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崇明县 2013 学年第一学期期末考试试卷
II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A (A) A friendly dog named Bonnie, who also happens to be deaf, is being praised by her owner for (25)_____(help) him catch a sus

pected intruder in their home. Dan Strasser said he heard Bonnie running around the living room at about 6 a.m. Saturday, so he got out of bed to see (26)_____ she was so excited. He said Bonnie didn’t bark or bite like a guard dog, but (27)_____ she behaved was enough to alert him. When Strasser walked into the living room, he caught the intruder (28)_____(try) to steal his computer. The man took off, but instead of running out of the back door (29)_____ he came in, he accidentally ran into the garage and (30)_____(seize) there. Strasser grabbed his gun and held the intruder in the garage while his girlfriend called 911. Police showed up and arrested the intruder, whom they later identified (31)_____ Thomas Lowell, who was accused in court Monday of burglary(入室行窃) and possession of drug. He is due back in court on Oct. 2nd. Strasser said Lowell got in through the back door, which he kept open at night so that Bonnie (32)_____ get into the backyard. He plans to keep it (33)_____(lock) from now on. (B) The first-ever American Laughing Championship is taking place in San Diego. The contest is the first national championship in the US, (34)_____ Canadian filmmaker, Albert Nerenberg, has previously organized national laughing contests in Canada and Japan and a state championship in California back in 2010. The contest requires the chosen laughers to face off against each other as the audience determines who has (35)_____(attractive) laugh. Daunte Reed is one of about twelve people competing in the contest. He is hoping to be a winner of the title of top laugher. “I’ve been told I have (36)_____ attractive laugh. (37)_____ doesn’t take much to make me laugh,” Reed said. The contest includes the belly laugh, the crazy laugh and the diabolical(魔鬼般的) laugh. The last one is the most challenging, according to Nerenberg, who said the goal is (38)_____(make) the audience laugh with your laugh. The solo(单独的) laughing requires a good voice. However, the other laugh styles require someone to get the audience laughing; a good diabolical laugh requires the laugher to infect himself and start laughing naturally,” he explained. “The person who wins isn’t always the best, but the top three people are always the best. It is more joy (39)_____ these people bring to the world. They tend to be happy types. We (40)_____(never have) a sad person win so far,” he added. Section B A. spread F. experience B. formal G. divisions C. chance H. economical D. found I. respect E. objective J. replaced K. classroom

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The idea of the youth hostel(旅社) started with one man: Richard Schirrmann (1874-1961), a German school teacher, who felt that there was a need for overnight accommodation for his students in order that they could see new things and have new experiences outside the 41 . He felt that one learns by observing, and tried to make his dream come true in the year 1909, when he started providing accommodation for his students in inns, farmhouses and the like. The first youth hostel was opened in Schirrmann’s own school in Altena, after which it was 42 by a permanent hostel in Altena Castle. Schirrmann went on to 43 the German Youth Hostel Association in the year 1919. By this time, the idea of the youth hostel had 44 far and wide, all over the lands of Europe and further. And then, in the year 1932, a(n) 45 organization called the International Youth Hostel was founded in Amsterdam, which consisted of youth hostels from Switzerland, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Norway, Britain, Ireland, France, Czechoslovakia, Denmark and Belgium. Richard Schirrmann became its chairman in 1933. The idea of the youth hostel is for young people who are on nature trips to get 46 accommodation in exchange for some money and a helping hand with the domestic chores(家务活). These hostels were said to build character and a sense of independence, as the youth who stayed in them got the 47 to see how other people lived as well as to help to do work. Youth hostels are also places to meet and make new friends. They have no class 48 and everyone has to do their share. Here, wealth and position does not help you gain 49 , but friendliness does. The friendlier you are, the more you learn from the 50 of staying in a youth hostel. III. Reading Comprehension Section A Telemedicine is the name for when doctors give advice to patients by telephone or the Internet, or when health care providers in rural areas connect with specialists in big cities. Telemedicine has 51 for a long time, but the rise of smartphones, tablet PCs and camera-equipped computers is 52 telemedicine to new levels. Some health care systems in the United States now 53 Virtual(虚拟的) Urgent Care. Patients see a doctor by video chat without having to leave home. Diana Rae, a nurse educator in the Franciscan Health System recently 54 how Virtual Urgent Care works. She used an iPad tablet and skype—the video chat service. Doctor Green has the patient describe her 55 ; then the doctor performs a physical exam by demonstrating what he wants her to do. Doctor Green decides that the problem is a common 56 . For medicine, he prescribes(开药方) an antibiotic(抗生素). He says about 3 out of 4 patients have 57 problems that can be treated like this—through Virtual Urgent Care, which means a video chat could 58 a visit to the doctor’s office. “Patients’ safety is really important to us. So if we feel it is not 59 for the patient to be treated in this manner, we’re going to suggest other 60 for them,” said Green. The Franciscan Health System is based in Tacoma, Washington. It 61 $35 for this kind of virtual house call, which is much less than the cost of going to an emergency room, a doctor’s office or an urgent care clinic.
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After trying the video conference, Diana Rae says she would be 62 to pay the $35 when she was recently home with a bad cold. “I would have paid twice that for the 63 of getting taken care of without having to sit in a waiting room, wait, and get 64 everyone else’s germs,” Rae said. Franciscan operates hospitals and clinics and has a deal with a company called Carena to add effective urgent care by Skype or phone. Carena is one of several companies doing this kind of work around the country. But a company official says state rules have not kept 65 with developments in telemedicine. 51. A. rested 52. A. keeping 53. A. offer 54. A. predicted 55. A. symptoms 56. A. mistake 57. A. heart 58. A. pay 59. A. necessary 60. A. hospitals 61. A. charges 62. A. happy 63. A. delight 64. A. infected with 65. A. contact Section B B. existed B. occupying B. advertise B. published B. emotions B. infection B. security B. cancel B. smart B. doctors B. costs B. reluctant B. convenience B. exposed to B. company C. survived C. striking C. prohibit C. demonstrated C. medicines C. experience C. drug C. replace C. hard C. alternatives C. pays C. excited C. significance C. shocked at C. progress D. vanished D. raising D. criticize D. claimed D. coughs D. sense D. health D. include D. safe D. networks D. provides D. surprised D. embarrassment D. fascinated by D. communication

(A) At age 11, Zlata Filipovic saw things that most people pray they never see. Growing up in the middle of a war zone, this little girl experienced firsthand the horrors of war. Filipovic turned 11 in December of 1991. Five months later Serbian soldiers attacked Filipovic’s hometown of Sarajevo, Bosnia. While many people fled the city, Filipovic’s family stayed. Some of the worst moments of the Bosnian conflict would take place right under her nose. How did Filipovic deal with his harrowing experience? By writing a diary. Zlata’s Diary was first published in the summer of 1993 by UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund). It attracted enormous interest. Her writings on the Bosnian conflict were not as sophisticated(老练的) as the daily news reports. Filipovic’s observations were, however, more moving and intimate(私人的). Ztala’s Diary gave readers a sense of sympathy for the ordinary people stuck in the Balkan region. Filipovic’s writings raised world awareness of the senseless conflict in Sarajevo. “I see that things aren’t good here,” Filipovic writes. “An ugly war is taking away my childhood.” After two years of enduring the war in Sarajevo, Filipovic’s family escaped to Paris in December of 1993. Zlata’s Diary was then printed by an international publisher. It became an instant bestseller. It has since been translated into 35 languages.
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Outside Bosnia, Filipovic continued to show deep concern for her torn homeland. In the following years, she gave many talks on the impact of war on children. She spoke often about the need for a stable, lasting peace in the Balkan region. Filipovic eventually attended a British University and received a degree in human sciences. Today, the well-being of the Balkan region remains on her mind. Now Filipovic wants to use her experience to promote peace in a rapidly changing Europe. She hopes that her stories of war will make people listen to her message of peace. 66. The underlined word “harrowing” in Paragraph 2 can best be replaced by “______”. A. desperate B. miserable C. embarrassing D. revolutionary 67. What was special about Zlata’s Diary? A. It wrote about war in different languages. B. It was as attractive as the daily news report. C. It helped the world see war through the eyes of a child. D. It made the world know better about the Bosnian conflict. 68. It can be learned from the passage that ______. A. Zlata was promoting peace with her stories of war B. Zlata’s nose was seriously wounded in the conflict C. Zlata kept her diary a secret until the winter of 1993 D. Zlata felt relieved after escaping from the war in Sarajevo 69. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage? A. Zlata Filipovic: growing up in war B. Zlata Filipovic: writing against war C. Zlata Filipovic: changing the world D. Zlata Filipovic: loving peace in heart (B) SERVICE DIRECTORY Artero Hotel ? ? Check-in Time Check in after 13:00 on the arrival day. Check-out Time Check out before 12:00 noon on your departure day. A 50% surcharge(额外费) will be imposed if you check out after 12:00 noon; a 100% surcharge will be imposed if you check out after 18:00. Key Card For your safety, the key card is NOT transferable. If it is lost, please contact the front desk immediately. Please return your key card to the front desk upon departure. Room Number & Telephone Number Rooms have a 3-digit number. The first number stands for the floor and the second and third numbers stand for the room number. For example: 308 refers to room 08 on the 3rd floor.
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? ?

For room-to-room calls, dial 8 + room number, e.g. 8308. To call the room from outside, dial 61208308. Television Television channels have been set up as shown on the TV programme. If you have any problem watching TV, please dial 8003. Room Cleaning We provide house keeping once in a day. If you want to have your room cleaned at a certain time, please contact house keeping at 8001. Laundry Items received before 10:00 will be returned in the afternoon (before 15:00) of the next day. If you need urgent service, please dial 8002. Towels and Slippers Please do not remove the towels or slippers from your room as towels and slippers are provided at the pool. Do not use the towel for any inappropriate purposes. You will be required to compensate(赔偿) for damages caused by misuse. Power Safety It is strictly forbidden to dry clothes over lampshades, which may cause a fire. Pets Pets are not allowed in any parts of the hotel. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

70. Scott, who is staying in Room 609, wants to call his friend in Room 815 of the same hotel, he should dial ______. A. 61208308. B. 8609. C. 8001. D. 8815. 71. Mrs. Taylor is staying in Room 213 and needs to have her clothes washed immediately, she should dial ______. A. 8213. B. 8001. C. 8002. D. 8003. 72. Which of the following practice is allowed for the guests in the hotel? A. Keeping the key card after check-out. B. Asking for extra house keeping service. C. Using the slippers in the room at the pool. D. Walking a pet dog in the garden of the hotel. 73. Suppose the accommodation fee for a single room is $100 per day and Mr. Brown checked into the hotel at 21:00 on Jan. 5th and checked out at 15:00 on Jan. 8th, he should pay ______. A. $300. B. $350. C. $400. D. $450. (C) Foreseeing a time when a patient’s own cells may be harvested, multiplied, and fashioned into a replacement organ, researchers in Boston have successfully transplanted laboratory grown bladders(肾) into six dogs. For a century, physicians have replaced diseased or damaged bladders by removing sections of a person’s intestines(肠子) and shaping them into a substitute bladder. While the procedure offers some
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relief to patients, complications often develop because nature designs intestinal tissue for a purpose—absorbing nutrients—other than holding waste liquid of the body. “You start absorbing stuff that should be removed,” says Anthony Atala of the Children’s Hospital in Boston. Other physicians have turned to human-made materials to create artificial bladders, but those efforts have also run into problems. Consequently, to build a better bladder, Atala and his colleagues decided to employ the organ’s own cells. To turn the cells into an organ, the researchers first form plastic which can break down naturally into bladder-shaped shell. They then coat its outside and inside with layers of cells needed. To test this strategy, Atala’s group obtained bladder tissue from dogs and grew it into organs. After removing the dogs’ bladders, the investigators implanted(移植) the artificial ones coming from the dogs’ own cells. Within a month, the organs began to perform like normal bladders. Within three months, the plastic shells had broken down naturally, and the implanted organs were hard to distinguish from natural ones. Blood vessels(血管) quickly grew into them. Moreover, nerves seem to form proper connections with the new organs, allowing the dogs to regain normal control of their bladders. Some dogs have had the artificial bladders for nearly a year without any problems. While the bladders of dogs closely resemble those of people, Atala warns that more testing of this transplant strategy must occur before artificial bladders are ready for the clinic. 74. The traditional method of shaping parts of intestines into a substitute bladder ______. A. brings the patient a lot of sufferings B. allows the patient to absorb useless things C. prevents the patient from absorbing nutrients D. worsens both the function of the intestines and the bladder 75. The artificial bladders implanted in dogs ______. A. worked perfectly as long as three months B. did not work properly until after a month C. proved to be able to work for several years D. began to work as well as a normal one in a few weeks 76. Why is it suggested that more testing should be made? A. Human bladders may well be different from dogs’. B. Dogs’ bladders can be implanted into human bodies. C. What suits dogs’ bladders will also suit human bladders. D. Artificial bladders grown in dogs can be used for human beings. 77. What does the passage mainly talk about? A. The history of making artificial bladders. B. The way of turning intestines into bladders. C. The prospect of manufacturing plastic bladders. D. The possibility of making bladders from their own cells. Section C Britain’s youngest iPad addict( 有 瘾 的 人 ) hasn’t even started school yet. That’s right; a four-year-old girl is currently undergoing therapy after becoming addicted to playing games on her iPad.
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Receiving treatment at the Capio Nightingale Clinic, London, the little girl is said to have become increasingly distressed whenever her parents moved to take the iPad away. Medical help was sought after the girl’s withdrawal symptoms did not improve. Dr. Richard Graham, the girl’s psychiatrist( 精神病医生 ), said: “In the year running up to contacting the clinic, the parents noticed her use of the iPad was increasing. She was using it three to four hours every day and showed increased anxiety if it was removed.” According to Dr. Graham, parents should strive to keep iPads and similar devices out of the reach of infants, believing that: “Children see all the pretty colours and they will want to use it too.” “There are concerns that toys are being replaced by the likes of iPads and smartphones, but children are not at a level of maturity to deal with such advanced technology. They can’t cope and become addicted, reacting with bad temper and uncontrollable behavior when they are taken away. Then as they grow older, the problem only gets worse,” Dr. Graham told The Mirror. The UK’s first technology addiction programme was initiated by Dr. Graham three years ago. It’s designed to deal with those who become annoyed when deprived from their device. Motivation for creating the treatment programme came from a concern over the compulsive qualities of games available on iPads. Dr. Graham worries that this is not the only case of iPad addiction among young ones. It comes just after a five-year-old boy managed to cost his parents ? 1,700, by purchasing various add-ons for a game on the iPad. (Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS.) 78. The case of the four-year-old girl is given to inform us of _________________________________. 79. Why is it easier for children to be addicted to iPads? 80. What caused Dr. Graham to launch the UK’s first technology addiction programme? 81. One lesson that can be drawn from the passage by parents of infants is that they should __________ ____________________________________________. 第Ⅱ卷(共 47 分) I. Translation 1. 应该允许孩子们表达他们自己的想法。(allow) 2. 只有通过提高效率,这个工厂才会赢利更多。(Only) 3. 这位专家的建议是学校应该努力提高学生们的健康意识。(suggestion) 4. 在上下班高峰时间,倘若你不想陷入交通堵塞,何不尝试乘坐地铁?(try) 5. 在各种新的网络语层出不穷的时代,如果你不知道这些网络语就会落伍。(emerge)

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崇明县 2013 学年第一学期期末考试试卷 高三英语
II. Grammar and Vocabulary(共 26 分。每小题 1 分。 )
25. helping/having helped 30. was seized 35. the most attractive 40. have never had 41. K 42. J 43. D 26. why 31. as 36. an 44. A 45. B 27. how 32. could 37. It 46. H 47. C 28. trying 33. locked 38. to make 48. G 49. I 29. where 34. although 39. that 50.F

III. Reading Comprehension(共 47 分。第 51 至 65 小题,每题 1 分;第 66 至 77 小题,每
题 2 分;第 78 至 81 小题,每题 2 分。 ) 51. B 61. A 66. B 52. D 62. A 67. C 53. A 63. B 68. A 54. C 64. B 69. B 55. A 65. C 70. D 71. C 72. B 73. B 74. B 75. D 56. B 57. D 58. C 59. D 60. C

76. A 77. D 78. the harm done by iPads to young children 79. Because they are too young to handle such advanced technology. 80. His concern over the compulsive qualities of games on iPads. 81. keep iPads and similar devices beyond the reach of infants

I. Translation(共 22 分)
1. Children should be allowed to express their own ideas. (2+2) 2. Only by improving the efficiency can the factory make more profits. (2+2) 3. The expert’s suggestion is that schools should raise students’ awareness of health. (1+1+2) 4. If you don’t want to be caught in the traffic jam in rush hours, why don’t you try taking the subway? (2+1+2) 5. In the age when a variety of new Internet languages keep emerging, you will fall behind if you don’t know them. (1+1+1+1+1)

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