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2016高考英语二轮复习 第二部分 专题八 非谓语动词练习

专题八 非谓语动词
题组一 体验真题 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空 1.(2015·重庆卷)Like ancient sailors,birds can find their way ________(use)the sun and the stars. 2.(2015· 陕 西 卷 )After receiving the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress , Anne Benedict went on ________ (thank)all the people who had helped in her career. 3.(2015·陕西卷)Back from his two-year medical service in Africa,Dr.Lee was very happy to see his mother ________(take)good care of at home. 4.(2015· 天 津 卷 )________(absorb)in painting , John didn't notice evening approaching. 5.(2015·天津卷)________ (work)for two days,Steve managed to finish his report on schedule. 6.(2015·安徽卷)________(ignore)the difference between the two research findings will be one of the worst mistakes you make. 7.(2015·福建卷)________ (learn)more about Chinese culture,Jack has decided to take Chinese folk music as an elective course. 8.(2014·天津卷)Anxiously,she took the dress out of the package and tried it on, only ________ (find) it didn't fit. 9.(2014· 天 津 卷 )Clearly and thoughtfully ________ (write) , the book inspires confidence in students who wish to seek their own answers. 10.(2014·重庆卷)Group activities will be organized after class ________ (help) children develop team spirit. 11.(2014 ·福建卷 )________ (spend) the past year as an exchange student in Hong Kong,Linda appears more mature than those of her age. 12.(2014·江苏卷)The lecture ________ (give),a lively question-and-answer session followed. 13.(2014·湖南卷)Children,when ________ (accompany) by their parents,are allowed to enter the stadium.

14.(2014·大纲全国卷)Today there are more airplanes ________ (carry) more people than ever before in the skies. 15.(2014·北京卷)Last night,there were millions of people ________ (watch) the opening ceremony live on TV. 16.(2014·北京卷)There are still many problems ________ (solve) before we are ready for a long stay on the Moon. 17.(2014·山东卷)There's will open again. 18.(2014·重庆卷 )The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras ________ (return) to our shop for quality problems. 19.(2014·浙江卷)Amie Salmon,disabled,is attended throughout her school days by a nurse ________ (appoint) to guard her. 20.(2014·安徽卷)While waiting for the opportunity to get ________(promote),Henry did his best to perform his duty. 21.(2014· 四 川 卷 )The manager was satisfied to see many new products ________ (develop) after great effort. 22.(2014·陕西卷)It's quite hot today.Do you feel like ________ (go) for a swim? 23.(2014·湖南卷)________ (understand) your own needs and styles of communication is as important as learning to convey your affection and emotions. 24.(2013·北京卷)When we saw the road ________ (block) with snow,we decided to spend the holiday at home. 25.(2013·重庆卷)The engine just won't start.Something seems ________ (go) wrong with it. 答案 1.using 2.to thank learn 8.to find 9.written 3.taken 4.Absorbed 5.Having worked 6.Ignoring 7.To 10.to help 11.Having spent 16.to be 12.having been given solved 17.saying a note pinned to the door ________ (say) when the shop




18.returned 19.appointed 20.promoted 21.developed 24.blocked 25.to have gone 题组二 尝试模拟 22.going 23.Understanding

Ⅰ.用所给单词的适当形式填空 1.Please hand on the papers to those ________(seat) at the back of the classroom. 2.The fireman told us the trouble they had ________ (get) ________(control). 3.After walking on the zigzag path to the mountain top for a few hours,the tourists gathered under trees ________ (provide) shade and sat down to have a rest. 4.The students in our school expected there ________(be) more time for reviews and exercises before the College Entrance Examination next year. 5.We've had a good start,but next,more work needs ________(do) to achieve the final success in English study. 6.The boy,________ (occupy) with his school work every day,felt rather tired and wanted to have a whole day to relax. 7.The old couple walked rather slowly,and could be seen,from time to time,to stop and rest,________(stare) out to sea. the fire

8.The airport is far from here,and ________(get) there on time,you'd better take a taxi. 9.Whom do you expect to have ________(deliver) the baggage to the airport? 10.With so many exercises ________(finish),the students are having a hard time. 11.We entered the café and sat down by the window,waiting ________(serve). 12.These diagrams are especially helpful when we have a concrete problem ________(solve) at hand.

13.People believe that the China Dream is not very difficult ________ (realize) so long as the whole nation works hard for it. 14.There are some tall trees in our campus,some ________(measure) more than forty meters. 15.Curious and ________(astonish),I rushed out of my dormitory when I heard the noise of three gunshots. 16.To answer a telephone call , the careless woman went out of the kitchen , ________(leave) the soup ________ (cook) over the gas. 17.The monument was built in honor of the explorer who was believed ________(discover)

the big river. 18.Many of the one-family children are so accustomed to ________(praise) that they react violently when they hear something different. 19.All reference books ________(search),he didn't find the key to the question. 20.Ben received an invitation to dinner,and with his work ________(finish),he accepted it happily. 21.We tried ________ (open) the window,but it was still hot in the room. 22.According to the new law , the people found ________(put up) advertisements on the streets will be punished strictly. 23.________ (strike) by strong snowstorms , the area faced severe water and electricity shortage. 24.I'd rather have a room of my own,however small it is,than ________(share) one with others. 25.Most of the guests ________ (invite) to the wedding last week were his classmates and friends. 26.—What in the world put you in a really bad mood? —________ (stick) in the traffic for hours. 27.________(discuss) for a whole night,we still couldn't agree on when to start and where to go for the holiday. 28.Every morning Jack's wife will stand before the mirror , ________(dress) carefully until she has to go to work. 29.A modern stadium in that new town,________ (complete) soon,will be an ideal place for people to have all kinds of sports in. 30.________(follow) the instructions very carefully when ________(fill) in the form. 答案 1.seated 2.getting;controlled 3.providing 4.to be 5.to be done/doing 12.to “harmful”

6.occupied 7.staring 8.to get 9.deliver 10.to finish 11.to be served solve 13.to realize 14.measuring 15.astonished 19.searched

16.leaving ; being cooked 20.finished 21.opening 27.Having

17.to have discovered 22.putting up

18.being praised 24.share



26.Being stuck

discussed 28.dressing 29.to be completed 30.Follow;filling Ⅱ.用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 Freud was one of the first scientists __1__(make) serious research of the mind.The mind is the collection of activities __2__(base) in the brain that involve how we act,think,feel and reason. He used long talks with patients and the study of dreams __3__(search) for the causes of mental and emotional problems.He also tried hypnosis.He wanted to see if __4__(put) patients into a sleep-like condition would help ease __5__(trouble) minds.In most cases he found the effects only temporary. Freud worked hard,although what he did might sound easy.His method involved __6__(sit) __8__(talk) with his patients and __7__(listen) to them talk.He had them

about whatever they were thinking.All ideas,thoughts and anything

that entered their mind had to __9__(express).There could be no __10__(hold) back because of fear or guilt. 答案 1.to make 2.based 3.to search 4.putting 5.troubled 6.sitting

7.listening 8.talk Ⅲ.仿真模拟

9.be expressed 10.holding

阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015·黑龙江大庆市高三一模)Years ago,when I was a poor artist trying to sell my paintings in local galleries,I __1__ (live) in the heart of a city.The rent for my apartment was really cheap __2__ it was in the middle of one of the busiest neighborhoods in town.People who visited me used to ask me __3__ I could sleep.“Doesn't the sound of the traffic bother you?How can you get used to __4__ much noise?”You see,there were also rows and rows of shops and bars playing loud music day and night and my apartment was above a really loud and noisy __5__.But I found it all fascinating.If I were ever short __6__ cash and couldn't afford to do anything much,which in those days was usually the case,I could always go outside and take __7__ look around.You see,there were always a great number of tourists visiting the shops,so I could always find someone __8__ (interest) to talk with.And Joe,the owner of the bar below me,could always give me a little money to survive

on in exchange for __9__ (do) a few odd jobs for him.At the time,I suppose,I thought I was poor.Sometimes,we don't realize how __10__ (fortune) we are,do we? 【语篇解读】 作者是一个穷困潦倒的画家,住在嘈杂的闹市区。难以继日时,Joe 会施以 援手,这让作者感到非常幸运。 1.lived [考查一般过去时。本文描述的是多年前的事,因此用一般过去时。] 2.because 里。] 3.how [ 考查引导词。根据语境可知,此处表示“外边是繁忙的街区,那我是怎样睡着 [考查连词。“我”的公寓的房租很便宜,因为“我”住在最繁忙之一的街区

的?”。] 4.so [考查固定结构。“so much+不可数名词”意为“如此多的??”。] 5.one 吧。] 6.of [考查介词。be short of 意为“缺少/短缺??”。] 7.a [考查固定短语。take a look 意为“看一看”,是固定结构。] 8.interesting 谈”。] 9.doing [考查非谓语动词。介词“for”后应跟动词-ing 形式。] 10.fortunate [考查词性转换。根据语境可知,此空应填其形容词形式。] [ 考查形容词。根据语境可知,此处表示“我找到某个有趣的人去交 [考查代词。“我”住的公寓在一个很吵闹的商店 /酒吧上面。 one 代指商店或酒


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