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2011 高考英语阅读理解分类汇编之广告应用文类
1.(2011·全国新课标)D Wanted, Someone for a Kiss We’re looking for producers to join us in the second of London 100FM. You’ll work on the station’s music programmes. Music production experience in radio is necessary, along with rich knowledge of modern dance music. Please apply(申请) in writing to Producer Vacancies, Kiss100. Father Christmas We’re looking for a very special person preferably over 40, to fill our Father Christmas suit. Working days: Every Saturday from November 24 to December 15 and every day from December17 to December24 except Sunday, 10:30—16:00 Excellent pay. Please contact(联系)the Enterprise Shopping Center, Station Parade, Eastbourne. Accountants Assistant When you join the them in our Revenue Administration Unit, you will be providing assistance within all parts of the Revenue Division, dealing with post and other general duties. If you are educated to GCSE grade C level we would like to talk to you. This position is equally suitable for a school leaver of for somebody who has office experience. Wealden District Council Software Trainer If you are aged 24-45 and have experience in teaching and training, you could be the person we are looking for. You should be good at the computer and have some experience in programme writing. You will be allowed to make our decision, and to design courses as well as present them. Pay upwards of £15,000 for the right person. Please apply by sending your CV (简历) to Mrs R. Oglivie, Palmlace Limited. 67. Who should you get in touch with if you hope to work in a radio station? A. Producer Vacancies, Kiss 100. B. Mrs R. Oglivie, Palmlace Limited. C. The Enterprise Shopping Centre D. Wealden District Council. 68. We learn from the ads that the Enterprise Shopping Centre needs a person who __________________.

A. is aged between 24 and 40 C. should deal with general duties

B. may do some training work D. can work for about a month

69. which position is open to recent school graduates? A. Producer,London Kiss. B.Father Christmas. C. Accountants Assistant D.Software Trainer 70.What kind of person would probably apply to Palmace Limited? A.One with GCSE grade C level. B. One with some office experience. C. One having good computer knowledge D. One trained in producing music programmes. 67.A 68.D 69.C 70.C 2.(2011·天津卷) A Homestay provides English language students with the opportunity to speak English outside the classroom and the experience of being part of a British home. What to Expect The host will provide accommodation and meals. Rooms will be cleaned and bedcovers changed at least once a week. You will be given the house key and the host is there to offer help and advice as well as to take an interest in your physical and mental health. Accommodation Zones Homestays are located in London mainly in Zones2,3 and of the transport system. Most hosts do not live in the town centre as much of central London is commercial and not residential(居住 的). Zones3 and 4often offer larger accommodation in a less crowned area. It is very convenient to travel in London by Underground. Meal Plans Available ? Continental Breakfast ? Breakfast and Dinner ? Breakfast, Packed Lunch and Dinner

It’s important to note that few English families still provide a traditional cooked breakfast. Your accommodation includes Continental Breakfast which normally consists of fruit juice, cereal (谷物类食品) ,bread and tea or coffee. Cheese, fruit and cold meat are not normally part of a Continental Breakfast in England. Dinners usually consist of meat or fish with vegetables followed by desert, fruit and coffee. Friends If you wish to invite a friend over to visit.you must first ask your host’s permission.You have no right to entertain friends in a family home as some families feel it is an invasion of their privacy. Self-Catering Accommodation in Private Homes Accommodation on a room-only basis includes shared kitchen and bathroom facilities and often a main living room.This kind of accommodation offers an independent lifestule and is more suitable for the long-stay student.However,it does not provide the same family atmosphere as an ordinary homestay and may not benefit those who need to practise English at home quite as much. 36.The passage is probably written for A.host willing to receive foreign students B.loreigners hoping to build British culture C.travellers planning to vist famlies in London D.English learners applying to like in English homes 37.Which of the following will the host provide? A. Room cleaning. B. Medical care. C. Free transport. D. Physical trainning. 38.What can be inferred from Paragraph3? A.Zone 4 is more crowded than Zone 2. B.The business centre of London is in Zone. C.Hosts dislike travelling to the city centre. 39.According to the passage. What does continental Breakfast include? A.Dessert and coffee

B.Fruit and vegetables. C.bread and fruit juice D.Centre and cold meat. 40.Why do some people choose self-catering accommodation? A.To experience a warmer famliy atmosphere. B.To enrich their knowledge of English\ C.To entertain friends as they like. D.To enjoy much more freedom. DABCD 3.(2011·重庆卷)B Mapping Your World Different forms of maps are appearing. They allow independent travelers to get local knowledge of places they are visting, from the official to the unusual. Meanwhile, hi-tech developments are creating new ways for us to map the world. Here are two of our favorites: Green Maps Green Maps allows people to share with the world their knowledge of environmentally friendly plaees and attractions in the local areas. Users add information with a set of icons (图标), making it easy to read any map, whatever the nationalities of those who produce it. At present there are over five hundred map projects being developed in 54 countries. Green Maps’ advertised idea is ―think global, map local‖. It is a wonderful way of gaining all sorts of information of a place, ranning from community gardens to good places of birdwatching. Green Maps is not specifically intended for travelers. Not all of its maps are online, so it may be necessary for some users to communicate with producers through the Green Maps website. Maps Mashups Many people use online maps developed by Google, but not many know about the mashups of them. Working in a similar way to Green Maps, Maps Mashups allows people to add icons of their own to exsiting maps to express a certain topic. The mashups is so called because it combines all the knowledge you could ever need. It ranges from the extremely useful, such as where all the World. Heritage Site are, to the most bizarre (古怪的),such as where America’s drunkest cities are. With the mashups added to the basic Google Maps, a multi-layered (多层的)

map can be created. 60. According to the passage, which of the following is a characteristic of Green Maps? A. Aiming at environmental protection. B. Introducing local attractions with icons. C. Offering advice to independent travelers. D. Cllecting icons worldwide for local maps. 61. Which of the following icons is most probably NOT used in Green Maps? A. B.

C. 62. ―mashups‖ because

D. ―Map Mashups‖ is named with the word

A. it is produced by users all over the world B. it gathers various kinds of information C. it shaers icons with Green Maps D. it is a branch of Google Maps 63. What do Green Maps and Map Mashups have in common? A. They are created by local people. B. They are environmentally friendly. C. Users can edit maps on the Inernet. D. Users need to communicate with producers. BBBC 4.(2011·安徽卷)A Passage 1 The Information Highway is the road that links computer users to a large number of on-line services: the Web, e-mail, and software, to mention just a few. Not long ago, the Information Highway was a new road, with not many users. Now, everyone seems to want to take a drive, with over 30 million families connected worldwide. Not surprisingly, this well-traveled highway is starting to look like a well-traveled highway. Traffic jams can cause many serious problems,

forcing the system to close down for repair. Naturally, accidents will happen on such a crowed road, and usually victims are some files, gone forever. Then, of course, there’s Mr. Cool, with his new broad-band connection, who speeds down the highway faster than most of us can go. But don’t trick yourself; he pays for that speeding. Passage 2 Want to know more about global warming and how you can help prevent it? Doctor Herman Friedman, who is considered a leading expert on the subject, will speak at Grayson Hall next Friday. Friedman studied environmental science at three well-known universities around the world before becoming a professor in the subject. He has also traveled around the world observing environmental concerns. The gradual bleaching (变白) of the Great Barrier Reef, which came into the public eye in 2002, is his latest interest. Signed copies of his colorful book, which was published just last month, will be on sale after his talk. 【文章大意】本文分两部分,第一篇介绍信息高速公路的情况;第二篇介绍 Doctor Herman Friedman 的情况。 56. The Information Highway A. is free from traffic accidents B. is crowded with car drivers C. offers just a few on-line services D. appeals to a large number of users 【解析】 D。 选 细节理解题。 由第一篇短文中的 Now, everyone seems to want to take a drive, with over 30 million families connected worldwide 可知,信息高速公路深受广大用户喜爱, 故 D 项正确。由 Naturally, accidents will happen on such a crowed road, and usually victims are some files, gone forever.可知 A 项错误;由 Now, everyone seems to want to take a drive 可知,人人都想使用信息高速公路,B 项中的 car drivers 概念错误;由 a large number of on-line services:和 the Web, e-mail, and software, to mention just a few 可知, on-line services 的内容包含很多,故 C 项错误。 57. How does MR. Cool manage to travel the Information Highway so fast? A. By storing fewer files. B. By repair the system. C. By buying a better computer. .

D. By using a broad-band connection. 【解析】选 D。细节理解题。由第一篇文章中的 there’s Mr. Cool, with his new broad-band connection, who speeds down the highway faster than most of us can go 可知 D 项正确。 58. What can be learned from Passenger 2? A. There will be a book show at Grayson Hall. B. Friedman is now studying the Great Barrier Reef. C. There will be a talk on global warming this week. D. Friedman is a leading expert on computer science. 【解析】选 B。推理判断题。由第二篇文章中的 The gradual bleaching (变白) of the Great Barrier Reef… is his latest interest 可知 B 项正确。A 项中的 a book show 错误;C 项中的 this week 错误;D 项中的 on computer science 错误。 59. Passage 2 is most probably A. a poster about a lecture B. an ad for a new book C. a note to a doctor in a university D. an introduction to a professor 【解析】选 A。主旨大意题。通读第二篇文章可知,全文是围绕着 Doctor Herman Friedman 在 global warming 方面的 talk 展开,故 A 项正确。 5.(2011·湖南卷)A When first entered, Vanak Restaurant does not look like much of a restaurant, but once the pleasant smells of kabob(烤肉串)hit the senses, you are incapable of calling it anything less. Owned by a local couple, this Persian restaurant has an inviting, homelike atmosphere that many restaurants lack. The space is small with only a few dining tables and nearly no decoration, but the environment is truly charming. Lying in a hardly noticeable street corner, the restaurant still attracts all customers, especially those experienced in the delights of Middle Eastern cooking. A common sight is that of old Persian men sitting in the corner talking loudly about world topics, watching news events on TV, drinking a black tea known as Persian chai, an reading local Persian newspapers all the while trying to finish off their plates piled with food. .

The variety of food at the restaurant is limited, but the amount of each dish is fairly large. Most of the meals can serve two people and are under $10, so not only is it affordable but practical as well. The food, especially appeals to health-conscious eaters because each dish is very healthy, made with limited fat and oil and served straight off the grill (烤肉架). The main dish that the restaurant is popular for is its kabobs, which are different style of grilled meat. One delicious and extremely healthy dish is the Joojeh Kabob, which is made of grille chicken pieces served with cither rice or bread. Another great kabob is the Cbelo Kabob, kabob consisting of grilled beef. Although the restaurant is small, the atmosphere and the food is delicious. It is a place that should not be overlooked. 56. When first entering the restaurant, one can find that it ________. A. is splendidly decorated B. has pleasant smells of kabobs C. is crowded with dining tables D. looks like a common restaurant 57. What activity is also mentioned apart from dining in the restaurant? A. Watching news events on TV. B. Drinking a kind of black coffee. C. Reading local English newspapers. D. Discussing world topics in low voices. 58. The food of the restaurant ________. A. is served in small amounts B. is rather expensive C. is rich in variety D. is very healthy 59. What is the dish Joojeh Kabob mainly made of? A. Rice B. Chicken C. Bread D. Beef

60. It can be inferred from the passage that the restaurant ________.

A. occupies a large space B. owns a favorable location C. is popular for its special food D. has a quiet environment inside A 说明文:V 餐厅的介绍 56. first entering the R 定位,找到首段首句首句,but 后面 the pleasant smells of kabob 与 B 选项一致 57. apart from dinning 定位,要找到除了吃还能在该餐厅干嘛,定位不太明显可参照选 项 TV, coffee, newspaper 等, 找到第五段第一句, talking loudly 排除 D; watching TV 符合 B; black tea 排除 B;Persian newspaper 排除 C 58. food 定位, 找到第六段, 第一句: variety…is limited 排除 A, amount…is fairly large 排 除 C,第二句排除 B,第七段 health-conscious, very healthy 确定 D 59. JK 定位,找到倒数第二段 made of grilled chicken piece 确定 B 60. 结合已经做过的题目可以确定 C。其他选项:第三段首句 the space is small 与 A 矛 盾;第四段首句 hardly noticeable street corner 与 B 矛盾;第五段首句 talking loudly(也是第 57 题 D 选项的错误原因)与 D 矛盾


46.If you want to join Live Card to save money on tickets, you can call A.0844 847 2484 C.0844 499 6699 B.0800 587 5007 D.0161 245 6609

.【 C】

47.How can you pay for a ticket when you book by post? 【 D 】 A.By visiting the website of a post office. B.By going to your local bank in person. C.By enclosing your Live Card in an envelope. D.By providing your credit card information. 48.What benefit can group bookers enjoy according to the text? 【 A 】 A.Delayed payment for tickets. B.Invitations to opening nights.

C.Reduced booking fees by phone D.Generous discounts on tickets.

7.(2011·江西卷)B Winners Club You choose to be a winner! The Winners Club is a bank account specially designed for teenagers. It has been made to help you better manage your money. The Winners Club is a transaction account(交易账户)where you receive a key-card so you can get to your money 24/7 – that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! It’s a club with impressive features for teenagers: No account keeping fees! You’re no millionaire so we don’t expect you to pay large fees. In fact, there are no account keeping or transaction fees! Excellent interest rates! You want your money to grow. The Winners Club has a good rate of interest which gets even better if you make at least two deposits(储蓄)without taking them out in a month. Convenient Teenagers are busy – we get that. You may never need to come to a bank at all. With the Winners Club you can choose to use handy tellers and to bank from home using the phone and the Internet·You can have money directly deposited into your Winners Club account. This could be · · your pocket money or your pay from your part-time job! Mega magazine included Along with your regular report, you will receive a FREE magazine full of good ideas to make even more of your money. There are also fantastic offers and competitions only for Winners Club members. The Winners Club is a great choice for teenagers. And it is so easy to join. Simply fill in an application form. You can’t wait to hear from you. It’s the best way to choose to be a winner! 61. The Winners Club is a bank account intended for ________. A. parents B. teenagers C. winners D. adults

62. Which of the following is TRUE about the Winners Club? A. Special gifts are ready for parents. B. The bank opens only on work days. C. Services are convenient for its members.

D. Fees are necessary for the account keeping. 63. The Winners Club provides magazines which ________. A. encourage spending B. are free to all teenagers C. are full of adventure stories D. help to make more of your money 64. If you want to be a member of the Club, you must ________. A. be an Internet user C. have a big sum of money 65. What is the purpose of this text? A. To set up a club. C. To organize key-cards. 文章介绍了一种为青少年设计的新型银行。 61 答案:B 考点:细节理解 从第一段第一句:The Winners Club is a bank account specially desighed for teenagers.可见, 这 是一个为青少年设计的银行。选 B。 B. To provide part-time jobs. D. To introduce a new banking service. B. be permitted by your parent D. be in your twenties

62 答案:C 考点:细节理解 A 项文章未提及,B选项在文章第一段最后一句7days a week 可知是错误的,D 选项根据 文章第一个小标题 no account keeping fees 可知是错误的,而根据文章第三点的 Convenient 可知该银行的服务是非常方便的。选 C。 63 答案:D 考点:细节理解 根据最后一段第一句 you will receive a FREE magazine full of good ideas to make even more of your money 可知杂志上有许多使你赚钱的主意。选 D。 64.答案:B 考点:细节理解

根据文章最后一段第二行 You will have to get permission from your parent or guardian.你必须 经过你父母或者监管者的同意。选 B。 65 答案:D 考点:主旨大意 根据文章第一句 The Winners Club is a bank account specially desighed for teenagers.可见, 这 是一个为青少年设计的银行以及后文中对于该种银行的介绍可知是在介绍新的银行服务项 目。选 D。 8.(2011·江苏卷)

60.Which of the following is discouraged by the Friends organization? A.To bulid massive complexes for public amusement. B.To prevent possible damages to the National Park. C.To help protect and improve the Park for all to enjoy. D.To sponsor publicationsand projects in local school. 61. One of thebenefits for members of Friends is to A. have Friends’goods free of charge B. visit any place not open to the public C.take part in work parties if they want to D.give talks in their fields on current issues 62.The purpose of this poster is to invite more people to_______________. A. raise money for the Friends organization B. join the Friends organization and be members of it C. work as managers for Pembroke shire National Park D. enjoy the landscape of Pembroke shire National Park 60. A 细节理解题。根据 Activities 这部分内容的第二段第一句可知,为公众娱乐大兴土木 是对国家公园的威胁,是该机构要阻止的行为。 61. C 细节理解题。 根据 Benefits 这部分内容的第五条可知, 该机构成员享有的利益之一就 是参加工作组。 62. B 推理判断题。文章介绍了 Friends 这一机构的亮点、目标、活动以及该机构成员享有 的权益等,显然,作者的目的是想邀请更多的有志之士加入进来,成为其中一员。 9.(2011·湖北卷)D Feeling blue about world ? ―Cheer up.‖ Says science writer Matt Ridley.‖The world has never been a better place to live in, and it will keep on getting better both for humans and got nature.‖ Ridley calls himself a tat ional optimist—tactical .because he’s carefully weighed the evidence optimistic .because that offence shows human progress to be both unavoidable and .

good .And this is what he’s set out to prone from unique point of view in his most recent book. The Rant anal Opting .He views mankind as grand enterprise that .on the whole .has done little but progress for 100.000 years. He backed his finding with hard gathered though years of research.

Here’s how he explains his views. Shopping fuels invention It is reported that there are more than ten billion different producers for sale in London alone. Even allowing for the many people who still live in poverty .our own generation has access to more nutritious food .more convenient transport .bigger houses, better ears .and of course, more pounds and dollars than any who lived before us .This will continue as long as we there things to make other things, This more we specialize and exchange, the better off we’ll be. 2) Brilliant advances One reason we are richer, healthier, taller, cleverer, longer-lived and freer than ener before is that the four most basie human needs -food, clothing, fuel and shelter- have grown a lot cheaper. Take one example. In 1800 a candle providing one hour’s light cost six hours’ work. In the 1880s the same light from an oil lamp took 15 minutes’ work to pay for. In 1950 it was eight seconds. Today it’s half second. 3) Let’s not kill ourselves for climate change Mitigating(减轻) climate change could prove just as damaging to human welface as climate change itself. A child that dies from indoor smoke in a village, where the use of fassil-fuel(化石燃 料) electrieity is forhidden by well meaming members of green polucal movements trying to save the world, is just as great a tragedy as a child that mes in a flood caused by climate change. If chmaic change proves to be xxxx, but cutting carbon canses realparn, we may well find that we have stopped a nose bleed by putting a tournquet(止血带) around our necks. 63. What is the theme of Ridley’s most recent book? A. Weakness of human nature. B. Concern about climate change. C. Importance of practical thinking. D. Optimism about human progress. 64. How does Ridley look at shopping? A. It encourages the creation of things. B. It results in shortage of goods. C. It demands more fossil fuels. D. It causes a poverry problem.

65. The candle and lamp example is used to show that A. oil lamps give off more light than candles B. shortening working time brings about a happier life. C. advanced technology helps to produce better candles.


D. increased production rate leads to lower cost of goods. 66. What does the last sentence of the passage imply? A. Cutting carbon is necessary in spite of the huge cost. B. Overreaction to cliamate change may be dangerous. C. People’s health is closely related to climate change. D. Careless medical treatment may cause great pain. 【答案】DADB 10.(2011·浙江卷)B

48. What will the government most probably provide if it is engaged in a pump-priming program? A.Sums of money B. Raw materials C.Human resources. D. Media Support. 49. When Sylvia says ―His speech was OK but it had no real punch‖,she thinks it was not___ . A. fluent and impressive B. logical and moving

C. informative and significantD. interesting and powerful 【答案】BCAD 11.(2011·全国 II)C Student Membership-----Cambridge Arts Cinema Cambridge Arts Cinema is one of the art houses in Britain and home of the internationally celebrated Cambridge Film Festival. Since 1947 generations of students have discovered the wealth of world cinema. Now you too can make most of it and save money.

48. Which of the following is the most famous event held at Cambridge Arts Cinema? A. The Cambridge Film Festival. B. Meetings with filmmakers.

C. The preview screening. D. Monthly premieres. 49. If you're a member of Cambridge Arts Cinema, you will enjoy free_ A. Darkroom Gallery shows B. mailed programmes C. special film events D. film shows 50. How long will the membership for Cambridge Arts Cinema last? A. Four months. B. Eight months. C. Nine months. D. One year. 51.For what purpose is the text written? A. Offering students cheaper tickets. B. Announcing the opening of a premiere. C. Telling the public of the cinema's address. D. Increasing the cinema's membership. 【答案】ABCD 12.(2011·四川卷)B Exploit your parking space An unused parking space or garage can make money. If you live near a city center or an airport, you could make anything up to ? or ? a week. Put an advertisement 广告) free 200 300 ( for on Letpark or Atmyhousepark. Rent(出租)a room Spare room? Not only will a lodger(房客)earn you an income, but also, thanks to the government-backed ―rent a room‖ program, you won’t have to pay any tax on the first ?4500 you make per year. Try advertising your room on Roomspare or Roommateeasy. Make money during special events Don’t want a full-time lodger? Then rent on a short-term basis. If you live in the capital, renting a room out during the Olympics or other big events could bring in money, Grashpadder can advertise your space. Live on set

Renting your home out as a ―film set‖ could earn you hundreds of pounds a day, depending on the film production company and how long your home is needed. A quick search on the Internet will bring up dozens of online companies that allow you to register your home for free—but you will be charged if your home gets picked. Use your roof You need the right kind of roof, but some energy companies pay the cost of fixing solar equipment(around£14,000), and let you use the energy produced for nothing. In return, they get paid for unused energy fed back into the National Grid. However, you have to sign a 25-year agreement with the supplier, which could prevent you from changing the roof. 45. If you earn £5000 from renting a room in one year, the tax you need to pay will be based on ______. A. £800 B. £500 C. £4500 D.5000

46. Where can you put an advertisement to rent out a room during a big event? A. On Letpark. C. On Grashpadder. B. On Roomspare. D. On Roommateeasy.

47. If you want to use energy free, you have to_____. A. sign an agreement with the government B. pay around £14,000 for the equipment C. sell the roof to some energy companies D. keep the roof unchanged for within 25 years 48. For whom the text most probably written? A. Lodgers. B. Advertisers.

C. House owners. D. Online companies 【答案】BCDC 13.(2011·福建卷)C

Elixir written by Eric Walters Twelve-year-old Roth becomes a friend of Dr. Banting and his assistant, Mr. Best, who are in search of a cure for diabetes (糖尿病).She finds herself torn between her sympathy for the animals being experimented on and her friendship with Banting and Best.

George Washingtion Carver Written by Elizabeth Macleod Meet the ―Peanut (花生) Specialist‖, George Washington Carver, the inventor and professor who made over 325 products out of peanuts. Through his agricultural research, he also greatly improved the lives of countless black farmers in the southern United States. See also Macleod’s Albert Einstein: A Life of Genius.

The Inuit Thought of It: Amazing Arctic Innovations Written by Alootook Ipellie & David MacDonald Explore more than 40 ideas necessary to Inuit survival. From ideas familiar to us today to inventive concepts that shaped their lives, celebrate the creativity of a remarkably intelligent people. Also see other books; The Chinese Thought of It by Tingxing Ye and A Native American Thought of It by Rocky Landon and David MacDonald.

Made in Canada:101 Amazing Achieverms Written by Bev Spencer What things do we use daily that have a Canadian connection?Here are 101 common things that were invented in Canada or by a Canadian,including the Blackberry,alkaline(碱性) batterices and the Blue Box yecycling program.

Newton and the Tlme Machine Written by Michael Me Gowan Ten-year-old boy Newton has invented a time machine to see dinesaurs up close.But it disappears on a test run with his two huge friends,King Herbert and Queen Certunde,in can he save them before time runs out? 64. Which of the following best describes Roth’s feeling in Book 1? A. Painful B. Curious C. Frightened D. Disappointed

65. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Animals are mentioned in Book 1 and Book 5. B. Book 3 introduces 40 inventive concepts. C. Alkaline batteries were invented by Dr. Banting. D. George Washington Carver was a black farmer in the US. 66. In Book 5, King Herbert and Queen Gertrude are_______

A. Newton’s human friends C. two dinosaurs

B. the names of the time machine D. the inventions of the time machine

67. If you are interested in native Americans, you may read the book by _____. A. Elizabeth Macleod B. Eric Walters D. Bev Spencer

C. Rocky London & David MacDonald 【答案】64—67AACC



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高考英语专题分类高考英语专题分类隐藏>> 3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 2011 高考英语阅读理解分类汇编之人物传记...


2011年高考英语试题完形填空分类汇编_高三英语_英语_...2011年全国高考英语试题... 24页 7下载券 02[1]...完型填空专项训练50篇[附... 72页 1下载券 2011...


2011年高考英语阅读理解分类汇编之科普知识类_高考_...62. 答案 D 【解析】 细节理解题。 根据最后一段...” said Dinana Reiss of 7 the Wildlife ...


2011-2013年全国各地高考英语试题分类汇编:故事类阅读...60 题: 考点:推断题 答案:C 结合全文理解,开头...【答案】CDABA 7. A(2011·全国卷新课标卷) ...


2011年高考英语分类汇编-完形填空(附答案解析共18篇)_高二英语_英语_高中教育_...7 重点考查实词的用法,尤其是动词、短语动词、名词和副词的用法,共 19 道题...


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