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Module 4
Sandstorms in Asia

What is the biggest problem facing the earth?






Water pollution

Air pollution


Howmust a green world (土壤)荒漠化,沙漠化 We do somebecomes a desert? thing to stop it!


Xinjian g


Inner Mongolia Gansu

Watch the video <sandstorm>

Introduction-1. Vocabulary and writing
Therehas been a ________. sandstorm It has______for lasted ten hours and was very____________. frightening The wind was________the blowing sand high around the house.

and some cars were completely_____by buried the sand

Reading & Vocabulary

Look at the photo. Answer the questions.
Answers: 1. There is a sandstorm blowing. 2. They’ve wearing hoods, masks and glasses to protect themselves. 3. It moves very slowly. Because it is not clear to see everything on the road and people must take great care. 4. Stay at home.

1, Complete the sentence using the

correct form of these words ( answers)

? sandstorm

? ? ? ?

has been blowing / has lasted frightening was blowing buried

Fast reading:
? ? ? ? ? ?
Para.1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4 Para.5 Para.6 a. the description of sandstorms b. the causes of sandstorms c. a major disaster in Asia d. the effects of sandstorms e. the government’s measures f. the forecast and suggestions

Central Asia

North America Central Africa




Further reading:
1. Sandstorms are strong winds carrying ____ through the air. A. dirt and mud B. rain and heat C. sand and dust D. cloud and snow 2.What do the experts advise people to do when a sandstorm arrives in the city? A. Don’t go out B. Don’t wear masks. C. Don’t go to work as usual. D. Don’t ride bicycles 3.The factors that cause land to be desert are ____. A. cutting down trees B. digging up grass C. climate changes D. all of the above 4. From the last paragraph, we know ____. A. the government is taking measures to prevent sandstorms. B. the distance between the desert and the center of Beijing is only 250 kilometers. C. more than 30 million trees have been planted in Beijing . D. the government won’t plant trees any more in the next five years

Sandstorms in Asia
strong,dry winds that carry sand, Phenomena terrible, the most frightening, dangerous (现象) places Central Asia North America

causes 引起

Australia Desertification, climate changes cut down trees, dig up grass an orange sky, strong winds cover … in a thick, brown-yellow dust move slowly,difficult to see,breathe,ill not to go out , wear a mast

Central Africa

effects 影响 advices solution (解决方案)

plant trees

4, Complete these sentences
? 1) ..prevent you from seeing the sun. ? 2) ..he experienced a terrible sandstorm. ? 3) ..because of desertification. ? 4) ..cause deserts and sandstorms to
increase. ? 5) ..the drivers cannot see. ? 6) ..prevent the desert coming nearer.

5, Complete the sentence using the words from the text.

? 1, forecast (ed) ? 2, frightening ? 3, survived ? 4, dust ? 5, process ? 6, cyclists / citizens

language points: ① major
adj. 较多的;较大的;

主要的;主修的 ** 主要目的是帮助穷人。

The major aim is to help the poor people.
** 主修课程

the major subjects


be caught in 被困在…….中


? He was caught in the storm last week
and caught a cold.

? catch up with ? catch hold of ? catch fire ? catch sight of

赶上 抓住 着火 看见

3 situation

n. 位置,地位,形势,情况,处境

**这个房子的地点很好。 **形势非常复杂。

? The house has a fine situation. ? The situation was complicated.
? political situation **经济局势 ? economic situation

4, survive

vt.& vi. 活下来,幸存,保存下来


? Few survived after the flood.

? Only one person survived the terrible

? survival

n. 幸存者

** as a result 结果

? An accident took place, as a result
five people were killed. ? as a result of=because of 由..产生的结果

? He could not work as a result of his

** wake up to


? 直到参加工作他才意思到学习的重要性。

? He didn`t wake up to the importance
of study until he joined in the work. ** wake up 醒来,叫醒 Don`t make a noise or you will wake the baby up.

..because the thick dust makes it difficult to see.

make it + adj. + to do….

? it 是形式宾语,adj. 作补语,to do是真正宾语


? His explanation made it easy for us
to understand the text.

** surprise
** vt. 使惊奇,使震惊;感到惊奇 使我惊奇的是他英语说得那么好。

? What surprised me was that he spoke
English so well.

? I`m surprised to hear you say that.
** n.惊奇,诧异;使人惊奇的事,出人意料


? His face showed surprise at the news.

听到这消息,他脸上露出惊奇的神色。 in surprise 惊奇地 to one`s surprise 使….惊奇的是

** To prevent it coming nearer,..
为阻止沙漠的逼近…. ** prevent…from doing…阻止或防止…干… ? 大雨使他们不能按时到达那里。

? The heavy rain prevented them from

getting there on time. ** prevent…(from) doing = stop ……(from) doing/keep…from doing

? His illness kept him from going to school. ? Sorry to keep you waiting so long.

◎ ◎ What causes sandstorms?

◎ What can we do to stop

Why is more and more land becoming desert?

1:03 结束

soil be blown away

trees be cut down nothing to hold.. soil be washed into…

too many sheep and cattle

all the grass be eaten

grass never grow again ; the land become desert

The area of desert is growing.

What causes sandstorms?
a video tape (沙尘暴的形成)

It can be reduced if we try to “repair” desert and protect areas that are in danger of becoming desert.

We should be more careful with our water, try to use less and recycle as much water as possible.

Water is the source of life, but it is not inexhaustible. If we did not take action now, the last drop of water in the world would be man’s tear!

水是生命之源,但它却不是取之不尽,用之不竭的。 如果我们现在不采取行动,世界上的最后一滴水将 是人类的眼泪!

We should live in harmony with nature.

Help me, help you, help everyone.
Return GREEN to the earth!



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