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3[1].1 Letter of Invitation & Invitation Card

Letter of Invitation(邀请信)

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1.Letter of Invitation (邀请信): ? 概述 ? 格式 ? 常用词汇 ? 常用句型 ? 样板. ? 作业 2) Invitation Card (请柬) ? 样板

Letter of Invitation(邀请信)
1. What’s letter of invitation? a kind of letter which is written to other people in order to invite them to attend an activity .

Letter of Invitation Note on Format (格式说明) 格式与一般的书信格式相同.

① 发信人的地址和写信日期 Heading ② 收信人的地址

Inside Address
③ 称呼 Salutation

信函正文 Body of the Letter

⑤ 结尾套语 Complimentary Close ⑥ 签名Signature



English Education Center Guangdong Peizheng College Guangzhou , 510830 March 10, 2007 Professor Kenvin Coster English Department Zhongshan University Guangzhou , 510548 Dear Professor Coster : Body of the Letter Sincerely yous, Wu Zheren ( signature) R.S.V.P.

① 写信日期 (Date)

② 称呼(Salutation)
(Body of the Letter)

(Complimentary Close)

⑤签名(Signature) ⑥附记(Postscript)

March 10,2007

Dear Mr. Smith: (Body of the Letter) Yours sincerely, Mary
P.S. My mobile number is ****** (注:我的手机号码是****)

晚宴舞会dinner dance (part) 聚会(非正式)get-together 社交聚会social reunion 自助餐 buffet 午宴 luncheon 招待会reception 鸡尾酒会 cocktail party 宴会dinner party 生日聚会 birthday party 舞会 dance party

开幕式 opening ceremony 结婚典礼 marriage; wedding 50周年结婚庆典 the fiftieth wedding anniversary 10周年成立庆典 the tenth anniversary of the founding 野餐 picnic

写作指导/ 常用句型(按写作基本应包括的点)
① ② ③ ④ 礼貌,友好地发出邀请 清楚写明活动的时间和地点 如果对被邀请人有特殊的要求,也要求写明. 结尾时表示希望对方接受邀请 如果要求对方回复,请注明

1.Would you care (like) to ….? 你愿意...吗? (练)你愿意参加我们的小宴会吗? Would you care to join our little party ? 2. We’re having … 我们将举办/举行.... (练)下周日在我们家将举办个聚会. We’re having a get-together in our house next Sunday.

3. If you have no other plans …, I’d like to invite you …. 如果你没有其他计划的话,我想邀你.. (练)如果8月2日星期五你没有其他计划 的话, 我想邀请你共进午餐. If you have no other plans on Friday, 2nd, we’d like to invite you for lunch. August

4. I wonder if you would be able to do ...

I wonder if you would be able to join us for dinner tomorrow evening .

1. 6月5日你能来和我们一起喝茶吗? Can you join us for tea on the fifth of June? 2. 你愿意在周六晚上来参加我们的自助式晚餐吗? Would you care to come to our buffet supper (dinner) on Saturday evening ?

3. 我们想邀请你和我们一起春游野餐. We’d like to invite you to a spring picnic with us

4. 如果3月10号星期五你没有其他计划的 话, 我想邀请你来参加在我家举行的舞会. If you have no other plans on Friday, March the tenth, I’d like to invite you to join the dance party in my house. 5. 如果你能来参加我们的开幕式,我们将不胜 荣幸.

It would be a great honor to us if you can attend the opening ceremony.

6. 不知你下周日能否来参加我的婚礼?

I wonder if you would be able to come to

my marriage next Sunday.
7. 我们学校将在5月8日举行成立十周年庆典

Our school is having the tenth anniversary of the founding on May the eighth.

* 5月5日

May the fifth / the fifth of May / May 5 2) 有关月日和星期,一般星期在前,月日在 后
* 7月20日星期一

on Monday, July the twentieth

3) 有关月日,星期和时刻,时刻可以在最前面, 也可 以在最后面. *10月六日星期三下午7:30

at 7:30p.m., on Wednesday, October 6
on Wednesday, October 6, at 7:30p.m.

练习: 我和马利将于8月2日星期六晚上6点邀请一些 朋友过来吃晚饭.

Mary and I would like to invite some friends to come for supper at 6p.m., on Saturday, August 2 .

1. I shall be very glad/ pleased if… 如果..,我将非常高兴. (练)如果你能来参加我的生日聚会,我将非常高兴. I shall be very pleased if you can come to my birthday party. 2. It would be an honor to us if you would … 如果你能.., 我们将不胜荣幸. (练)如果你能接受我们的邀请,我们将不胜荣幸. It would be an honor to us if you would accept our invitation.

3. 请接受我们热情的欢迎和诚挚的邀请. Please accept our warm welcome and sincere invitation . 4. 我真心地邀请你来参加我们的活动. I cordially invite you to join us . 5. 聚会是缺不了你的. The party wouldn’t be complete without you . 6. 我们大家都希望你能来. We are all hoping you can come.

1. 可以在结束信时以句子形式注明.

Please let us know as soon as possible whether you can come or not . 2. 也可以在信纸左下角注明 R.S.V.P. (请回复)

Sample Reading
说明: 替马利给简写一封邀请信,邀请她过来参 加马利5月18号星期三的生日聚会.在 信中写明马利希望她能早点到来帮忙弄装 饰,并带上一礼物,在聚会上会互赠礼 物.

May 13, 2007 Dear Jane , It’s my birthday next Wednesday, May the eighteenth. I would like to invite you to my birthday party in my house. It starts at three o’clock in the afternoon. Rebecca and Irene are going to make a birthday cake in my house and they will come in the morning .Can you come early too and help put up the decoration ? After the tea party, we are going to exchange presents. Will you bring one along with you when you come ?

We haven’t seen each other for a long time .We are all hoping you can come .The party won’t be complete without you . Yours sincerely,

说明: 写信人: Karl 收信人: Mark 邀请Mark于7月20号那天一起去Park Beach海滩边野餐,顺便让他带上网球拍 (racket)打网球.

July 15th, 2007

Dear Mark ,
I hope you don’t have any plans on the twentieth of July ,because we’d like you invite you to spend it with us at Park Beach. The ocean is quite beautiful at this time of the year. And we are having a picnic too. Besides it is a good chance for us to get together. There has been some time since we met last time. The Turners will also go there. Jack and Skip both would like to play a game of tennis with you ,so be sure to bring your tennis racket. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time there. Be sure to let us know if you can come . We’re all looking forward to seeing you again .

Sincerely yours, Karl

Invitation Card(正式) 1. 常用词: company 陪伴 presence 出席 request the pleasure of sb. RSVP= Reply, if you please, 请回复

Invitation Card(正式) 2. 常用句型: 1)request the pleasure of the company of ….. 敬请...光临 e.g. 敬请威廉夫妇光临参加晚宴 ? request the pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. William’s company for dinner 2) request the honor of your presence at… 恭请你出席....

(练)恭请你出席他们女儿Diana Lee和Mr. John Kent 的婚礼

request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Diana Lee And Mr. John Kent

正式邀请函即请柬,通常以第三人称来写.书写内容包 括邀请者名称(个人或单位),被邀请者名称(个人或组 织),活动内容(如结婚典礼,生日庆祝会,宴会,舞会


Sample Reading
说明: 写一封请柬,内容是:Blake 夫妇请 William 夫妇参加11月18日星期六晚8 点在Bond大道250号举办的晚宴,并要 求回复.

Mr. and Mrs. Blake request the pleasure of

Mr. and Mrs. William’s
company for dinner

on Saturday, November 18th
at eight o’clock PM

250 Bond Avenue


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