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Cultural relics

蜕 变
-Cultural relics

The Czar’s Winter palace

ivory dragon boat

Mogao Caves

Ming Dynasty vase ? be designed in a
fancy style

r /> ? Yuan Ming Yuan is a r___ are and v______ aluable cultural relic. There is no doubt that (毫无疑问) it has not ? _________________ _____________ survived the war (经历了战争而幸存). ? It was d________, estroyed and l__ ay in r___. uins

ordinary stone/ rock Pyramid — Kings’ or
Queens’ tomb

The Great Wall

? Everything

seems to be ordinary, but what matters most is what it is made into or decorated with.

? extraordinary 非凡的 ? valuable ? fancy ? rare ? amazing

Fast Reading
? 1.Who

is Fredrick William l? was the Nazi army near St Petersburg? Room at the summer


the king of Prussia. In September 1941.
have built a new Amber palace? Russians and Germans.

? 2.When


? 3.Who

? The

2 ? Why did the King of Prussia give the
designed for

Amber Room to the Czar of Russia as a gift? Frederick Frederick Ⅰ be William Ⅰ

belong to

in return
a troop of Peter the Great

Winter palace

Peter the Great


Catherine II


the Nazi German army the summer palace

Read paragraph 1 and do the following exercises.


yellow-brown Prussia

Birthplace Design Material

of the fancy style popular in those days
several tons of amber ,gold and jewels

Time to It took a team of the country's best complete it artists ten years to make it.

True or False Read paragraph 2 and do the following exercises. 1.In fact, the room was made to be a gift.( F ) 2. In 1716, he give it to Peter the Great.( T ) 3. The Amber Room became part of the Czar winter palace in St Petersburg. ( T ) 4. About fourteen meters long, the room served as a small reception hall for important visitors.( F )

Read paragraph 3 and finish the following exercises.
1. Later,

Catherine II had the Amber Room move to a palace St Petersburg where she spent her ( B ). A. Springs B. Summers C. Autumns D. Winters

2.She told her ( )to add more details to it. A.Friends B. sisters C. Artists D. Students

3.Almost ( A ) hundred candles lit the room, and its mirrors and pictures shone like gold. A, Six B. Five C. Four D. Three
4.Sadly,although the Amber Room was considered ( B ) of the wonders of the world, it is now missing. A. Two B. One C. Three D. Four

Read the last two paragraphs and answer the questions. 1.Who secretly stole the room itself? Some of the Nazis.

2. How many pieces were put inside twenty seven wooden boxes? 100,000 pieces.
3. When was the 300th birthday of St Petersburg? In 2003.

? 1.survive
? ? ?

vi. 幸存,活下来; vt. 幸存; 比…活得长,经历…之后还存在 eg:We need air to survive. 我们需要空气幸存

search of 寻找 ? search sb./sth. 搜身/搜查某人/某物 ? search for sb./sth. 搜寻某人/某物 ? search ... for sb./sth. 为了找某人/某物而搜 查......
? 2.in ?

? 3.amazing
? ? ? ?

adj. 令人吃惊的 vt.是吃惊;使惊异 adv.吃惊地;惊奇地 adv.令人惊奇地;令人惊讶地 amazedly amazingly

派生词: amaze

amazement n.惊奇;诧异

? 常用短语:be

amazed at/by...
in amazement



to one's amazement


eg.He made an amazing discovery in science.

? 4.select ?

adj.选定的;被挑选的 选定某人做某事 从...... 中选定某人或 把某人或某物选为...... 为......选定人选 sb to do sth


? 常用短语:select ?

select sb/sth from... 某物 select sb/sth as... select sb/sth for...

? ? ?

eg.<1>Our shops only select the produce with very best quality. <2>She select an apple from the fruit bowl.


? 5.design

n.&v 设计;构思



n. 设计者

常用短语:by design 故意地


in design 在设计上
design... for... be designed for... 为......设计...... 为......而设计


design sth to do sth 设计某物来做某事

? 6.style



派生词: stylish

adj.流行的;雅致的 以......的风格

stylishly adv.

? 常用短语:in

the style of...
in/out of style

v.装饰;装修 ? 派生词:decoration n.装饰品;装饰图案 ? decorator n.装饰者 ? decorative adj.装饰性的 ? 常用短语:be decorated with ... 由......装饰 ? eg.<1>We need to decorat the sitting room. ? <2>They decorated the room with flowers and balloons.
? 7.decorate

? 8.belong ? ?

to 属于(没有被动语态)

eg.Do you belong to the tennis club? He belongs to another generation.(他属于另一代人) return 作为报答;作为回报 作为对......的报答/回报 回访某人

? 9.in ? ? ?

短语: in return for ... return sb a visit

eg.He is always helping people without expecting anying in return.

? 10.less ? ? ? ? ?



no less than <1>不少于;多达 =as much/many as eg.I drank no less than ten bottles of beer. <2>至少 station. =at least eg.It's no less than a mile to the railway

? 11.doubt ? 常用短语: ? have ? in



(no) doubt(s) about sth对某事(不)确信 doubt 无疑地;确实 (对......)毫不怀疑 毫无疑问......

doubt 不肯定;不确定 no doubt (of...)

? without ? make

? There ?

is no doubt that ...

eg.There is no doubt that he will come.



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