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高一英语外研版 必修4 Module 4 Great Scientists学案

Module 4 Great Scientists
单元考点: 一. 核心单词 1. figure n. 人物,体型,数字,雕像,图形 写出句中 figure 的意思: 1> He is an important figure in the small town. __________ 2> The wall is covered with figures of all kinds of things. __________ 3> I will exercise more to keep my figure. _________ 4> Add all the figures, and you’ll get a larger one. _____________ 3. convert v. 改变,转换 Eg. 1> I want to convert some RMB into US dollars. 我想把一些人民币换成美元。 convert sth. into sth. 2> We’ve converted from coal to gas central heating. 我们已经由燃煤改成燃气集中供暖 convert from sth. to sth. I want to convert some Hong Kong dollars ____ American dollars. A. with B. for C. into D. by 4. replace vt. 代替,替换,与 with\ by 连用; 把……放回原处;更换 Eg. 1> We replace coal with\by gas. 我们用煤气来替代煤炭。 2> Please replace the book on the shelf. 请把书放回到书架上。 完成句子: 1> Teachers will never be __________(代替) by computers. 2> All the old carpets need_______________(更换) 。 3> I ______________ (放回) the cup carefully in the saucer. 拓展:1> in place of sb.\sth.= in sb’s\ sth.’s place 2> take the place of sb.\ sth. = take one’s place

2> She graduated from an American college. graduate from 从……毕业 3> He graduated in his history. graduate in 毕业于……专业 8.escape v. 逃走,躲避, 被忽略(没有被动语态) 1> 避开,避免不愉快的事 eg. escape death 死里逃生 2> escape from (out of) + 地点 从……逃走 \ 液体从…..漏出 Eg. She managed to escape from the burning car. 她终于从燃烧的汽车里逃了出来。 3> 被忽略,遗忘,常以物为主语,无被动 翻译句子:1>他今天早晨从监狱里逃跑了。_________________________________. 2> 她逃脱惩罚真是幸运。______________________________________. 二. 重点短语 1. bring up 抚养,养育, 呕吐,提出 翻译句子:1>Tony 被他叔叔养大并受教育。 _______________________________________________________________________________. 2>The smelly smell made her begin to bring up. _______________________________________________________________________________. 3> These are matters that you can bring up in the meeting. ______________________________________________________________________________. 拓展:bring in 赚钱,传入 bring sth.\sb. back 送回,使回想起, bring about 带来,造成 ①.If children are badly ___________, they behave badly. A. brought in A. in A .brought up B. brought up B. on C. up C. brought about D. down C. brought down D. brought in D .brought back ②. Good harvest will bring _______the prices. ③.Your children should be _______to be honest and equal. B brought out ④.His work _________£5,000 a year .

Eg.1> You can use milk in place of cream . 你可以用牛奶代替奶油

A. bring up B. bring to C. bring in D. bring into 2. search for 寻找,搜寻--- in search of 寻找 2> She couldn’t attend the meeting so her assistant took the place of her. 她不能去参加会议,所以她 Eg. 1〉Many people were sent out to search for the lost boy. 派了很多人去寻找那个失踪的男孩。 2> Scientist are in search of a cure for the disease. 科学家在寻找治疗这种疾病的方法 3. as a result of … 由于…… 原因;因为 Eg. As a result of his carelessness, he failed in the exam.

的助手代她出席。 7. graduate vt. 毕业于 n. 研究生 ---- graduation n. 毕业 1> My brother is a graduate student. 我弟弟是研究生。graduate n 研究生

相关短语:result from 由……引起, result in 导致, as a result 结果, with the result that..结果是, without result 毫无结果 用恰当的短语填空: 1> I was late, ________________ that I missed my train. 2> My investigations were ________________. 我的调查毫无结果。 3> His carelessness _______________ his failure. 他的粗心导致他的失败。 4> His failure _______________ his carelessness. 他的失败在于他的粗心。 4. come to power 掌权,上台 Eg. When did Napoleon come to power? 拿破仑是什么时候上台的? 拓展:1> take \seize\lose power 掌握\夺取\失去政权 2> in power 当权,执政 eg. The present regime has been in power for two years. 现政权已执政两年了。 3> within\ beyond power 在能力范围内\外 eg. It is not within my power. 我爱莫能助。 练习 1. His parents died when he was very young, so he was ____ by his grandmother. A. brought up A. of; in B. grown up C. taken up D. picked up B. in; of C. to; for D. B and C 2. They went to Australia ___ search ___ gold. 3. Luckily, the little boy escaped ______ in the fighting in the street. A. of being killed C. of killing B. from killing D. being killed

1> the key to… 意为 “…… 的关键” to 为介词 拓展:be(get) used to 习惯于,devote oneself to 致力于,look forward to 期待做某事, get down to 开 始认真做 make contributions to 对……做出贡献 2> to have more rice and to produce it more quickly 不定式短语做表语,对主语进行解释说明,一般表 示具体的动作,特别是将来的动作。 Eg. 1> My wish is to become a doctor. 我的愿望是成为一名医生。 2> What I would suggest is to start work at once. 3. Its yield is much greater than the yield of other types of rice grown in Pakistan. 它的产量比巴基斯坦种植的其他类型的水稻要高很多。 1> grown in Pakistan 过去分词做定语,相当于定语从句 which are grown in Pakistan. 8. —I have passed the exam. — ! You are really good. B. I have known C. Well done D. Good news

A. Me too

4. --- How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? --- The key ______ the problem is to meet the demand ____ by the customers. A. to solving; made B. to solving; making C. to solve; making D. to solve; made 7. It has been five years since this party _____. Many people wonder whether it will stay on. A. has come to power B. came to power C. has been in power D. in power 三. 重要句型 1. He thought that the key to feeding people was to have more rice and to produce it more quickly. 认为,解决人们吃饭问题的关键在于更快更多地生产稻米。 他

Module 4 Great scientists 跟踪练习

单项填空 1. to say a thing in that way. A. It is considers wrong B. It is considered wrong C. It is considered it’s wrong D. It is considering wrong 2. He ordered that the books at once. A. would be printed B. would print C. be printed D. print 3. The story in China. A. was taken place B. was place C. took place D. has been taken place 4. The house my parents. A. is belong to B. belong to C. belongs to D. is belonged to 5. He by his teacher. A. happened to see B. was happened to see C. happened to be seen D. was happened to be seen 6. Mary realized she . A. was making fun of B. was made fun C. was being made fun of D. was being made fun 7. The war in 1937. A. was broken out B. had been broken out C. has broken out D. broke out 8. It was lucky of him to escape by the falling tree in the storm. A. injured B. to be injured C. being injured D. injuring

13.At the end of the meeting ,it was announced that an agreement _________.(2007 江苏) A has been reached B had been reached C has reached D had reached

14. It was announced that only when the fire was under control ___ to return to their homes.

A. the residents would be permitted C. would be residents be permitted 15. – Do you think we should accept that offer?

B. had the residents been permitted D. the residents had been permitted

-- Yes, we should, for we ___such bad luck up till now, and time __ out. A. have had; is running C. have; has been run 二、用被动语态翻译句子。
1、中国大多数学教都教英语。(一般现在时) 2、他们受到热烈的欢送。 (一般过去时) _________________________________________________________________________________ 3、恐怕我被人跟踪了。 (现在进行时) _________________________________________________________________________________ 4、案子最近已经审过了。 (现在完成时) _________________________________________________________________________________ 5、他们的婚礼将在教堂举行。 (一般将来时) _________________________________________________________________________________ 6、他们到达时,所有的票已经售完了。 (过去完成时) _________________________________________________________________________________

B. had; is running D. have had; has been run

9.Great changes ______in the city ,and a lot of factories______.(2003NMET) A. have been taken place,have been set up B. have taken place?have been set up C. have taken place?have set up D. were taken place?were set up 10.The mayor of Beijing says that all construction work for the Beijing Olympics _____by 2006. (2004 年北京卷) A. has been completed B. has completed C. will have been completed D. will have completed 11.Although the causes of cancer ____, we do not yet have any practical way to prevent it.(NMET2006 山东) A. are being uncovered B. have been uncovering C. are uncovering D. have uncovered 12. It is said that the early European playing-cards______ for entertainment and education. (NMET2006 辽宁) A. were being designed B. have designed C. have been designed D. were designed


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