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warming& pre-reading-unit1 book5

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Unit 1 Great scientists
Warming up& pre-reading

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Teaching goals 教学目标 1.Target language 目标语言 a. 重点词汇和短语 scientific /characteristic /analyse/ infectious/defeat pass sth from …to / put forward/ draw a conclusion/ supporting evidence b. 重点句式 1.Which scientist discovered that objects in water are lifted up by a force that helps them float? (P1) 2.Who wrote a book explaining how animals and plants developed as the environment changed?(P1) 3.Who invented the way of giving electricity to everybody in large cities? (P1) 2. Ability goals能力目标 a. Enable the students to know something about some Great scientists b. Enable the students to predict the content of the reading passage

Guessing game

Who are they?

Who is he?
He has made a famous kite experiment. He learned a lot from it and invented lightning rod(避雷针). He is … Benjamin Franklin
Never leave that until tomorrow, which you can do today.


Who is he?
He is called the greatest scientist in the 20th century. He is famous for the Theory of Relativity. He is … Albert Einstein Imagination is more important than knowledge

Who is he?
He invented electric bulbs.

He made more than 1,000 inventions during his life. He is … Thomas Alva Edison
Genius is one percent inspiration and ninetynine percent perspiration.
Thomas Alva Edison

Who is she?
She is a woman scientist.

She discovered radium(镭)and polonium(钋).
In her life, she won the Nobel Prize twice. She is … Marie Curie Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

Who is he?
He made the first telescope in the world. His observations show that the earth moves around the sun. He is … Galileo Galilei
You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him find it within himself.
你不可能把一切都教给一个人, 你只能帮助他从内心去发现(和了解)事物。

Warming Up
What do you know about great scientists? Try this quiz and find out who knows the most.

1. Which scientists discovered that objects in water are lifted up by a force that helps them float?

Archimedes 阿基米德Archimedes,
Ancient Greek (287-212 BC), a mathematician.

? Give me a place to stand on, and I can move the earth. ? ----Archimedes

2. Who wrote a book explaining how animals and plants developed as the environment changed?

Charles Darwin达尔文Charles
Darwin, Britain (1808-1882).The name of the book is Origin of Species.

3.Who invent the first steam engine?

A. Thomas Newcomen

B. Archimedes

C. Thomas Edison

(1663-1729) British, improved the first steam pump and turned it into a steam engine for taking water out of mines in 1712.

4. Who used peas to show how physical characteristics are passed from parents to their children? Gregor Mendel门德尔Gregor
Mendel, Czech, a botanist and geneticist.

5. Who discovered radium?
Marie Curie 居里夫人 Marie Curie, Polish and French, a chemist and
physicist. She discovered radium.

6. Who invented the way of giving electricity to everybody in large cities?
Thomas Edison 爱迪生
Thomas Edison, American, an inventor. He invented the lights and the gramophone.

7. Who was the painter that studied dead bodies to improve his painting of people?
Leonardo da Vinci 达芬奇Leonardo da Vinci, Italian, an artist.

8. Who invented a lamp to keep miners safe underground?
Humphry Davy 汉弗莱 戴 维
Sir Humphry Davy, British, an inventor and chemist.

9. Who invented the earliest instrument to tell people where earthquakes happened?


Zhang Heng, ancient China, an inventor.

10. Who put forward a theory about black holes?
Stephen Hawking 斯帝芬 霍金Stephen Hawking, British, a

enthusiastic Co-operative


common characteristics



Do you know how to prove a new idea scientific research?


seven stages

⑦ draw a conclusion ③ Think of a method ④ Collect results ② Make up a question
① Find a problem ⑤ Analyse the results ⑥ Find supporting evidence

? Look at the title of the reading passage. can you guess what the main idea of the passage is? ? The passage mainly tells us ? How John snow defeats cholera

John Snow defeats “King cholera”

? The passage mainly tells us ? How John snow defeated cholera

What do you know about infectious diseases? ? Infectious diseases can be spread easily. They have an unknown cause and may do great harm to people.

? People could be exposed to infectious diseases, so may animals, such as bird flu. AIDS, SARS are infectious diseases. They are difficult to cure.

? Step6. 重点句式 ? Which scientist discovered that objects in water are lifted up by a force that helps them float? (P1) 翻译 _________________________________________ ___________________ ? 该句是一个(简单句/ 复合句) 其中第一个 that引导的是一个____________从句 ? 第二个that 引导的是一个_______________从句。 想一想两个that是否都可以省略呢? ? 仿照练习:他发现告诉他这个消息的那个家伙 是个骗子。 ? _________________________________________ _________________________________

? Who wrote a book explaining how animals and plants developed as the environment changed?(P1)翻译 ____________________________________________ ________________ ? 该句中explaining是___________分词在句中做 _______________成分来修饰a book. ? 单个的分词作定语要放在所修饰名词的(前面/ 后 面) 例如 : 饮用水____________ ? 拐杖______________ 等候室_______________ 而分 词短语做定语通常要放在所修饰名词的(前面/ 后 面): 例如:站在树下的女孩 _____________________

? 3 .Who invented the way of giving electricity to everybody in large cities? (P1) ? 翻译 ________________________________________________________ _____________ ? the way of doing sth.= the way to do “做…的方法” ? She showed us the way of cleaning it.= _______________________________________ ? the way引导的定语从句的引导词有三种, 可以用_______;可以用 _________;还可以______________. ? 试着翻译:我不喜欢你和你父亲讲话的方式 ._________________________________________关于way的一些常 用短语我们学过的有哪些?试着回忆一下 ? 顺便说一下____________________ 迷路___________________ ? 没门,别想 ____________________ 在某人去…的路上 ______________________ ? 用这种方法________________________

? 4. .Who put forward a theory about black holes? ? put forward 常见含义有两个 ? to offer (an idea, suggestion etc.) for consideration 提出(建 议等) ? 推荐某人或自己任职位;提名 ? 我能否提名张宏章当我们的班长呢?(译) ___________________________________________ ? 辨析 put away ____________ put down _______________ put on ____________ ? put off _______________put out ________________ put up _________________ ? put up with… _______________ ? You can take anything from the shelf and read, but please ______ the books when ? you’ve finished with them. ? put on B. put down C. put back D. put off

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Step 7. 课堂巩固与练习(课上 完成) 词汇、 特性_____________ 科学的(adj.)__________ 科学家(n.)___________科学(n.)____________ 推断(vt&vi)_______________ 结论(n.) ______________ 传染(v) ________(adj)________ 分析(vt.)_____________(n.)____________ 发 明(v)_________发明家(n.)________ 短语、 把…..从…..传递到……__________________ 得出结论_________________证据___________

? 句型巩固 ? 1.你能找到一个解决这个问题的方法吗 ____________________________________________ ? 2.他在会议上提出了一些有效的(effective/ available)建议以改变现状。 ? ____________________________________________ He put forward some available advice to __________________________________

change the present situation.
? 3.他们是来自不同国家的游客。 _________________________________________ ? (分词作定语)


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