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新人教英语词汇句型复习课件必修1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero

必修1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela—a

modern hero

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要点梳理 ●重点单词


1.quality n.质量;品质;性质

2 . active adj. 积 极 的 ; 活 跃 的 → actively adv. 积 极 地
→activity n.活动 3.devote vt.(与to连用)献身;专心于→devoted adj.忠实 的,深爱的→devotion n.奉献 4.found vt.建立;建设

5.principle n.法则;原则;原理
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6.peaceful adj.和平的;平静的;安宁的→peace n.和 平 7.legal adj.法律的;依照法律的→illegal(反义词)

8.hopeful adj.怀有希望的;有希望的→hopeless(反义
词)→hope n. & v.希望 9.youth n.青年;青年时期 10.vote vt. & vi.投票;选举 n.投票;选票;表决

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11.attack vt.进攻;攻击;抨击 12.violence n.暴力;暴行→violent adj.猛烈的,凶暴的 13 . equal adj. 相 等 的 , 平 等 的 → equally adv. 相 等 地

→equality n.同等,平等
14.willing adj.乐意的;自愿的 15.escape vi.逃脱;逃走;泄露 16.educate vt.教育;训练→educated adj.受过教育的; 有教养的→education n.教育

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17.beg vi. & vt.请求;乞求 18 . relative n . 亲 戚 ; 亲 属 → relation n . 关 系 →relationship n.关系

19 . terror n . 恐 怖 ; 可 怕 的 人 ; 恐 怖 时 期 ; 恐 怖 活 动
→terrorism n.恐怖主义→terrorist n.恐怖分子 20.reward n.报酬;奖金 vt.酬劳;奖赏 21.opinion n.意见;看法;主张

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●重点短语 1.out of work 失业 2.as a matter of fact 事实上

3.in trouble 在危险/受罚/痛苦处境中
4.turn to 求助于;致力于 5.lose heart 丧失信心 6.come to power 当权;上台 7.set up 设立;建立

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8.be sentenced to 被判处??(徒刑) 9.worry about 担心 10.be put into prison 被关进监狱

11.blow up 使充气;爆炸
12.fight against 对??而战 13.go against the law 违反法律 14.be willing to do sth. 乐于干?? 15.be active in sth. 积极从事??

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●重点句型 1.The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress, until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all.过去30年来所出现的大量法律剥夺了我们的权利,阻挡了 我们的进步,一直到今天,我们还处在几乎什么权利都没有的 阶段。 2 . ...only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. ??直到那时我们才决定以暴还暴。

3.I felt bad the first time I talked to a group. 第一次给旅行团
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●高考范文 (2009· 山东卷) 假设你是李华,曾在美国学习半年,现已回国。你想联系你

的美国老师 Mr Smith,但没有联系方式。请根据以下要
点给你的美国同学 Tom写一封信: 1.感谢Tom对你英语学习的帮助; 2.询问Mr Smith 的近况并索要其联系方式; 3.邀请 Tom 在春节期间来中国感受中国文化。

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[思路点拨] 审题可知本题是对书信形式的应用文体的考查。本题要求以 李华的名义给美国同学Tom写信,因此本题需要用第一人

并适当增加细节。格式、语言等方面要符合文体要求,论 述要点应简明扼要。

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[范文] Dear Tom, Thank you very much for your kind help when I stayed

in America. With your help, my English has improved
a lot and my teachers and friends are surprised at my fluent English.

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How is Mr Smith? I want to know something about his life. I tried to get in touch with him, but unfortunately I don't have his address and can't connect with him. Do you have his e-mail address or his telephone number?

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The Spring Festival is coming. It is an important traditional festival for Chinese, when all the family members get together. It is like Christmas in the Western countries. Would you like to come to feel the Chinese culture? I am sure you will live happily here and learn a lot of funny things. Besides, I can

also show you around some places of interest.
Best wishes! I'm looking forward to your reply. Yours, Li Hua
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互动探究· 能力备考

Ⅰ.词汇短语过关 1.quality n. 质量;品质;性质,特征

quantity n. 数量
be of good/bad quality 好/坏的品质 be of high/poor quality 优/劣质 extra fine quality 特等 first-rate quality 一等

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of good quality (1)He has a watch _________________.

他有只质量好的手表。 (2)One quality of wood is that it can burn. ______

in large quantities (3)It's cheaper to buy goods __________________. 购物的量大就便宜一些。

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2.devote vt. (与 to 连用)献身;专心于 devoted adj. 热爱的;忠诚的 devoteoneself time one's life money energy +

doing sth.


sb. be devoted to 专心致志于;忠于;很喜欢 a devoted friend 一位忠实的朋友

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to helping (1)She devoted her lifetime ____________

homeless children. 她把一生用来帮助无家可归的孩子。 to studying (2)His whole life has been devoted ____________ the origin of cancer.他的一生都献给了对癌症起因的研究。 (3)After he graduated, he continued todevote himself to ______________ research.毕业之后他继续致力于研究工作。

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3.vote vt. & vi.投票,选举 n.投票;选票;表决 vote for投票赞成 vote against投票反对

vote on投票表决
vote...down投票击败,投票否决 vote through投票通过 put...to the vote付诸表决,裁决

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vote for or against (1)Did you ________________________

her?你投了她的赞成票还是反对票? was voted (2)He ____________ the most promising new director. 他当选为最有前途的新导演。 votes to (3)The plan was passed by 6 ____________ 3. 这项计划以6票对3票获得通过。 提示:vote for表示“投票赞同”; vote against表示

“投票反对”,类似结构还有“be for/against; fight
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4.equal vt. 等于;抵得上adj. 相等的;胜任的 n. 同等/相等的人或物

equality n. 平等
A equals B in...A在……方面比得上B be equal to+n./doing sth. 等于;与……相等;有……的 能力 (勇气、力量等);胜任,能干 be without equal/have no equal 无与伦比

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in [即学即练4](1)He equals me ______ strength but not ______ intelligence.他和我力气相当,但智力不同。 in to in (2)Are men equal ______ women ______ physical

(3)She did not feel equal ____________ visitors. to receiving 她觉得自己不适合接待来客。 (4)Yao Ming is a basketball player without equal in ____________ China.


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5.escape vi. 逃脱;逃走vt. 避免;免除 n.逃跑;逸出;出口 escape from 从……逃脱,逃走

escape+n./doing sth. 避免(做)某事
a narrow/near escape死里逃生 fire escape太平梯,安全梯;安全出口

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escaped from (1)The bird has _____________ its cage.

小鸟已从笼中逃掉了。 (2)Is the gas escaping ____________ somewhere?

(3)How can we escape observation being observed ___________/______________? 我们怎样才不会被人发现? escapes (4)His name _________ me for the moment. 我一时想不起他的名字来。

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6.reward n. 报酬;奖金;vt. 酬劳,奖赏 rewarding adj. 报答的,有益的,值得的 as a reward for 作为(对某事的)报酬/奖赏

in reward of 为酬谢……;作为奖励
reward sb. for sth./doing sth. 为(做)某事而报答某人 reward sb. with sth. 用某物奖赏某人

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a reward for (1)It's __________________ virtue.


in reward (2)I don't expect anything ____________; I did it because I enjoyed it.
我不指望得到什么报答,我做这件事只是因为我喜欢干。 rewarded with for (3)They ________ the boy ______ £5 ______ bringing back the lost dog. 他们给了那个男孩五英镑,酬谢他把走失的狗送回来。

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7.out of work 失业 out of business 破产;歇业 out of control 失控

out of repair 失修
out of order 有毛病 out of date 过时 out of one's reach 够不着 out of danger 脱险

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out of question 毫无疑问 out of the question 不可能的 out of patience 失去耐心

out of temper 发脾气
out of mind 心不在焉

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Out of sight out of mind (1)________________,______________.


out of work (2)He’s been __________________for six months. 他已经失业六个月了。
out of question (3)It is __________________that he will be admitted into key universities.他能考上重点大学是不成问题的。

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8.in trouble 处在困难/麻烦中(表状态) get (sb.) into/out of trouble 使(某人)陷入/摆脱困境(表动作)

ask/look for trouble 找麻烦
make trouble 闹事;捣乱 have trouble in doing sth. 做某事有麻烦 take the trouble to do sth. 不辞辛苦地做某事 put sb. to the trouble of doing sth. 麻烦某人做某事
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(1)My friends always help me out when I

in trouble am ____________(有麻烦时). get me into trouble (2)Don’t mention my name, or you’ll ________________

(3)They ________________________(费心地) find the took great trouble to right person.

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9.lose heart (=be discouraged) 气馁;灰心;泄气 lose one's heart to sth. (=devote oneself to sth.) 把身心投入到……

lose one's heart to sb. (=fall in love with sb.)喜欢……

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(1)It is said that the team lost the game

lost heart simply because the team leader ____________. 据说这个队比赛输了就是因为队长丧失了信心。

(2)Don’t ____________; all will turn out well. lose heart

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拓展:put one's heart into 把全部心思放在…… have sth. in one's heart 把……放在心上 have one's heart in sth. 对某事有兴趣

set one's heart on/upon sth. 渴望/热衷于某事
learn...by heart 记住;背诵 take heart 振作精神,鼓起勇气

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10.turn to求助于;致力于 turn away拒绝,不准某人入内 turn around转身

turn down拒绝;调小
turn in上交 turn off关掉 turn on打开 turn out赶出;证明是,结果是 turn over翻身,翻转 turn up露面,出现;开大
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(1)Nobody seems to understand. I don’t

know who to ____________. turn to 似乎没人懂这个,我不知道该向谁求助。 turned to drinking (2)Paul __________________ alcohol to try to forget his problems at work.保罗借酒消愁,想忘掉工作中的问题。 turned out(to be) harder (3)The job ______________________ than we thought. 这份工作结果比我们想像的更难。 turn down (4)Why did she ____________ your invitation?

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11.set up 设立;建立 [即学即练11] 写出下列各句中set up的意思。

张贴 (1)They set up a notice on the wall._________ (2)They set up a committee to investigate the matter.
建立 __________ (3)Chinese athletes set up quite a few new world records in the 15th Asian Games. 创(纪录) ____________

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拓展:set about 开始做,着手 set aside 使分离;留出;拔出;不理会 set back 推迟,阻碍

set down 记下;写下;规定
set off 引起爆炸;动身出发;引起 set out 动身出发;开始;陈述;陈列

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Ⅱ.重点句型详解 1....only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.……只有到那时我们才决定用暴力反抗暴力。

only 修饰的时间、条件和方式状语,为了强调而提到句首
时,句子要用部分倒装形式,把原句中的情态动词、系动 词或助动词提到主语前面。only 如修饰从句而提到句首, 主句要部分倒装。

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①Only at that time did he realize that he had made a mistake. 直到那时他才意识到自己犯的错误。

②Only by practising a few hours every day will you be
able to master English. 只有通过每天练习几个小时你才能掌握英语。 ③Only with all your time and energy can you do the job well.


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④Only when I came back was I informed of the news. 直到我回来,我才被通知这个消息。 ⑤Only if I get a job will I have enough money to go to


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提示:(1)在部分倒装句中,如果谓语部分无助动词,则须找助动 词来“帮助”它构成倒装句。如: ×Only after the war learned he the sad news. √Only after the war did he learn the sad news. (2)only 修饰状语从句时,从句不可倒装。如: ×Only when did he return did we find out the truth.

√Only when he returned did we find out the truth.
(3)only修饰主语时,句子不可倒装。如: ×Only can he answer the question. √Only he can answer the question.
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[即境活用1](2008· 江苏)______ you eat the correct food ______ be able to keep fit and stay healthy. A.Only if; will you B.Only if; you will

C.Unless; will you

D.Unless; you will

解析:“only+if从句”放于句首,主句用部分倒装。 答案:A

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2.I felt bad the first time I talked to a group. 第一次给旅行 团作讲解时,我的感觉很不好。 the first time 相当于连词,引导一个状语从句,意为“第一 次”。这类特殊短语还有: (1)each time, every time, next time, last time, any time 等 也可以做连词用,表示“无论何时”“每当”“每次”等,

Every time we come to Beijing, we go to visit the Forbidden City. 每次我们去北京,我们都去参观故宫。

I didn' t have any penny last time I saw you.
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(2)immediately, directly, instantly 可活用为连词,引导时 间状语从句,表示“一……就……”,相当于 as soon as。 The young man rushed out of the hall immediately he

heard the sound.那个年轻人一听到声响就冲出了大厅。
(3)the moment, the minute, the second, the instant 等名 词短语也可用做连词,也相当于 as soon as,表示 “一……就……”。 The moment Professor Wang appeared on the platform,

the audience all stood up and clapped warmly.
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(4)the morning/afternoon/evening, the night, the day, the week, the year, the spring/summer/autumn/winter 等一些表示时间段的名词短语也可以引导时间状语从句。 The morning Mr Smith was walking along the lake, he met an old friend. 那天早晨史密斯先生在湖边散步时遇到了一位老朋友。

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______I toured Zhangjiajie, I was deeply

impressed with its beautiful scenery. A.For the first time B.At first

C.It was the first time

D.The first time

解析:the first time 用做连词,引导时间状语从句。 答案:D

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自我完善· 误区备考

1. reward/award/prize (1)reward 指对某人的服务或工作等的报答,也指因帮助警

(2)award 指为鼓励在工作中达到或完成所提出的要求或条 件的人而进行的奖励,往往强调荣誉而不在乎奖品的多少。 (3)prize多指在各类竞赛、竞争或抽奖中所赢得的“奖,奖 品”。

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reward (1)She received a medal as a ______ for her

courage.她得到一枚奖章,作为对她勇敢的奖赏。 prize (2)A ______ was given to the person who had the

winning number.奖品给了那个获得中奖号码的人。
award (3)He won the ______ for the best student of the year. 他获得本年度优秀学生奖。

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2. 名词短语或副词做连词,引导时间状语从句 [应用2] (1)Betty shows great interest in this poem now,

but she thought it boring ______ she read it.

A.at the first time
C.for the first time 答案:B

B.the first time
D.at first

解析:the first time“第一次时”,引导时间状语从句。

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(2)My sister came ______ she got my short message. A.exactly C.directly B.especially D.simply

解析:directly=as soon as“一……就……”,引导时间状 语从句。

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(3)He left Europe ______ World War Ⅱ broke out. A.the year C.during the year B.in the year D.for the year

解析:the year“在……这一年”,引导时间状语从句。

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自我测评· 技能备考

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president 1.He was made ______________(董事长) of the club.
2.He is the sort of man to be trusted because he always lives principle up to his _______________ (原则).

rewarded 3.His effort was _____________ (回报) with great success.
4.Most children in cities are better __________ (教育) than educated

those in the countryside.
sentenced 5.He was ____________ (判刑) to death.

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terror 6.She cried in t__________ when she saw a snake. equal 7.Black people are born e______ to the whites so they should share the same rights as them. quality 8.This company is more concerned with q________ than with quantity. selfish 9.He is s_________ and he is always thinking of himself. opinion 10.In my o__________, we should put off the sports meeting.

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Ⅱ .单项选择 1.As ______ matter of fact, ______ beauty of ______ nature there made an excellent impression on me. A.a; the; / C.the; the; / 答案:A B.a; the; the D.a; /; the

解析:考查冠词。as a matter of fact 实际上,事实上;
nature 指“大自然”,不用冠词。

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2.The police ______ roadblocks on routes out of the city to prevent the criminal from escaping. A.set up B.set back

C.set down

D.set aside

解析:set up “建立,设立”合题意。set back 阻碍;set down 写下,记下;set aside 留下。

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3.(2010· 临川一中)Although ______ my opinion, the old professor didn't come up with his own. A.in B.against



解析:考查介词用法。语意:虽然老教授反对我的观点,但 是他也没有提出自己的观点。前半句是“Although he was against my opinion”的省略结构。

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4.—Did you give the book to him? —Yes. I gave it to him ______ I saw him. A.once B.the moment



解析:the moment 用做连词,引导时间状语从句,意为 “一……就……”。

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5.They agreed to the plan ______, but there were some details they didn't like. A.in danger B.in peace

C.in principle

D.in common

解析:考查介词短语。in principle“原则上,大体上”合题 意。in danger 危险; in peace 和平;in common 和……一样。

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6.Courage is one of the best ______ of a good soldier. A.quality C.qualification B.quantity D.feature

解析:指“品质”用 quality。B.数量;C.资格;D.特色, 特征。

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7.Mr Read made up his mind to devote all he had to ______ some schools for poor children. A.set up B.have set up

C.setting up

D.having set up

解析:句中的 all后面的 he had为定语从句,此题考查动词 短语 devote...to 的用法。to为介词,排除A、B两项。 set up schools的动作并未发生,排除D项。

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8.Fitness is important in sport, but of at least ______ importance are skills. A.fair B.reasonable



解析:be of equal importance 具有同等的重要性。

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9.You were lucky to escape ______. A.punished C.being punished B.from punishing D.from being punished

解析:escape being punished=escape punishment 逃 过受罚。

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10.(2009· 宜昌模拟) It is said that the police have offered a large ______ for information leading to the robber's arrest. A.award C.reward 答案:C 解析:指“奖赏、酬金”用 reward。 B.prize D.welfare

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11.In 2009, 3.88 million students graduated from colleges and universities, ______ 20% increase from 2008, some of whom remain out of ______work. A./; / C.a; the 答案:B 解析:第一空表示“一个20%的增长率”用a;第二空 out of work “失业”。 B.a; / D.the; /

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12.When ______ great trouble, you should learn to make the quick choice without someone to turn ______ for advice. A.in; down C.into; up 答案:B 解析:考查固定搭配。 in trouble处在困难中;turn to sb. for sth. 向某人请求某物/事。 B.in; to D.under; to

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13.Only ______ as an interpreter ______ how important it was to practise speaking English. A.when I worked; I realized

B.when did I work; did I realize
C.when I work; did I realize D.when I worked; did I realize 答案:D 解析:当only出现在句首修饰时间状语从句时,主句应使用 部分倒装。
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14. The old man told us not to remain ______ there was danger. A.in which B.the place where

C.at the place


解析:考查 where 引导的地点状语从句,此时不能换成 in which,相当于 at the place where/in which。

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15.______, and Charles felt hopeless. A.Sentenced to death B.As he was sentenced to death

C.Sentencing to death
D.He was sentenced to death 答案:D 解析:考查句式用法。由于有连词 and,故选D。

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Ⅲ .完形填空 When I was young, I really doubted whether there was love between my parents. Every day they were busy

earning money so that they could __1__ the high
tuition my brother and I needed. They didn't __2__ in the romantic ways that I read in books or saw on TV.

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One day, Mom was sewing a quilt(被子). I __3__sat down beside her. “Mom, I have a __4__ here,” I said after a while. “Is there love between you and Dad?” I asked her in a very __5__ voice.

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Mom stopped her work and raised her head with __6__ in her eyes. She didn't answer immediately. She bent her head and continued to sew the quilt. I was __7__ if I had hurt her. I was in great embarrassment and I was at a loss what to do. But at last she said, very __8__ , “Susan, look at this __9__. Sometimes it appears, but

most of it disappears in the quilt. The thread really
makes the quilt strong and lasting. If __10__ is a quilt, then love should be a thread. It can hardly be seen, but

it's really there. __11__ is inside.”

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I listened carefully but I couldn't understand her until years later. One day, Dad accidentally got__12__ while on duty.

Ever since then he could no longer__13__ properly.
Every morning and dusk Mom would help Dad walk slowly on the country road. Along the country road, there were beautiful flowers, green grass and trees. The leaves were gently glistening __14__ the sun shining upon them. All of these made up the most beautiful __15__ in the world.
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“Dad, how are you feeling now?” I asked him one day. “Susan, don't worry about me,” he said gently. “I just like walking with your mom. I like this kind of life.” Looking into his eyes, I__16__ what they meant. The doctor had said Dad would __17__in two months. But that day never came. He __18__ away in peace.

__19__ I thought love meant flowers, gifts and sweet
kisses. But from this __20__ , I understand that love is just a thread in the quilt of our life, which makes life strong and warm...
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1.A.afford C.spend 2.A.go

B.cost D.offer B.live

3.A.happily C.secretly 4.A.request C.message 5.A.loud C.low

B.silently D.nervously B.problem D.question B.light D.clear
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6.A.surprise C.stress 7.A.amazed

B.anger D.horror B.confused

8.A.quickly C.bitterly 9.A.quilt C.thread 10.A.belief C.experience

B.excitedly D.gently B.needle D.sewing B.work D.life
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11.A. Warmth C.Cotton 12.A.tired

B.Thread D.Love B.drunk

13.A.talk C.work 14.A.with C.for 15.A.signs C.pictures

B.walk D.think B.as D.by B.symbols D.reflections
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16.A.read C.translated 17.A.retire

B.doubted D.recognized B.recover

18.A.passed C.faded 19.A.Again C.Then 20.A.lesson C.experience

B.escaped D.turned B.Once D.Later B.account D.accident
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答案及解析: 1. A。句意为:“他们忙着挣钱,以便能够支付我和我的弟弟需 要的高昂学费。”afford和can/could 连用表示“付得起钱或 抽得出时间”。 2.C。句意为:“他们没有按照我在书中读到的或在电视中看到 的浪漫的方式做事。act做事,行事。

3. B。由于作者有一个严肃的问题想问母亲,所以她静静地坐在
母亲旁边。 4. D。从后文的问句可知答案从B或D中选择。考查question和 problem的区别。对于让对方回答的问题要用question。 5. C。 由于这个问题很严肃,所以作者只能用低低的声音问。
共 84 页 79

6. A。作者的母亲没有想到作者会问这样的一个问题,所以刚听 到的时候母亲眼中充满了惊奇。 7. B。从后句中的“我很尴尬和我不知道要做什么”,我们可以 知道作者不知道自己是否伤害了母亲,所以该空用confused 表示“困惑的,不清楚的”。 8. D。过了一会儿,母亲语气柔和地说道。在这样一个充满温情

9. C。根据语境知道是指线,有时露出被子,有时隐藏在被子中。 10. D。后文的句子I just like walking with your mom. I like this kind of life.暗示答案用life,作者把生活比喻为被子。

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11. D。文章讲的是父母之间是否有爱,所以用love。爱是 内在的,是用实际行动来灌溉的。 12. D。get injured 受伤。

13. B。由下文中的help Dad walk slowly on the country
road可知父亲受伤后不能正常地到处行走。 14. A。考查with复合结构,在该句中用with复合结构表示 伴随。 15. C。落叶和母亲搀扶父亲行走的画面构成了世界上最美


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16. A。read可以做“理解,读懂”,如:read one's thought等。 17. B。recover受伤后的恢复健康。 18. A。从前句中的but可知父亲没有恢复健康,而是平静地 离开了人世。pass away去世。 19. B。过去作者认为爱意味着鲜花等,但是现在作者理解

20. C。从这次经历中作者明白了爱的真正含义。

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Last Sunday I saw the worst storm in years. It came
sudden and went on for over three hours. After lunch, I

sudden→suddenly 1.______
went into my room to have a rest. The air was hotter, and

hotter→hot 2.______
all is quiet. Then a strong wind started to blow into my

out→out of 3.______

room. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air


and some flew out the open window. As I ran out to catch

√ 5.______
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them, big drop of rain began to fall. When I came back 6.______

drop→drops into house, it was raining harder and harder. I tried house前加the 7.______
very hard to close the window. Then I heard a loudly 8._____________

crashing(碰撞的)sound from the back of the house. When I ran 9.______


去掉When out to find that a big tree had fallen down and broke the
10.______ top of the back room.


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