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上蔡一高高三英语错题集(六)January 16,2014 1.Tom, it’s good for you to read some books ____Germany before you start your trip there. A. on B.for C. of D.with

2.Riding a bicycle is good exercise

;_____,it does not pollute the air. A nevertheless B besides C afterwards D therefore

3.The father drove to school, only to find his son____. A to be picked up C was picked up B had picked up D had been picked up

4.---Did you forget about your mom’s birthday? ---______.I’ve booked a table at the restaurant for this evening. A What then? B I’m afraid so C How could I? D For sure

5.---So you lent her money again? ---_____,she said she’d return it to me as soon as she could. A My pleasure B Not exactly C No doubt D All right 6.Geography is Julia’s weakest subject, but it is ______interests Emma most. A the one B the one that C which D that 7.When war broke out in that country,the reporter _____there. A sent B was sent C has been sent D has sent

8.By 17:00, at ____the shop was to close, nearly all the products

had been sold. A that B when C what D which

9.There are 44 students in our class, half ______are near-sighted. A in whom B of them C of whom D in them

10.He made a promise to himself ______this year, he would try his best to improve his study, A whether B what C that D how

11.Patience, without _____you can’t do the work well, is a kind of quality. A that B it C what D which

12.We went to the gym to play Badminton yesterday, only to be told that it ________. A was decorated C had been decorated B had decorated D was being decorated

13.Lily dressed up and went to the airport .Her husband was ____to be coming back from London. A likely B possible C probable D maybe

14.We have to bear the hot weather these days ._____it will be over soon. A Somehow B Anyway C Besides D Therefore

15.The proposal that we _____prohibit the burning of litter was accepted by everyone at the meeting.

A would

B will

C should

D shall

1 6.He ____for ages.Where do you think he is? A had been going B is gone C has gone D has been gone

17.It’s amazing how well her books sell. I _____her to become a famous writer. A was expecting C don’t expect B did n’t expect D had expected

18.Word comes that there will be an English exam next week . _______,let’s be well prepared for it now. A If so B If not C If any D If necessary

19.At present, the Internet is such a helpful tool ______so many young people can’t live without. A as B that C which D where

20.Unluckily,on the way to the company, I got caught in traffic;otherwise, I______there earlier. A would be B have been C would have been D had been

21.I can forgive you when you make mistakes,but I can ’t stand ________. A to lie to B lying to C being lied to D to be lying to

22.----You should have thanked her before you left. ----I meant _______,but when I was leaving I could n ’t find her


A to do

B to

C doing

D doing so

23.If you like art and enjoy looking at the pictures ,______is an interest. A which B that C as D what

24.You ______ pay too much attention to your reading skill, as it is so important. A can n’t B should C must D need n’t

25.An increasing number of countries have been ______China as a threaten power recently. A looking up B looking at C looking on D looking for

26._____the important documents were needed_____. A Where;finding C when;to find B what;found D when;to be found

27.We are waiting until the weather_____a little. A takes up B picks up C turns up D makes up

28.As parents and teachers ,you should allow children the space to ___their opinions ,even if they different from your own. A announce B voice C declare D sound

29.He is said _____monitor of Class 7. A to elect C to have been elected B to be elected D to be electing

30.Out _____from behind the door, which surprised the little girl

in the room. A did rush B rushed a rat C a rat rushed D a rushed rat

31.Out of her own will, Mary ______a poor man from the countryside at 18. A married B married to C married with D was married

32.You can use a large plastic bottle ,_______cut off as a pot to grow flowers in. A with its top B the top of which C whose top D its top is 33.He was strongly suggested that he _____a few days after a period of hard work, but ____did n’t help. A took;which B took;it C take; which D take; it

34.As a _____customer to the online shop, he is very familiar with the goods in it. A common B ordinary C regular D usual

35.The first apartment is where 80%of the students from No. 1 Senior Middle School live,and the rest ____in the second apartment. A live B lives C lived D living

36.It will cost too much money to advertise on TV; as far as I’m concerned ,adverting in local newspapers is ______cheap. A similarly B relatively C fortunately D widely

37.The manager discussed the plan that they would like to see

____the next year. A carry out B carrying out C carried out D to carry out

38.I think Mr Wang’s speech was a great success , for it was clear and _____ the point. A on B at C off D to

39.By the time my father comes back, I ____reading the book he bought for me last week. A have finished B finish C will have finished D finished

40.You’d have more _____of catching the train if you took a bus to the station instead of walking. A opportunity B chance C time D money

41.I’ll send you 100 dollars today, the rest ____in a year. A follows B followed C to follow D being followed

42.Since she came into his world , the quiet life he was used to ____ greatly. Ahas change B have changed C changed D change

43.As an old saying goes , life is like a_____concert and we can enjoy it an d have fun. A lively B alive C living D live

44.After that,it was several years ____ they finally got married. A that B when C since D before

45.____in a black uniform , the manager looked very serious in

the meeting. A Dressed B Dressing C To dress D Dress

46.The pet dog that performed best in the show was ____a real ribbon. A rewarded B awarded C gained D won

47.After ____was about five months, most of the trainees were perfect enough to go on to the next stage. A what B when C that D it 48.Shortly after these girls ____, a waitress went over to their table with a smile. A seated B were seated C seat themselves D had seated

49.An expert ____help them tomorrow , they are sure to work out the problem. A will come B coming C to come D having come

50.Jenny never dreamt of _____for him to be invited to his boss ’s wedding as the best man. A being a chance C there to be a chance B there’s a chance D there being a chance

51.Eric has a good knowledge of Australia as if he ____there, though in fact he has never there. A had been B has been C was D would be

52.Was it ____the Summer Davos Forum that made the city of

Dalian the focus of this area last month? A to be held B hold C held D holding

53.---Ohm, my God !My son is too naughty and is not a little restless. ---Well, boys ____be boys. A will B can C may D should

54.---Since we are finished, let’s go to a party for celebration. ----____,sir. A After you C With pleasure B That’s all right D No problem

55.If you have ____a high fever and a bad headache, you ’d better consult a doctor right away. A performed B developed C presented D gathered

56.It remains to be seen ____the newly invented medicine has side effects to human body. A that B which C what D whether

57.Alice ____her son ____online games , but he would n’t listen. A persuaded; out of plying C advised; out of playing B tried to persuade ; not to play D persuaded; not to play

58.---I’m sorry .I should n’t have lost my temper to you that day. ---You ____it , but it’s OK now. A have overdone B had overdone

C did overdo

D were overdoing

59.It is suggested that the mistakes we have made in exams be well worth ______. A paying attention to C paid attention to B pay attention to D to pay attention to

60.Environmental protection will really ____when the awareness is widely raised among people. A set off B take up C take off D set up

61.Let’s learn to use the difficulties and obstacles we are facing ____ a stepping stone to future success. A to B for C as D by

62.____from the top of the tower , the north foot of the mountain is a sea of trees. A Seen B Seeing C Having D To see

63.The moment Eric will never forget is _____Miss Zhao gave him lots of valuable advice on how to improve his oral English. A when B that C what D which

64.You’ll have to wait for two hours, ____is , at about 11:30, ____the medical report will come out,” the doctor said to me. A that ;when B which;that C that; which D it ; whose

65._______admission, he had to write a letter to the president of another university.

A Not giving C Having not

B Not having been given D Having not been given

66._____much money I gave him, he was still not satisfied. A How B Whatever C However D No matter

67._____ hearing this , my daughter told her friend the story of how all the waving began. A From B In C With D Upon

68.He is a professor, _____I have been looking forward to becoming all the time. A that B which C who D whom

69.He ____articles for the press for the past three years, and altogether he has contributed about forty articles. Ahas been writing B wrote C is writing D has written

70.I really appreciate ______this valuable opportunity to have an interview with the famous writer,Mo Yan. A being given B to be given C to give D giving 71.It is so convenient for people to surf the Internet that more and more people becoming enthusiastic _____shopping online. A from B in C with D about

72.It took my _____away when the desk clerk told me that there was one double room available for 500 RMB. A spirit B breath C heart D health

73.After five hours’ drive , they reached _____they thought was the place they had been dreaming of. A what B that C which D where

74.As I know, there is ____car in this neighborhood. A no a B no such C not such D no such a

75.The time and effort he has devoted during the past few years ______trees in that remote area is now considered to be of great value. A to plant B to planting C plant D planting

76.You must have read about Mark Twain long ago, ______? A must n’t you B haven’t you C did n’t you D need n’t you

77.This language training programme ____teenagers who want to go abroad to study . A accounts for B cares for C makes up for D caters for

78.Paris was made a judge to decide to whom the golden apple _______. A was to be given B to be given C to give D to be given

79.Dr. Peter Spence , ____headmaster of the school, told us , “___fifth of pupils here go to study at Oxford and Cambridge.” A a; A B /;The C the;The D /;A

80.Finally , he found his calculator ___he lost it. A the place in which B in which

C the place where

D where

81.Mary would never do anything that was not ____of by her parents in order not to make them unhappy. A considered B allowed C approved D informed

82.That is just ____ challenging job all the workers want to get. Do you have anyone in ______mind for it? Aa; the B the ;/ C the;the D a;/

83.I __in a foreign trade company for three years.Still, I don ’t regret giving up the job and living with my family. A worked C had worked B have worked D have been working

84.It is ____he is always addicted to video games ___makes his parents worried about him. A/;that B what;that C that;that D because;that

85.----I am worn out after climbing the mountain , and you? ----Yes,______.I could hardly rise to my feet. A not in the least B.not a little C not a bit D.not really

1-5ABDCC 6-10BBDCC 11-15DDABC16-20DBAAC 21-25CBBAC 26-30ABBCB 31-35AADCA 36-40BCDCB 41-45CADDA46-50BABCD51-55ADAAB56-60DBCAC 61-65CAAAB66-70CDBAA71-75DBABB76-80CDADD 81-85CBACB



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