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建平中学高二英语上半学期Unit2 Continous Learning翻译练习及答案

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

英语学得好有助于你找到好工作。(command) 多吃蔬菜和水果对保持健康有帮助。(helpful) 考试作弊者都将受到严惩。(cheat) 在很多方面,注意与他人交流的技巧是非常重要的。(communicate) 关于针对孩子的广告,我觉得它们弊大于利。(regarding)

1. A good command of English helps you to find a good job. 2. Eating more vegetables and fruits is helpful in keeping healthy. 3. Those who cheat in exams will be punished severely. 4. In many ways, it is very important to pay attention to communicating skills. 5. Regarding the advertisements for children, I think they do more harm than good.
6. 7. 8. 9. 据说北大和清华将从上海招更多的学生。(enroll) 他曾经在知名企业工作的经历使他胜任这个新岗位。(qualify) 面对这么复杂的形势,我们必须对自己有充分的信心。(confidence) 我觉得,为了保持健康,你需要提高全方面的体能。 (improve)

10. 自从读了这本励志小说,我就一直为自己的的梦想在不断努力。(since)

1. It's said that Beijing University and Qinghua University will enroll more students from Shanghai this year. 2. His work experience in a famous

enterprise qualified him for the new post. 3. Faced with / Facing such a complicated situation, we must have full confidence in ourselves. 4. In my opinion, you need to improve your all-round physical ability to keep fit. 5. I have been trying very hard for my dream since I read the inspiring novel.
11. 你确定你要去参加两周后举行的开幕式吗?(attend) 12. 我认为你的建议值得考虑。(regard) 13. 要改善现状,首先你得吸取失败的教训。 (improve) 14. 在任何情况下,警察禁止接受任何酬谢。(allow) 15. 在他看来,网上聊天只是浪费时间和金钱。(a waste of)

11. Are you sure you are going to attend the opening ceremony to be held in two weeks? 12. I regard your suggestion as worth considering. 13. To improve the present situation, you have to learn lessons from your failure

first. 14. In any case, the police are not allowed to accept any reward. 15. In his opinion, chatting on the Internet is just a waste of time and money.
16. 很遗憾地告诉你,你所持有的护照不能使你享有免费医疗。(qualify) 17. 令人奇怪的是,他对赚钱并不感兴趣。(interest) 18. 有时候,我们不得不对犯下的错误付出高昂的代价。 (pay for) 19. 我本来想去参加会议的,但发生了点意外,因此我的助手代替我去了。 (instead) 20. 最重要的是你是否已经为将来做好了充分的准备。(whether)

21. I regret to tell you that your passport can't qualify you for free medical treatment. 22. It is strange that he should not be interested in making money. 23. Sometimes, we have to pay a high price for the mistakes we have made. 24. I had wanted to attend the meeting, but something unexpected happened. So my assistant went instead. 25. The most important is whether you

have made full preparations for the future.
26. 你应该知道学生在上课时不允许使用手机。(allow) 27. 我对这个家教中心的课程厌烦极了,所以很快就放弃了。(bored) 28. 在现实生活中,人们总是会被迫做自己不愿意做的事情。(force) 29. 这部电影太枯燥了,而且它竟然长达三个小时。(furthermore) 30. 我发现很难与那些不诚实的人合作。(those who)

26.You should know that students are not allowed to use mobile phones in class. 27.I was so bored with the course at the tutorial centre that I gave it up very soon. 28.In reality, people are often forced to do what they are not willing to. 29.The movie is too boring, and furthermore, it lasts three hours. 30.I find it hard to cooperate with those who are not honest.
31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 老师推荐我做些补充练习,以培养我的阅读技巧。(recommend) 这位作家拒绝对其他作家的作品发表任何评论。(comment) 在国外的经历对他获得这份工作起了很大的作用。(experience v.) 他从自行车上摔下来,结果不得不在床上躺了一个月。(as a result) 尽管只有一些简单的工具,他还是设法修好了汽车。(even though)

31. The teacher recommends that I (should) do / me to do some supplementary exercises to develop my reading skills. 32. The writer refused to make any comments on other writers' works. 33. What he experienced abroad plays a big role/ part in getting the job. 34. He fell off the bicycle and as a result, he had to lie in bed for a month. 35. Even though he only had some simple tools, he managed to repair the car.
36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 将军命令士兵天黑后再进攻那座城市。(command) 遇到麻烦的时候,同事们都很乐意向她征求意见。 (willing) 我认为在有些场合毛遂自荐非常重要。(recommend) 他很懊恼戒烟后体重增加了很多。(since) 与其等待别人来帮你,不如依靠自己。(It is better to...)

36. The general commanded that the soldiers (should) not attack the city until it got dark. 37. When in trouble, her colleagues are

willing to ask her for advice. 38. I think it very important to recommend oneself on some occasions.' 39. He is annoyed that he has gained a lot of weight since he gave up smoking. 40. It is better to depend on yourself than to wait for others to help you.
41. 42. 43. 44. 如果你方便的话,请帮我从邮局取回包裹。(convenient) 我认为成功的关键要素是刻苦,自信和持之以恒。(factor) 独立学习被认为是解决进修问题的好办法。(describe) 经 Mr. Li 推荐,我们中一些人去学了“托福”(TOEFL)或“雅思” (IELTS)课程。 (enroll) 45. 当今,越来越多的人用电子邮件而不是用书信来和朋友保持联系。(instead of)

41. If it is convenient to you, please fetch me the parcel from the post office. 42. I think the key factors to success are diligence, confidence and perseverance. 43. Independent learning is described as a good solution to one's further study. 44. On Mr. Li's recommendation, some of us enrol on the TOEFL and IELTS courses. 45.Nowadays, more and more people

keep contact with friends by e-mail instead of by mail/ letter.
46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 成就感和满足感使他下决心做得更好。(sense) 我劝他不要事事都依赖父母。(advise) 上课时教师很难使所有学生都满意。(satisfy) 使我感兴趣的不是他的外表而是他的性格。(interest) 尽管天气不好,但运动会还是按计划举行了。 (despite) 你们一定能从自己母亲的亲身经历中学到东西。(learn) 正如我们所预期的,他很快就适应了大学生活。(adapt) 我已打算明年暑假独自前往那个度假胜地。(on my own) 该辅导中心提供的课程可以帮助我们获得学位。(degree) 校长要求应该让每个学生自由选择自己最感兴趣的选修课。(require; freedom)

46 The sense of achievement and satisfaction made him determined to do better. 47 I advised him not to depend on his parents for everything. 48 It is hard for a teacher to satisfy all the students in class. 49 What interests me is not his appearance but his personality. 50 Despite the bad weather, the sports meet was held as planned. 51 You can definitely/ certainly learn something from your mother's

personal experiences. 52 As we had expected, he was adapted to the college life soon. 53 I have planned to go to the resort on my own next summer holiday. 54 The courses provided at the tutorial centre/ which the tutorial centre provides can help us to get a degree. 55 The principal requires that every student (should) be given the freedom to choose the elective course that interests him most.


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