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Unit 13 People

一、单词拼写 写出下列英语单词或汉语意思。 1. _____________ vt.应得,值得 deserve 2.______________ adj.thankful grateful 3.______________ adv.如此,因此 thus harvest 4.______________ n.收获 sharp 5.______________ adj.锐利的;锋

利的 6.______________ shortcoming n.缺点,短处 7. ______________ n.眼泪vt.撕破 tear 8. ______________ vt.证明,核实 verify 9. ______________ n.档案,文件 file 10. _____________ adv.永远 forever

glare 11. ______________ vi.怒视,瞪 12. ______________ n.账目;账户 account 13. ______________ vt.控告,谴责 accuse 14. _______________ n.同伴 companion 15. _______________ adj.整洁的 neat 16. _______________ adj.不安的,难过的 upset 17. _______________ vt.预言,预测 predict 18.embassy n. __________________ 大使馆 19.section n. __________________ 部分 20.butcher n. __________________ 屠夫,肉商

在(上)船上 21.aboard adv. _________________ 潮湿的 22.damp adj. _________________ 23.poet n. _________________ 诗人 家庭教师,导师 24.tutor n. _________________ 天文学 25.astronomy n. _________________ 瞥一眼 26.glance v. _________________ 过敏的 27.allergic adj. _________________ 28.alike adj.& adv. _________________ 相像的 叹息,叹气 29.sigh v. _________________ 咀嚼 30.chew v. _________________

二、单词运用从上题中选择一个单词并用其恰当 形式填空。 1.The earthquake in Wenchuan was not________ predicted in advance, causing more deaths. grateful 2.I am___________to you for your help? 3.Mary’s English teacher blamed her for failing to hand in her homework on time.So she was really _________ about it. upset companion 4.A dog is a faithful_____________. 5.His statement was_________by his classmates, verified and thus his teacher didn’t punish him.

三、单词派生写出下列各词的派生词。 1. accurate adj. 精确的,准确的 ______________ adv.精确地,准确地 accurately ______________ n.精确,准确 accuracy

2. independent adj.独立的 _______________ independence n.独立 _______________ adj.依靠的,依赖的 dependent _______________ v.依靠,依赖 depend

3.fail v.失败 ____________ n.失败 failure 4.anxious adj. 忧虑的,担心的 ____________ anxiously adv. 忧虑地,担心地 ____________ n.忧虑,担心 anxiety 5.guilt n.罪行,罪状 _____________ adj. 有罪的 guilty _____________ guiltless adj. 无罪的

四、词语活用用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.It’s impossible to predict the earthquake______. accurately Also it was hard to say with great__________how accuracy many were affected.(accurate) 2.He has already been_____________while his independent sister has still been_____________on his dependent parents.Additionally, he is a sincere man who can depended be___________on.(independent) 3.He_________to pass the oral exam.But he was failed failure not discouraged.After all, __________is the mother of success.

4.Mary’s mother is__________ anxious about her, who has been traveling abroad.For some people, air travel anxiety is a real__________. 5.Although he denied his______, guilt the police proved he was________.You are not right thinking he guilty is__________. guiltless

五、词组互译 将下列词组或短语译成中文或英语。 1. ________________ 就……来说,从某个角度看 in terms of 2. ___________________ 单独地,独自地 on one’s own 3. ___________________ be willing to do sth 愿意做某事 4. ___________________ 参与,与??有关联 be involved in 5. ___________________ compared with/to 与??比较 6. ____________________ 指控某人某事 accuse sb of sth 7. ____________________ 怒视 glare at 8. ____________________ 禁不住做某事 can’t help doing 9. ____________________ 诚实的说 to be honest 10. ___________________ 由于 thanks to

be popular with 11. ___________________ 受某人欢迎的 12. ___________________ 致力于, 献身于 be devoted to 13. ____________________ 也 as well 14. ___________________ lead/live a happy life 过幸福的生活 more and more 15. ___________________ 越来越 16. ___________________ 迷路 lose one’s way come up with 17.____________________ 想出 复习 18.do some revision ____________________ 除了 19.except for ____________________ 责备某人 20.tell sb off ____________________

21.fall behind 22.the last straw 23.talk sb into doing sth 24.draw up 25.figure out 26.in a hurry 27.be allergic to 28.end up

落后,掉队 ____________________ 最后的底线 ____________________ 劝服某人做某事 ____________________ 起草 ____________________ ____________________ 理解 匆忙地 ____________________ 对??过敏 ____________________ 结果为,以??结束 ____________________

六、动词填空用括号中所给动词的适当形式填空。 Supported (Support) by his academic 1. ____________ research, he suggested that when_________ predicting (predict) someone’s future success, their character, as measured by EQ tests, might actually matter more than their IQ. 2.They also showed a better understanding of the compared disabled students’ feelings___________(compare) to students who had not been involved in the study. 3.The last straw was when I heard someone _________ singing (sing) behind me.

glared 4.I picked up my books, __________(glare) at her and whispered loudly, “ Thanks to your noise, I’ve been unable to study.You’re so selfish.” 5.If Jenny______________ hadn’t been (not be) a kind person who was willing to forgive my shortcomings, I would never have experienced such friendship?

七、介词填空用适当的介词填空。 1.Suppose you are doing a project to find a to problem.What is the first thing to do? solution___a with 2.It is generally believed that people_______high EQs are open to new ideas and have positive attitudes_________life. towards 3.Professor Mayer, recognized by many_____a as leading expert in the study of changes to people’s EQs, recently announced the results of a study on senior high school.

with/in relief and agreed to meet her 4.I sighed__________ at the convenience store down the road. 5.When I recognized her in the convenience store, I was filled with shame and apologized several for times______my rude behavior. 6.She was standing ______a with book in her hands near the “English Literature Section”.

八、连词填空 用适当的连接词填空。 1.Even if they never see their results, they feel that their what IQ is_________determines how well they are going to do in life. 2.When they see other students doing better than them, they usually believe that those students have a higher IQ that and________there is nothing they can do to change facts. 3._________your IQ tells you how intelligent you are, While how your EQ tells you________well you use your intelligence. that she looked like a sensitive, friendly 4.The fact_________ girl didn’t matter. 5.I felt so guilty,_____Jenny just laughed and told me she but was glad to see that I’d also left my glare in the library.

九、精彩段落按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要 求,在空格处填入一个适当的词,或使用括号中词语的 正确形式填空。 The results of studies such as these show that EQ is [1]_______ than IQ. To get as important, if not more important [2]_______ successful ahead in the world and lead a happy[3]__________ (succeed) life means getting on with other people and being [4] __________(be) able to understand and react to situations [5]_____ in the best way possible. This requires a high EQ- the higher the better.

And the fact that [6]_____might be possible to it raise EQs means that schools need to make sure [7]_______their students [8]______________ that are receiving (receive) the education they really need,[9]______ and know that their futures are not entirely by determined[10]______their IQs.

十、语篇运用范文: Compared to the other teachers, Mr White, my oral English teacher, is tall and overweight with dark hair and brown eyes. There is no doubt that Mr White is very popular with students because he is very patient and cheerful and he is devoted to us the moment he came to our school. He likes traveling on holidays and he is often involved in playing football with his students in his spare time. He dislikes salty food and watching TV. If anything, it is news on TV that he watches occasionally.

1.matter vi.要紧,有关系 (=be important) ※用法: matter作动词主要用于疑问句、否定句 中,不能用于进行时态。 ◆搭配: (1) It doesn’t matter whether....是否??没有什么 差别 (2) sth./ sb. matter (little, great) to sb.某事/ 某人对 于某人(不/ 很)重要 (3) It matters (little, great) (to sb.) + wh-/ if 从句

■理解:理解下列句子的意思。 (1)The thing that matters is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not.

(2) It doesn’t matter much whether he will come or not. 他来不来都没有关系。 (3) It matters little to me what he says about me.

(4) The children matter more to her than anything else in the world.

2.desire vt. 渴望,期望,要求

※用法:desire后面可接名词、代词、动词不定式以及从 句作宾语,也可接复合宾语(desire sb to do)。后接从句时, 从句谓语用“(should +) 动词原形”。 ■运用:用所给词的适当形式填空或完成下列句子。 (1)We always desire___________ to live (live) in peace with our neighbours. (2)The Queen desires that you______________(come) at (should)come once. (3)He desired___________________________________( us to leave /that we should leave 我 们离开) soon. desire happiness 渴望幸福). (4)I __________________(

3.accuse vt. 控告,谴责

◇The police accused him of theft.警察控告他偷窃。

◆搭配:accuse sb.of (doing) sth.指控某人做某事
★拓展:the accused被告

★联想:vt. + sb.+ of +sth.的其它常用短语: (1)________sb of sth.抢夺某人的某物 rob (2)________sb.of a disease 治好某人的疾病 cure inform (3)________sb.of sth.通知某人某事 (4)________sb.of sth.警告某人提防某事 warn (5)________sb.of sth.提醒某人某事 remind cheat (6)________sb.of sth.欺骗某人某事 (7)__________sb.of sth.使某人信服某事 persuade

◆辨析:accuse & charge (1) accuse可用于正式或非正式、官方或个人间的文字 中,往往指当面指控或谴责某人的过错或罪行,所谴责 的事不一定很严重,不一定诉诸法律,常直接跟名词、 代词作宾语或接of短语,accuse sb.of sth.,表示指控或 谴责的原因。
(2) charge表示正式地指控,通常是在法庭上;在引申 意义上,指对某种公认标准的侵犯进行非正式地谴责, 可以跟名词、代词或that从句作宾语,常跟with短语, charge sb.with sth.。

■运用:翻译下列句子。 (1)她控告他偷她的表。 She accused him of stealing her watch. _____________________________________ (2) 他指责老板不守信。 _____________________________________ He accused his boss of having broken his word. (3) The candidate charged his opponent with neglecting his duty.

4.deserve vt.应受,值得,应该得到
※用法:其后多接不定式做宾语,偶尔可接-ing形式,此 时用-ing的主动形式表示被动意义。如: ◇He deserved to be punished.=He deserved___________. punishing 他应受处罚。 ◇deserve a rest/break/holiday应该休息 ◇deserve consideration/attention值得考虑/关注 ★联想:need, require, want, be worth, deserve 后的动词 -ing形式必须用主动形式表被动意义。

■运用:翻译下列句子。 (1)你很有能力,你应该找到更好的工作才是! You’re very able. You _________a better job. deserve (2)这本书值得一看。 This book_______________________________ deserves reading/is worth reading .

5.tear n.眼泪 v. 撕破 ■运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 (1)听到那个消息,他突然哭起来。 He burst __________when he heard the bad news. into tears (2)他把那封信撕成了碎片。 tore the letter into/to She ____________________pieces. (3)这种布料很容易撕破。 This kind of cloth______________. tears easily (4)他把布告撕了下来。 He_______________________. tore the notice down

6.account n.帐目,帐单,帐户;报告,描绘, 叙述 ◇The accounts show a profit of 9000.账目显示盈 利9000英镑。 ◇The policeman gave an account of the traffic accident.警察叙述了交通事故的经过。

★拓展:写出下列短语的汉语意思。 据说 (1)by all accounts __________________ (2)on account of 因为,由于 __________________ (=because of) 决不可以 (3)on no account __________________ 考虑,顾及到 (4)take...into account ________________ 记账 (5)keep the accounts ________________ (6)have an account at/with that bank 在那个银行有账户 _________________ 开户头 (7)open an account _________________ (8)draw money out of an account 在一帐户上取钱 _________________ 解释,导致 (9)account for _________________

■运用:选用上述短语完成句子。 (1)We delayed our departure______________the on account of bad weather. (2)When judging his performance, don’t________ take into account . his age____________ On no account (3) _______________must you disturb me while I am studying. (4)Too much rain______________________the accounted /accounts for poor crop.? account for (5)He could not____________his absence from school.

7. judge vi.评判,判定,断定 n.审判员,裁判员,鉴赏家 理解:说出下列各句的汉语意思。 (1)You can’t judge a book by its cover.

(2)I judge him to be about 40.

(3)She’s a good judge of wine.

◆搭配:judging by/from 根据??判断

◇Judging from previous experience, he will be late.根据以往的经验,他会迟到。 ※注意:judging from 用作独立结构,即不用考 虑与逻辑主语的一致性(即不用judged from), 类似的还有generally speaking (一般说来), strictly speaking(严格说来)等。 ■运用:用judge的适当形式填空。 (1)The performance was good, when________ judged (judge) by their usual standards. (2)__________(judge) from the truth, he is honest Judging enough.

8. devote vt. 献身于,致力于 ◆搭配:熟记下列固定结构。 (1)devote...to...把??用在/献给?? (2)devote oneself to...献身于/专心于/沉溺于/致力 于…… (3)be devoted to...专心于/沉迷于/深爱/忠诚??

※注意:to 是介词,后接名词、代词,或者doing。

■运用:将下列句子译成汉语。 (1)He has devoted his whole life to benefiting mankind. 他把一生都献给了造福人类的事业。 (2)Please devote more time to your work 请把更多的时间用于工作。 (3)He devoted himself to helping the poor. 他致力于帮助穷人。 (4)She is devoted to her studies. 她专心于她的学习。 (5)She is devoted to her children. 她深爱她的孩子。 ★拓展:devoted adj.热爱的,忠实的,全心全意的 devotion n.奉献

9.concentrate vt. & vi. 集中(思想,注意力等)

※用法:concentrate与介词on或upon搭配。 ◇You’ll solve the problem if you concentrate upon it.如果你全神贯注,就能解决这个问题。 ◇Concentrate your attention on what I’m going to do.集中注意力看我要做什么。
★拓展:concentration n.专注,专心;集中

■运用:用concentrate的正确形式或介词填空。 (1)Careless mistakes result from a lack of concentration ______________. (2) This work demands all your_____________. concentration is concentrated on (3) His mind________________his work.

10.grateful adj. 感激的,感谢的 ◇The mother was most grateful to the police who had found her lost child.那位母亲非常感激警察找 回了她走失的孩子。 ◇He was grateful for all you did.他对你所做的一 切表示感激。 ◆搭配:填上合适的介词。 for be grateful _____sb. ____sth. 因为某事感激某人 to ★拓展:gratitude n.感激 ★联想:thankful adj.感谢的

■运用:完成下列句子。 (1) 我非常感激你对我的劝告。 ______________________the advice you gave me. I’m deeply grateful for (2) 她送我一件礼物以表示对我的谢意。 She showed me her gratitude giving me a gift. _________________________by (3) 我真说不出我是多么感激你。 I can’t express how_________I grateful am ___you. to

1.end up (经过一个过程)以??结束/告终,最后 (到达) ※用法:可直接接doing;接sth.或sb. doing时, 常用with;后接表示职位的名词,表示“结果成 为”时,后可用介词as。 理解:说出下列各句的汉语意思。 (1)We talked so long, and I ended up missing the class. 我们谈了好久,结果把课都给误了。 (2)If he continues to steal, he’ll end up in prison.

(3)It ended up with failure.

(4)It ended up with only three of us going to the activity.

(5)He worked very hard and ended up as head of the firm.

(6)We set off for Newcastle but ended up in Scotland.


★辨析:end up with sth/doing sth(经过一个过程) 最终达到某状态(尤指不尽人意的) end with (活动或情况)以……结束 ◎用end with, end up, end up with填空。 end up (1) You will _________in debt if you keep on spending money like that. (2)The festival will _________a end with fireworks show. (3) Anyone who swims in the river could _____________a end up with nasty stomach upset.

2.in terms of 就??来说,从??上看,用??词 句 ◇In terms of natural resources, it is one of the poorest countries in Western Europe.就自然资源 来说,它是西欧最贫穷的国家之一。 ◇In terms of money, he’s quite rich, but not in terms of happiness.就钱来说他很富有,但就幸福 来说就不然了。 ◇He often talks about his girlfriend in terms of love.他经常用充满爱意的语言谈论他的女朋友。

■运用:根据汉语意思完成下列英文句子。 (1)这本书获得了好评,但从实际销售情况来看, 它并不太成功。 The book has been well received, but __________ in terms of actual sales(=in sales terms) ____________________________it hasn’t been very successful. (2)就经济力量说,她远远落后。 ___________________________, In terms of economic strength she is far behind. ★联想: come to terms with sth 迁就,顺从,接受 come to terms with sb 与某人达成协议,妥协

3.glare at 怒视(look at...in an angry way) ■运用:翻译下列句子。 (1)愤怒的父亲瞪着儿子。 ___________________________________ The angry father glared at his son. (2)他们站在那,互相怒视着对方。 They stood there, _____________________ glaring at each other ★辨析:glance at, stare at, gaze at (1)glance at 一瞥,匆匆一看(give a quick, short look) (2)stare at 盯着,凝视(因惊奇、害怕、生气等而 睁大眼全神贯注于某事) (3)gaze at 注视(因欣赏或无意识地长时间注视)

◎用glare at, glance at, stare at,gaze at 填空 (1)The teacher__________the boy when he found glared at the boy was making noise. (2)She____________him shyly from behind her glanced at fan. gazing at the beautiful scenery. (3)She stood____________ (4)He ____________me, trying to remember who I stared at was.

4.except for 除了

◇He is a good man except for his hot temper.他是个好人, 只是脾气暴躁而已。 ◆辨析:except 是指从同类的人或物中除掉一个或一些, except for 指对一个事物的整体表达作部分修正或指所谈 及的名词和除外的名词不属于同类时。 ◇They all went to sleep except the young Frenchman.除 了那位年轻的法国人以外,他们全都去睡觉了。(the young Frenchman与They all都是人) Your composition is very good except for the spelling.这 篇文章除了拼写以外,其他都不错。(the spelling与your composition不属同类)

■运用:用except, except for 填空。 (1)This is a good essay____________the first except for paragraph. (2)All the essays are very good_________yours and except John’s. except for few cars. (3)The roads are deserted____________a (4)The movie was good___________the ending. except for except (5)Any time_________Monday would be all right.

5.can’t help doing sth.忍不住做某事 ※说明:此短语相当于can’t help but do sth.。 ◇We can’t help laughing when listening to the cross talk.我们听相声时都会情不自禁地大笑。 ◇I couldn’t help but cry when I saw him.看到他 时,我禁不住哭了起来。 ※注意:can’t help (to) do sth.表示“不能帮忙干某 事”。 ◇He couldn’t help (to) wash the clothes.我不能帮 忙洗衣服。

★拓展:help oneself to 请随便吃点??,随便拿 ■运用:用括号里的词的正确形式填空。 (1) He knows nothing about it, so he can’t help do _______(do) any of your work. (2) She can’t help________ clean (clean) the house because she’s busy making a cake. (3) While shopping, people sometimes can’t help _________________(persuade) into buying being persuaded something they don’t really need.

6.have to do with 和??有关系 ※说明:这个句型表示与某事某人有牵连,有关 系,有瓜葛。 ◇I had nothing to do with the murder.I was at home all night.我跟那谋杀一点关系都没有。我 整晚都在家。 ◇Harry said he didn’t want to have anything to do with the new comer.哈利说他不想与那新来的 扯上关系。 ◇The book has to do with computers.那本书与计 算机有关。

■运用:完成下列句子。 (1) 你要明白我与此事一点儿关系也没有。 I have nothing to You’ve get to understand that________________. do with it _____________________________ (2) 我认为饮食的变化还有环境和作息的变化与体 重的变化有很大关系。 I think changes in routine, environment as well as have a lot to do with changes in weight diet____________________________________.

7.be/ get involved in 参与,卷入

★联想: be/ get involved with 和??有密切的联系, 给??缠住
◇I hate to get involved in other people’s quarrels. 我讨厌参与别人的争吵。 ◇He may be involved with the drug dealers.他可 能和毒贩有牵连。

■运用:填入介词。 (1) 那个国家一再卷入战争中。 That country gets involved_____wars again and again. in (2) 营养不当会增加得心血管疾病、糖尿病和高血压的几 率。 with Nutrition is involved______increased risk of cardiovascular disease, possibly diabetes, possibly hypertension. (3) 我警告过你别卷入这种事情对吗? in I have warned you not to get involved_____such matters, haven’t I?

8. leave...behind 留下;遗忘,遗留
※说明: leave...behind作“留下”解,是执行者有意识的 动作。作“遗忘,遗留”之意,为执行者无意识的动作。 ◇I shall leave you behind if you are not quick.如果你不 快点,我就把你丢在后面不管了。 ◇I’m sorry to have left my notes behind.糟糕,我忘了带 笔记。 ★联想:leave...alone 别管,别碰,别惹;让一个人待着 ◇I have told you to leave my things alone.我已经告诉过 你别碰我的东西。 ◇He didn’t want to be left alone.他不愿意一个人待着。

■运用:完成下列句子。 (1) 男人们都跑了,只留下老年妇女和孩子。 leaving only old The men had all run away,________________ ____________________________________. women and children behind (2) 迈克去买东西时忘了带钱了。 ____________________________when he went Mike left his money behind shopping.

And the fact that it might be possible to raise EQs means that schools need to make sure that their students are receiving the education they really need, and know that their futures are not entirely determined by their IQs. 情商是可以提 高的这一事实意味着学校需要保证学生接受他们 真正需要的教育,并且知道他们的未来不全是由 智商决定的。(Line-31 P9 )

结构分析:这是一个含有五个从句的复合句,主 句是the fact...means... that it might be possible to raise EQs是fact的同位语从句;means后的that引 导一个宾语从句;在宾语从句中,that their students are receiving the education they really need又充当make sure的宾语从句,they really need是定语从句,修饰先行词education,而that their futures are not entirely determined by their IQs则是know的宾语从句。不定式to make sure与 and know是need的并列宾语。

1. It is generally believed that people with high EQs are open to new ideas and have positive attitudes towards life.人们通常认为高情商的人善 于接受新观点,对生活持积极的态度。(p.9) ◆句型:It is generally believed that...= People generally believe that...人们普遍认为?? ※提示:that引导主语从句,that不可省略。

■仿写:根据汉语意思,完成英文句子。 人们通常认为努力并且对学习有积极态度的人会 取得好成绩。 __________________________those who study It is generally believed that positive attitudes towards hard and have___________________________ study will get good results.

2.On the other hand, there is little doubt that people with low EQs often have problems getting on with other people and dealing with difficult situations; thus they have a harder time surviving in life.另一方面,毫无疑问的是低情商的人经常 在与别人相处和处理困难形势时有问题,因此会 生活的比较艰难。 ◆句型:There is no/little doubt that...毫无疑问 have problems/ a hard time doing sth.做??有困 难 ※提示:that引导同位语从句,that不可省略。

■仿写:根据汉语意思,完成英文句子。 (1)毫无疑问,我们在一天内完成如此多的作业有 些问题,因此学习会比较困难。 There is no doubt _________________that we have some problems finishing so much homework in one day; thus ___________ we will ________________studying today. have a hard time (2)毫无疑问,他胜任这个工作。 ____________________he There is no doubt that is qualified for the job. (3)毫无疑问,没有钱我们无法生存。 _________________________we can’t survive There is no doubt that _____________________. without money

3.I was getting more and more annoyed and of course, the more upset I got, the less I was able to concentrate.我变得 越来越心烦意乱,当然, 我的情绪越坏就越难集中注意 力。 ◆句型:the + 比较级,the + 比较级 越??越?? more and more... 越来越?? ■仿写:根据汉语意思,完成英文句子。 她对考试变得越来越有耐心了。当然,她越细心,考试 成绩就越好。 more and more She is getting______________patient with the exams and of course,_________________she is,_________________ the more careful the better results she will get.



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