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Unit 11 Key to Success

Unit 11 Key to Success
词组 1) work in groups/in teams 按小组/团队工作 2) for the sake of…为了 3) in reality 事实上 =in fact=as a matter of fact 4) accomplish a task 完成任务 5) be familiar with 熟悉 6) be familiar to…被某人熟悉 (The name seems familiar to me. = I seem familiar with the name. 这个名字我似 乎是很熟悉的) 7) be made up of…由……组成 8) be counted as 被视为,被看作 9) make decisions about…对……作出决定 10) be uncertain of…对……不明确/确定 11) be aware of 意识到 12) be suitable for 适合 13) respond to different personalities 14) as with 和……一样 15) work division 分工 16) perform at the right level 发挥正常水平 34) through thick and thin不顾艰难;同甘共苦 17) take…into account 考虑 18) congratulate … on… 祝贺某人某事

19) put.. to use 使用, 利用 20) do make-up 化妆 21) in demand有需要, 销路好 22) tend to do …注意, 趋向, 倾向 23) live up to 实践,做到 24) dream of doing sth. 梦想做… 25) go to university 上大学 26) stick with 坚持做 27) on one’s own 独自地,靠自己 28) have/take a part-time job. 29) take evening classes 30) guard against提防, 预防 31) look back 回顾 32) as a whole 总体上 33) in excited discussions 在激烈的讨论中 4. 句型 1) What if you feel comfortable about doing a task by yourself? 2) A team is a group of individual people brought together in order to accomplish a task that cannot be efficiently or effectively completed by any member of the group alone. 3) A sports team is made up of a certain number of players , whose common goal is to work together to win a match. 4) In a sports team each player has a clear role, and there are few occasions when members are confused or uncertain of their roles. 5) Teams require leaders, and people who create ideas, who develop ideas, and people whose role it is to comment and help improve plans. 团队需要领袖人物, 需要具有创造性和开拓性的人,还要由对计划提出评议和改进意见的人。

6) People full of action and ideas are often the ones to bring new energy to the group, while people who are mainly listening and commenting are often the ones to keep an eye on procedures that must be followed. 那些富于实干和思路开阔的 人常常是给小组带来新的活力的人,而那些主要是倾听和评论的人常常是监督 工作流程的人。 7) Working in a team, we have to take into account how each individual member works best. 8) Too many people forget that in order to become successful, you must first explore your talents and get to know yourself so as to find out where your real interests lie. 5.知识点讲解 stick with继续支持; 紧跟,不离开,和某人保持密切关系。 如: You just stick with me. I’ll explain everything as we go along. 就跟着我,我会在 一起走的时候向你解释一切。 2)继续,坚持,保持 Let’s stick with the original plans. 我们还是坚持原来的计划吧。 (1)stick with a friend / an ideal忠于朋友(理想) (2) Stick with a task until it is finished.

stick to也含有stick with之意,它还有“坚持,固守”的词义 He always sticks to his promise. she finds it impossible to stick to a diet. 饮食老受限制,她觉得受不了。 He promised to help us and he stuck to his word. 他答应过帮助我们,他没有失 信。 Shall we meet on Friday this week? ---no, let’s stick to Saturday. 这个星期我们 星期五见面怎样? 不,还是照旧在星期六吧。 Stick 的用法: n. 树枝,手杖 v. (in, into, through)插入,刺入 (in, into, on )粘,贴住 放,置 to stick a fork into a potato 用叉子叉上马铃薯 I stuck a stamp on the letter.

我把一张邮票贴在信上。 The wheels of the car stuck in the mud and we could not go on. 车轮陷入泥里, 我们不能前进了。 Stick the chair in the corner. 将椅子置于墙角。 常用词组: stick out 突出;伸出,使伸出 触目;醒目 坚持到底;忍耐到最后 His ears stick out. 他长着一对招风耳。 She stuck her tongue out at me. 她冲我吐了吐舌头。 Don’t stick your arm out of the car window. 不要把胳膊伸出车窗。 She didn’t like the course but she stuck it out to get the certificate. 她并不喜欢 这门课,但是为了拿证书,她还是学完了。 through thick and thin

(1)We should stay with our friends through thick and thin. 我们应与朋友一起同甘

(2)A real friend is one who will stand by you through thick and thin. 真正的朋友会

pull out of从……中退出 (1)Jim saw that the-company was going to be ruined,so he pulled out of it. …所

(2)Sam pulled out of the plan at the last moment.

[拓展]此词组还有“离开;离去;脱离”之意。 (1) The train pulled out of Beijing right on time.

(2) Troops are pulling out of these troubled areas.


? percentage n.百分比;百分率 (1)What percentage of people die of this disease every year? 死于这种 疾病的人每年的百分比是多少? (2)What percentage of his income is paid in income tax? 他所缴的所得税占他的收入的百分之几? ? suspect饥怀疑;不相信 suspect+后常接名词或that从句, 也可构成suspect + sb.of sth.(怀疑某人某事)。 (1)I suspect the truth of the account. 我怀疑这项报告的真实性。 suspect his judgment.怀疑他的判断。 (3) We suspected that he was lost,even before we were told.

别人告诉我们之前,我们就怀疑他失踪了。 (4)We suspect him of murder.我们怀疑他有杀人罪。 ? cater v 提供饮食及服务;迎合;投合 (1) Who’s catering (at) your daughter’s wedding? 谁承办你女儿的婚礼酒席? (2) TV programmes usually cater for all tastes. 电视通常提供各种不同趣味的娱乐节目。 [搭配]cater to满足某种需要或要求 Our newspapers and magazines try to cater to all opinions. ? for the sake of由于;为了……的利益 (1) we must be patient for the sake of peace. 为了和平我们必须有耐心。 (2) He’s just talking for the sake of hearing his own voice.

他讲话的目的就是要听听自己的声音。 [拓展]此短语还可用for one’s sake I
’ll help you for your sister’s sake.为了你姐姐我将帮助你。

? keep an eye on照料;照管 Please keep an eye on the baby while I am in the garden. 我去花园的时候,请照看这个婴儿。 [拓展]fix one’s eyes upon / on盯着;凝视 keep one’s eyes open留心,注意 with one’s own eyes亲眼 ? take sth.into account考虑;体谅 (1) You must take the boy’s long illness into account. 你一定要考虑到这个孩子已经病了很久。 (2)You should take these facts into account.(=These facts should be taken into account. ? embarrass-vt.使尴尬;使为难 (1)embarrassing questions令人困窘的问题 (2)embarrassed by lack of money因缺钱而窘迫 (3)I don’t like making speeches in public,it’s so embarrassing我不喜 欢在公众面前讲话,太难为情了。 [记忆]embarrassing adj. embarrassingly adv. embarrassment n. ? congratulate vt.祝贺;庆贺 congratulate sb.on sth. / doing sth. give / accept congratulations on sth/doing sth . (1) We congratulated her on having passed the examinations. 我们祝贺她通过了考试。 (2) Let me congratulate you on the birth of your daughter .

让我祝贺你女儿的出生。 (3)Please accept my congratulations on your graduation 请接受我对你毕业的祝贺。 ? 1ive up to依照……行事;做到;不辜负(期望) (1) Did the film live up to your expectations? =Was the film as g∞d as you expected? (2) He didn’t live up to his reputation. 他的生活与他的名声不符。 (3) It’s difficult to live up to the new principles. 实行新的原则是困难的。 ? decline vi.拒绝;变小;变少;变弱Vt.拒绝;使下降 (1) He declined to discuss his plans with the newspapermen 他谢绝与新闻记者讨论他的计划。 (2)His strength slowly declined.他的体力渐衰。 (3)He spent his declining years in the country . 他在乡间度过他的晚年。 [拓展]decline n.下降;衰退 He has had a sharp decline in interest in farming. 对农业的兴趣大大下降。



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