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选修 6 Unit 5 The power of nature

【重点单词】 1. appoint vt.约定; 任命, 委任 [典例] 1) He was appointed mayor of the city. 他被任命为市长。 2) Please appoint a time for the meeting 请你约定开会时间 [相关短语]

break an/ one's appointment 违约, 失约 have an appointment with sb. at 要在某时间和某人有约会 keep an /one's appointment 守约 make/ fix an appointment with sb. 与某人约会 by appointment 按照约定, 照章 hold an appointment 担任某职 appoint sb. as/ to be? 任命某人为? appoint sb. to do sth. 委派某人做某事 appoint sth. (for sth.) (为某事)确定(日期、场所) 【即境活用】I called the airline to _____ my flight reservation a week before I left for Canada. A. appoint B. obtain C. confirm D. admit

【解析】选 C。考查动词词义辨析。由句意可知,我提前一周给航空公司打电话的目的是想确定一下我动 身去加拿大的航班预订。Appoint 任命;obtain 得到;admit 承认;confirm 确定,根据句意选 C。

4. panic vi. &vt. n. 惊慌,惊恐 The crowd paniced at the sound of the guns.人们听到枪声感到惊慌。 【拓展延伸】panic over/about/at sth. panic sb. into doing sth. 对某事感到惊慌 使某人惊慌地做

get into a panic =be thrown into a panic 使陷入惊慌状态 be in panic be seized with a panic cause a panic 惊慌失措地 惊慌失措 引起恐慌

5. guarantee vt. 保证;担保 n. 保证, 保证书, 担保, 抵押品 Guarantee sb. against/from? 保证某人免受损害、危险等 guarantee to do sth 保证干某事 guarantee that/sth… 保证-------;

guarantee sb. sth. =guarantee sth. to sb. 向某人担保/保证某事 give sb a guarantee that…向某人保证----(be)under guarantee 在保修期内

The rain guarantees a good crop this year. 这场雨保证了今年有好收成。 My watch is guaranteed for one year.我的表保修一年 【即境活用】Working hard is not only a___of great success, but is among the essential requirements. A. sign B. signal C. guarantee D. supposition

【解析】选 C。考查名词辨析。句意:努力工作不仅是巨大成功的保证,也是必要条件之一。 【重点短语】 1. burn… to the ground 全部焚毁 He has no place to live in because his house has been burnt to the ground. 【相关短语】 burn away burn down burn off burn up burn out burn oneself out burn for burn in 逐渐烧掉,消失 (建筑物)烧毁,火力减弱 烧掉,蒸发 烧毁、烧得更旺/亮,消耗 烧坏,烧尽 筋疲力尽 渴望 给—留下不可麽灭的印象

【即境活用】Be careful with fire, or it will____ the whole building. A. burn down B. burn for C. burn up D. burn in

【解析】选 A。考查动词短语辨析。burn down (建筑物)烧毁,火力减弱;burn for 渴望; burn up 烧毁、 烧得更旺/亮,消耗;burn in 给—留下不可麽灭的印象。此处有把---烧毁的意思 2. make one’s way 去;前往;获得成功;发达 make one’s way to/towards …=go to… She hesitated, but made her way forward.她犹豫了一下,但向前走去。 She hastily left the room, and made her way to her bed. 【相关短语】 make one’s way in the world make way(for sb/sth) feel one’s way find one’s way 表示―获得成功‖。 给某人/某物让路;让出位置 摸索着走,小心地前进 找到出路,设法到达

lose one’s way fight one’s way push one’s way force one’s way out on the way in the way out of the way in a way in no way

迷路 打开一条道路 推挤着前行 挤出去;冲出去 即将 挡道,碍事 不挡道,不碍事 在某种意义上 无论如何绝不

【即境活用】If you want to_____, you must work hard while you still young. A. make your way B. make its way C. make a way D. make the way

【解析】 选 A。 考查动词短语辨析。 句意: 如果你想走出自己的路, 趁着年轻你必须好好努力。 Make it way 有利可图不合题意,C,D 搭配有误。 3. vary fr om…to…从...到...不等; 在...到...之间变动 vary in/on vary with/according to 在……方面不同 随……变化而变化

a variety of /varieties of = various 多种多样的 diversity ―多样性 变化多样― 相当于 variety a wide diversity of opinions 众说纷纭 a great diversity of methods 各种不同的方法 【即境活用】The charge ______from 5 yuan to 10 yuan. A. changes 答案:B 【重点句型】 1. Having collected and evaluated the information, I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. 收集和评估这些信息之后,我就帮助其他科学家一起预测熔岩接着将往何处流,流速是多少。 B.varies C. differ D. range

2. The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study, but this being my first experience, I stayed at the top and watched them.

另外两人攀下火山口去收集供日后研究用的岩浆,我是第一次经历这样的事,所以留在山顶上观察他们。 [来源:学_科_网 Z_X_X_K]

动词的 ing 形式
动词的 ing 形式主要有两种:动名词和现在分词 1. V-ing 作主语(动名词不是现在分词) 。常被看作是单数不可数名词。V-ing 作主语,有时用 it 作形式主语, 把 V-ing 置于句末. 这种用法在习惯句型中常用。.常用 V-ing 作主语的句型有: It is /was a waste +v.---ing It is /was no good /use +v.---ing There is /was no sense in v.---ing (没道理)

There is /was no point in v.---ing (没意义) It is a waste of time persuading such a person to join us 劝说这样的人加入真是浪费时间 2. 作宾语(动名词不是现在分词) 某些动词后出现非限制性动词时只能用动名词作宾语,不能用不定式. 常见的此类动词有:advise , admit , appreciate, risk, forbid, pardon, quit, tolerate, allow, permit, avoid, consider, enjoy, finish, imagine, inc lude, keep, mind, miss, delay, practice, resist, suggest, feel like, object to, care for, complain of, get/be accustomed to, fail in 等,如: They went on walking and never stopped talking.他们继续走,说个不停 3.v. ing 做定语 动名词放在所修饰的名词前面作为定语,表示该名词的用途或有关的动作。 walking stick 手杖 reading room 阅览室 printing shop 印务馆 swimming pool 游泳池 dining room 饭厅 washing machine 洗衣机

a waiting room(= a room for waiting) 候车室 a walking stick( =a stick for walking)手杖 现在分词做定语,说明所修饰名词进行的动作 a waiting man (=a man who is waiting)正在等待的男人 a sleeping child (= a child who is sleeping ) 正在睡觉的孩子 4. v. ing 作表语 动名词做表语是对主语内容的解释,这时主语与表语位置可以互换 (1) Its full time job is laying eggs. 他的专职工作是产卵 (2) Our job is playing all kinds of music. 我们的工作就是演奏各种音乐 (3) Playing all kinds of music is our job. 演奏各种音乐是我们的工作。 现在分词做表语,表明的是主语的性质与特征,主语与表语位置不可互换。 (4) The music they are playing sounds exciting. 他们演奏的音乐是如此令人兴奋。 (5) The task of this class is practising the idioms. 这节课的任务是练习这些短语。 (6) Seeing is believing. 眼见为实。

(7) My work is looking after the children. 我的工作是照看这些孩子 5.v.-ing 作宾语补足语的用法(现在分词) v.-ing 形式主要用于以下两类动词后构成宾语补助语 ⑴ 表示感觉和状态的动词,如 see, hear, feel, smell, watch, find, notice 等。 I felt someone patting on the shoulder. 我感到有人拍了拍我 的肩膀。

⑵ 表示―指使‖等意义的动词,如 have, set, keep, get, catch, leave 等。 I’m sorry to have kept you waiting long. 对不起,让你久等了。 6.v.-ing 作状语(现在分词) (1)作时间状语 Walking along the street, I met Mary. (=While I was walking along the street, …) Hearing the news, they all jumped with joy. (2)作原因状语 Being tired, I stopped to take a rest. (=Because I was tired, …) Not knowing her address, we couldn’t get in touch with her. 由于不知道她的地址,我们无法和她联系 (3)作条件状语 Turning to the left, you will find the school. (=If you turn the left, …) If you work hard, you'll succeed. =Working hard, you'll succeed. (4)作让步状语 Working hard as he did, he was still unable to support the whole family. Knowing where I live, he never comes to see me. =Though he knows where I live, he never comes to see me. (5)作伴随状语 I stood there, waiting for her. (=…, and waited for her.) Following Mike, they started to climb. The children laughed and talked merrily, and they ran out of the room. The children ran out of the room, laughing and talking merrily. 那些孩子们跑出房间,愉快地笑着、说着 【拓展延伸】 1. V-ing 形式的完成式 如果 V-ing 表示的动作发生在句子谓语之前,则要用 V-ing 的完成式,即是: Having +P.P(过去分词)…, 主语+谓语 1) After she had finished her work, she went home.

Having finish her work, she went home. 2) As we have invited him here to speak, we’d better go to his lecture. Having invited him here to speak, we’d better go to his lecture. 2. V-ing 的复合结构 带有逻辑主语的 V-ing 称为 V-ing 的复合结构.当 V-ing 的逻辑主语与句子的主语不一致时,要在 V-ing 之 前加上物主代词或名词所有格,这便构成了 V-ing 的复合结构..其中物主代词(名词所有格)是逻辑上的主语, V-ing 是逻辑上的谓语. V-ing 复合结构在句中可作主语,宾语,表语等,分别相当于一个主语从句,宾语从句,表 语从句. 其复合结构可以为:物主代词(如:his ,my ), 名词所有格(如:Tom’s)+ V-ing ,人称代宾格(如:him, me), 名词普通格(如:Tom). Her coming to help encouraged all of us. 她来帮忙鼓舞了我们 (=That she came to help encouraged all of us) 【典型例题】 1. The salesman scolded the girl caught _____ a nd let her off. A. to have stolen B. to be stealing C. to steal D. stealing

【解析】选 D。本题考查动词非谓语形式在句中作宾补的用法。解这一题目要用还原法,即 catch the girl stealing,本题旨在考查 catch sb. doing sth.(发现某人做某事)这一短语,故先排除 A、C 两项,由于 girl 与 catch 之间是被动关系,因此需要用 catch 的过去分词形式作后置定语,stealing 所作的只能是定语中的 补足语,故本题最佳答案为 D 2. In the study, I found my son ______ at a desk, with his attention ______ on a book. A. sitting; fixing B. sit; fixed C. sitting; to be fixed D. seated; fixed

【解析】选 D。 考查不定式与分词作宾补的区别以及短语 fix one’s attention 的用法。解答此题时,应特别 留意不定式与分词作宾补的区别;第二应注意倘若逻辑宾语提前,则 with+复合宾语中宾补应用过去分词 表示被动。 因为强调 found 的动作与 sit 同时进行, 而省去 to 的不定式 sit 作宾补表示动作的完成, 但 sitting 和 seated 皆可。第二空中,attention 原为 fix 的逻辑宾语,所以应选 fixed 作宾语补足语。故此题正确答案 为 D。 3. It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview. _____the answers ready will be of great help. A To have had B Having had C Have D Having

【解析】选 D .考查非谓语动词用法。本题用动名词作主语,表示一般性的情况.注意,本题不可选 B, 因为没 有必要强调动作在某个时间之前完成 4.The discovery of new evidence led to ____ A the thief having caught B catch the thief

C the thief being caught

D the thief to be caught

【解析】选 C. 考查动名词用法。动名词可以作介词的宾语.尤其要注意一些含介词 to 的短语, 要与不定式 分清,像 lead to /devote to /be used to /object to /look forward to 等 5.______the meeting himself gave them a great deal of encouragement A The president will attend C The president attended B The president to attend D The president’s attending

【解析】选 D。动名词可以有自己的逻辑主语, 从而构成动名词的复合结构.动名词所带的逻辑主语通常是 形容词性物主代词 ,宾格代词,名词所有格或普通格,如果逻辑主语是无生命物 ,则只用普通格(宾格).动名词 的复合结构作主语时,通常使用名词的所有格或形容词性物主代词 【语法专练】 1.(2010·北京市东城区高三一模)More and more people shop online, A.having taken B.taking advantage of low prices.

C.taken D.having been taken 2.(2010·北京市通州区高三一模)The teacher grammar, decided to give them some further drinking. A.knowing B.know C.to know D.being known that his students have difficulty in English

3. Hearing the news, he rushed out, _______the book _______ on the table and disappeared into the distance. A. left; lain open C. leaving; lie opened 4. A. Left B. left; lay opened D. leaving; lying open

in charge of the shopping center has upset him for quite some time. B. Being left C. Having left D. To leave

5. ---How do you often spend your spare time? ---Personally speaking, there is nothing happier than reading a book, ____ a cup of tea. A. drunk B. be drinking C. drinking D. to drink

答案:1~5 BADBC

1.(2010·天津卷·T5)People have always been A. curious B. excited C. anxious about exactly how life on earth began. D. careful

【解析】选 A.。考查形容词的意义和用法。句意:人们一直对于地球生命的起源感到好奇。 根据介词 about 后面宾语从句的意义,可以确定前面表示的是好奇,be curious about 是“对??感到好奇”

的意思。 2.(2010·北京卷·T21) A. Looking B. Look at my classmates' faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes. C. To look D. Looked

【解析】选 A。本题考查非谓语动词。look 与句子主语 I 为主动关系,因此用 looking. 3.(2010·湖南卷·T21)Listen! Do you hear someone A. calling B. call C. to call for help? D. called

【解析】选 A。考查非谓语动词。该空在句中为非谓语动词作宾补,根据 someone 与 call 的主动关系排除 D 项。 hear 后接不定式作宾补时应省略 to, 由此排除 C 项。 由 Listen 可判断此处表示正在求救, 故选 A 项。 4.(2010·浙江卷·T20)The traffic rule says young children under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds must be in a child safety seat. A. being weighed C. weighed B. to weigh D. weighing

【解析】选 D。本题考查非谓语动词。根据句子结构:主语:the traffic rule;谓语动词:says;宾语从句: young children under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds must be in a child safety seat。宾语从句中的 主干为:young children must be in a child safety seat。under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds 用于 修饰宾语从句主语 children。动词 weigh 与名词 children 是主动关系,所以选择 weighing。句意:交通法则 规定四岁以下并且体重不超过四十磅的婴儿必须坐在婴儿安全座上。 5.(2010·四川卷·T17)The lawyer listened with full attention, A.not trying C.to try not B.trying not D.not to try to miss any point.

【解析】选 B。考查现在分词短语做伴随状语及动词不定式的否定式。句中 listen 和 try not to miss 为同时 进行的动作,故用现在分词的一般式做伴随状语。又动词不定式的否定式要在其前加 not.故选 B。

一、听力(略) 二、单项选择

21. Viewers will have ________ second chance to see Saturday’s concert on ________ Channel 4 tonight. A. a; the B. the; the C. the; 不填 D. a; 不填

22. —.Do you think there is possibility that they will get married? —______.They don’t have any common tastes. A. Absolutely B. Certainly C. Absolutely not D. Absolute not

23. People who don’t smoke have less____of suffering from heart disease than those who do so. A. potential B. cause C. hope D. problem

24. The mother got a bit ________, for her daughter should have come back home from school. A. calm B. eager C. impatient D. anxious

25. The villagers had to move to a new place because their houses were____to the ground in the gas explosion of the factory. Nearby.[来源:Z+xx+k.Com] A. burnt B. fallen C. destroyed D. put

26. _____your taste,you can be satisfied in this newly-opened restaurant. A.However B.Wherever C.Whenever D.Whatever

27. By midnight the floor was wet with beer. One young technician slipped and bumped into another. They struggled, ________ trying to get the other in a head-lock. A. every B. all C. everyone D. each

28. It’s just pipes, water and pumps, but we haven’t heard of anyone else ________ this technology in this way before. A. to use B. using C. use D. used gave up. D.purposefully

29. There was such a long queue for coffee at the interval that we A. eventually B. unfortunately C. nervously

30. I wouldn’t eat potatoes unless I’m really starving, in _______ case you eat almost anything. A. whose B. one C. what D. which[来源:Zxxk.Com]

31. —Shall we attend the concert this evening? —Great idea, _______ we can do some shopping first. A. when B. where C. since D. if

32. ____ its size with that of the whole earth, we find the highest mountain does not seem high at all. A. When compared C. To be compared 33. It was B. Compared to D. Comparing that caused him to serve dinner an hour later than usual.

A. we being late C. we were late

B. our being late D. because we were late

34. --How about eight o'clock outside the cinema? --That _______ me fine. A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits

35. -Shall we go to the art exhibition right away? - . B. I don’t mind D. That’s your decision

A. It’s your opinion C. It’s all up to you

三、完形填空[来源:Z*xx*k.Com] Not long before,my daughter’s shoes were scratched(划破)with a knife.She burst illto tears. I took them to the shoemaker’s. The young apprentice(学徒)glanced at the His master looked at them and said,―If you 1 was 39 and asked why. He explained,―As if the opening were made I didn’t fully understand him, 41 40 for a special style. ” 36 38 and said, ―Nothing I can do except 37 the upper. ‖

me,1 will add more scratches on both the shoes.‖

I decided to leave the shoes。 42 the shoes. I found more scratches on each shoe;all the

Two days later i dropped by from work to

openings were patched(缝补)by soft red leather; the stitches(针脚)were twisted with the appearance looking more 43 and interesting than ever.I couldn’t help praising the master’s 44 . 45 and then

Another time,my sister’s blouse was torn,leaving a large opening.My wife checked it said,―Let me take it home and 46 it.‖

Three days later,seeing it again,1 was greatly 47 :all the tom parts took on a look of ice crystal(水晶); attached to it was a snowman made of flowery rags.I sighed with “It’s amazing!‖ ―1 was 49 by that shoemaker.Patches are supposed to be 50 .but a skillful craftsman(工匠)can make it take on a kind of 51 ,‖replied my wife. 52 ;patches appear in the 53 48.

Her words inspired me more:perfection is impossible to achieve in

of injury,disability or disease.Since you c an t change the existence of wound.You should not 54 people’s sympathy by disclosing the wound,which is meaningless.Just sew the 55 by patches and produce a most

beautiful flower on it,and that is the significance of life. 36.A.scar 37. A.replace 38. A.tell 39. A.delighted 40.A.on purpose 41.A.so 42.A.bring 43.A.ugly 44.A.skill 45. A. anxiously 46.A.wash 47.A.puzzled 48.A.anger 49.A.encouraged 50.A.common 51.A.difference 52.A.future 53. A. form 54.A.treat 55.A.wound B.opening B.remove B.show B.confused B.by chance B.and B.collect B.strange B.drill B.suddenly B.iron C.as C.see C.hole C.throw C.agree C.excited D.mark D.tear D.trust D.astonished D.in turn

C.in particular D.but D.return

C.1ovely C.performance C.carefully C.save

D.familiar[来源:Z§xx§k.Com] D.technique D.delightly D.mend

B.disappointed B.regret B.inspired B.beautiful B.perfection B.mind B. name B.accept B.pain

C. surprised D.touched

C.praise D.care C.moved C.ugly C.newness C.1ife C. shape C.ignore C.injury D.expect D.disability D.attracted D.rare D. change D.place D. need

四、阅读理解 A Nickname: Hawaii’s Island of Adventure Size: 4,028 square miles Population: 148,677.The most heavily populated areas are Hilo on the east side and Kailua-Kona on the west. Temperature : Averages between 71° F and 77° F year around . Beaches: 47 Golf Courses: 20 Highest Peak: Mauna Kea, 13,796 feet. Agriculture: The bulk of Hawaii’s farming products are grown and processed on the Big Island, including coffee, macadamia nuts and papaya. Lodging: 9,655 rooms total; Nightly rates range from$ 35—$ 5,000. Airports: Hilo International Airport on the east side and Kona International Airport on the west side.

Rental Cars: All of the nationally known rental car companies have locations at Hilo International and Kona International Airports as well as many resorts.In addition, Hilo, Kona and the major resort areas are serviced by taxis. Resources: Call (800) 648—2441 to order a video, poster, brochures and maps from the Big Island Visitors Bureau.See www.bigisland.org for Updated information. Shopping: The large shopping centers are in Hilo, Kona, Waimea and the Kohala Coast. 56.The passage is intended to be read by _______. A.students B.businessmen C.tourists D.immigrants

57.The average population per square mile on the island is about _________. A.28 B.32 C.37 D.44

58.Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a traffic means to get around the Big Island A.By train. B.By air. C.By rental car. D.By taxi.

59.What can we infer from the passage A.You can see www.bigisland.org for updated information. B.You can call (800) 648 – 2441 to order some food. C.You can find some counts to play tennis on the island. D.You may pay a high price for spending one night on the island.[来源:学科网ZXXK]

B What weighs 3500 pounds(1600kg)and lived 60 million years ago?Are you thinking of dinosaurs?Guess again!You don,t have to go to a museum to see these creatures.They are al ive and swimming in the warm coastal waters of Florida. Manatees( 海 牛 )have lived a peaceful existence in the warm waters of Florida for 60 million years.However,they are now an endangered species.This means that if humans don’t do something to save them,they will soon go the way of dinosaurs. Humans have made life very difficult for manatees.One big danger that humans have introduced is the speedboat.Because manatees are mammals.they need to come to the surface to breathe about every 5 to 6 minutes. This means that they are in constant danger of being caught in the propellers(螺旋桨)of speedboats. And boating aceidents are the greatest cause of death for them. Manatees are in extra danger when they are in their sleeping or―torpor‖state.They still have to come to the surface for the air,but sometimes they are too sleepy to avoid the danger of approaching boats. Another danger for manatees is the pollution that humans produce.Due to human pollution,

a deadly plant called red tide had increased greatly in the Gulf of Mexico.The plant,or algae, thrives(繁茂)on pollution.It wiped out nearly 20 percent of the total manatee population on earth. Humans can help to save manatees 。 The government has established b oating speed limits to[ 来 源:Zxxk.Com] give the manatees.a chance to escape approaching speedlsoats.Everyone can help by cutting down on waste and pollution to protect the waters for the manatees. One famous singer,Jimmy Buffet,has helped save the manatees.He co-founded the Save the Manatee Club(SMC). SMC had begun an adoption(收养)program for the manatees. For a fee, sponsors(资助者)can name a manatee.Donations are used to help protect the manatees and their habitat. 60.The manatee is the kind of animal that___________. A.1ikes living in the cold waters of Florida C.call dive in the deep sea for hours B.will die out if not protected in time[来源:Zxxk.Com] D.is the biggest living animal on earth

61.Why is it dangerous for manatees to be in a torpor state? A.Because they come to the snlface to breathe,and that is when they are hunted. B.Because they eat deadly algae,and this makes them too sick to avoid danger.[来源:学&科&网 Z&X&X&K] C.Because they live in groups and therefore they are easily hurt by passing boats. D.Because they are sleepy when they surface,so they can,t avoid approaching boats. 62.The death of the manatees is largely due to A.human hunting C.speedboat accidents 63.To help protect manatees,people should A.never go speed boating in their living habitat B.keep the waters of Florida free from pollution[来源:Z|xx|k.Com] C.have manatess named by sponsors without a fee D.wake manatees up from their torpor state 五、根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: My job is to travel to unusual places and meet interesting people from all over the world. I use (science) instruments in my work and meet with local people and tourists, and ( bore ) .As a 3 I am never 1 2 4 . B.human pollution D.deadly plants .

( 火山学家 ), I collect information about Mount Kilauea. My job is

(occasion) dangerous; I don’t mind because danger


(interest) me and makes me feel alive. As is 6 burnt to the

known, when lava from the volcano flows, many houses will be covered with lava or ground. All the lava 7

(pass) slowly down the mountain causes more damage because it buries 8 (火山爆发) . When it broke out,

everything in its path under the molten rock. I once experienced an red lava was fantastic sight. 六、书面表达 _9___

(喷)hundreds of metres into the air, and it was an _____10______(absolute)

一个周六的下午, “绿眼睛”环保组织成员李华和王平在河边开展环保行动时 发现了一只小鸟受伤了,在地上无法飞行, 于是他们展开了抢救行动。你就此事写一篇新闻报道。要 点如下: 1. 时间、地点、情景; 2. 描述处理方式, 包括救助, 治疗, …… 3. 简要谈谈你的感想。 注意:词数 100-120;已给部分不计词数; 参考词汇:“绿眼睛”环保组织: Green Eyes Saving The Wounded Bird One Saturday afternoon, Li Hua and Wang Ping, members from ―Green Eyes‖, Possible version:

二~四 21~25 DCADA 26~30 DDBAD 31~35 DDBDC

36~40 B A D B A 41~45 D B C A C 46~50 D C C B C 56---59 C C AD 五、1.scientific 6.be 60~63 B D C B 2.bored 7.passing 3.vocanolist 8.eruption

51~55 B C A D A

4.occasionally 9.fountained

5. interests 10.absolutely

六、One possible version Saving The Wounded Bird One Saturday afternoon, Li Hua and Wang Ping, members from ―Green Eyes‖, were having an environmental protection activity near the riverside when they caught sight of a bird on the ground. They picked it up and found it wounded. Thinking it might die without timely help, they took it home. They made a nest for it and fed it with rice and water. Under their treatment and care, the lucky bird got recovered soon. When time came for them to fly the bird back to nature, they felt a bit pity but very delighted. I think it’s worthwhile for them to do such a thing. Here I call on the public to show respect to nature. Only by changing the way we treat the environment can we get along well with it. (120)


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