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四川省安岳实验中学高 2014 届短文改错专练
(01) Last Sunday I saw the worst storm in years. It came sudden and went on for over three hours. After lunch, I 1. _____ went into my room to have a rest. The air was hotter, and 2. _____ all is quiet. Then a strong wind started to blow into my 3. _____ room. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air 4. _____ and some flew out the open window. As I ran out to catch 5. _____ them, big drop of rain began to fall. When I came back 6. _____ into house, it was raining harder and harder. I tried 7. _____ very hard to close the window. Then I heard a loudly 8. _____ crashing(碰撞的)sound from the back of the house. When I ran 9. _____ out to find that a big tree had fallen down and broke the 10. _____ top of the back room. (2) I have been planning to join in our college basketball team 1. ______ next year, so now I am spending as more time as I can 2. ______ with other people who likes to play. They are teaching 3. ______ me the most important rules and technologies of the game, 4. ______ and I am getting the better all the time. We have a 5. ______ neighborhood team that play against other teams in the area. 6. ______ One of my neighbors is helping rest of us 7. ______ improved our skills. Tonight we are playing against 8. ______ one of the best teams in the city, and I think we can 9. ______ beat them if we won't make any mistakes. 10. _____ (3) Fang Tong is 34 years old, an actor, director and teacher of Beijing Opera Theatre. Most of his students are from other part of 1. ______ China and have come to Beijing at a very young age of sixteen 2. ______ or seventeen. He hopes create an environment for his students 3. ______ that it is much more relaxing than the one he used to 4. ______ study in. He thought that an actor should relax himself when 5. ______ performing. Yet his students deep respect him and he 6. ______ never needs to raise his voice in order to be hearing. 7. ______ For his opinion, actors should go on even when they 8. ______ feel they have made a mistake in their performances 9. ______ because the moment is already gone but people can never 10. ______ be back to it. . . So art is always changing and developing. (4) Today is Sunday, I have been studying all day long. On the 1. _____ morning, I had a dry breakfast. We have no water to drink because 2. _____ the water supply had cut off. The water had come back in 3._____ the evening. I did math then. I didn't stop after 12 o'clock. After a 4. _____ short lunch I had the break. Then I went to my Sunday English Class. 5.______ After a long and tired class for more than two hours, I got 6. _____ to home. Some work had been done but some hadn't. I must 7. _____ review all my subject such as the Sciences, the Humanities, 8. _____ which include Chinese, English, Politics and History as 9. _____ well. That's terribly! Especially when there was no water. 10. _____ (5) I was recent told that listening to loud music is gradually 1. ______ making people hard of hearing. I'm sure it has already been 2. ______ happened to my neighbor. For years she has turned a deaf 3. ______ ear to my requests to turn her radio down. When she gave a 4. ______ party she isn't have to invite the rest of the street. Everyone 5. ______ can dance in her music in his own room. Now a scientist has 6. ______ discovered a certain electronic sounds have strange effects on 7. ______ rats. He declares they break down, almost paralyze(瘫) with 8. ______

legs trembled. Then it is simply a matter of throwing them 9. ______ out by their tail. I wonder if the same thing will happen to 10. _____ my neighbor someday. (6) Dear Ralph, I'm a senior student. I have be in love with a boy for three 1. ______ years. But he is a shy boy, so I wrote him a letter firstly 2. ______ to express my feeling. And he wrote back. In his letter 3. ______ he said, "We are students. Our task is study. Let us wait 4. ______ to see until we have any chance after graduation." So 5. ______ after graduation I telephoned to him, asking him about 6. ______ go out . But he said he didn't want to. He just 7. ______ wanted to sleep and watched TV. 8. ______ What do you think I should do? Do you think 9. ______ I should continue to love him and give up Sheila? 10. ______ (7) Before leaving the class, the teacher, Miss White, said to her class, "Don't leave your seats. Read your books on yourselves. You 1. _____ would study hard and be good students. " As soon 2._____ as the teacher went away, the classroom becoming 3._____ noisy. One boy drew a picture of the teacher 4._____ on the blackboard. Another boy began to make face 5._____ just to make the other students to laugh. The boy 6._____ put his finger close to his mouth and tell the 7._____ class that Miss White is coming back. All the 8._____ students sat down their seats and the classroom 9._____ became quiet again. The door open and in came Miss White. 10.____ (8) Once there lived a boy was very fond of 1.______ reading. But he was so poor to buy any 2.______ books. So he had to borrow them from a rich man 3.______ lived far away. The boy always tried 4.______ hard to finish read the books and returned 5.______ them to the owner within the giving time. So 6.______ the rich man was ready lending him any of the 7.______ books he wanted them. In this way he read a lot 8.______ and late became a well-known writer of his time. 9.______ However, the rich man's son who didn't like to study remained a man with a little knowledge. 10._____ (9) Our four-years-old son came into the house 1.______ proudly to showed me a caterpillar(毛毛虫)that was 2.______ crawling up his arm. Trying hard to hiding my 3.______ nauseating feeling(掩饰我的恶心), I said, "Mark, 4.______ why don't you take them back outside Its mother 5.______ will be looking for it, but it will miss its mother. " 6.______ I was feeling rather pleasing at the way I had 7.______ handled the situation. And a few minutes 8.______ later Mark returned back to the house with two caterpillars 9.______ and said excitedly , "Look, I founded the mother!" 10._____ (10) Like most of my schoolmates, I have neither brothers nor 1._____ sisters---in any other words, I am an only child. My parents 2._____ love me dearly of course and will do all they can make sure 3._____ that I get a good education. They did not want me to do 4._____ any work at family; they want me to devote all my time to 5._____ my studies so that I'll get good marks in all my subject. We 6._____

may be one family and live under a same roof, but we do 7._____ not seem to get much time to talk about together. It looks 8._____ as if my parents treat me as a visitor and a guest. Do they 9._____ really understand their own daughter What things are in other homes, I wonder. 10._____ (11) March 22nd , Tuesday , cloudy I watch TV until nearly 12 o clock, so I could not 1.______ go over my lessons. This morning I got up very late 2.______ that I had to hurry school without breakfast yet I 3.______ was late of the first class. When I entered the 4.______ classroom, the maths teacher had to stop explaining 5.______ an important problem, and all the eyes fixed upon 6.______ me. My face turned to red. Something even worse 7.______ happened to me in the English class. The teacher asked me to recite the text, but I could speak nothing but 8.______ sorry, as I did not spend any time preparing my lessons. 9.______ The teacher looked at me with his coldly eyes, I stood 10.______ at my bench without daring to raise my head. What a terrible day I had! I will never do anything like this. (12) A king liked to write stories. One day, the king showed some his stories 1.______ with a famous writer. The writer said that 2.______ these stories were bad. The king get angry 3.______ with him and sent him to the prison. After 4.______ some time the king felt pity for the writer 5.______ and set him freely. When the writer was 6.______ out prison, again the king showed him 7.______ some stories and asked how he thought them. 8.______ The writer turned into the soldiers and said, 9.______ "Take me back prison. " 10.______ (13) At beginning of term I introduced 1.______ my teacher for my parents. Our teacher 2.______ Mr. Wang asked my parents of my 3.______ summer holiday. To my parents' opinion 4.______ I have a good time with my classmates. 5.______ I told my teacher that I had finished 6.______ homeworks at home. Then I helped 7.______ my father in the farm. We went on 8.______ work by the lights of the tractors. 9.______ Father had only two and three young men 10.______ working for him at harvest time. (14) Time flies as an arrow. I'm already in the second half 1.______ of senior grade 3 before I realized it. It is only a little more 2.______ than three months before I graduate middle school. At 3.______ the present, I'm busy reviewing my lessons in order to 4.______ take the college entrance examination. I hope to go to 5.______ Beijing University, that is one of the best universities not 6.______ only in China but also in the world. I'll try my best to turn 7.______ my dream to reality. Most of my classmates are also 8.______ studying very hard to realize our wishes. I do believe everyone 9.______ will be able to enter a very good university and college. 10.______ (15) Once, lately at night, an Englishman came out 1.______ of his room into a passage of the hotel and ask 2.______

the servant to bring her a glass of water. The servant 3.______ did as he asked. The Englishman returned his room, 4.______ and a few minutes later he came into the passage again 5.______ and once more asked the servant a glass of water. 6.______ Every a few minutes the Englishman would come out 7.______ of his room and repeated his request. After half an hour 8.______ the astonishing servant decided to ask the man what 9.______ he was doing with the water. "Nothing," answered he 10._____ calmly. "It's simply that the room is on fire. (16) I gave my housekeeper an old pair trousers to wash 1.______ and went in the study to read. My housekeeper usually 2.______ looked through my pocket before wash my clothes, 3.______ but for some reasons she failed to do so this 4.______ time. As I was reading, I suddenly remember that 5.______ there was a five-pounds note in the back pocket of 6.______ the trousers I had told her to wash it. I dropped 7.______ my book and rushed into the bathroom, but it is too 8.______ late. My housekeeper says that my trousers had been 9.______ in the washing machine for fifteen minutes already. 10._____ (17) One afternoon on April, 1912 , a new ship set off from 1.______ England to America on it first trip. It was one of the 2.______ largest and first ship at that time. It was cold, 3.______ but the ship was pleasant and people are 4.______ enjoying themselves. The next day was even cold. People 5.______ could see icebergs here or there. It was night, suddenly, 6.______ the man on watch shouting "Look out! Iceberg!" 7.______ It was too late, a ship hit the iceberg and came to a 8.______ stop, there that was a very big hole in the ship and water 9.______ began to come. Slowly the ship started to go down. 10._____ (18) I've a friend who has a big police dog is named Jack. 1.______ Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Jack a long walk in 2.______ the park. Jack likes these walks in the park very well. 3.______ One Sunday a young man dropped in my friend. He stayed 4.______ a long time. He talked and talked. Soon it was the time for my 5._____ friend to take Jack for his walk, but the visitor still sat talking. 6.______ Jack became worried his walk in the park. He walked 7.______ around the room several times but then he sat right in 8.______ front of the visitor and looked him. But the visitor paid 9.______ none attention. He continued talking. Finally Jack could 10._____ stand it no longer. He hold the visitor's hat in his mouth. (19) June 12,Sunday Fine Today is Sunday, I didn't get up early as usually. In the 1.______ morning after I finished my homework, I do some washing. 2.______ Then I telephoned one of my classmate and invited him 3.______ to see a film. And unfortunately, when we got to the cinema 4.______ at 3:00 p.m. we found all the tickets had sold out. 5.______ Then we went back to school and played the football. 6. ______ After this, when we were about to go home ,we saw our 7. ______ English teacher, Mr. Wang, coming into the school gate. He told us we have made great progress in English. this term 8.______ He also suggested that we should read more and wrote more. 9.______ We promised him that we would listen his advice. 10._____ (20) In autumn of 1935,when I was a young man, I was 1._____

traveling in the north of Indian. One evening, 2._____ after hunting in the forest all day, I was returning 3._____ to the place which I had put up my tent. It was getting 4._____ dark, but I was walking along a road. Suddenly I saw 5._____ two eye glaring at me from among the trees. 6._____ What can I do? Should I jump into the river 7._____ to save my life? Then I looked at the right. 8._____ In the river there had a big crocodile waiting to 9._____ welcome me with its mouth was wide open. 10.____ (21) Cats are animals of habit. They like to go to sleep 1._____ about same time every day and for a certain length of time. They 2._____ seem to have natural clock inside them that tells them 3._____ when sleeping. Besides their regular sleep, cats take naps(打盹). 4._____ Some scientists think that people should also take cat nap. The 5._____ habit would do good for people's health. 6._____ Cat naps helped build up energy in the body. 7._____ Since cats have moods(情绪) like these of people, 8._____ scientists believe that people can improve their moods with 9._____ cat-napping. People might become more happier and more active.10.____ (22) A man shot two students died and wounded 1.______ five other at an Australian university on Monday, 2. ______ after he was overpowered by classmates of the victims 3. ______ (受害者). The two dead were both male of 4. ______ Asian appearance in his early 20s. The others 5. ______ have being treated for minor(未成年的)injuries. 6. ______ The man, in his mid-30s and of Asian appearance, 7. ______ was seized several students in 8. ______ classroom at Monash University, Melbourne 9. ______ and was late arrested. 10. ______ (23) When I first learned to write in English , I ran into 1.______ much difficulties. The main problem was that I always thought 2.______ in Chinese and tried to translate anything into English. 3.______ My teacher advised me to keep my diary. I followed her 4.______ advice and should put down 100 words or so each day. 5.______ Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself as I was 6.______ learning to express me in simple English. One day I wrote 7.______ a story and showed to my teacher. He liked it very much 8.______ and reads it to the class. All said that the story was 9.______ a good one. Their word were a great encouragement to me . 10.______ (24) Dear Xiaohua, It is four days since Mother accepted the operation. 1. ______ She is feeling much more better. The doctors told me 2. ______ the operation was successful, but because her old age 3. ______ she had to stay in hospital for other two weeks. The 4. ______ doctors also say it was quite necessary for her to 5. ______ do so. We expect to get a full report in two and three 6. ______ days. Please tell the good news to the rest of family 7. ______ as soon as possible. You needn't to come here. I'm 8. ______ able to look after Mother by myself. You'd better 9. ______ send flowers to Mother. She will feel happily. 10. ______ Yours, Xiaohui (25) Tom had retired and lived lonely a long 1.______

way from town. He hardly never left his home. But 2._______ one day he went to town buy some things in the 3._______ market, and after he had bought it , he went 4._______ into a restaurant and sit down at a table by himself. 5._______ When he looked around, he saw several old peoples 6._______ put on glasses before reading their newspapers. So 7._______ after the lunch he decided to go to a store to buy 8_______ himself a pair of glasses, either, He walked 9._______ along a wide street and fast found a store. 10.______ (26) My parents were all standing there, shouting at each other. 1.______ The word "divorce(离婚)" was repeated and broke my heart each time. I had trapped between them and didn't know what to do. 2.______ A million thoughts rushed into my mind, but nothing of them could 3.______ ease my feelings. I rushed back to my room, seated down in 4.______ silence and stared out of the window. The leaves were floating in air. 5.______ They struggled trying to catch the wind and finally they had to fall 6.______ on the ground.I knew I was not the only one had gone through this. But 7.______ I must learn to fight against this. Later in the day I took up with a pen 8.______ and wrote down "It is until I take a step back and look at my family 9.______ that I can really appreciate this thing has helped me grow strong and 10._____ mature(成熟)." (27) Dear editor, In the past my hometown was used to be a beautiful place. 1.______ Thick trees and green grass could be seen in everywhere. In 2.______ order to build house and grow more crops, people cut down 3.______ more and more trees. With time went on, the whole forest was 4.______ almost destroyed. Gradually the green hills have changed into 5.______ wasteland. As a result, sandstorms struck us now and then, from 6.______ which we suffer a lot. However, I do hope all the people should 7.______ realize the terribly result of not caring about our environment. 8.______ What's more, they should take good care of the forests and plant 9.______ trees instead cutting them down to improve our living conditions. 10._____ (28) When I found out that my train would three hours 1.______ late, I changed my idea and would get a bus instead. 2.______ I was about to rush out of the train station while a 3.______ well-dressed old man took me by my arm, "Young 4.______ lady," said the gentleman, "Shouldn't you find out 5.______ the bus schedule (时刻表) before you rush out catch the 6.______ bus ". I stared at him with my mouth opened. How did 7.______ he read my mind? Before I can say a word, he added, 8.______ "You see, my train is also running late. A same idea 9.______ came to me. But I think a good conversation that can 10.______ help pass the time. Before you know it, your train will be there." (29) Dear Kang Li, I haven't heard you for a long time. How 1._______ are you? I had just finished the exams. Now I'm 2._______ glad I have time to write for you. Our teacher 3._______ tells us that China is a big country has the 4._______ most population in the world. It's on the other 5._______ side of the world. Now the sun is shining bright 6._______ here and perhaps you're sleeping in the dark 7._______ night. I wish to know anything more about the 8._______ Chinese way of living. I wonder at if you can 9._______ tell me about it in your next letter. Please write soon. 10.______

(30) I visited the zoo yesterday, and I was very 1. _____ unhappy and angry about the things what I saw. 2. _____ The large animals were in small cages. The lion 3. _____ was walking back and forth. It was completely bored. The tiger fell asleep all the afternoon. I see 4. _____ people feeding the fish. They were throwing rices and meat into the pond, which could 5. _____ kill the fish, but no one tried stop them. 6. _____ When I had the drink at the zoo restaurant, 7. _____ the waiter served me rude. Outside the restaurant, 8. _____ the rubbish bins were full and rubbish was blowing everywhere. It seems that the zoo 9. _____ doesn't look the animals or the visitors very well. 10. _____ (31) Once a man got on a bus for New York. He hid in toilet, because he did not want to pay. 1.______ But a passenger saw her. She tapped the person in 2.______ front of her on the shoulder and say, "There's a 3.______ bum(流浪汉) in the toilet. Tell the bus driver." The message was past from person to person. 4.______ But anywhere along the way, it changed. The bus 5.______ driver was told that there was a bomb in the toilet. He immediate stopped the bus and telephoned the 6.______ police. When the police came in, they told the 7. ______ passengers to get off the bus or stay far away. Then 8. ______ they closed the highway. This soon caused a 15-miles-long 9. ______ traffic jam. Under the help of a dog, the police 10. _____ searched for two hours. Of course they found no bomb!

参考答案 1 1. sudden--suddenly 2. hotter---hot 3. is--was 4. √ 5. out--out of 6. drop—drops 7. house 前加 the 8. loudly---loud 9. 去掉 when 10. broke—broken 2 1. 去掉 in 2. more → much 3. likes → like 4. technologies → techniques 5. 去掉 the 6. play → plays 7. rest 前加 the 8. improved → improve 9. √ 10. won't → don't 3 1. part- parts 2. a-the 3. hope∧to 4. 去掉 it 5. thought-thinks 6. deep-deeply 7. hearing-heard 8. For-In 9. √ 10. but-and 4 1. On→In 2. have→had 3. 在 cut 前加上 been 4. after→until 5. the→a 6. tired→tiring 7. 去掉 to 8. subject→subjects 9. 正确 10. terribly→ terrible 5 1.recently 2. 去掉 been 3. 正确 4. gave---gives 5. isn't---doesn't 6. in---to 7. 去 掉 a 8. with 后加 their 9. trembled---trembling 10. tail---tails 6 1. be--been 2. firstly--first 3. feeling—feelings 4. study 前加 to 5. until-- if / whether 6. 去掉 to 7. go--going 8. watched--watch 9. 对 10. and—or

7 1. on-by 2. would-should 3. becoming-became 4. √ 5. face-faces 6. 去掉第二个 to 7. tell-told 8. is-was 9.down- on 10. open-opened 8 1. boy 后加 who 2. so-too 3. √ 4. lived-who lived 5. read-reading 6. giving-given 7. lending-to lend 8.去掉 them 9. late-later 10. 去掉第二个 a 9. 1.years-year 2. showed-show 3. hiding-hide 4. √ 5.them-it 6. but-and 7. pleasing-pleased 8.And-But 9.去掉 "back" 10. founded-found 10 1. √ 2. any 删去 3. can 后加 to 4. did-do 5. family-home 6. subject-subjects 7. a –the 8. 去掉 about 9. and-or 10. homes-families 11 1. watch--watched 2.very---so 3.hurry 后加 to 4.of--for 5. √ 6.eyes 后加 were 7.to 去掉 8.speak—say 9.as--for 10.coldly--cold. 12 1.some→some of 2. with →to 3. get →got 4. the 去掉 5. √ 6. freely →free 7. out→ out of 8. thought→ thought of 9. into→ to 10. back→ back to 13 1. At→ At the 2. for→ to 3. of→ about 4. To→ In 5. have→ had 6. √ 7. homeworks→ homework 8. in→ on 9. work→ working 10 and→ or 14 1.As—like 2.realized-realize 3.graduate∧ from 4.去掉 the 5.examination---examinations 6.that—which 7. √ 8. to—into 9. our—their 10. and—or 15 1. lately-late 2. ask-asked 3.her-him 4.he asked---he was asked 5. and-but 6. servant-servant for 7. 去掉 a 8. repeated-repeat 9. astonishing-astonished 10. √ 16 1. pair-pair of 2. in-into 3. wash-washing 4. reasons-reason 5. remember-remembered 6. pounds-pound 7.去掉 it 8.is-was 9. says-said 10. √ 17 1. on→in 2. 第一个 it→its 3. ship→ships 4. are→were 5.cold→colder 6. or→and 7. shouting→shouted 8. 第一个 a→the 9.去掉 that 10. come→come in 18 1. 去掉 is 2.Jack→Jack for 3. well→much 4. in→in on 5. He→They 6. 对 7. worried→worried about 8.but→and 9. looked→looked at 10.none→no 19 1. usually---usual 2. do→did 3. classmate ---classmates 4. And ---But 5.had∧ been 6. the 去掉 7. 对 8. have---had 9. wrote---write 10. listen---take/follow 20

2. Indian-India 3. right 4. in ∧which 或 which 改为 where 5.but-and 7. can –could 8. at –to 9. had-was 10.去掉 was 21 1. right 2. same-the same 3.have-have a 4. sleeping-to sleep 5. nap-naps 6. for –to 7. helped-help 8. these-those 9. with-by 10. 去掉 more 22 1. died-dead 2. other--others 3. after--before 4. male--males 5. his--their 6.have—are 7. √ 8. seized 后加 by 9. a ∧classroom 10. late---later 23 1.对的 2.many—much 3.anything--everything 4.my—a 5.去掉 should 6.talk--talking 7.me--myself 8.to 前加 it 9.reads--read 10.word—words 24 1. accepted ---received 2. 去掉 more 3.because 后面加 of 4.other---another 5.say--- said 6. and---or 7. family 前加 the 8. 去掉 to 9. √ 10. happily--happy 25 1. Lonely→alone 2. never→ever 3.buy 前加 to 4. it→them 5. sit→sat 6.peoples→people 7. √ 8.去掉 the 9. either→too 10. fast→quickly 26 1.all→both? 2.had→was? 3.nothing→none?4.seated→sat 或后加 myself 5.air 前加 the? 6.and→but 7.had 前加 who?8.去掉 with?9.until 前加 not? 10.√? 27 1. 去 掉 was? 2. 去 掉 in? 3.house→houses? 4.With→As 或 went →going?5.√? 6.struck→strike 7.However→So? 8.terribly→terrible 9.they→we? 10.instead 后加 of? 28 1. would 后加 be 2. get→ take 3. while → when 4. my→ the 5. √ 6. catch 前加 to 7. opened →open 8. can→could 9. A→The 10. 去掉 that 29 1. heard 后加 from 2. had---have 3. for---to 4. has 前加 that 或 which;has---with 5. most---largest 6. bright---brightly 7. and---but 8. anything---something 9. 去 掉 at 10. √ 30 1.and→but 2.去掉 what 或把 what 改为 that/which 3.√ 4.see→saw 5.rices→rice 6.tried 后面加 to 7. the→a 或去掉 the 8.rude→rudely 9.blowing→blown 10. look 后加 after 31 1. in → in the 2. her → him 3. say → said 4. past → passed 5. anywhere → somewhere 6. immediate → immediately 7.去掉 in 8. or → and 9. miles → mile 10. Under → with 1. In-In the 6.eye –eyes



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2012高考英语短文改错练习2012高考英语短文改错练习隐藏>> 第一节 短文改错: (满分 10 分) 文中共有 10 处语言错误,要求你在错误的地方增加,删除或修改某个单词...


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