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牛津高中英语模块7unit2reading 1导学案


模块七第二单元 教案




Welcome and reading 1


2014 年 2 月 22 日

教学要求 和 目 标

1. To grasp the main topics of the article and get familiar with the two kinds of medicines. 2. To develop the students’ reading ability---how to guess the meanings of medical teams. 3. To have a positive attitude towars medicine and health. Learn how to quickly obtain detailed information in a text. Cooperative learning, task-based learning 教 学 步 A computer, a tape-recorder 备 注

教学重点 和 难 点 教学方法

教 骤

【课前预习】 Step1: 【短语记忆】 1. ______________________ 2. ______________________ 3. ______________________ 4. ______________________ 5. ______________________ 6. __________________________________ 7. __________________________________ 8. __________________________________ 9. __________________________________ 10. __________________________________ 11. __________________________________ 12. __________________________________ 用 13. __________________________________ 14. __________________________________ 苦 15. __________________________________

以粉末的形式 最畅销的止痛药 减少心脏病的发作 一项在美国开展的研究 预防中风 降低血糖 提高人们的健康水平 杀菌药物 在当代社会 大量生产… 批量生产 因为青霉素的广泛使 理解医学术语 减轻了数百万人的痛 对…很重要 板书

【课内探究】 Step 2: Fast reading for general ideas Go through the passage as quickly as possible and try to find answers to the three questions in part A on Page 18. Pay attention to the title so that you can identify the most important information as soon as possible. 1. What are the two medicines mentioned in the article?
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模块七第二单元 教案




_________________________________________________________________ 个人抢 2. When was aspirin first sold as a tablet? 答加分 _________________________________________________________________ 3. What did Fleming, Florey and Chain share? _________________________________________________________________ Step 3: Detailed reading for important information 本文为医学类的说明文, 向我们介绍了两种著名的药物, 文章信息量很大, 学生对相关背景知识也比较缺乏,时间跨度很长,但其中内容多为客观事实, 从语言学习的角度,只需了解即可。所以阅读的重点应在于如何获取信息和如 何进行信息分类等,需要深层次理解的内容其实并不多。但鉴于今后在学习和 工作中会遇到大量此类文章,面对信息量巨大且看似枯燥的这篇文章,如何迅 速高效地抓住关键信息? 通过快速浏览课文, 找出关键字词,如 date 、history、 in 1897、等一系 列时间指示语,从而抓住文章的脉络,即时间线索,再依次找到有关其发展历 史的关键信息。 Activity 1 Reading the development of aspirin Fill in the event happening in a particular year. In1900:____________________________________________________________ In1950:____________________________________________________________ In1971:____________________________________________________________ In1977:____________________________________________________________ In2003:____________________________________________________________ Activity2: read the development of Penicillin: In 1928:____________________________________________________________ World War II:_______________________________________________________ In 1945:____________________________________________________________ Activity 3: 1. Listen to the tape and read the passage a second time and complete Part C1 and Part C2. 2. Read the article again and fill in the form below so that you can understand the use of the two medicines introduced in the article. [来源:Z#xx#k.Com] Names of 1 Aspirin Penicillin Who invented or Dr. Felix Hoffmann Alexander Fleming discovered it Who put it into The company Hoffmann Howard Florey and 2 or produced worked for Ernst Chain it
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小组 活动

小组讨 论加分


模块七第二单元 教案




What is 3 the medicine Uses


Salicylic acid and some othe r 4 Reducing fever and stopping 5 Reducing the risk of heart attacks 6 a stroke Reducing the risk of colon cancer Reducing blood sugar 7 Appeared in the Guinness Book of Records as the best selling 8 [来源:学科网]

Mould growing on a special transparent jelly 抢答加 help in treating _____9_______ 分 treat other illnesses including pneumonia

Honors given to the medicines or the scientists

Considered to be one of the most important medicine in 10 society Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Step 4: Choose the best answer according to the passage. 1. What’s the main idea of this passage? A. Famous doctors. B. How Penicillin and Aspirin were invented. C. Aspirin and Penicillin. D. How to keep healthy. 2. Which of the following is considered to be the time when Aspirin was invented? A. 3,500 years old. B. 2,500 years old. C. 1897. D. 1899 3. Which of the following can’t Aspirin be used for? A. Keeping quiet. B. Painkilling. C. Curing diabetes. D. Reducing heart attacks. 4. Which of the following is NOT wrong? A. Penicillin can keep people healthy by thinning their blood. B. Aspirin can save lives by killing bacteria. C. Aspirin was discovered by accident. D. Penicillin was discovered by chance. 学习反思 我的自学 情况 ( ) III. 合作探究,共同提高 【当堂检测】 Step 5.Fill in the blanks using words in the wordlist. 1. She writes a lot of ______________ (当代的)music for people like Whitney Houston. 2. Food shortages are w______________ in the quake-hit areas. 3. People who deal with c__________ matter are c___________. 4. Students learned the practical _________(应用) of the theory they learned in the classroom.
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一般 (

) ( )


模块七第二单元 教案




5. This is the ____________ __________(最畅销的止疼药). 6. We are aware of the ___________(潜在的) problems and have taken every precaution. 7. It was also felt that the collapse of the system ______ _____(打开)new _________(可能性). 8. Efforts to ____________(标准化) English spellings have not been completely successful. 9. The wine has been t_________ with water. 10. I take wheat t_______ daily to ________(净化) the blood. Step 6: 课文缩写 W: I’d like to know about the two medicines----aspirin and penicillin. Could you please tell me something about them? M: I’ll be glad to. If you open u p any medicine cupboard in the world, there is a high 1 that you will find aspirin and penicillin. Both of them have saved many people’s lives since they were invented. W: When was aspirin invented? M: I don’t know for sure, either. 3,500 years ago, some recipes 2 drinking a tea mad e from the dried leaves of a particular plant to reduce body pain. In 1897, a European chemist produced ASA from some other chemicals to make a medicine for his father. The first 3 of this medicine took place in 1899 when the powder form began to be used with 4 . In 1900, it was sold in shops as a tablet 5 500 milligrams of ASA. W: Besides reducing fever and pain, what other functions does it have? M: It can also reduce the risk of heart attacks a nd colon cancer and so on. W: What about Penicillin? M: Penicillin was 6 by a Scottish scientist in 1928. He thought it might help in treating wounds and illnesses 7 by bacteria. But it was not until World War Ⅱ that two other scientists managed to use new chemical techniques to 8 it and then produced it in large 9 .Thanks to it, many lives were saved during World War Ⅱ. It can also treat other illnesses 10 pneumonia. W: I’ve learned a lot today. Thank you. M: It’s a pleasure. Step 7: Homework 1. Read the passage again and again after class. 2. Finish daily exercises.


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