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Useful Expressions for Unit3 (B3)

Useful Expressions
Book Three

Unit Three Security Overview

改变/不再?,而变得? 住在人人彼此认识的社区 平淡无奇的城市生活

move away from … to … live in communities where everyone knows one another an anonymous style of city life

保护我们的财产 使我们的生活品质下降 探讨这种自相矛盾的情况 仔细地考察,研究? 对?一种常见的反应

around the globe
protect our property make the quality of our lives poorer explore this paradox look at sth. one frequent response to sth.

暴力犯罪的频发 某人得出的结论 和她的许多同胞一样 有大量枪支在流通 在流通/不再流通 高得超乎寻常的谋杀率

high level of violent crime the conclusion that sb. has come to like many of her compatriots having a huge number of guns in circulation in circulation / out of circulation unusually high murder rate

对这场争论表达你自己 的观点

add your voice to the debate

Unit Three, Text A

The Land of the Lock

许多年前 …是司空见惯的 不锁门 白天黑夜

years ago it is customary for sb. to do sth. leave the doors unlocked day and night

凭借, 诉诸于 精密的安全设备 保护自己的财产 习惯做…, 总是…做的 前门虚掩不落锁

no longer trust each other
resort to sth. elaborate security systems protect one’s possessions It is one’s custom to do sth. leave the front door on the latch

一种当地的说法 一种普遍的/通用的说法 带钥匙 (暂时)关闭

a local term a universal term carry keys close up

巡查严密的城市街道 统计资料显示… 上升得很明显/显著 安宁的地区 不管怎样,无论如何

suburbs and rural / country areas
well-patrolled urban streets statistics show (that) … rise dramatically tranquil areas at any rate

…的时代一去不复返了 被…取而代之 防盗锁 防盗链

the era of … is over be replaced by … dead-bolt lock security chain

报警装置 与警察局联网 私人保安公司 带钢条的玻璃滑门 内置,嵌入

electronic alarm system
trip wires hook up to the police station private guard firm sliding glass doors with steel bars build in

把门撬开 在最温馨的居家 常常看到… 处于严密监控下

pry the door open in the most pleasant homes It is not uncommon to see … be under close surveillance

美国的新的象征 一则公益广告 处于…危险中 一辆挂着如今随处可见 的挂锁的童车 指出

security force
a new symbol of America a public-service advertisement be at … risk a bicycle with the now-usual padlock attached to it point out

理赔失窃物品 互不信任的新气氛 生活方式 对…作出精神赔偿

pay for the stolen goods a new atmosphere of distrust one’s way of life make the psychic payment for …

自由之国 锁之国 那就是现状 习惯于做… 保护自己(不受…的影响)

the transformation from … to …
the Land of the Free the Land of the Lock that is what has happened be used to doing sth. defend oneself against …

设置障碍 出于某种原因 某人没有想到(要做…) 某人突然想到…

put up barriers for some reason It doesn’t occur to sb. … It occurs to sb. (that) …

同城的居民 /老乡 主宰我们的生活 一家大中型公司 很有可能…

barricade oneself against …
fellow citizens / a fellow townsman take over our lives a medium- to large-size company Chances are that … wander in and out of work access card


保安 也许…, 但事实明摆 着… 你所任职的公司 不让外人靠近 采取…的做法 自由出入 登机口 看飞机起飞降落 一个有趣的学习场所


the security guard Maybe … , but the fact remains that … the business you work for keep outsiders away have a police of … free access the departure gate watch planes land and take off a place of education and fun the most sophisticated of security

想出解决办法 使恐怖分子走投无路 不去多想… 现状

figure out a solution (to sth.) hold the terrorists at bay don’t think much about sth. a state of affairs


pass through the electronic friskers
without so much as a (sideways) glance

沉浸于,沐浴于,笼罩在 强光源 像阴影这样小小的享受

stand for
be bathed in … high-intensity light so much a luxury as a shadow

越来越多的人 应该, 能够 误差率很小,出错概率很小 以…的名义

people, in increasing numbers be supposed to with a small margin of error in the name of …

把害怕锁在外面 在人类文明史上 用什么更好的字眼来描述 反思,思考 在这个令人困惑的新时代

devise ways to do sth.
lock the fear out in the history of civilized man what better word to describe … reflection on … in this new and puzzling time

钥匙链上挂着… 最终 聪明反被聪明误 把邪恶锁在门外

wear sth. on the key chains in the end outsmart oneself lock the evils out

在这么做时 记得最牢的精神遗产 回顾这一时代/回首过去 无形的恐惧 成了自己的囚徒 在这个问题重重的时代

lock … in
in so doing the legacy we remember best look back on this age / the past the unseen horror be prisoners of ourselves in this time of our troubles

Unit Three, Text B
Why I Bought a Gun

自卫 和某人持相同的观点 后来改变了看法 作出明智的选择

self-defense share one’s views eventually change one’s mind make the right choice

中上层阶级 读高中时 用…和人交换… 一个臂章 参加…游行

in a desirable neighborhood
upper middle class by high school trade in sth. for sth. an arm band march for sth.

逃避民防演习 抗议越南战争 18岁时的日子过得轻松愉快 是…的典型, 代表

shun Civil Defense drills protest the Vietnam War It was easy being 18. be typical of …

看中, 针对, 瞄准
视为其潜在买主 成千上万人中的一员 采取断然行动 质疑自己…的信条 和…迎头相撞

aim at
as potential buyers one of the millions who… take the plunge question my beliefs (about …) hit … head-on

摇下车窗 高声咒骂 掉转车头 装上车后的保险杠

roll down the window scream curses make a U-turn climb on the back bumper

从车窗伸出头来 开进(自家的)车道 进退两难 开进来 一直开到后门廊下

by now
hang out of the car window turn into one’s driveway be trapped pull in drive up to the back porch

从汽车里一拥而出 涌入院子 我的心怦怦直跳.

spill out of the car spill into the yard My heart was pumping. three creeps

问(某人)有没有胆量做某 dare sb. to do sth. 事; 激(某人)做某事 三个混蛋 / 讨厌的家伙 局势变得对我们有利.

The odds has changed in my favor.

对…有利; 受某人欢迎
向(某处)行进; 走向 某人过世了. 送…去上幼儿园

in one’s favor
head for … sb. departed put sb. in preschool

单身母亲 证实了这一情况 没有什么特别的规律有 时…, 有时…

a single parent confirm the fact follow no particular pattern sometimes …, other times break in / break into … sweat in fear thankfully tell a tale of … senseless horror

吓得出汗 谢天谢地

讲述了…事情,揭露了… 内情


brutal crime

强烈的(做…的)欲望 使人痛苦,加害于人 杀人 在这种/任何情况下

intense desire to do sth. inflict pain take a human life under/in the/no/any circumstances

和某人讲和平主义 自我防卫 一厢情愿的和平主义 积极提倡… 事与愿违; 危害自身

being someone’s victim
talk pacifism to sb. defend oneself one-sided pacifism strongly advocate … backfire on me

极不情愿地认定… 确保…的最佳选择方案 为了某人的生存 依靠, 指望

reluctantly conclude … insure the best option for… for one’s survival count on

有…出售 有必要的威慑力 6发子弹 一撞击就爆炸 打靶练习用的

a while ago
have sth. for sale have the necessary stopping power six rounds of ammunition explode on impact for target practice

防身用的 购买… 安全盒 按钮式锁

for protection pick up sth. a safety box push-button lock

知道正确的密码 伸手到抽屉(拿东西) 床头柜 拿到… 对…很兴奋/ 很着迷

open with a touch
know the proper combination reach into a drawer night table get one’s hands on sth.

be fascinated by sth.

拿起来 主张…, 赞同… 打靶场

pick up sth. be in favor of sth. target range / shooting range

拒绝做某事; 绝不容忍做某事 draw the line at (doing) sth.

我们都吓得跳了起来. 跳窗 逃命 对…没有兴趣; 不在意… 时常,常常 练习做…

a 22-caliber pistol
We both jumped. leap out the window run for one’s life care less about sth. every so often practice doing sth.

为某人计时 拿着枪 确定,证实 对…感到厌倦

time sb. handle a gun make sure (that) be bored with sth.

免费的 在柜台买了… 戴上… 护眼罩 护耳罩

Ladies’ Night
for free buy sth. from the guy behind the counter put on sth. the protective eye the ear coverings

射击区, 射击线 把子弹上膛 看着枪管上的瞄准器 调整瞄准方向

the firing lines load the gun look down the sights of the barrel adjust one’s aim

真人大小的靶子 洞穿…, 穿…而过 习惯于做… 感到害怕/胆怯 握在手中感到舒适

fire six rounds into …
a life-sized target rip a hole through … get used to doing sth. feel faint be comfortable in one’s hand

信守…的诺言 死于自己的枪下 让某人噩梦不断 拐过墙角

keep one’s promise to do sth. be killed by one’s own guns give sb. nightmares turn the corner

堵住过道 根本不可能击不中 手指扣住扳机 用力扣扳机

head toward sb.
fill the hallway an impossible target to miss wrap one’s finger around the trigger squeeze the trigger

处于危险中; 生死在此一搏be on the line

亲手 如释重负,泪流满面 反复权衡某种行为的后 果

at one’s own hand be tearfully relieved strongly weigh the consequences of an act (of …)


sth. with such deadly consequences
violence leads to violence

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