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The topic of NBA and NBA stars I like most
Goodafternoon everyone, this time I will talk something about the NBA and some of NBA stars I like most, just accompanied by the new 2012-2013 NBA season begins before long. I hope after my speech, you can become more familiar about the NBA and some of the most welcomed NBA stars, further more maybe indulged into it to have a feast in the new season. Now please enjoy it! As everyone knows, NBA is a place where amazing happens and this will no doubtful make its fans excited and crazy, logically, it is welcomed all over the world with millions of fans. But what is NBA and where it comes from? The following I will give the answer. NBA is the abbreviation of National Basketball Association, It is the world's premier men's professional basketball league and one of the major professional sports leagues of North America. It was founded in New York City on June 6, 1946 with 66 years history. At first ,there were only 11 teams, In 2004, the Charlotte Bobcats(夏洛特.山猫) team joins in NBA , the team reached 30, one of which is from Canada, the rests are from the United States, like Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Houston rockets, Denver, clippers and so on. The 30 teams of NBA are divided into two alliances---East and West alliance, both of them has 15 teams. There are three divisions in each alliance separately with 5 teams. West alliance can be divided into Northwest, Southwest and Pacific division. East

alliance can be divided to Central, Southeast and Atlantic division. The game is divided into three stages: regular season (常规赛), play-offs(季 后赛), finals(总决赛). Of course, the most exciting part is the finals. In each NBA’s regular season all the teams will compete with teams of their own divisions, their own alliance and also the another alliance, totally fight for 82 matches, and step by step to rise in rank both of east and west allicance through regular season, then the top eight of each alliance are qualified to compete in play-offs. They will first separately fighting for the champion of their alliance, and then the two champions will meet in the NBA finals. In the finals, they will play no more than 7 matches to fight out the winner, then this team are the NBA championship of this season and will be award the “Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy”(拉里·奥布莱恩冠军奖: 用以纪念前 NBA 总裁拉里·奥布莱 恩)and the most outstanding player will be award the finals’ MVP and each players of champion team will be award the NBA rings. These are the highest honor of NBA, even in basketball field. National Basketball Association is the first big professional Basketball tournament, represents the highest level of world Basketball, which produced a Michael Jordan, magic Johnson, kobe Bryant, lebron James, yaoMing, such as world stars. The following I will talk about some great basketball players that are well-know to everyone. The first one I will introduce is Michael Jordan, people name him

“flyer”, his uniform number is 23, as the Bulls dynasty’s founder, he has got Six-time NBA champion and Final MVP, Five-time NBA MVP ,10-time All-NBA First Team Defensive Player of the Year (1988), 14-time All-Star, Two-time Olympic gold medalist (1984, '92), he is a legend and no player can touch him. Kobe Bryant, another American NBA basketball player, called ”small flyer variant”, birth in 1978, 1.98 meters, is now playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, the shooting guard. He has millions of fans and his No.24 uniform always sell first all over the world. His parents named him after a kind of steak: the famous beef of Kobe, Japan, which they saw on a restaurant menu. Kobe Bryant is the youngest child and only son of his parents. He has two sisters and a beautiful wife. In November 1999, 21 year’s old Bryant met 17 year’s old Vanessa Laine while she was working as a background dancer on a music video. The two began dating and were engaged just six months later in May 2000, while Vanessa was still a High School student in Huntington Beach, California. By now they have two lovely daughters. When in Basketball court he often acts as the key player achieving the unbelievable shoot, as we all known, he once also got 81 points in one game which created a record. Just because of this, he is given lots of Nicknames, just like “Black Mamba” ” Mr. 81” “Buzzer Beater Bryant(读秒杀手)” “Lord of the Rings(指环王)” and so on. He is thought to be the most powerful American basketball player an present.

Of course, there are some other NBA super stars I like, such as the “Big Three” of Miami, last year’s championship. One of them is King James, people accustomed to call him Empire. He was last year’s final MVP, as we all known, he is very strong, just like a gorilla, so that no one can stop him. Another famous NBA former star is Allen Iverson, with about 1.83 meters’ height, nickname is “The answer”. He is the lowest NBA first overall pick in history and played in The Philadelphia 76ers. In his career he once won four times scoring champion, 2 times MVP in all stars when played in all stars many times. Once be the American dream team captain. But the later of his career is not so glorious, as his whole body is almost injured. Recently the team named United States stars consist of Iverson and the legend NBA star Rodman come to china to play with the CBA champion team-BeijingShouGang, Iverson performs outstanding, therefore it is said that he may sign with a CBA team, what an exciting news, let’s wait and see! Tracy Mcgrady is also Another most welcomed NBA star, as he once played in rockets as partner to YaoMing, called “Yao-Mai combination”, he once played very well and won two times continue scoring champion, 7 times played in all stars, and once in a match with spurs got 13 points in shortly 35 seconds created the unbelievable “Mcgrady time”. But unfortunately, he was seriously injured continuously and performance

not so good. Consequently, at present none of the NBA teams willing to sign a contract with him. So the CBA team Qingdao has an opportunity to sign with this former NBA super star before long, and we are waiting for his return. Of course, I believe! However to our Chinese’s proud, there is also some China basketball players once played in NBA, the most well-known one is Yao Ming, known as the “little giant”, he is the Chinese basketball signs and pride. Born in September 12, 1980, in Shanghai, Owns Height of 2.26 meters, he joined the Shanghai sharks in 1997. In 1998 he becomes a member of the China national team. In 2002 he was the Houston rockets player to the number-one pick in. At the first year he was accepted into NBA all-star. Even though he played very well, but he is still very hard. He keeps two mottos, the one is “Believe in yourself, and the young yourselves should not be ordinary”, the another one is “How do you treat your body, your body will treat you”, so guided by the two mottos, he follows his dream in NBA and never give up, even though he was once seriously injured his left leg in 2008. These years in NBA and in rockets, his friendly and politely characters made him have lots of good partner and friends, such as his rockets’ partner Mcgridy and Francis. In July 9, 2011, NBA official website announced that Yao Ming had decided to retire from NBA. China and the world to lose a superstar, he represents the pride of China basketball. He married with YeLi, a member of China

women basketball team in 2006 shanghai. Apart from YaoMing, there are some other Chinese players once played in NBA, they are WangZhizhi(the first Chinese player in NBA)、 Bater(in spurs)、 SunYue(once played in lakers)、 YiJianLian(nets and Dallas Mavericks), but they are ordinarily performed, and at present all of them have left NBA. However it is deserved to be mentioned the Chinese American NBA player Jeremy Lin, nickname “Linsanity”, he was known all over the world in one week when played in New York team, got 136 points as starter in his NBA career’s first five matches, become the history’s best. And in 2012-2013 season he signed with Houston Rockets and his partner is James Harden who is one of the Big Three of last season’s champion Thunder team. Seen from the performance of the “Ha-Lin combination” in the first few matches of regular season this year, it’s potential is beyond measured. So give my best wishes to Jeremy Lin and Rockets, wait and see what will happen in the following season! I also suggest every one of you to enjoy this new NBA season and experience the amazing happens! That’s all, thank you!



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