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2016高考英语二轮复习 第二部分 专题十一 名词性从句练习

专题十一 名词性从句
题组一 体验真题 用适当的连接词填空 1.(2015·重庆卷)We must find out ________ Karl is coming,so we can book a room for him. 2.(2015·陕西卷)Reading her biography,I was lost in admiration for ________D

oris Lessing had achieved in literature. 3.(2015·四川卷)The exhibition tells us ________ we should do something to stop air pollution. 4.(2015·安徽卷)A ship in harbor is safe,but that's not ________ ships are built for. 5.(2015·福建卷)—I wonder ________ Mary has kept her figure after all these years. —By working out every day. 6.(2014·北京卷)The best moment for the football star was ________ he scored the winning goal. 7.(2014·北京卷)Some people believe ________ has happened before or is happening now will repeat itself in the future. 8.(2014· 大 纲 全 国 卷 )Exactly ________ the potato was introduced into Europe is uncertain,but it was probably around 1565. 9.(2014·福建卷)Pick yourself up.Courage is doing________you're afraid to do. 10.(2014·湖南卷)As John Lennon once said,life is________ happens to you while you are busy making other plans. 11.(2014·四川卷)Grandma pointed to the hospital and said,“That's ________ I was born.” 12.(2014·天津卷)I think ________ impresses me about his painting is the colours he uses. 13.(2014· 重 庆 卷 )—Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday? — Yeah , but I have no idea ________he did it ; that's one of his favorite

universities. 14.(2013·陕西卷) I think ________ it's our duty to help parents do some housework. 15.(2013·北京卷) I took pride in ________ I had done in the absence of my father. 16.(2013·新课标全国卷Ⅰ) I am wondering ________ you can pick him up at the airport. 17.(2013·北京卷) This is ________ I am thinking about the picture. 18.(2013·四川卷) I know ________ it is because I don't spend much time memorizing them after class. 19.(2013·新课标全国卷Ⅱ) I am wondering ________ you can help me sell some. 20.(2013·新课标全国卷Ⅱ) By the way,do you know ________ they stand for? 答案 1.when 2.what 3.why 12.what 20.what 题组二 尝试模拟 Ⅰ.用适当的连接词填空 1.Steve Jobs' success in the digital field proved ________ it took to be a best CEO. 2.The problem is ________ we can improve our reading skills in such a short time. 3.You should be grateful to your employees,because you wouldn't be ________ you are now without them. 4.—It's my treat today.Is there anything particular you would like to have? —________ you choose is fine with me. 5.What is concerning us greatly is ________ the workers held up in that area yesterday will be set free. 6.The practical suggestion came from the representatives ________ the new rule be adopted. 7.Faced with difficulties,you should believe your confidence is ________ makes a difference. 8.Be sure to make the invitations sent to ________ has taken part in the competition. 9.—Do you think it wise for Chinese mothers to try to do everything for their children? —No,that's ________ they are mistaken. 4.what 13.why 5.how 6.when 7.whatever 8.when 9.what 17.how






18.that 19.whether

10.The assumption ________ calendars came into being twenty thousand years earlier than has been supposed has proved to be correct. 11.________ is the most important for him is not his job,but his family. 12.—When choosing furniture,you only focus on function while I think more about the design. —That's ________ we differ. 13.Please hold on to ________ you are strong and try to improve the weak subjects. 14.The head teacher said ________ broke the rules would be punished. 15.Rosa regretted giving her opinion about the decision directly,feeling ________ she should have expressed it differently. 16.It hasn't been made clear________the new underground line is to be open to traffic. 17.________ we go there by train or by ship makes no difference.The time and the fees are the same. 18.The Super Girl Wang Bei's death highlights the fact ________cosmetic surgery has become one of China's biggest beauty secrets. 19.Good food,good sleep,no exercise.That's ________ he gained weight. 20.I would appreciate it________ you could give me some advice on learning English. 21.—What upsets him? —________ his computer is out of order. 22.________ didn't attend the lecture yesterday won't be given full marks. 23.It surprised us all ________ Kate made such big progress in this final exam. 24.—Don't you believe me? —Yes,I'll believe ________ you say. 25.The new CRH train between Beijing and Shanghai ________ speed can reach about 380km/h will benefit ________ takes it. 答案 1.what 2.how 3.where 10.that 4.Whatever 11.What 5.when/how/whether 13.where 6.that 7.what 15.that 23.that

8.whoever 16.when

9.where 17.Whether


14.whoever 22.Whoever



20.if 21.That

24.whatever 25.whose;whoever

Ⅱ.仿真模拟 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 (2015·山东省日照市高三一模 )A man looking at his smartphone while walking across a railway crossing in Nanjing __1__ (have) a close knock on Oct.22.He was so __2__ (absorb) in his smartphone that he didn't see a train approaching until it brushed past him,__3__ (throw) him to the ground.This should serve __4__ a warning that people should be aware of their surroundings,especially __5__ crossing roads. __6__ (lucky),the man survived a brush with death,but the incident forced the driver __7__ (stop) the train.An 18-minute delay followed the incident,__8__ led to a break in the running of other trains on the route. Smartphone __9__ (addicted) has spread like an infectious disease.It's evident that it will do great harm to society.What's even __10__ (bad),some addicts become impatient with relatives and friends. Some people blame the smartphone for the tragedy,yet in fact people's weakening self-control and self-discipline are to blame. 【语篇解读】 如今手机上瘾现象非常严重,对人们的生活有着很大的危害。文章告诉我们 是我们的自控力和自我约束力差而导致此种现象,并非手机本身的问题。 1.had [考查一般过去时。根据时间状语“on Oct.22”可知,此处是在描述发生在过去的

事情,故用一般过去时。] 2.absorbed 语。] 3.throwing [考查现在分词。根据语境可知,此处表示“火车与他擦身而过,把他摔在了 [ 考查固定短语。be absorbed in“专心致志于,全神贯注于”,是固定短

地上”,train 和 throw 之间是主谓关系,故用现在分词作伴随状语。] 4.as [考查固定结构。 serve as 意为“起作用,产生效果”,此处表示“这应该给人们起 一个警告作用”。] 5.when/while [ 考查连词。根据语境可知,此处表示“尤其是当过马路的时候”,故用

when 或 while ,此处是“主语+系动词”的省略。可还原为: especially when/while they are crossing roads。] 6.Luckily [考查副词。幸运的是,这个男子与死亡擦肩而过,但是这个事件迫使驾驶员停 下了火车。在句首应该用 lucky 的副词形式,即 Luckily。]

7.to stop 构。]

[考查动词不定式。force sb to do sth 意为“迫使某人做某事”,为固定结

8.which [考查非限制性定语从句。因为这件事耽搁了 18 分钟,导致路线上其他火车的运 行 中 断 了 。 此 处 用 which 引 导 非 限 制 性 定 语 从 句 , 指 代 前 面 的 “An 18 - minute delay”。] 9.addiction [ 考查名词。分析句子成分可知,此处作主语,意为“手机上瘾”,故用

addicted 的名词形式 addiction,意为“上瘾”,addict 作名词时,意为“对??着迷的 人”,此处不符合语境。] 10.worse [考查形容词比较级。what's even worse 意为“甚至更糟糕的是”,even 修饰比 较级,故用 worse。]


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