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Unit 4 Astronomy: the science of the stars Period 1 Vocabulary 词汇导学案

>【学习目标】 掌握并灵活运用这些单词和词组 【重点难点】 能灵活运用这些单词和词组 【学法指导】 仔细阅读课文,找出课文原句并归纳语言点的用法

课前预习 Step 1. 在句子语境中猜出划线单词或短语的中文意思。 ( )1. The terrorists exploded a bomb in a store. A.爆炸 B.戳穿 C.(情绪)爆发 D.激增 ( )2. Don?t worry. I?m sure things will get better in time. A.终于 B.总有一天 C.及时 D.按时 ( )3. The big black hen laid a big egg yesterday morning. A.产卵 B.摆,放 C.卧,躺;位于 D.说谎 试比较下表: 动词原形 躺 撒谎 lie lie 第三人称 ________ ________ ________ 过去式 ________ 过去分词 _______ 现在分词 ________ ________ ________

________ ________ ________ ________

放/搁/产卵 lay

( )4. Whether we can go outing depends on the weather. A.取决于 B.信任,信赖 C.依靠;依赖 ( )5. The good news cheered the family up. A.使振奋 B.高兴 C.欢呼 D.菜肴,酒菜 ( )6. Now that you grow up, you should not rely on your parents. A. 现在 B. 那样 C.由于,既然 ( )7. Many old customs have died out. A.相继死去 B(声音、光线)减弱 C. (程度上)由强变弱 D. 灭绝;消失 ( )8. World War II broke out in 1939. A.(关系)破裂,结束 B(机器)坏 C. 闯入 D.爆发 Step 2. 短语互译: 1.终于,及时______________ 3.轮到某人,接着__________ 5.产生,分娩______________ 7.阻止,制止______________ 9.爆发;突发______________

2. 冷却,平静下来______________ 4. 下蛋______________ 6. 既然______________ 8. 感到高兴,感到振奋______________ 10.密切关注;当心;提防______________

课堂学习 Step 1. 根据句意或中文意思或所给的首字母,写出适当的单词。 1. The _____________(气氛) changed as the teacher walked in. 2. With the d_____________(发展)of modern agriculture and industry, our life has
Happiness takes no account of time. 欢乐不觉时光过






improved a lot. 3. G______________(一般) speaking, girls are better at learning to speak languages than boys. 4. U_________(不像)other girls, she prefers toy guns to dolls. 5. The heavy rain p____________(阻止) the football game yesterday. 6. Try and c________ up a bit; life is not that bad! Step 2. 词汇学习(根据要求填表) n. adj. __________ energetic
精力,精神 _________ 暴力,暴行 精力充沛的,积极的


用单词的适当形式填空 (注意词性)


violent 猛烈的,激烈的 harmful 有害的,伤害的; _________ 无害的

? ? ? ?








__________ 5 出席,到场, present 出席的,当面的
存在 _____________ 失望的; ____________ 使 人 失 望 的,令人失望的 ________ 愉快的,高兴的






_________ 使快活


8 __________
发展 ___________发达的



less 更少的

_________ 使减少

He is full of ___________. Look how ____________he is! I hate ___________. Children should not be allowed to watch ___________movies. ? Smoking is ________ to your health. That is to say, it does ______ to your health. ? She wants to earn a living by herself and be an _____________ woman. ? All living things __________ on the sun for their growth. ? There were 200 people _________ at the meeting. ? Your ___________ is required at the meeting. ? His ______________ examination marks made his parents feel very _______________. ? She is a smiling, __________girl. ? His words gave her some_______. ? The audience ___________ as he appeared. ? China is a ____________ country, while American is a _____________country. ? With the ______________of the Internet, people can collect information easily. short—_________; wide—_________ broad—_________; strength—______ ? You?d better ___________ (short) your composition by 200 words.

Happiness takes no account of time. 欢乐不觉时光过






课后巩固: 1、写出本课的新单词及短语的中文意思: 1 system _________ 11 cheer up 2 theory _________ 12 now that 3 violence _________ 13 break out 4 reaction _________ 14 watch out 5 in time _________ 15 exist 6 dissolve _________ 16 astronomy 7 unlike _________ 17 astronomer 8 atom _________ 18 lay eggs 9 harmful _________ 19 system 10 puzzle _________ 20 religion 2、选择单词或短语的正确形式填空。 in one’s turn in time prevent…from as a result of now that give birth to

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ __________ __________ __________ __________

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

prevent…from____________ atmosphere ____________ million ____________ globe ____________ thus ____________ give birth to____________ in one's turn____________ fundamental____________ mammal ____________ gravity ____________

break out exist

be harmful to depend on


1. Keep trying, and ____________ you will succeed. 2. We must _________ them _________ making trouble. 3. Good health ______________ good food, exercise and getting enough sleep. 4. World War I _____________ in 1914. 5. He wipes the blackboard _______________ this week. 6. Although they are twins, they are very _________. 7. We cannot _________ without food or water. 8. Mrs White ___________________ to a fine baby last year. 9. ___________ you have finished your work, you?d better have a rest. 10. Your smoking can ________________ the health of your children. 11. He was late ________________ the snow. 3. 请做一篇完形填空练习:
Carol?s husband was killed in a car accident last year. Jim, only 52, was____1____home from work. The other driver was a teenager who had ___2_____a lot. Jim died at once. The teenager was in the ____3____ for less than three hours. It was Carol?s fiftieth birthday, and Jim had two plane tickets to Hawaii in his pocket. He was going to ____4____ her. However, he was killed by a drunken driver. “How have you _____5____this?” I asked Carol, a year later. ____6____welled up(涌出) in her eyes. I thought I had said the ____7____ thing, but she said, “It?s all right. I want to _____8_____you. The day I married Jim, I promised I would never let him leave the house in the morning _____9____ telling him I loved him. He made the same ___10___ . It got to be a joke between us, and as we grew older it got to be a(n) ____11_____ promise to keep. “I remember running down the driveway, saying ?I love you? just before he drove out of my

Happiness takes no account of time. 欢乐不觉时光过






___12_____, or driving all the way to his office just to put a(n)____13____ saying ?I love you? on his car. It was a funny ___14_____. “We made a lot of ____15_____ trying to say ?I love you? before noon every day of our married life. “The morning Jim ___16____, he left a birthday card in the kitchen and then left ___17_____. I heard the engine starting. Oh, no, I thought. I ___18_____ out quickly and knocked on the car window ____19_____ he rolled it down. “Here on my fiftieth birthday I, Carol Garret, want you, Mr James E. Garret to ____20____ that ?I love you!? “That?s how I?ve survived, knowing that the last words I said to Jim were, ?I love you!?” 1. A. walking 2. A. drunk 3. A. school 4. A. surprise 5. A. learned 6. A. Excitement 7. A. sad 8. A. tell 9. A. with 10. A. idea 11. A. hard 12. A. reach 13. A. announcement 14. A. game 15. A. methods 16. A. married 17. A. gradually 18. A. cried 19. A. but 20. A. say B. arriving B. eaten B. hospital B. interest B. survived B. Happiness B. extra B. depend B. besides B. choice B. easy B. sight B. note B. stories B. worked B. quietly B. ran B. when B. prove B. activity C. driving C. talked C. office C. disappoint C. existed C. Joys C. wrong C. cheer C. after C. promise C. silly C. house C. advertisement C. challenge C. memories C. returned C. angrily C. watched C. though C. know D. riding D. done D. prison D. frighten D. explained D. Tears D. violent D. believe D. without D. mistake D. harmful D. office D. picture D. test D. troubles D. died D. gently D. looked D. until D. admit

学后记: 成功的体验:


Happiness takes no account of time. 欢乐不觉时光过


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