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山东德州 2014 届高考英语一轮复习完形填空加强训练 5
1.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)选出可以填入空白的最
佳选项。 A man found the cocoon (茧) of a moth (蛾). He took it home so that he could moth come out of the cocoon. On that day a small moth for several hours as the moth struggled to 13 12 11 the

appeared. He sat and watched the

the body through that little hole. Soon it 14 as far as it could and it could

seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had

go no further. It just seemed to be stuck. So the man, out of his kindness, decided to help the moth. He took a pair of scissors and 15 the remaining bit of the cocoon. The 16 then came

out easily. But it had a swollen body and small, shriven (无用的) wings. The man continued to watch the moth because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and be able to support the 18 17 to

, which would get smaller in time. Neither happened! In fact, the 19 around with a swollen body and shriven wings. It was

little moth spent the rest of its life 20 able to fly.

What the man in his kindness didn’t the moth to get through the moth 25 23


was that the small cocoon and the 24



opening was a way to push fluid (液体) 26

the body of

its wings so that it would be ready to fly 27

it got out of the cocoon.

Freedom and

would come only after the struggle. By taking the struggle away, he also

took away the moth’s health. Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. If we were to without any difficulties, we would become disabled. We would not be as could have been. Give every opportunity a chance. Leave no room for 11. A. help 12. A. opening 13. A. pull 14. A. got 15. A. cut up 16. A. moth 17. A. lessen B. protect B. line B. draw B. done B. cut off B. butterfly B. widen C. watch C. moth C. make C. tried C. cut out C. cocoon C. expand 30 D. see D. butterfly D. force D. climbed D. cut in D. worm D. shorten 29 . 28 our lives as what we

18. A. standing 19. A. flying 20. A. already 21. A. do 22. A. crawling 23. A. tiny 24. A. in 25. A. into 26. A. after 27. A. courage 28. A. stand by 29. A. great 30. A. regrets

B. flight B. crawling B. certainly B. think B. struggle B. beginning B. on B. to B. once B. happiness B. get on B. determined B. death

C. wings C. walking C. never C. want C. fight C. right C. by C. in C. before C. flight C. go through C. brave C. failure

D. body D. lying D. ever D. understand D. force D. above D. from D. onto D. until D. survival D. live in D. strong D. wishes

2.请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。
Recently, a professor of philosophy in the United States has written a book called Money and the Meaning of Life. He has more meaning than we usually keep a 38 36 37 that how we deal with money in our day-to-day life has . One of the exercises he has asked his students to do is 39 they spend their money,

of every penny they spend for a week. From the 40 in life. 41

they can see what they really The professor says our enters the picture. You 42

with others often becomes clearly defined when money

have wonderful friendship with somebody and you think that you

are very good friends. But you will know him only when you ask him to lend you some 43 . If he does, it brings something to the relationship that seems suddenly weaken the relationship if he doesn’t. Since money is so important to us, we consider those who are The professor 47 some rich people in researching his book. 48 thing you have discovered about being rich? 49 . I am nothing. I 46 to be very important. 44 than ever before. 45 it can

Question: What is the most

Answer: The most surprising thing is why people give me so much

don’t know much. All I am is rich. People just have an idea of making more and more money, but what is it much money do I need for any given important 53 52 51 50 ? How

in my life? In his book, the professor uncovered an

in modern society: to bring back the idea that the money is an instrument 54 in the material world, but 55

than the end. Money plays an important

money to give happiness may be missing the meaning of life. 36. A. pointed 37. A .imagine 38. A. secret 39. A. way 40. A. mean 41. A. work 42. A. should 43. A. cars 44. A. stronger 45. A. But 46. A. rich 47. A. saw 48. A. puzzling 49. A. worry 50. A. about 51. A. achievement 52. A. need 53. A. better 54. A. action 55. A. demanding B. studied B. think B. diary B. method B. value B. friendship B. must B. books B. weaker B. Otherwise B. poor B. interviewed B. disappointing B. doubt B. against B. result B. discovery B. rather B. performance B. hoping C. discovered C. recognize C. promise C. opinion C. get C. relation C. had to C. rooms C. worse C. And C. helpful C. questioned C. surprising C. hate C. for C. purpose C. lack C. more C. role C. getting D. noticed D. plan D. record D. attitude D. make D. union D. might D. money D. looser D. Then D. ordinary D. knew D. interesting D. respect D. at D. success D. event D. less D. trick D. expecting

3.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选

How do you know if your home is an easy target for burglars(窃贼)? Around the holidays, many families don’t consider taking proper thefts. With just a few simple 36 to prevent their homes from suffering holiday 38 of your home 39 you

37 , you can better make sure of the

during all of the holiday celebrations. Here are a few tips for making it difficult to are away from home. Either have a trusted neighbor hold your mail until you 41 40

your mail and newspapers, or tell your mailman to 42 says “Hey, we’re not home!” like when your

. Make sure

post-box is filled with all kinds of mail and you have many different newspapers in your driveway. 43 several different lights in your house on random timers. Do not leave your 45 47 44

lights on all the time. 46 off.

, put your outside lights on timers to be on only during the on for days at a time, it means that nobody is home to turn it

. If an outdoor light

If you have pets that you are not taking with you on vacation,

48 them with a friend,


having someone coming into your house every day to take care of them. When burglars see a neighbor or friend 50 your house every day, they will know you are not home. Close all your 51 when you leave town. This is effective to 52 possible burglars, as 53 is

no one can see what is in your house. If they don’t know what there is to take, then the even greater for them to break in.

This article just has suggested a few tips to help you keep your house safe while you are on 54 . Nothing can truly protect your home unless you have it system. 36. A. qualifications 37. A. steps 38. A. safety 39. A. say 40. A. pull up 41. A. exist 42. A. everything 43. A. Choose 44. A. outdoor B. measures B. paces B. tidiness B. tell B. take up B. escape B. something B. Give B. indoor C. issues C. words C. attraction C. speak C. pick up C. disappear C. anything C. Set C. inside D. patterns D. manners D. structure D. predict D. bring up D. return D. nothing D. Make D. kitchen 55 by a professional home security

45. A. Therefore 46. A. days 47. A. repeats 48. A. find 49. A. other than 50. A. cleaning 51. A. windows 52. A. improve 53. A. chance 54. A. holiday 55. A. monitored

B. However B. weekends B. remains B. turn B. rather than B. protecting B. doors B. discourage B. desire B. board B. guided

C. Instead C. weekdays C. lasts C. leave C. or rather C. evaluating C. curtains C. inspire C. reward C. duty C. strengthened

D. Again D. nights D. happens D. hold D. or else D. entering D. eyes D. frighten D. risk D. trip D. collected

Life is filled with challenges. As we get older we 16 realize that those challenges are the very things that 17 18 . When we are faced with a challenge, we usually have two 19 : we can try to 21 20 it off, or us and make us who we are, it is the same with the challenges that come with

we can decide that the thing presenting the challenge isn’t worth the

and call it quits. 23 all that

Although there are 22 times when calling it quits is the right thing to do, in most is needed is commitment and 24 .

When we are devoted to 25 , it means that no matter how something is, we will always choose to 27 is making a

26 or how uncomfortable

it instead of running away from it. Communication

28 for discussion and talking about how you feel instead of just saying what the you can say to a friend, “I got my feelings hurt.” 30 “You hurt

other person did wrong. 29

my feelings,” you are going to be able to solve the problem much faster. In dealing with many challenges that friendship will bring to you, try to see them for 31

they are: small hurdles 障碍) you need to jump or 32 on your way through life. Nothing is so ( big that it is impossible to get over, and hurt only 33 to make us stronger. It’s all part of

growing up, it happens to everyone, and some day you will was, it made me who I am today. And that is a good thing.” 16.A. seem to 17.A. design 18.A. success B. come to B. promote B. pressure C. hope to C. direct C. friendship C. choices C. take C. trouble C. consequently C. events

34 on all of this and say, “ 35

as it

D. try to D. shape D. difficulty D. aspects D .fall D. expense D. exactly D. affairs D. consideration D. nothing D. painful D. catch D. room D. Unless D. or else D. which D. run over D. attempts D. look back D. Hard

19.A. opportunities 20.A. beat 21.A. comment 22.A. hardly 23.A. issues

B. expectations B. show B. loss B. certainly B. cases

24.A. communication B. confidence C. courage 25.A. everything 26.A. doubtful 27.A. keep 28.A. chance 29.A. If 30.A. other than 31.A. what 32.A. pass by 33.A. serves 34.A. look into 35.A. Interesting B. anything B. shameful B. control B. plan B. As B. rather than B. who C. something C. harmful C. face C. topic C. While C. or rather C. where C. get through C. aims C. look out

B. come across B. means B. look for B. Surprising

C. Complicated

5.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
Every country has its heroes.The heroes are the people the nation and especially the young people _21__.If you get a list of the heroes of a nation, it will tell you the potential of that nation.For example, the youngsters in China nowadays take Yang Liwei __22_ ever since the launch(发射) of Shenzhou V. If today in America you ask the high school students to list their heroes, their _23_ would

probably fall into three groups.The first group of heroes would be the rock stars--the people __24__ with rock music.There’s no doubt that such people have talent but one often wonders if one should __25__ rock stars as a model.The rock stars too often are mixed with drugs and their personal life is not all that __26__.The rock stars are rich and they wear the latest fashion styles.However, one should __27_ more in a hero than such things __28__ money and fine clothes. A second type of heroes for the American youth are sports star.__29__, you have a person who has a talent in one area- sports.However, too often the personal of the sports star is __30__ disorder.Too frequently drugs and drinking are a part of __31__ of the sports stars. A third group of heroes are TV or movie stars.These people may have lots of __32_ talent and are quite handsome.However, the personal life of too many actors is quite sad and __33__ be held up as a model for young people. Today, the rock stars, the sportsmen and the actors have __34_ become the models of the youth in America.Really, do you hear a young person say that his __35__ is a doctor, a teacher or a scientist? These people are not __36__ and do not wear fashionable clothes.However, they are __37_ people who work hard to make the world a better place for everyone. What is really sad is that the young try to __38__ their heroes.They like to wear the same clothes as theirs. the heroes of today for the American youth are __39_ only to rock stars, sports If and actors, the future does not look too __40__. 21.A.respect B.admire C.satisfy D.hold D.to hear from D.suggestion D.pleased D.hold up D.bad D.be after D.as D.Again D.any D.talent

22.A.on the tip of their tongue B.as a model C.to be admired 23.A.choice 24.A.interested 25.A.take on 26.A.simple 27.A.put 28.A.like 29.A.This time 30.A.little 31.A.sports B.conclusion B.connected B.think up B.mixed B.gather B.besides B.Instead B.a bit B.life C.majority C.excited C.put on C.good C.spend C.with C.However C.kind of C.clothes

32.A.teaching 33.A.should not 34.A.both 35.A.dream 36.A.rich 37.A.stupid 38.A.persuade 39.A.enough 40.A.bright

B.running B.should B.each one B.husband B.poor B.talented B.praise B.limited B.usual

C.acting C.must C.all C.wife C.healthy C.terrible C.remember C.powerful C.necessary

D.speech D.may not D.none D.hero D.kind D.weak D.follow D.great D.important

【题文】一个质量为 m 的物体放在倾角为 θ 的斜面上匀速下滑,物体与斜面间的动摩擦因 素? =______;物体受到的摩擦力的大小为 f=__________。 【答案】tanθ ; mgsinθ 【解析】 【标题】云南省保山市腾冲八中 2012-2013 学年高一上学期期末考试物理试题 【结束】

1.11-15 CADAB 16-20 ACDBC
21-25 DBADA 26-30 BCCDA

2.36-40 CBABC 41-45 CABCD

46-50 ABCDC

51-55 CBDBD

3.36-40 BAABC

41-45 DDCAC


51-55 CBDAA

21.C 26.D 31.A

17.D 22.B 27.C 32.C

18.C 23.B 28.A 33.A

19.C 24.A 29.A 34.D

20.A 25.C 30.B 35.D

5.21-25 BBABD

26-30 CADDB

31-35 BCACD

36-40 ABDBA

6.50—54 BCADB

55—59 ABDCA

60—64 DBCAD



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