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5-2 过去分词做宾语补足语

1. Can you find the following sentences in the reading passage?
Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. find / … ﹢ past participle object complement

>V- ed

Try to find the same structure in these three sentences.
Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. …, the three countries found themselves united peacefully instead of by war. However, just as they were going to get Ireland connected to form the United Kingdom,…

过去分词做宾语补足语 Past Participle as Object Complement
作宾语补足语的过去分词一般来自 及物动词, 表示被动和完成意义, 说明宾 语所处的状态, 一般跟它前面的宾语在逻 辑上构成动宾关系,表被动,其结构形 式为:主语+谓语动词+宾语+过去分词。 一般可带过去分词形成宾语补足语的动 词可以分为以下三类。

find/ get + object + past participle
1.Past participle (过去分词)在此做什么成分?

宾语补足语(object complement)

3.是不是所有动词的过去分词都可以用来作 宾语补足语呢?


find / … ﹢ past participle / V- ed
?带有“致使” ① have, get, make, help, leave 含义的动词

② see, hear, watch, feel, think , ?表示感觉和 心理状态的词 find, notice , observe ③ like, want, wish, order

?表示“希望、 要求等 意义 的词语

一、使役动词 结构:have, make, get + sth. + done
意义: 1、表示“让某人做某事;让某事被做”

I had my hair cut yesterday.
2、表示“遭遇到某种情况” I had my wallet stolen on a bus yesterday.

make oneself done

使自己被…… 让别人……自己
I didn’t make myself heard because a lot of people cried in the hall.

厅里太多人在吵,我无法让 别人听到我说话。


see, notice, watch, observe, hear, listen to, think, find We can hear the window beaten by the large rain drops.

三、表示“希望、愿望、命令”的动词 want, wish, like, expect, order The teacher wouldn’t like the problem discussed at the moment. 老师不想此刻讨论这个问题。

四、with & without 复合结构中 With trees planted round the building, our school looks more beautiful. 大楼周围种了许多树,我们学校看上 去更漂亮了。 They left without a plate touched.


seat 和 sit 的用法
Please be seated.= Please sit down.

What surprised me most was to see some of the village people ____________________ (seat/sit) seated on / sitting on the benches at the end of the room.



heard someone calling me. ?I heard my name called.

found the snake eating the eggs. ?We found the eggs eaten by the snake.


heard someone calling me. ?I heard my name called. ?We found the snake eating the eggs. ?We found the eggs eaten by the snake.
形式 现在分词 过去分词 语态 内容 动作正在进行, 没结束

doing done

主动 被动


? 1. I was very unlucky to ______________________ (my wallet have my wallet picked / pick) in the street last weekend while I was doing some windowshopping with one of my friends. had a big parcel sent ? 2. I ___________________ (a big parcel / send) abroad to my friend yesterday morning. ? 3. Something has gone wrong with get it fixed my computer, so I’ll ___________ (it / fix) this afternoon.

? 4. We went to see a film last night. But we ______________________ (all found all the seats taken the seats / take) when we got to the cinema. ? 5. My father wants to have our house rebuilt _____________________ (our house / rebuild) at the end of this year, so he is busy making some preparations for it.

1. You can make yourself _______ pretty
well if you keep on speaking the

understand B. understood



D. to understand

2. The manager discussed the plan that they would like to see _______ the

next year.
A. carry out B. carrying out

C. carried out

D. to carry out

3. --- I can’t see the words on the

--- Perhaps you need __________.

A. to have your eyes examined
B. to examine your eye

C. to have examined your eyes
D. your eyes to be examined

4. They woke up, finding everything around ________. A. changing B. change

C. changed

D. to change


1. I found the game excited . exciting 2. We usually work only five hours a day, so we have plenty of spare time visit the to area and have fun. 3. I want to have the flowers deliver delivered to my mother on Mother’s Day. 4. Would you like to get the building completed this week? complete 5. He made his house be decorated by a famous company.


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