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必修一 M odule5 1.exist vi.存在;生存(无被动式和进行时) 归纳拓展 (1)There exists/existed...某地有……;存在…… exist in 在于?? exist on=live on 靠??生活/生存 (2)existence n.存在;生存 be in existence 存在 come into existence 开始产生,成立 bring into existence 使产生 (3)existent adj.存在的;现行的 例句:We can't exist without food or water. 没有食物和水我们就不能生存。 I can hardly exist on the wage that I'm getting. 我靠我挣的工资简直难以糊口。 When did the world come into existence? 世界是什么时候开始存在的? 【链接训练】 ①He doesn't believe in the ________ of God. A.life C.existence B.exist D.exhibition After waiting for half an hour, I concluded that he wouldn't come at all. 等了半个小时后,我得出结论,他不会来了。 【链接训练】 The ________,I think,he drew from his simple experiment is not scientific. A.conclusion 【解析 】 B.charge C.promise D.relation 考查 名词 区别 及动 词搭 配。 这里 考查 draw a

conclusion“得出结论”这一固定短语,此题中 conclusion 提前 了。 【答案】 归纳拓展 (1)take aim at 瞄准,对准 achieve/attain one's aim 达到目的 miss one's aim 打不中目标/达不到目的 without aim 漫无目的地 (2)aim at 瞄准,对准;目的在于 aim gun at 把枪瞄准?? aim to do sth.旨在做某事 be aimed at 针对;目的是,旨在 (3)aimless adj.无目的的;无目标的; aimlessly adv.无目的地;无目标地 例句:Teamwork is required in order to achieve these aims. 要达到这些目标需要团队合作。 He aimed the gun at the bird. 他用枪瞄准那只鸟。 My sister aims to be a pilot when she leaves school. 我姐姐立志毕业后要成为飞行员。 【链接训练】 The farmer built long fences,________keeping the wild dogs out of them. A.aim at 【解析】 B.aim for C.aiming at D.aiming for aim at“目标在于” ,此题中用现在分词形式作伴随 C vt. & vi.形成;构 A vt.瞄准,对准,目标在于

3.aim n.[C]目标,目的;[U]瞄准

【解析】 句意为: 他不相信有上帝的存在。 life“生命” exist (v.) ; “存在,生存” ;existence(n.)“存在” ;exhibition“展览” 。根 据句意选 C。 【答案】 C

②As everyone knows ,since the Communist Party of China ________ in 1921,great changes have taken place in China. A.came into effect C.came into existence 【解析】 B.came into exist D.came into power

考查动词词组辨析。句意为:众所周知,自从 1921

年中国共产党成立后,中国发生了巨大的变化。 come into existence“开始产生,成立” ,符合题意。come into effect“生效, 执行” ;come into exist 短语本身错误;come into power“上台, 掌权”【答案】 。 归纳拓展 (1)come to/arrive at/reach/draw a conclusion 得出结论 make a conclusion 下结论 bring...to a conclusion 使……结束 in conclusion 总而言之;最后 (2)conclude v.结束,断定,推断出 Conclude sth.(from sth.) that 推断,断定出 To conclude 最后一句话 例句:I've come to the conclusion that he's not the right person for the job.我断定他不适合做这项工作。 In conclusion, I would like to thank you for your coming to the meeting. 最后,我对各位出席这次会议表示感谢。 1 C

2.conclusion n.结论,决定;结束,结局;协定,协议

状语。 【答案】

4.form n.表格;形式;外形;状态,精神 成;组织;养成;培养 归纳拓展

(1)fill in/out the form 填表 be in/out of form 状态良好/不好 in the form of...用……的形式 take the form of...采取……的形式 (2)form a good habit of 形成一种……的好习惯 form in line 排好队 form (=set up) a company 创办公司 form into 组成……;编成…… 例句:He is filling in the application form. 他正在填申请表。 The team were in excellent form throughout the whole competition. 这个队在整个比赛过程中一直处于良好的状态。

必修一 M odule5 The cookies were all in the form of stars. 那些饼干的形状像星星。 They formed the habit of getting up early when in high school.中学 时,他们养成了早起的习惯。 【链接训练】 ________,the house is like the letter S. A.In form C.With form 起来像字母 S。 【答案】 B.In the form D.In a form 把你们的分数加起来,我们就可以看出谁赢了。 The continuous rain added to our difficulty in rebuilding the dam. 持续的降雨增加了我们重修大坝的困难。 【链接训练】 —Did little Kate help you with the work yesterday? —Why ?Yes.But her help ,as a matter of fact ,________my difficulty.What a naughty girl! A.added up to C.added to 【解析】 B.added up D.added

【解析】 in form“在形式上” 。句意为:形式上,这座房子看 A

考查短语 add to“增加,添加”的用法。句意为:

5.balance n.天平,秤;平衡;收支差额,余额 v.平衡;斟酌,权衡 归纳拓展 (1)keep a balance between A and B 保持 A 与 B 均衡 keep one's balance 保持(身体)平衡;保持镇静 lose one's balance 失去平衡,心慌意乱(表动作) be out of balance 失去平衡(表状态) in/on balance 总的来说,权衡起来,两相比较 (2)balance A against B 权衡/比较 A 与 B (3)balanced adj. 保持平衡的;均衡的 例句:Can you balance yourself on skates? 你穿着溜冰鞋能保持身体平衡吗? You should balance the advantages against the disadvantages before your final decision. 在作出决定之前,一定要权衡利弊。 His suggestion has,on balance,proved useful. 他的建议总的来说是有用的。 He kept his balance with his arms on top of the wall. 他在墙上用双臂保持平衡。 【链接训练】 There are both advantages and disadvantages in the scheme proposed,but ________ I think we should benefit by adopting it. A.on balance C.on the balance 【解析】 B.out of balance D.off balance

——昨天小凯特帮助你工作了吗?——什么?是的。但是事实 上,她的帮助增加了我的困难。她是个调皮的小女孩!add up to “合计为,总计为” ;add up“把??加起来”【答案】 。 2.used to do sth.过去常常做某事 归纳拓展 (1)It used to be said that...过去人们常说?? There used to be...过去有?? (2)be/get used to (doing) sth.习惯于做某事(to 为介词, 后跟名词、 代词或动名词) be used to do sth.被用来做某事(use 在此为“使用”之意,是其 被动语态,后跟不定式) C

例句: used to go to the cinema a lot, I never get the time now. I but 我过去常看电影,但现在根本没时间。 Did there use to be a hotel on that corner? 那个拐角处过去有家旅馆吗? The old man gets used to walking after supper. 这位老人习惯于晚饭后散步。 Wood can be used to make tables. 木材可用来制造桌子。 同类辨析 used to do 与 would (1)used to do 只有过去式,表示过去常做的事或过去的状态。主 要与现在比较,暗示现在不再这样了。 (2)would 用来表示过去反复出现的动作。多有时间状语加以限 定,意为“总是” ,不表示过去存在的状态。 例句:He used to go fishing on Sunday. 过去他常在星期天去钓鱼。(现在已不去了) On Sundays he would come to my college to see me.周日他总是 来学校看我。 【链接训练】 ①You didn't use to like him much when we were at school, 2


存在, 但是两相比较, 我认为我们应该取其精华。 balance on “总 的来说,权衡起来,两相比较” ,符合题意。 【答案】 短语 1.add...to...往??加入??;把??加到/进??里 归纳拓展 add up sth. =add sth. up 把??加起来 add up to 总共是;总计为(不用于被动语态) add that...补充道?? add in 算入;包括 add to 增加;加到 例句:Add some oil to the water.往水中加入一些油。 Add your scores up and we will see who win. A

必修一 M odule5 ________? A.were we C.did you 【答案】 C B.weren't we D.didn't you expensive,impossible,possible 等。 (3)It be+adj.+of sb.to do sth.句型中作表语的形容词是对 sb.及 其行为的评价,此类形容词有 good,kind,nice,wise,wrong, clever,brave,honest 等。 (4)It be+adj./n.+that 从句 例句:It seems only reasonable to ask students to buy a dictionary. 要学生买一本词典,好像也没什么不合情理的。 It's careless of you to make so many mistakes in this exam. 在这次考试中你出了这么多错,真是太粗心了。 It's difficult to finish the task in such a short period of time. 在这 么短的时间内完成这项任务很困难。 Is it true that the Smiths are emigrating? 史密斯一家要移民,这是真的吗? 【链接训练】 —Do you think Jack is to blame? —Yeah,it was very rude ________ facial paper to the guests at the table. A.of him to throw C.that he threw 【答案】 语法 形容词和副词的比较级和最高级 基本用法: (1)表示倍数的三个句型 ①...times as+adj./adv.原级+as... ②...times the+性质名词+of... ③...times+adj./adv.比较级+than... 例句:This table is three times as big as that one. =This table is three times the size of that one. =This table is twice bigger than that one. 这张桌子是那张桌子的三倍大。 (2)同级的比较,用 as...as,the same as,such...as 引导。 例句:Henry is as good a worker as Peter (is). B.kept out D.kept up =Henry is such a good worker as Peter (is). 亨利和彼得一样都是好工人。 (3)“比较级+and+比较级”结构(两个同义形容词的比较级), 表示“越来越??”的意思。 “the+比较级,the+比较级”结构,表示“越??就越??” 。 例句:As time goes on,the boy is getting more and more diligent. 这孩子的勤奋与日俱增。 The busier he is, the happier he feels. 他越忙越感到高兴。 (4)“the+比较级+of the two”意为“两者之中更??的一个” 。 例句: The larger of the two islands is Britain, which lies to the east of Ireland. 两个岛中较大的是大不列颠岛,位于爱尔兰东部。 3 A B.for him to throw D.enough to throw

②I________in the house which________books and magazines. A.am used to live;used to keeping B.used to live;has been used to keeping C.having been used to living;was used to keep D.used to live;is used to keep 【答案】 面 归纳拓展 keep away 离开,避开 keep back 退缩;隐瞒;留(扣)下;阻止 keep sb. from (doing) sth.阻止某人做某事 keep up (with) 跟上;不落在后面 keep it up 不松劲,照原样继续下去 keep off 让开,避开 keep on doing sth.继续做某事 keep on with (doing sth.)继续(做某事) keep out 把??关在外面;阻止入内;不参加 例句:This will keep air out of the water. 这会把空气阻挡在水之外。 I have always tried to keep out of their quarrel. 我总是尽可能的不卷入他们的争吵中。 You won't be able to keep the truth from her father. 你是瞒不了她父亲事实真相的。 It's hard to keep up with the changes in computer technology.要跟 上电脑技术的变化是很难的。 【链接训练】 A certain percentage of your salary is ______ by the employer as an insurance payment. A.kept away C.kept back D

3.keep...out of...使??进不去;不让??进入;把??挡在外

【解析】keep back“扣留,留下” ,符合题意。keep away“远 离” ;keep out“使??进不去” ;keep up (with)“跟上”【答案】 。 C 句型 It is hard to think of a world without metals. 很难想象一个没有金属的世界。 归纳拓展 (1)It is /seems /feels...+adj.+to do 句型中 it 用作形式主语,真 正的主语为动词不定式。 (2)It be+adj.+for sb.to do sth.句型中表语说明不定式行为的特 点, 常见的形容词有 easy, hard, difficult, important, necessary,

必修一 M odule5 (5)比较级和否定词连用,意为“最??不过” 。 例句:The situation couldn't be worse. 形势再糟糕不过。 They have never seen a movie better than this one.他们从未看过 这么好的电影。 (6)注意 no+比较级+than 句型的特殊含义。 A is no more careful than B. A 和 B 两人都不仔细。 A is no less careful than B. A 和 B 两人都很仔细。 A is not more careful than B. A 不如 B 仔细。 A is not less careful than B. A 的仔细程度并不弱于 B。 (7)一个人的两种性质的比较,用“more...than...”结构。 例句:—Ann acts quite unfriendly. 安表现得相当不友好。 —I think she's more shy than unfriendly. 我认为与其说她不友好,不如说她害羞。 (8)比较的对象不能相互包容。 这个问题比那一个稍难。 This article is a little more hard than those ones.这篇文章比那些 稍难一点儿。 (11)注意比较结构中的省略现象。 在日常交际中,彼此都明白的比较对象往往省略。这种省略现 象给正确判断造成一定的障碍,高考题中出现率较高,应引起 足够的重视。 例句:—What do you think of the film? 你觉得这部电影怎么样? —I have never seen a better one.(后边省略了 than this film)我没 有看过比这部更好的了。 Tom's composition,if not better(省略了 than Jack's),is at least as good as Jack's. 汤姆的作文如果不比杰克的更好, 也至少和杰克的作文一样好。 【链接训练】 ①—Do you think the weather is good enough for an outing? —Yes, you couldn't hope for ________ at this time of the year. A.the nicer day C.the nicest day 【答案】 B B.a nicer day D.a nice day

?any other+单数名词? ? ?all ?the? other+复数名词? 比较级+than+? ?anyone else? ?any of the other+复数名词 ?
例句:The M ississippi River is longer than any other river in the United States. 密西西比河比美国其他任何一条河流都长。 China is larger than all the other countries in Asia. 中国比亚洲的其他任何国家都大。 China is larger than any country in Africa. 中国比非洲的任何一个国家都大。 (9)比较的对象应该相同。 例句:The weather here is warmer than that of Shanghai. 这里的天气比上海的暖和。 The radios made in our factory are better than those (made) in your factory. 我们工厂制造的收音机比你们工厂的要好。 (10)常见的修饰比较级的修饰语有 rather,much,still,even, far, any(用于否定句或疑问句), lot, little, great deal, far, a a a by a bit,slightly 等。 例句:The students study even harder than before. 学生们学习比以前更努力了。 A car runs a great deal faster than a bike. 汽车比自行车跑得快多了。 This problem is a bit harder than that one. 4

②—This house looks beautiful,doesn't it? —Well, rather have a house ________ to look, ________ to I'd but live in. A.not beautiful;most comfortable B.less beautiful;more comfortable C.less beautiful;most comfortable D.beautiful;comfortable 【解析】前后要一致,故选 B 项。 【答案】 ③—Is this your second car? —Yes.Blue is always my colour.It is a little________but still fits________into the garage. A.wider;easily C.wider;more easily 【答案】 A B.widest;more easily D.widest;easily B

④Though he started late,M r Guo played the piano as well as,if ________,M iss Liu. A.not better than C.no better than 【答案】 A B.not better D.no better

⑤John is the tallest boy in the class,________ according to himself. A.five foot eight as tall as C.as five foot eight tall as 【解析】 B.as tall as five foot eight D.as tall five foot eight as

five foot eight 意为“五英尺八英寸” ,放在 as tall as B

后表示个子的高度。 【答案】



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