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高中英语:Unit1 Women of achievement Reading(新人教必修4)



高一英语同步练习: 必修 4 Unit1 Women of achievement
第 2 课时 Reading 实战演练 一、阅读课文回答下列问题。 1. What did the group do first in the morning? They __________. A. went into the forest slowly B. left the chimp family sleeping in a tree C. observed the family of chimps wake up D. helped people understand the behaviour of the chimps 2. Why did Jane go to Africa to study chimps in the wild? Because she wanted________. A. to work with them in their own environment B. to prove the way people think about chimps was wrong C. to discover what chimps eat D. to observe a chimp family 3. From the passage we know the bond between members of a chimp family____. A. is very strong B. is a little weak C. doesn’t exist D. is the strongest of all the animals. 4. The chimps show love in their family by _______ each other.

A. touching B. feeding C. feeding or cleaning D. feeding or touching


5. Where did Jane Goodall suggest the chimps be left?__________ A. In the wild C. In cages B. In the zoo. D. In Africa

6. What can we infer from the text? A. Jane Goodall's mother lives with her. B. Jane Goodall loves animals and tries to protect them. C. Jane Goodall looks down upon men. D. Jane Goodall doesn't like to work with other women of her age. 二、翻译下列句子: 1. However, the evening makes it all worthwhile.

—————————————— 2. Everybody sits and waits in the shade of the trees while the family begins to wake up and move off.

—————————————— 3. She spent years observing and recording their daily activities.




4. She has argued that wild animals should be left in the wild and not used for entertainment.

—————————————— 三、判断句子对错 1. Without any university training, she has achieved what she wanted. ( 2. She supposes that people should use chimps for entertainment. ( ) )

3. She has spent less than forty years helping people understand her work. ( )

4. She has built many homes for the wild animals to live in. ( ) 四、翻译短语: 1. 离开;启程;出发 ________ 2. 为….而战 _____________ 3.(想法、问题)涌上心头____ 4. 人类 _____________

5. 而不是;胜于__________ 6. 过着…的生活__________ 7. 自言自语____________ 8. 查阅、参看___________ 9. 为…做准备___________ 10. 决定做 _____________


一、完成句子 1. 我打算出国学习。 I ___________ abroad. 2. 他昨天在会上发表了讲话。


He ______________________ at the meeting yesterday. 3. 她昨天偶然遇到了她的朋友。 She _________________________ her friend yesterday. 4. 当你不认识这些词时,可以参考一下字典。 When you don’t know the words, _________________. 5. 你应该继续写你的新书。 You should ______________________. 6. 他们试图说服他参加。 They tried ________________________. 二、阅读理解: Alice always wanted to be a singer. Music was the most important thing in her life and, to tell you the truth, she took lessons for years, and practiced every day, but in spite of all this, her voice didn’t improve. Honestly, it didn’t get better, it just got louder. Her teacher finally gave up and stopped the lessons, but Alice refused (拒绝) to give in, and one day she decided to give a concert and invited her teacher to attend. The teacher was very worried about what to say after the concert. She knew it would be terrible and it was. She didn’t want to tell a lie, but she



didn’t want to hurt Alice’s feelings, either. Finally, she got an idea and went backstage (后台) to greet her pupil. “Well,” said Alice, “what did you think of my singing?” “My dear,” said the teacher, “you’ll never be better than you were tonight.” 1. Alice wanted to be a singer because she___________. A. was good at singing B. could do nothing but sing C. had a good teacher D. was most interested in music 2. Alice’s teacher stopped the lessons because_________. A. Alice didn’t make any improvement in singing B. Alice’s voice became louder and louder C. Alice didn’t work hard enough D. Alice was so proud and wouldn’t listen to her 3. What made Alice decide to give a concert? A. She wanted to prove that her teacher was wrong. B. She wanted to please her teacher. C. She was sure that she could sing beautifully. D. Somebody else wanted her to do so. 4. What is really meant by saying “You’ll never be better than you were tonight.”?




A. You gave a wonderful concert tonight. B. You won’t make any improvement in future. C. You have never sung so well before. D. You did much better before than tonight. 5. If Alice’s teacher had told a lie, she might have said_______. A. “I don’t like the concert.” B. “You have made no progress.” C. “The concert tonight is terrible.” D. “Your concert tonight is excellent. 三、短文改错: Nobody likes staying at the home on a public holiday, ______ specially, if the weather is fine. Last August we decided 2. ______ to spend on the day in the country. The only difficulty 3. _______ was that million of other people had just the same idea. 4. _______ We moved out of the city slowly behind a long line 5. _______ of cars, as at last we came to a quiet country road 6. ________ 1.




and, after some time, stopping on a farm far from the 7. _______ town. We had been brought plenty of food with us 8. ________ and we took them out of the car. Now everything was 9. _______ ready so that we sat down near a path at the foot of a hill. 10. _______

第 2 课时 实战演练 一、1-6 CAACAB 二、翻译: 1、然而到了傍晚这一切都是值得的。 2、大家坐在树荫下等待着,这时候猩猩们睡醒了,准备离开。 3、她花了多年的时间来观察并记录黑猩猩的日常活动。 4、她主张应该让野生动物留在野外生活,而不能用于娱乐或广告。 三、1.T 2.F 四、1. move off than 6. lead a … life 10. be determined to

3.T 4.F 2. fight for 3. crowd in 4. human beings 5. rather

7. say to oneself

8. refer to

9. be intended for

反馈检测: 一、1. intend studying/to study 4. you may refer to the dictionary to argue him into joining them. 二、1-5DACBD 三、1.去掉 the

2. delivered a speech 3. came across 6.

5. carry on writing your new book

2. specially 改成 especially

3.去掉 on 4.million 后“s” 5.

正确 6. 去掉 as 7.stopping 改成 stopped 8. 去掉 been 9.and 改成 so 10. 去掉 that



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