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M10 Unit 4 Law and order

Unit 4 Law and order

1、negotiate vt. & vi. 谈判; 协商; 议定

◆The government will not negotiate with the terrorists.
政府决不与恐怖分子谈判。 ◆My company has assigned me to neg

otiate business with you. 我公司派我来跟贵公司商谈有关事务。

◆They finally negotiated a peace treaty.

The minister said, “We are ready for discussions with any legal parties, but we'll never ______ with criminals.”.(2011· 湖北)

A. negotiate
C. argue

B. quarrel
D. consult

A negotiate 谈判; quarrel 吵架,争吵; argue 辩论,争辩; consult 商议,咨询。句意:部 长说:“我们愿意与任何合法党派进行讨论,


2、smooth adj. 光滑的,平静的,平坦的 vt. 使光 滑,消除困难/障碍 ◆Our path in life will not always be smooth. 我们的生活道路不会总是一帆风顺的。 ◆The cloth feels smooth.

◆The sea is smooth. 海面风平浪静。 (1)smooth 的比较级是 smoother,最高是smoothest, 过去式是smoothed。

(2)该词的同义词是 calm,反义词是rough。

3、compensate vt. 补偿,赔偿;付报酬 vi. 补偿, 赔偿;抵消 ◆The factory will compensate their workers if they are hurt at work. 工人们在工作中受伤,工厂得给予受伤补助。 ◆The company compensated him for the extra hours

he worked.


①She used her good looks to compensate for her

lack of intelligence.


②Nothing can compensate for the loss of one's health.

③Fineline pens may ______ bad handwriting.
A. show up C. break down B. differ from D. compensate for

③D 线条优美的钢笔可以弥补糟糕的书法。

1、 break into 强行进入某处;突然开始(大笑、唱 歌、欢呼等) ◆His house was broken into (e.g. by burglars) last week. 上星期有人(如窃贼)闯入他的房屋。

◆As the president's car arrived, the crowd broke into
loud applause. 总统的汽车到达时,人群中爆发出热烈的掌声。

The wood was so rotten that when we pulled, it ______ into fragments. A. broke away B. broke off

C. broke up C

D. broke through

break up意为“打碎,破裂,分裂”,正合

题意;本句句意为“木头烂成这样,以至于我 们一拉它就变成了碎片”。

2、 keep up 跟上,不落后(+with);(斗志)不低 落,(价格)不下降,维持,继续 ◆The house is strong enough to keep up in a storm. 这座房子很坚固,足以抵挡风暴。 ◆The good news kept our spirits up. 好消息使我们情绪高昂。

keep up with 赶上,不落后,保持联系 catch up with赶上(某人或某事)

keep on doing sth. 继续做某事
keep sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事 keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

Julie is one of those women who always ______ the latest fashions. A. keep up with B. put up with

C. catch up with D. hold on to
A 句意:朱莉是那些总赶时髦的女子之一。

keep up with 跟上,与……并驾齐驱;及时了解;

catch up with跟上,赶上;put up with 忍受;hold
on to 紧紧抓住;守住,保住。

3、 take sb. to court 起诉某人;控告某人 ◆They took their landlord to court for breaking the contract.


go to court 上法庭 go to court over sth.(因某事)起诉,打官司

come to court 开始审理
settle out of court 庭外和解 pay court to sb. 讨好某人;对某人献殷勤

It took five years for the case to ______ to court. A. take C. come B. go D. pay

C 句意:这个案子花了5年时间才开始审理。

Although there are an increasing number of such cases against people, crime against large companies is a bigger problem. 尽管类似的针对人们的案例的数目不断增长,但针 对大公司的犯罪是一个更大的问题。 although 在句中引导让步状语从句, increasing 在句 中为现在分词作number的定语,a bigger problem是 不定冠词+形容词比较级修饰名词,表示泛指。


Although most of the earth's surface is covered by
water, fresh water is very rare and precious. ?______ the fact that most of the earth's surface is covered by water, fresh water is very rare and precious.

Despite / In spite of


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