离;间隔 例如:What distance do you have to walk to school? 你到学校要走多远的距离? There has been (a) great distance between the two close friends since their quarrel. 两个亲密的朋友自从争吵以后,就开始疏远了。 What is the distance between / from Philadelphia and Chicago? 从费城到 芝加哥有多远? ② n. 远处;远方;如: I could see the bus coming in the distance. 我看见公共汽车从远处开来了 【拓展】 at a distance 相距,相隔 go the distance 自始至终坚持下来,坚持 到底 keep one’s distance 保持一定距离 keep (sb.) at a distance (对某人)保持 疏远 【随时练】 1. The beach is within walking _______ of my house, which I used to live in. A. space B. reach C. distance D. way 2. The lady looks prettier ______. A. in the distance B. in a distance C. at the distance D. at a distance 【答案与解析】 1. C。由句意“海滩离我以前住过的房子很近,走几步路就到了” ,可知是指“距离”应 该用 distance。 2. A。 句意为 “在远处看, 这位女士很漂亮” 。 in the distance 指 “在远方” ; at a distance of 指“在??的距离” 。 9.dawn 【原句回放】 The train left late that night and arrived in Montreal at dawn the next mooring. 【点拨】 ① n. 黎明;破晓 如:I woke up at dawn. 我在黎明时醒了。 ② n. 开始;发端

如:We look forward to the dawn of better days. 我们期待较好的日子的来临。 ③ vi.(常与 on, upon 连用) 逐渐被了解;逐渐被感知 如:The truth at last dawned on him. 最后他开始了解真相。 【随时练】 We must get up ________dawn so that we could catch the first bus. A. on B. for C. at D. in 【答案与解析】1. C。根据句意“我们必须天一亮就起来以便赶上第一班汽车” 。dawn 作 名词,表示“破晓, (天)刚亮”的意思应与介词 at 搭配。 10.aboard 【原句回放】 That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. 【点拨】 aboard prep.& adv.在车/飞机/轮船上 常用结构: go/ climb aboard 上船/飞机/车 Welcome aboard! 欢迎(乘坐这艘船/架飞机/辆车) All aboard! 请各位上船/飞机/车! 【拓展】 board vt. 上(车、船、飞机) board the plane 上飞机 易混辨析: abroad adv.&adj. 国外的 go abroad 出国 broad adj. 宽阔的 【随时练】 What I’d like to know is how you get ________ our flight. A. on the board B. aboard C. abroad D. board 【答案与解析】 B。 句意: 我想了解的是你是如何登上我们的航班的。 aboard(= on board) 上船/ 飞机/ 火车等; abroad 到国外, 在国外; board 作动词时意为 “上 (车、 船、 飞机等) ” , 在这里不合适。 重点句型: They were not leaving for Montreal until later. 【点拨】 not... until... 表示“直到??才??” ,常与表示瞬间的动词连用。如: We do not leave until this evening. 我们直到今天晚上才离开。 We will stay until this evening. 我们直到今天晚上才离开。 (Not leave = stay;所以加延续性动词时,常与 until 连 用。) The noise in the street didn’t stop until midnight. 街上的吵闹声直到深夜才停 止。 The noise in the street will go on until midnight. 街上的吵闹声直到深夜才停止。

until 后也可接从句: The children won’t come back until it is dark. 孩子们天黑之前都不会回来。 【随时练】 1. My uncle ________ until he was forty-five A. married B. didn’t marry C. was not marrying

D. wound marry

2. It was ________back home after the experiment. A. not until midnight did he go B. until midnight that he didn’t go C. not until midnight that he went D. until midnight when he didn’t go more 【答案与解析】 1. B。本题考查的是 not... until 的用法。句意是“我叔叔直到 45 岁才结婚” 。 not + 短暂性动词 +until 表示“直到??才(开始) ;not...+ 延续性动词+ until 表示动作一直 持续到??才 结束。 2. C。在强调句型中强调 not? until 句型时,not 必须放在 be 动词后,因此排除 B、D 两项;not 并没有 直接放在句首,主句也就不需要使用倒装,故排除 A。 写作进行时 【写作要求】 Smith 先生是一位加拿大籍教师,今天他给你们做了一个讲座,介绍了有关加拿大的情 况。请你根据 Smith 先生的讲座,写一篇报告,向全校同学介绍加拿大的有关情况。词数 100 左右。 要点包括: 1. 加拿大约占世界四分之一陆地面积,是世界第二大国; 2. 人口稀少,全国人口约 3200 万,居民主要讲法语和英语; 3. 气候区域差别很大; 4. 多湖泊,淡水资源丰富; 5. 丰富的森林资源,是世界最大纸张出口国。 【写作过程】 1. 审题: 本文介绍的是有关加拿大的情况, 应为说明文,时态上应采用一般现在时. 2. 相关词汇: gave us a lecture the second largest a quarter of be different from supply one third scenery 3. 谋篇: 因为介绍的是有关加拿大的情况, 所以应适当注意我们所学从句的应用会使文章增色 不 少。 4. 写作:现在大家就可以动手写作了! 【参考范文】

Today Mr. Smith, from Canada gave us a lecture about his country. As the second largest country in the world, Canada cover s about a quarter of the world’s land area. But its population is very small, about 32 million. People in Canada mainly speak French and English. The weather in Canada is quite different from area to area. There are many lakes in Canada, which supply it with one third of the world’s fresh water. Canada also has many forests, which make it the biggest producer of paper in the world. Besides, Canada also has lots of beautiful scenery. 课件信息课件编号: 203090?? 加入收藏夹 相关课程模块四复习与巩固(Units4-5) 模块三综合测试题 高一英语期末(必修一、二)综合测试题 Book1 Unit4 Earthquakes Book1 Unit3 Travel Journal 一课一测高中试题-〉英语-〉高一-〉单元测试 ? 对资源评分窗体顶端 5 4 3 2 1 窗体底端 ? 对资源评论(总数:0) Copyright(C) 2000-2013 北京四中网校



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