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2014 届高考语法填空专项训练 (一) There are times when people are so tired that they fall asleep almost anywhere. We can see there is a lot of sleeping on the bus or train on the way home from work in the evenings. A man 16____ ______(fold) the newspaper, and seconds later, 17_________appears as if he is trying to eat it. Or he will fall asleep on the shoulder of the stranger18________(sit) next to him. Another place where unplanned short sleep goes on is in the lecture hall 19_________a student will start snoring(打鼾)so 20_________(loud) that the professor has to ask another student to keep the sleeper awake. 21_________more embarrassing situation occurs when a student starts falling into sleep and the weight of the head pushes the arm off the desk, and the 22_________(move) carries the rest of the body along. The student wakes up on the floor 23__________ no memory of getting there. The worst time to fall asleep is when driving. Police reports are full of accidents that occur when people fall into sleep and go 24__________the road. If the drivers are lucky, they are not seriously hurt. When people are really tired, 25_________will stop them from falling asleep ---- wherever they are. (二) Nowadays, millions online instead. 17________ 16_________ lonely singles are now going

World Wide Web is quickly becoming the

world’s most popular matchmaker ( 媒人 ). Singles are flocking ( 涌 向 ) to the Internet 18____________

( largeness ) because their busy lifestyles leave them little time to look for a significant other. Using dating sites (约会网址) is quick and convenient. Many singles say the regular dating scene


(just lead )


them from one bad experience to 20________ something else. Dating sites also make someone 22___________

and are ready to try easy to avoid


you are not interested in. In the real world,

23___________ , ignoring someone you don’t like can be difficult. Despite all the advantages, online dating also presents its own set of problems. People aren’t always those who they declare to be in their online 24__________ 25____________ Right. (三) Fishing is my favorite sport. I often fish without getting anything. But this Some fishermen 18_______ 16_________ hours (describe).Safety is another concern. You are just ( like ) to find a criminal online as you are Mr. or Miss

17____________ (be)

(not worry) me. Instead of


19______________ rubbish. I am even less

(catch) fish, they catch old boots 21__________


(luck). I never catch anything — (spend) whole empty bag.

not even old boots. After having


mornings on the river, I always go home with


“You must give up fishing!” my friends say. “It's a waste of time.” 24___________ they don't realize one important thing. I'm not really 25

interested in fishing. I am only interested in sitting in a boat and _____________ (do) nothing at all! (四) There was a woman who went to the airport (hurry). She was so absorbed 17_____________

16____________ her own thoughts

that she was not aware they were going on a different route. Suddenly, a man went inside the cab and took her handbag 18_____________ she

placed her visa, passport, and all her money for the trip. She kept on thinking
语法填空 -2-

how unlucky she was to be in that situation. That very same night, she heard a piece of 19 ____________ (shock) news. Flight 230 crashed! It was the she had not lost

plane that she was supposed to board into. 20 ___________

her precious belongings, she could have lost something far 21 ___________ important — her life! Sometimes bad things really happen. We fail in our exams, or get rejected by others. There are times when nothing seems to go our way. So what do we do about it? We must take all these 22 _____________

(frustrate) out of our chest and start all over again with the consistent faith that we 23 __________ (get) what are deserved(应得的).

If you failed in the exams, maybe you’d be more successful and much happier in 24____________field. If you were rejected by your friend, there

are plenty of others out there who are much more deserving of (值得的)your love and affection. Don’t waste your time and energy things that can’t be changed. (五) Stephen Hawking, who is the most famous physicist, was born in Britain on January 8th, 1942. As a child, he was enthusiastic about 16______________ 17______________ 18______________ 19______________ (fortune), (design) in his complicated twenties, he toys but 25 _____________


a disease that was impossible to be cured, was a great challenge for him. However, not only 20______________ but also he was

was he positive about the misfortunes eventually he defeated all the obstacles


(absorb) in his research in the universe. In 1988, his

best-seller A Brief History of Time was published, 22______________ which he put forward the idea


time itself has a

beginning, and that it will have he has made outstanding


end. In conclusion,


(contribute) to the fields

of cosmology and quantum gravity. (六) Watching online open classes U.S. top universities has become indispensable for many young Chinese. Guo Lei, a native of Guangzhou, has become 16______________ (addict) to various open courses after

she watched the online video of " Justice: What's the right thing to do." Guo was immediately attracted by the topic and the discussion of the Harvard students about 17______________ (moral) and justice. About 700 sina micro bloggers 18______________(post) different links to the videos. 163. Com has launched a special channel for open programs, 19____________(provide) more than 1,200 class hours of free videos. Many Chinese have adjusted 20____________daily timetable and some office workers have quit taking naps 21___________ they can watch videos at noon. 22__________download free online resources to their cell phones to watch while taking buses. On Douban.com, a netizen named "an independent cat" called 23_________ others to get up an hour earlier in the morning to watch the videos before leaving for work, 24______________ has mobilized a great number of followers. "This set up a good example of how to change and improve our teaching methods." said Wang, a professor of Sun Yat-Sen University. He also suggested that lectures by some popular Chinese speakers and professors 25______________ (translate) into foreign languages and posted online to (七)
语法填空 -4-

help foreign audiences understand Chinese culture.

Alfred Nobel became a millionaire and changed the ways of mining, construction,and warfare as the inventor of dynamite(炸药). On April 12, 1888 , Alfred's brother Ludwig died of heart attack. A major French newspaper mistook his brother16________him the death and of carried an article17_________________(announce) Alfred Nobel.

“18__________ merchant of death is dead.” The article read. “Dr. Alfred Nobel,19___________ became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before,died yesterday. ” Alfred put 20___________ the newspaper sadly. It was his brother rather than 21_________ who had died and the French newspaper had made a mistake. All the same, Alfred felt uncomfortable. Was this the way the world was going to remember him? He did not like that idea at all. He wanted people to remember him as a man of peace. He invented his dynamite at a perfect moment in time. Many countries were beginning to build roads through mountains and needed a safe, strong dynamite. His dynamite was developed for such peaceful uses. He also thought that 22_________ all countries had the same great weapons, they would see how impossible war was and that any country fighting a war 23______________(destroy). Therefore, there would be no more wars. Many people of his day also thought this way. To make sure that he was remembered with love and respect. Nobel arranged in a will to give the 24_______________(large) part of his money to establish the Nobel prizes,which would be awarded to people who made great 25_________________ (contribute) to the causes of peace,literature, and the sciences. (八) In most cities, nearly a 16__________ or poor, it is the less well off that are most at risk from floods and natural disasters. It was the poor of New Orleans, 17______________ (three) of the population, who lived in the 18______________ (suffer) most from lowest-lying parts of the city and

Katrina’s (卡特里娜飓风) wrath (愤怒). 19______________ (similar), it
语法填空 -5-

was the urban poor of Honduras (洪都拉斯) and its neighbors who were struck hardest 20______________ Hurricane Mitch in 1998. And it is the people of the slums ( 贫 民 窟 ) more widely in Latin America 21______________ are most capable of being attacked. In some places, too little water, not too much, is the problem. China’s thirst for industry and 22______________ ( irrigate) has combined with climate change to drain the aquifers( 蓄水层 ). Droughts seem to be ever more frequent in northern China, and southern cities such as Guangzhou are also affected. Rivers are drying up: the Yellow River now flows to the sea for only 23______________ few weeks a year. And the rain, when it comes, is intensely acid. To make matters which both China 24_____________ (bad), the glaciers on 25_____________ India partly depend are melting. Any (九) I believe being honest is one of the greatest gifts. I know they call it a lot of fancy names, 16___________ upright and straightforward. And it’s still 17_____________ what makes a man a good citizen. This is my code, and I try to live by. I’ve been in the taxi business for thirty-five years, (know)there is a lot about it that is not so good. Because taxi drivers are tough, people get the wrong impression 18_____________they are bad. Taxi drivers are just like 19______________ people. Most of them will act as rude fellows. But almost every week you read in the papers that a taxi driver turns in money or jewels or like that people leave in their cars. Once, I found an emerald ring in my car. I remembered helping a lady a lot of suitcases that day, so I went back to 20_____________ 21______________ I had

benefits from extra water supplies will be short-term, and damaged by floods.

dropped her off. It took me almost two days to wait for her in order to return her ring to her. I didn’t get as much as “thank you”. However, I 22______________ (feel) good because I had done what was right. As far as I know, 23______________ (practice) everyone will give you something, because most Americans are fairly generous. I believe in God and try to be 24______________ good member of my parish (教区) . I try to act
语法填空 -6-

toward others like I think God wants me to act. I have been trying this for a long time, and the longer I try, the 25_____________ (easy) it gets. (十) Since the one-baby policy 16______________ (carry) out in China, Chinese families have been shrinking from one with over 10members to the other with only three including parents and one baby. Things are usually out of our expectation. Apart from the benefits 17______________ have been mentioned enough, small families are now beginning to have 18______________ own problems 。 Because parents are having fewer children, they increasingly feel the need 19______________ (control)the lives of those children. As a result, many chi1dren are becoming less 20______________ (depend), determined and ambitious than in the past. Parents today discourage their children from doing housework, extracurricular activities and socializing 21____________ they fear it will interrupt their education. For example, when I was younger, I wanted to learn the guitar 22____________ my parents wouldn’t allow me because they believed it would distract me from my studies. They are happy as1ong as I perform 23______________(wonder) in my exams but don’t seem concerned about how I develop their children for 24______________ a person. To some extent, I understand parents’ concerns, but I think they should love 25_____________they are, not what they want them to be. We deserve the chance to chase our own dreams and learn on our own. Even if we fail, we can learn from those failures. (十一) I was on my way to the Taiyetos Mountains. The sun was setting when my car 31______________(break) down near a remote and poor village. Cursing my misfortune, I was wondering where I was going to spend the night when I realized that the villagers who had gathered around me were arguing as to 32____________ should have the honor of receiving me 33____________a guest in their house. Finally, I accepted the offer of an old woman who lived alone in a little house. While she was getting me
语法填空 -7-

34____________ (settle) into a tiny but clean room, the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to 35____________ small town some 20 kilometres away 36____________there was a garage. I had noticed three hens running free in my hostess's courtyard and that night one of them ended up in a dish on my table. 37_____________villagers brought me goat's cheese and honey. We drank together and talked 38____________(merry) till far into the night. When the time came for me to say goodbye to my friends in the village, I wanted to reward the old woman 39__________ the trouble I had caused 40____________. (十二) Chinese proverbs are rich and they are still widely used in Chinese people’s daily life. 31_____________ these proverbs there are often interesting stories. For example, the proverb, “plucking up a crop 32_____________ (help) it grow”, is based on the following story. It is said that a short—tempered man in the Song Dynasty (960—1279) was very anxious to help thinking about 33_____________ rice crop grow up quickly. He was 34_____________day and night. But the crop was growing 35____________he would pluck up all

much slower than he expected. One day, he came up with an idea He was very tired 38_____________(high). His son heard about this and went to see the crop. Unfortunately the leaves of the crop began to wither. This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their 39____________ (nature) course. Being too anxious to help an event develop often 40_____________(result) in the contrary to our intention. of his crop a few inches. He did so the next day. 36____________doing this for a whole day, 37_____________ he felt very happy since the crop did “grow”



(十三) Jane was walking round the department store. She remembered how difficult 31_______ was to choose a suitable Christmas present for her father. She wished that he was as easy 32______________(please)as her mother,who was always delighted with perfume. Besides,shopping at this time of the year was not _33_ pleasant experience: people stepped on your feet or 34_____________ (push)you with their elbows(肘部), hurrying ahead to get to a bargain. Jane paused in front of a counter 35_________ some attractive ties were on display. “They are real silk,”the assistant tried to attract her. “Worth double the price. ”But Jane knew from past experience that her 36_____________ (choose)of ties hardly ever pleased her father. Jane stopped where a small crowd of men had gathered. She found some good quality pipes 37________ sale. She did not hesitate for long: although her father smoked a pipe only once in a while, she knew that this was a present which was bound to please 38_________. When Jane got home,with her small but well-chosen present in her bag,her parents were already 39_________ table having supper. Her mother was excited. “Your father has at last decided to stop smoking,” Jane 40_________(inform). (十四) A young man, while traveling through a desert, came across a spring of clear water. 31_________ water was sweet. He filled his leather had 33 __________ container so that he could bring some back to an elder 32______ been his teacher. After a four-day journey, the young man

( present ) the water to the old man. His teacher took a deep drink, smiled 34 __________ (warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water. The young man went home 35_________ a happy heart. After the student left, the teacher let 36 _________student taste the
语法填空 -9-

water. He spit it out,

37_________(say) it was awful. Apparently, it was no 38_________ ?”

longer fresh because of the old leather container. He asked his teacher, “Sir, the water was awful. Why did you pretend to like The teacher replied, “You tasted the water. I tasted the gift. The water was simply the container for an act of kindness and love. Nothing could be 39 _______ (sweet). ” We understand this lesson best 40________ we receive gifts of love from children. Whether it is a cheap pipe or a diamond necklace, the proper response is appreciation. We love the idea within the gift rather than the thing. (十五) One Sunday morning in August I went to local music festival. I left it early because I had an appointment 16_________ (late) that day. My friends walked me to the bus stop and waited with me 17_________ the bus arrived. I got on the bus and found a seat near the back, and then I noticed a man 18_________(sit) at the front. He 19________ toy was real and giving it a voice. He must be disabled. Behind him were other people to after some minutes annoyed. I didn’t want to be laughed at for talking to him but I didn’t like leaving him 23__________ his own either. After a while I rose from my seat and walked to the front of the bus. I sat next to the man and introduced myself. We had rest of the way home. I’m glad I made a choice. It made 25__________of us feel good. (十六) Perhaps I am Courageous, but that's because I've had some inspiring
语法填空 - 10 -

(pretend) that a tiger

20____________ (mental)

21________ he was trying to talk, but

22________walked away and sat near me, looking


amazing conversation. He got off the bus before me and I felt very happy the

teachers. I'll tell you about one of them. Many years ago, when I worked 16_________ a volunteer at Stanford Hospital, I got to know a little girl named Liza 17_________ was suffering from a rare and serious disease, 18______________ (recover) appeared to be a blood 19__________ five-year-old brother, who Her only chance of

transfusion ( 输 血 ) from

20_____________ (survive) the same disease and developed the antibodies needed to combat the illness. The doctor explained the situation to her little brother, and asked the boy 21________ he would be willing to give his 22________ taking a blood to his sister. I saw him hesitate for a moment

deep breath and saying, "Yes, I'll do it if it will save Liza." As the transfusion progressed, he lay in a bed next to his sister, 23______________(smile). But then his face grew pale and his smile faded. He looked at the doctor and asked with "Will I start to die fight away?" Being young, the boy had misunderstood the doctor. He thought he was going to have to give her 25_________ his blood. (十七) Time is very important in our lives. It organizes our everyday moments. However, time never had any importance in my life more17______________ (responsibility). 16________ I received a watch from my father that organized my life and made me I received this gift on a gray-sky day. I had to go to the airport at 9:00 AM to pick up my Uncle Ali and take him to my father's house. However, I was late because I 18_____________ (hang) out with my friends. Later on that day, around 11:00 AM, I remembered my uncle, but I was very late 19__________ him. He had left the airport and taken a taxi to my father's house. I got to my father's house at 2:00 PM on the same day and l felt ashamed of and

24__________ trembling voice,

20________ at that moment. After I said hi to my angry father

21____________ (tire) uncle, my father asked me to sit next to him
- 11 -

and handed me this watch,

22_________ gift from him. Then he said, you did was not very nice

"Essa, did you have fun with your friends today?" I answered, "Yes father, and I'm sorry for…" He interrupted, " 23_______ and you should be sorry for your actions." He added, "I hope today you learned something important, and this watch will be a reminder for you." I learned a very important lesson from my father: me, not because of its price, but because of the lesson learned from it. (十八) When times become difficult, remember a moment in your life that was filled with joy and happiness. Remember When life throws you one more obstacle 16_________ it made you feel, 17________ you think you can 18__________ and you will have the strength you need to get through any trial. handle, remember something you achieved through 24__________ 25_________ I (respect ) time and never be late to get someone. This watch is important to

(persevere) and by struggling to the end. In doing so, you will find you have the ability 19____________ (overcome) each obstacle in our path. When you find yourself to rest. Take new day. When you feel tension become clearer. When you 24__________ (face) with so many negative and draining situations, and you view your life 25_______ a whole and remember the positive things, you will realize how small problems may seem. (十九)
语法填空 - 12 -

20__________ (exhaust), remember to find a place

21_______ necessary time in your own life to dream your 22________ you will be ready to face each

dreams and renew your energy,

23_________ (build), find something fun to do.

You’ll find that the stress you feel will fade away and your thoughts will

Did you know that in the mountains it can start to snow in August? It snows through the fall and winter. 1________, in spring, when all that snow melts, water falls down the mountainsides. Streams(溪流) form and come 2___________to form rivers. Let’s follow one of the rivers in Utah. The Bear River begins nearly 13,000 feet 3__________in the mountains. It ends only 90 miles4__________, but it will have dropped about 9,000 feet first! The most surprising thing about this river is where5________ends. If you look at a map, you will see that nearly all rivers 6___________(empty) into the sea. But 7________the water of the Bear

River. This river flows into the Great Salt Lake, the largest lake in the West. The rivers and streams that flow into the lake bring 8_________them about two million tons of salt each year. And no fresh water flows away from the lake.9__________, the summer sun evaporates ( 蒸发 ) the fresh water, 10__________(leave) the salt behind. The lake water is so salty that you can’t sink in it, no matter how hard you try. (二十) At one point along an open highway, I came to a crossroads with a traffic light. I was alone on the road by now, but as I drove up to the light, it turned red, and I braked to a halt. I look left, right, and behind me.__1____. Not a car, no suggestion of headlights, but__2_______I sat,__3_________(wait) the light to change, the only human being for at least a mile in any direction. I started wondering__4_______I refused to run the light. I was not afraid of__5__________(catch) by the police, because there was obviously no cop__6_________around and there certainly would have been no danger in going __7________it. Much later that night, the__8________question of why I’d stopped for that light came__9_________to me. I think I stopped because it’s part of a contract (合同) we all have with each other. It’s not only the law, but it’s an agreement we have, and we trust__10________to honor it: we don’t go through red lights. Like most of us, I’m ready to be stopped from doing
语法填空 - 13 -

something bad by the social agreement that disapproves of it than by any law against it. (二十一) A wealthy old lady who lived near Dr. Swift used to send him presents occasionally by her servant. Dr. Swift took her presents but never gave the boy anything for__1_______trouble. One day as Swift was busy with his writing,__2______boy rushed into his room, knocked some books out of__3_______place, threw his parcel on the desk and said, “My mistress( 女 主人) has sent you two of__4_________rabbits.” Swift turned__5______and said, “My boy, that is not the__6_______to deliver your parcel. Now, you sit in my chair, watch my way of doing it and learn your lesson.” The boy sat down. Swift went out, knocked on his door and waited. They boy said, “Come in.” The doctor entered,__7________(walk) to his desk and said, “__8______you please sir, my mistress sends her kind regards and hopes you will accept these rabbits which her son shot this morning in her fields.” The boy answered, “Thank you, my boy. Give your mistress and her son my thanks for their kindness and__9_______is two shillings for yourself.” The doctor laughed, and after 10__________, Swift never forgot to give the boy his tip. (二十二) I recently heard a story from a man named Malcolm Dalkoff. For the last 24 years he has been a professional writer. __1_______is what he told me: As a boy in Rock Island, Dalkoff was terribly shy. He had few friends and no self-confidence. One day, his English teacher, Ruth Brauch, gave the class an assignment. The students had been reading To Kill a Mockingbird. __2_______they were to write their own chapter that would follow the last chapter of the novel. Dalkoff wrote__3_______chapter and turned it in. Today he cannot recall anything special about the chapter he wrote,__4________what grade Mrs.
语法填空 - 14 -

Brauch gave him. What he__5_________remember is the four words Mrs. Brauch wrote in the margin of the paper: “This is good writing.” Four words.__6_________changed his life. “Until I read those words, I had no idea who was or what I was going to be,” he said. “After reading her note, I went home and wrote a short story, something I had always__7____________(dream) of doing but never believed I could do.” Over the rest of that year in school, he wrote many short stories and always brought them to school for Mrs. Brauch to evaluate.__8__________was encouraging, tough and honest. “She was just__9___________I needed,” Dalkoff said. His confidence grew. Dalkoff believes that__10_________of this would have happened if that woman had not written those four words in the margin of his paper. (二十三) A white-bearded ancient man was walking over the hills and valleys of the world. On his back he carried a bag which moved uneasily as if something was trying to escape from it, but he settled it__1________his shoulders and walked on. He was Father Time, traveling forever, and the bag he bore was filled with Tomorrows,__2__________struggling to get out. Each night at twelve o’clock, he opened the bag and flew out a Tomorrow, just__3__________, with its wings of blue, and its shining feathers rising__4__________hope. All the rest were kept back by Time’s strong hands and pushed deep in the bag. Down flew the Tomorrow__5__________(beat) its lovely feathers,__6_____as it touched the earth, off fell its blue wings and it changed to an ordinary white bird which could not fly. It had become__7________.Today. Everyone knows that Today isn’t as wonderful as Tomorrow, for Today can be held in one’s hands, accepted, unloved, but
语法填空 - 15 -

Tomorrow is full of mystery and beauty. It is desired by all the world. Even those who have little hope sigh, “Tomorrow may bring a change. Tomorrow life will be different.” Everybody tried to catch the Tomorrow__8______it fell to the ground. They thought__9________they knew before hand what the Tomorrow carries, they could prepare for it. So they put great nets on the trees, seeking to catch one before it changed his feather.__10______although they tried every means, the birds escaped and flew to the ground as Todays. (二十四) Mary and Peter were having a picnic with some friends near a river when Mary shouted, “Look! That’s a spaceship up__1_______and it’s going to land here.”__2______________(Frighten) by the strange spaceship, most of the young people got into their cars and drove away as quickly as possible. Peter loved Mary and always stayed close to her. __3__________, more curious than frightened, watched the spaceship land and saw a door open. When__4__________came out, they went to look into it. In the center of the floor, there was a pile of food. Peter followed Mary into the spaceship and did not hear the door__5____________(close) behind him. The temperature fell rapidly and the two young people lost__6__________consciousness. When they came to, they were surprised to see that they were back by the river__7__________. The spaceship had gone. Their car was nearby. “What happened?” asked Mary. Peter scratched his head,__8_____________(say)slowly, “Don’t ask me. Perhaps we had a dream. Come on. It’s time to go home.” After driving about fifty meters, they found their way blocked by a thick wall made of__9___________like glass. On the__10___________side of the wall, a few strange beings stopped to look through it and read a notice, which, translated into English, said: “New arrivals at the Zoo: a pair of Earth inhabitants in their natural surroundings with their house on wheels.”
语法填空 - 16 -

考 答

19. where

(一)16. will be folding/will fold 17. it 18. sitting 20. loudly 21. A 22. movement (二)16. of

23. with 24. off 25. nothing

17. The 18. largely 19. Has just led 20. another 23.however 24. description 18.are 25. likely

21. it 22. who/whom (三)16. for

17. does not worry 23. an

19. catching 20. and

21. lucky 22. spent (四)16. hurriedly 17. in

24. But 25. doing 19. shocking 20. If

18. where

21. more 22. frustrations 23. will get 24. another 25. on (五)16. designing 17. unfortunately 18. from 19. which 21. absorbed 22. in 23. that 24. an 20. and

25. contributions 20.their

(六)16. addicted 17. morality 18. have posted 19.providing 21. so (七)16. for 22. Others 23. on/upon 24. which

25. be translated

17. announcing 18. The 19. who 20. down 21. he 24.largest 25.contributions

22. if 23. would be destroyed (八)16.rich

17.third 18.suffered 19.Similarly 20.by 22.irrigation 23.a 24.worse 25. and 20. with 25. easier


(九)16. like 17. knowing 18. that 19. other 21. where 22. felt 23. practically (十)16.was carrie17. that/which 24. a

18. their 19. to contro1 25. who

20. independent 21. because 22.but 23. wonderfully 24. as (十一)31.broke 32 who 33. as 34.settled 35. a

36. where 37 Other

38 merrily

39.for 40. her

(十二)31. Behind 32. to help 33. his / the 34. this / it 35.that


- 17 -

36. after

37. but 38. higher

39. natural 40. results 35.where

(十三)31. it 32. to please 33. a 36. choice 37.on (十四)31. The


38.him 39.at

40.was informed

32.who 33.presented 34.warmly 35.with 38.it 39.sweeter 40.when

36. another 37.saying (十五)16. later

17. till/until 18. sitting/sit19.was pretending 24. an 25. both

20. mentally 21. whom 22. they 23. on

(十六)16. as 17. who 18. recovery 19. her 20. had survived 21. if/whether 22. before (十七)16. until 21. tired 23. smiling 24. a 25. all

17. responsible 18. was hanging 19. for 20.myself 22. a 23. what 24. to respect 25.that

(十八)16. how 17. than18. perseverance 19.to overcome 20.exhausted 21.the 22. so/and 23. building 24. are faced 25. As

(十九)1. Then 2. together 3. up 4. away 5. it 6. empty 7. not 8. with 9. Instead 10. leaving (二十)1.Nothing 2.there 3.waiting 4.why 5.being caught 6.anywhere 7.through 8.same 9.back 10.each other (二十一)1. his 2. the 3. their 4. her 5. around 7. walked 8. If 9. here 10. that (二十二)1. Here 2. Now 3. his 4. or 5. does 6. They 6. way

7. been dreaming 8. She 9. what 10. none (二十三)1. between 2. all 3. one 4. with 5. beating 6. but 7. a 8. before 9. if 10. Yet (二十四)1. there 2. Frightened 3. They 4. nobody 5. close 6. their 7. again 8. saying 9. Something 10. other
语法填空 - 18 -


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高考真题-语法填空10篇_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考真题-语法填空10篇 高考真题-语法填空 10 练一、补全短文(共 100 小题;共 100 分) A Yangshuo, China ...


语法填空专项训练10篇_英语_高中教育_教育专区。语篇型语法填空题的形式为: 在一篇 200 词左右的语篇 (短文或对话) 中留出 10 处空白, 要求考生根据上下文填写...


Section 15 【高考真题演练】 1.2016 年高考真题 A 1.attraction 语法填空 [考查名词的用法。空格前有形容词和物主代词,因此要用其名词形式。] 2.was allowed...


40 misunderstood 根据后文“他以为(he thought…),证明小男孩是误解了医生。 ” 2011 广东高考语法填空练习 At about 11 o'clock on the evening of Friday, ...


语法填空专项练习及答案_英语_初中教育_教育专区。语法专项训练 (1) Taking a taxi in a certain Eastem European country can be 31 shocking experience. It ...


语法填空专题训练预热题第一节语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确...


语法填空专项训练一_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。2014 届高三英语二轮精品卷:语法填空和完形填空(1) II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A Directions: After...


2017高考英语语法填空专项训练 - Section 15 1.括号内提供的是动词 语法填空 高考英语语法填空有提示词解题技巧 首先,判断要填的动词是谓语动词还是非谓语动词。...


2015 高考英语新课标全国卷新体型语法填空专项练 4 篇 (1) 第二节 语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1. 5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的...


( 2) 第二节 语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1. 5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填人一个适当的 词...


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