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business 若干短语的用法详解
小编为大家整理了高考英语词汇解析的相关内容,非常实用,赶紧看看吧。 高考英语重点词汇解析:business 若干短语的用法详解 1 . business is business 公事公办。如: Bill may be a friend but business is business, and he’s not the best m

an for the job. 比尔可以算是朋友,但公事公办,他不是做这项工作最适合 的人选。 2 . do business with sb 与某人做生日。如: It’s a pleasure to do business with you. 同你做生意很愉快。 We don’t do much business with foreign companies. 我们跟外国公 司没有多少生意来往。 3 . get down to business 认真干事,开始谈正经事。如: It’s time we got down to business. 我们该认真办事了。 4 . have no business doing [to do ] sth 无权做某事,没有理由做某事。 如: You’ve no business to say that. 你无权说那样的话。 He had no business going swimming that day. 他那天不该去游泳。 5 . in business 在经商。如:

He is no longer in business. 他不再经商。 Most of my family are in business. 我们一家大多数经商。 6 . mind one ’s own business 管自己的事,不干涉别人的事。如: A:Where did you go last night? 昨晚你去那儿去了? B:Mind your own business. 你少管闲事。 7 . none of one ’s business 与某人无关,不关某人的事。如: It’s none of your business. 这不关你的事。 I know it’s none of my business, but what did you decide? 我知道这不关我的事,但我还是想请问你作出了什么决定呢? 注:有时也说 no business of sb’s.如: It’s no business of yours. 这不关你的事。 8 . on business 因公,出差,办事。如: No admittance except on business. 非公莫入。 I’m here on business, not for pleasure. 我是来办公事,不是来玩的。

blind 四个短语的用法详解
小编为大家整理了高考英语词汇解析的相关内容,非常实用,赶紧看看吧。 高考英语重点词汇解析: blind 四个短语的用法详解 1 . be blind in 失明。如: He is blind in both eyes. 他双目失明。 2 . be blind to sth 对某事视而不见或一无所知。 He is completely blind to her faults. 他一点儿也觉察不到她的错误。 He was blind to all arguments. 和他有理讲不通。 3 . the blind 瞎子,盲人。如: In that country the blind have special jobs. 在那个国家瞎子有特别 的职业。 4 . turn a blind eye to sth 假装没看见。如: The boss sometimes turns a blind eye to smoking in the office. 老 板有时对在办公室抽烟假装没看见。

blame 重要短语的用法详解
小编为大家整理了高考英语词汇解析的相关内容,非常实用,赶紧看看吧。 高考英语重点词汇解析: blame 重要短语的用法详解 1 . blame sb for sth 因为某事而责备某人。如: He blamed me for negligence. 他责备我粗心大意。 I don’t blame you for doing that. 我不责备你做了那事。

把某事的责任归咎于某人。如: He blamed his teacher for his failure. 他把自己的失败归罪于他的老 师。 2 . blame sth on sb 把某事的责任归咎于某人。如: The driver blamed the accident on the cyclist. 司机把事故的责任归 咎于骑自行车的人。

注:以上两类结构有时可互换,注意词序不同。如: He blamed the failure on me. / He blamed me for the failure. 他 把失败归咎于我。 3 . be to blame for sth 对某事应负责任。如:

You are not to blame for what happened. 对所发生的事不应该由你 负责。 Which driver was to blame for the accident? 那个司机应该对事故负 责? Who is to blame for starting the fire? 火灾的引起应该由谁来负责? 4 . put [lay ] the blame on sb 归咎于某人。如: He put [laid] all the blame on me. 他把一切都归咎于我。 The judge put [laid] the blame for the accident on the driver of the car. 法官把事故的责任归咎于汽车司机。

act 重要短语的用法详解
小编为大家整理了高考英语词汇解析的相关内容,非常实用,赶紧看看吧。 高考英语重点词汇解析:act 重要短语的用法详解 act 重要短语用法集注 1 act as 担任,充当,起……的作用。如: A trained dog can act as a guide to a blind person. 经过训练的狗可 以担任盲人的向导。

表示担任独一无二的职务,其前通常不用冠词。如: He acted as manager in my absence. 我不在时他担任经理。 I don’t understand their language; you’ll have to act as interpreter. 我不懂他们的语言,你得当翻译了。 2 . act for 代理,代为。如: Please act for me during my absence. 我不在时请代理我处理事务。 I acted for our captain while he was in hospital. 我们队长住院时由 我代理他。 3 . act out 表演出来。如: Let’s act out the story of the three bears once more. 让我们再把这 三只熊的故事表演一次吧。

4 . act on 对……起作用,对……有效。如: The drug acts on the stomach. 这药对胃有效。 Alcohol acts on the nervous system. 酒精对人的神经系统有影响。 5 . in the act 当场,正在动作时。如: He was in the very act of starting. 他正准备动身。 He was caught in the act . 他被当场抓住。

accident 的三个短语的用法详解
小编为大家整理了高考英语词汇解析的相关内容,非常实用,赶紧看看吧。 高考英语重点词汇解析:accident 的三个短语的用法详解 有关 accident 的三个短语 1 . by accident 偶然地,无意中。如: I found it by accident. 我是无意中找到它的。 I found the things quite by accident. 我是完全偶然发现这些东西的。 Columbus discovered America by accident. 哥伦布偶然发现了美洲 大陆。 注:by accident 主要用作状语,有时也用作表语。如: Our meeting in Paris was by accident. 我们在巴黎见面是个巧合。 2 . by accident of 因为……的机会,由于……的运气。如: By accident of birth, he was rich. 他有幸生在富裕家庭。 3 . without accident 平安无事地。如: That night passed without accident. 一夜平安无事。 The ship arrived there without accident. 船平安到达那儿。

in addition 与 in addition to
小编为大家整理了高考英语词汇解析的相关内容,非常实用,赶紧看 看吧。 高考英语重点词汇解析:in addition 与 in addition to in addition 与 in addition to 1 . in addition 此外,另外,还有。如: I met some friends and other people in addition. 我遇到了几位朋友, 还遇到了其它一些人。 You need money and time, in addition, you need diligence. 你需 要金钱和时间,此外你还需要努力。 2 . in addition to 除……之外。如: We play football in addition to basketball. 除了篮球外,我们还踢足 球。

In addition to English, he has to study a second foreign language. 除英语外,他还得学第二外语。 In addition to the overcoat you asked for, I bought you a shirt. 除 了你要的上衣外,我还给你买了件衬衫。 注:in addition to 中的 to 为介词,所以后接动词作宾语时要用动名词。 如:

In addition to giving me some advice, he gave me some money. 他不仅给我提了些忠告,而且还给了我一些钱。 另外,当主语后跟有 in addition to 引出的介词短语时,谓语动词仍与其 前的主语保持一致。如:

The teacher, in addition to his students, was interested in the book. 老师和他的学生都对这本书感兴趣。

in between 的用法详解
小编为大家整理了高考英语词汇解析的相关内容,非常实用,赶紧看看吧。 高考英语重点词汇解析:in between 的用法详解 in between in between 意为:在……之间。其作用仍相当于介词。如: There are trees in between the buildings. 大楼之间有树。 It’s somewhere in between New York and Chicago. 它位于在纽约和 芝加哥之间的某个地方。


He has breakfast and supper and doesn’t eat anything in between. 他只吃早餐和晚餐,其间什么也不吃。 以上各用法中的介词 in 有时也可省略,而只用 between.



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