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外研版高一英语必修三课文重点词汇复习 Module 1 1.Paris is the capital and largest city of France (位于)on the River Seine. 2.The most popular place for tourists is the Eiffel Tower, the famous 征)of Paris. 3.One o

f the world’s largest art (位于)in Paris. 4.One of Barcelona’s most famous Sagrada Familia, which was designed by an Gaudi. 5.Gaudi worked on the (象

(美术馆) ,the Louvre, is also

(标志性建筑) the Church of the is (工程师)called Antonio

(工程)from 1882 until his death in 1926.

6.Many of Florence’s most beautiful paintings and (雕塑)were produced by great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. 7.Athens, the capital of Greece, is known as the (文明). 8.Greece’s best writers lived in (发源地)of western


Module 2 9.In the year 2000,147 world leaders agreed to work together to reduce (贫穷)by 2015 or earlier. 10. From this agreement came the Report. (人类) (发展)

11.One of the most important sections of this report is the Human Development (指数). 12.The Index (测量)a country’s achievements in three ways: life (预期数额) ,education and (收入). 13.The UK is in the thirteenth_____________ (位置) while China is in the middle of , the list. 14.The most important_____________ ( 目 标 ) are and_____________(饥饿) to reduce poverty

15.About 115 million children are not being _____________(教育). Module 3 16.A _____________(龙卷风)is a_____________(旋转的)_____________(柱 状物)of air from a thunderstorm to the ground. 17.Almost all of them_____________(发生)in the US. 18. _____________(飓风)are strong_____________(热带的)storms 19. …which_____________( 导 致 ) huge_____________( 波 浪 ), heavy rain and__________(洪水). 20.The_____________(灾难) killed 6,000 people in a population of 37,000 and destroyed 3,600 buildings. Module 4 21. _____________(沙尘暴) have been a_____________(主要的) disaster for many Asia countries for centuries. 22. Scientists have tried many ways to solve this problem and in China a mass_____________(战役) has been started to help solve it. 23.And the wind is sometimes strong enough to move sand_____________(沙丘). 24.It was the most_____________(吓人的) and the most dangerous situation I have ever been in. 25.You just had to hope you’d_____________(幸存). 26. Sandstorms in China appear to have increased in recent years as a result of_____________(荒漠化). 27.This is a_____________(过程)that happens when land becomes desert. 28. _____________(城市居民)wake up to an orange, sky and strong winds that cover the city in a thick, brown-yellow dust. 29.The Chinese Central Weather Station can_____________(预报) a sandstorm some weeks before it arrives in Beijing, but the_____________( 力 量 )of the storm sometimes surprises people. 30.To be _____________(骑自行车)in a sandstorm is frightening. 31…… to_____________(阻止) it coming nearer.

Module 5 32. But it was also a time when there were many great_____________(哲学家). 33. He _____________( 强 调 )the ____________( 重 要 性 )of kindness, duty and_____________ (秩序) in society. 34. Mencius was a _____________ (思想家) whose _____________ (学说) were very similar to those of Confucius. 35. For many years he travelled from state to state, teaching the_____________(原则) of Confucius. 36. He then became an _____________(顾问) to another ruler. 37. Mozi was another teacher who was very_____________(有影响的). 38. Mozi believed that all men were _____________(平等的). Module 6 39. Most of the Great Wall _____________(始于)from the Ming Dynasty. 40.Mao Zedong wrote a _____________(诗). 41.Yangtze River has been____________(利用)by the Three Gorges Dam. 42.The Three Gorges Dam is the biggest_____________ 建造) ( project in China since the building of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. 43.The _____________(坝) is nearly 200 meters high and 1.5 kilometres wide. 44.It is the largest _____________(水力发电)power station and dam in the world and has cost more than any other construction project in history. 45.China used 1.2 billion tons of coal for heating and_____________( 发 电)electricity. 46.The_____________(水库)has flooded 2 cities. 47. The project has flooded some of China’s most famous____________(历史) ____________(场所). 48.The Han Watchtower and the Moya_____________(悬崖) carvings… 49.About 800 historical relics have been_____________(淹没).

50. Some of them are being _____________(搬出)and some are being put into museums.

外研版高一英语必修三课文重点短语复习 1. Florence is an Italian city, which became famous ________ the Renaissance, a great artistic movement which began in the 1300s and lasted for three hundred years. 2. Athens, the capital of Greece, the birthplace of western civilization. 3. Their work has influenced other writers . 4. Norway is the list while the US is at number 7. 5. The bottom ten countries are all African countries, with Sierra Leone (in West Africa) _______________ the list. 6. The report shows that we are making some progress but that we need to . 7. Tornadoes can cars, trains and even houses and put them down in the next street —or even in the next town. 8. They can the back ______ a cat and the feathers off a chicken. 9. , there are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, causing about 80 deaths and 1500 injuries. 10. The cemetery where Coghlan was buried was destroyed by the hurricane and Coghlan’s coffin in the sea. 11. “To a sandstorm was a terrible experience. 12. This is a process that happens when land becomes desert because of climate changes and because people trees and dig up grass. 13. Ancient China was a place where states were often each other. 14. Mencius was a thinker whose teachings very those of Confucius. 15. His father died when he was young, and he by his mother. 16. However, when he saw that the ruler was not , he resigned. 17. In some ways, his beliefs those of Confucius. 18. Most of the Great Wall the Ming Dynasty. 19. Mao Zedong wrote a poem in which he dreamed of “walls of stones clouds and rain till a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges”. 20. Now his dream has . 21.The Three Gorges Dam, has been built to control flooding and _________ hydro-electric power _________the central region of China.



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