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? ? ? ? ? ? 1、主语+系动词+表语: e.g. Henry is a businessman. 2、主语+不及物动词:e.g. We arrive. 3、主语+及物动词+宾语:e.g. Henry received a million pound bank note. 4、主语+及物动词+双宾语(间接宾语+直接宾 语):e.g. Oliver gave Henry a letter. ? 5、主语+及物动词+复合宾语(宾语+宾补): e.g. Henry found himself carried out by the strong wind. ? 注:其他各种句子都可由这一种基本句型扩展、 变化或省略而构成。

Related Conception (相关概念)
1.名词: 表示人或事物的名称的词叫名词。 2.名词在句子当中一般可以作什么成分?

1.Henry is a businessman.
表语 主语 2.Henry, a businessman ,received 主语 同位语 a million pound bank note. 宾语

名词在句中主要作主语、表语、 宾语和同位语。






主语从句在句中做------ 主语 表语从句在句中做------ 表语

宾语从句在句中做------ 宾语 同位语从句在句中-----同位语

? What made Henry puzzled was unknown. 主语从句 ? The two brothers think that it’s very funny. 宾语从句 ? The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, which... 表语从句 ? Henry, who was a businessman ,received 同位语从句 ? a million pound bank note.

? What makes me admire her most is that she always believes that she’s the best athlete in the world. ?

宾语从句 (The Object Clause)
宾语 宾语从句在复合句中起______作用,可以作动 词的宾语,也可以作介词的宾语。宾语从句必 须用_____语序。 陈述 引导宾语从句的连词有that,if,whether; 连接代词有who,whom,which,whose等; 连接副词有when,where,how, why等。

一that宾语从句 1.Oliver believes (that) a man could survive a month in London. 2 I’m afraid (that) I don’t quite follow you,sir. 3. I don’t think (that) its very funny. 4.My uncle said that he would come and that he would also bring his son. 5.We all agree (that) it would be convient to go there by bus.

1.归纳总结: that 在引导宾语从句时无词义,也不 充当任何成分,且通常可以省略。但 如果含有两个或两个以上的并列宾语 从句时,通常只有第一个从句的that 可以省略,其余从句的that一般不能 省略。

否定的转移:第一人称 I, we 与动词 think,

consider, suppose猜想, believe,
expect, guess, imagine等连用,其后的宾


1.她坚持要把这次旅游安排得尽善尽美。 She insisted that she (should) organize the trip properly. 2他命令关闭所有的大门。 He commanded that all the gates (should) be shut. 3.我建议他应该更努力学习。 I suggested that he (should) study harder. 4.老师要求我们和睦相处。 The teacher requests that we (should) get along well with each other.

3.总结归纳: 在一些表示坚持、命令、建议、要求等 意义的动词后,that 宾语从句中谓语常用 (should+)动词原形,表示虚拟。 1.坚持:insist 2.命令:order,command 3.建议:suggest,propose,advise 4.要求:desire,demand,require,request

? We think it necessary that everyone should form a good habit . 动词+it+形容词+that从句,it 为形式宾语,that 从句为真正的宾语。 1. We think that middle school students master one foreign language possible . (改用形式宾语 it ) We think it possible that middle

school students master one foreign language.

5.归纳总结: it常可以放在动词think, find, consider, believe, feel, make等后作为形式宾语,而 把真正的宾语-that从句后置,特别是在带复 合宾语的句子中。 We heard it that she would get married next month. 我们听说他下个月要结婚了。

二、whether/if 引导的宾语从句 6.归纳总结: 在宾语从句中,表示“是否”既可以用 whether,也可以用if.但是,whether常与or not连用;作介词宾语只用whether. 我不知道他来不来。 I don’t know whether/if he will come. 我想知道他来还是不来。 I want to know whether he will come or not. 你们是在谈论着他来还是不来吗? Are you talking about whether he will come?

1.I wonder if you’d mind us asking a few questions.

1. Henry Adams does not know what he should do. (what在从句中作宾语) 2.Do you know who will be sent to work there? (who在从句中作主语) 3.Can you find out whose wallet it is? (whose在从句中作定语) 4.Have you decided where you should have your holidays? (where在从句中作地点状语) 5.She always think of how she can do more for the class. (how在从句中作方式状语) 6.Can I speak whoever is here?(作主语) 7.Henry didn’t give us any reason about why she had been late for the meeting.(作原因状语)

? 7.归纳总结: ? 连接代词及连接副词引导的宾语从句 相当于特殊疑问句,连接词都在从句 中充当一定的成分。

1.She asked Tom_____was the matter with his car. what 2.Will you tell me _____ I can keep healthy? how

3.This depends on _________the money we have is whether enough.
4. Her wish is ______she could lose weight soon. that

5. Could you tell me ________ Marry lives? where

1. The shocking news made me realize _____ terrible problems we would face. (北京2011) A. what B. how C. that D. why

2. We haven’t discussed yet ______ we are going to place our new furniture. (2010课标全国卷) A. that B. which C. what D. where
3. Before the sales start, I make a list of ______ my kids will need for the coming season. (山东2010) A. why B. what C. how D. which

4. Cindy shut the door heavily and burst into tears. No one in the office knew ______ she was so angry. (湖南2010) A. where B. whether C. that D. why

5. How much one enjoys himself travelling depends largely on ______ he goes with, whether his friends or relatives. (四川2010) A. what B. who C. how D. why

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 一that宾语从句 1.that省略情况 2.否定前移 3.that宾语从句中的虚拟语气 4.that从句中it 作形式宾语 二.whether/if引导的宾语从句 二、其他连接词连接的宾语从句 考点主要有:引导词,时态,语序



5.书面作业: 小周报31期附加题 II、III、IV


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