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生命是一个运动的过程。每一天都可以是一个全新的开始。只要你懂得了生命的真谛。从现 在开始,认真对待生伞中的每一天吧,美好的来来就在我们手里! 生命是一个运动的过程。每一天都可以是一个全新的开始。只要你懂得了生命的真谛。从现 在开始,认真对待生伞中的每一天吧,美好的来来就在我们手里! Just at the Begin

ning “We are reading the first verse of the first chapter of a book whose pages are infinite..." I do not know who wrote those words, but I have always liked them as a reminder that the future can be anything we want to make it. We can take the mysterious, hazy future and carve out of it anything that we can imagine, just like a sculptor carves a statue from a shape less stone. We are all in the position of the farmer. 'If we plant a good seed, we reap a good harvest. If our seed is poor and full of weeds, we reap a useless crop. If we plant nothing at all, we harvest nothing at all. I want the future to be better than the past. I don't want it contaminated by the mistakes and errors with which history is filled. We should all be concerned about the future because that is where we will spend the remainder of our lives. The past is gone and static. Nothing we can d~ will change it. The future is before us and dynamic. Everything we do will affect it. Each day will brings with it new frontiers, in our homes and in our businesses, if we will only recognize them. We are just at the beginning of the progress in every field of human endeavor. E229 words]

本文虽然短小,但人生道理却深寓其中。首段首句的引文直指文章主题,随后在第二 段中进行了阐释,提出自己的观点:未来操之在我,我们能掌控自己的未来。第三段将我们 的生活比作农夫的劳动,对论点进行形象的论述。第四段谈到关注未来的重要性。最后一段 进行总结,警示人们要努力向前,把握自己的未来,重申主题。 文中多处使用了比喻的修辞方法,例如将我们比作雕塑家、农夫。同时又将昨天与明天 相比,使论证更加形象生动。
在起跑线上 “我们正在阅读一本有着无穷多页数的书的第一章的第一节?” 我不知道这段文字是谁写的,但我一直很喜欢用它来提醒自己:未来操之在我。我们可 以掌握神秘而不可知的未来, 从中创造出我们所能想象的任何东西, 正如雕刻家可以将一块 没有形状的石头刻成雕像一样。 我们每个人都像是一个农夫。如果我们种下的是好种子,就会有好收成。如果种子不好 而且田里杂草丛生,虽会有点儿收成但却派不上多大用场。而如果我们什么都不种,就根本 不会有任何收获。 不管怎样, 我希望未来会比过去更好。 我不希望在未来再犯下那些充斥在历史中的错误。 关心未来吧,因为我们的余生都要在未来中度过。往昔已经一去不复返了,凝固了,任凭我 们怎么努力都不能改变它了。而未来就在我们眼前,而且是动态的,我们的任何行为都会影 响到它。 如果我们能够认识到这些,我们会发现每天都会有一些新的情况发生,在家里,或是在 我们的工作中。人类在每个领域都努力向前,而我们正处在起跑线上。


Be concerned about sb./ sth.是个很常用的短语,意为“关心某人或某亭” 。 People are more and more concerned about the traffic Of big cities. 人们越来越关注大城市的交通。 we can do 是插入语,有助于句式的变化。 What explanation do you suppose the teacher could give? 你想老师会如何解释? Ideal is the beacon.Without ideal,there is no secure direction;without direction,there is no life. 理想是指路明灯。没有理想,就没有坚定的方向;没有方向,就没有生活。 Life is long if you know how to use it.只要你善于利用它,生命就是长久的。

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青春是一种心境,一种气质。如果你正值青春年少,那就随着青春的脉搏一起跳动吧;即使 你已经经历岁月沧桑,心态依然可以保持年轻。我们青春到老。 Youth Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of pink cheeks, red lips and flexible knees; it is a matter of will, a quality of imagination, a vigor of the emotion, it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Youth means a dispositional control of courage over cowardice, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of 20. Nobody grows old merely by a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust. Whether 60 or 16, there is in every human beings' heart the looking forward to wonder, the endless childlike appetite of what's next and the joy of the game of living. In the center of your heart and my heart there is a wireless station., so long as it is receiving messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage and power from men and from God, you are young. When the aerials are down, and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, aerials are up to catch waves of optimism, there is hope you may die young at 80. [243 words] 文章一开始使用了一组排比,用四个 it is...句型给 youth 下了定义。第二段和第三段将 60 岁和 20 岁的人进行对比,从而得出结论:年轻不是单纯指年龄,而是指心态。第四段用 a wireless station 为例,形象地描述了保持年轻的方法。最后一段将 the aerials are down 和 aerials are up 进行对比,提出号召:只要乐观向上,我们就能够永远年轻。进一步深化了主 题。 这篇散文语言优美,内容凝练。各段落之间有很强的内在联系,形散而神聚,全文紧紧 围绕青春这一主题。综合运用排比、拟人、比喻等多种修辞方法是文章的一大壳点,为文章 增色不少。 青春寄语 青春不是人生的一个时期,而是一种心境。青春不是指粉红的脸颊、红润的嘴唇和灵 活的膝盖,而是指坚强的意志、丰富的想象和激越的情感。青春是生命深处的一泓清泉。 青春是一种气质, 勇猛果敢而非怯懦退缩, 渴望冒险面非贪图安逸?一个 60 岁的老人身


上常常散发着这种气息,而 20 岁的青年身上倒未必可寻。没有人会单纯因为年岁增长而衰 老,而一旦丧失理想,就会真正变老。 岁月也许会在皮肤上生出皱纹,而热情不在则会使心灵起皱。忧虑、恐惧、自卑都会使 人心灰意懒,一蹶不振。 无论 60 岁还是 16 岁,每一个人心里都怀有对新奇事物的向往,都会像儿童一样对未 来充满永不衰减的憧憬, 都能在生活的游戏中汲取快乐。 在你我的心灵中央都有一座无线电 台:只要它正在接受他人和上帝发出的美丽、希望、快乐、勇气和力量的信息,你就会永远 年轻。 当你的天线收拢,当你的心灵覆盖着愤世嫉俗的霜雪和悲观厌世的坚冰,即 使你年方二十,你也已进入了垂暮之年。 然而,只要你的天线张开,接收着乐观向上的电波,那么你可以指 望,在 80 岁死去 时你依然年轻。

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就像植物需要阳光,我们对知识充满了渴求。学习伴随我们成长,让我们感到充实, 让我们更加了解生活,让我们能够用所学去帮助别人。你的学习旅程是怎样的? 就像植物需要阳光,我们对知识充满了渴求。学习伴随我们成长,让我们感到充实,让我 们更加了解生活,让我们能够用所学去帮助别人。你的学习旅程是怎样的? Learning: a Lifelong Career As food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel for driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. Learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the information age, and reliable warrant of success in times of uncertainty. Once learning stops, vegetation sets in. It is a common fallacy to regard school as the only workshop for the acquisition of knowledge. On the contrary, learning should be a never ending process, from the cradle to the grave. With the world changing so fast, to cease learning for just a few days will make a person lag behind. What's worse, the animal instinct dormant deep in our sub-conscious will come to life, weakening our will to pursue our noble ideas, undermining our determination to sweep away obstacles to our success and strangling our desire for the refinement of our character. Lack of learning will inevitably lead to the stagnation of the mind, or even worse, its fossilization. Therefore, to stay mentally young, we have to take learning as a life long career. [225 words]

本文首先从正面论证主题,首句点题,并通过对首句的解释进一步说明终生学习的意义。第 二段作者从反面来论证自己的观点,说明停止学习会导致的严重后果。最后用 therefore 引 出全文的结束语,再次重申观点,并与文章标题相呼应。 本文开篇引用 As...is to ...,so is ...to....的经典句型开门见山,将学习对心智的重要性比 作食物对身体的重要性,生动形象。全文行文流畅,并能结合时代特征;首尾呼应,画龙点 睛
学习:一生的事业 学习之于心智, 就像食物之于身体一样。 摄取了适量的营养食物, 我们的身体得以生长,


肌肉得以发达。同样地,我们应该日复一日地学习以保持我们心智的敏锐,并增长我们的智 力。不断的学习像是为我们的前进提供了用之不尽的能量,驱使我们唐砺自身的推理、分析 和判断能力。 坚持不断地学习是在信息时代中与时俱进的最稳妥的方法, 也是在变化无常的 时代中求得成功的可靠保证。 一旦学习停止, 单调贫乏的生活就开始了。 视学校为汲取知识的惟一场所是一种常见的 谬论。相反,丛生到死 j 学习应该是一种无终止的历程。由于世界变化日新月异,学习过程 停顿数日,就会使人落后。而更为糟糕的是,蛰伏在我们潜意识深处的动物本能就会复活, 削弱我们追求崇高理想的意志, 弱化我们扫除成功障碍的决心, 并且扼杀我们完善自身人格 的追求。缺少学习将不可避免地导致心智的停滞,甚至更糟,使其僵化。因此,为了保持青 春永驻:我们必须将学习当作一生的事业。

本文首先从正面论证主题, 首句点题, 并通过对首句的解释进一步说明终生学习的意义。 第二段作者从反面来论证自己的观点,说明停止学习会导致的严重后果。最后用 therefore 引出全文的结束语,再次重申观点,并与文章标题相呼应。 本文开篇引用 As...is to ...,so is ...to....的经典句型开门见山,将学习对心智的重要性 比作食物对身体的重要性,生动形象。全文行文流畅,并能结合时代特征;首尾呼应,画龙 点睛
As A is to B,so is C to D.意为:C 之于 D 就如同 A 之于 B 一样。 As water is to the fish,So is book to the human being.书之于人类就如同水之于鱼。 本句用了比喻的手法将 fuel“燃料·比做能量,使行文更加生动,比喻是写作中的常用手法, 为文章增色添亮。 He doesn't have an idea of his own.He just parrots what other people say. 他没有自己的观点,只会鹦鹉学舌。 or even worse 或甚至更糟糕,这是一种递进的表达方法。 Some people lived in a completely wrong way: they waste money and time, even worse, and they don't realize their mistakes yet.有些人以一种极为错误的方式活着,他们浪费着金钱和时间。 更为糟糕的是,他们还没有意识到自身的错误。 We believe that out of the schools grows a nation's greatness.我们认为,一个民族的伟大出自 于学校教育。 There is no royal road to learning.书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟。

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读书如交友。通过书,你可以和几千年前的孔子、苏格拉底交流思想,你可以与几百 年前的曹雪芹、卢梭围炉恳谈。你,和几个伟大的灵魂交流过?
The Most Influential Book in My Life The Story of My Life by Helen Keller is the most influential book in my life. It abounds with courage, struggle and faith throughout. Helen Keller was once in deep despair in her childhood, but finally she decided to overcome her physical defects and live happily. Furthermore, she showed great patience in her long and hard learning period. I have learned, above all, three lessons from her story. First, she taught me that often the road to success is to face hardships bravely. Maybe you are born under an iii star yet you can stand


a better chance than others. It is therefore important that you screw up your courage when courage is needed. Second, the impairment of part of her senses did not prevent her from learning: on the contrary, she had made continual efforts to go deeper into the realm of knowledge, and her perseverance had thus helped her overcome many handicaps. Third, she advised that we should make the most of our sense organs as if we would lose them soon because this way we would observe the world more carefully than ever before. The book is inspiring in that it is one brimming over with the unbending will of a gallant woman beset with seemingly insurmountable difficulties. I hope I can be as courageous as she. [226 words]

文章第一句直接切入主题: Story of My Life by Helen Keller is the most influential book The in my life、接下来,对书和主人公进行了简要介绍。第二段从三个方面具体说明该书对作者 的影响和启示。三个副词 first、second、third 之后,分别从面对困难、坚忍不拔、和珍惜我 们的感官三个方面阐述了这本书对读者的影响。最后一段进行概括性说明。 文章字斟句酌,第一段运用 abound with 这个固定搭配指出作者认为这本书对其影 响最大的原因,即 courage,struggle and faith。行文过渡自然,第一段中用 further more 进 行第二点补充, 实现了句与句之间的衔接, 丰富了内容, 保证了全文的连贯性。 结尾处 as.. .as 的运用,与首段主题句相互照应,深化了主题,为短文画上了圆满的句号。
对我一生影响最大的书 海伦·凯勒所著的(我生活的故事)是对我一生影。向最大的一本书。此书全篇充满 了勇气、奋斗和信仰。海伦·凯勒童年时曾经一度十分消沉,但是最后她决定克服自己生理 上的缺陷快乐地生活。并且她还充满耐心地完成了漫长而艰难的学习过程。 最重要的是,从她的经历中,我领悟到了三个道理。首先,她教给我通往成功之 路通常需要勇敢地面对困难。 或许你一生下来身体就有缺陷, 但是你依然可以获得比别人更 好的机会。 因此重要的是在需要勇气时鼓起自己的勇气。第二,感官上的某些缺陷并没有阻止她 学习, 相反, 她却持之以恒努力钻研知识, 正是这种坚韧不拔的精神帮助她克服了很多障碍。 第三,她建议我们应该充分利用我们的感官,就好像我们马上就要失去它们一样,因为这样 我们就会比以前更仔细地观察这个世界。 这本书催人奋进,全篇洋溢着一个勇敢的女人在被一些看似不可能克服的困难困 扰时所表现出来的顽强的意志。希望我也可以和她一样勇敢。 佳句临摹: abound with 充满 the region abounds with rain all the year around. 那个地区终年多雨。 above all 首先,最重要的是 should like to rent a house——modern,comfortable and above all in a quiet location. 我想租一幢房子 —— 要求设备现代化、舒适,尤其是地段要清净。 make the most of sth.充分利用,最大限度利用某物 We should make the most of our resources without wasting. 我们应该充分利用资源不要浪费。 brim over with 充满,洋溢


We won the football game just now,So all of us are brimming over with joy. 我们刚刚赢了足球比赛,大家都兴高采烈。 We brimmed over with sympathy after she told us her sad story. 她告诉我们她的悲苦身世后,我们对她深表同情。 Books and friends should be few but good.读书如交友,但求少而精。 Use a book as a bee does a flower.对待书籍,要像蜜蜂对待花朵一样。

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校园生活朝气蓬勃,丰富多彩。学习紧张而又忙碌,然而就在这紧张忙碌中也不乏欢 乐和幽默,我们一起来感受本文作者校园生活的点滴。
I Passed the Test I was just eighteen years old when I entered nursing school, easily the youngest member of my class. Consequently, I was the subject of a great deal of teasing and good-nature ribbing from my classmates, many of whom were single mothers and older women returning to school for a second career. Unfortunately, I became iii one week and missed a crucial test on the subject of mental health. This was particularly important to me since I planned to enter the mental-health field once I became a full-fledged nurse. Being a serious student, I immediately scheduled a time to retest and began cramming for this exam. My fellow classmates knew how important this exam was to me and encouraged me as much as possible. On the day of my test, as scheduled, I came to the classroom an hour early where one of my instructors administered the test. It was indeed a difficult exam, with more than one hundred questions pertaining to brain development and the latest trends in mental health. My intense study sessions served me well and, in less than forty minutes, I passed the test with flying colors. Anxious to share my test results with my fellow students, I ran to the hospital coffee shop where we students spent our free time with members of the hospital support staff. As soon as I entered the coffee shop, I cried out in a loud voice, "I passed my mental retardation test !" As I looked around the busy coffee shop, I could not find any of my classmates. Instead, a group of maintenance men, with confused looks on their faces, rose to give me standing ovations. [280 words] 本文为校园生活中的一个小小片段的捕捉。文章生动有趣,颇具可读性。段落行文层 层递进。首段介绍作者读护校时年纪小,是班级里其他同学善意嘲笑捉弄的对象,既是故事 的缘起,又为下文埋下伏笔。接下来作者在第二段开始讲述因病错过重要考试,认真的作者 决定补考,同学也都争相鼓励。第三段作者讲述自己补考并顺利通过考试。第四段故事继续 推进,作者迫不及待地想要将佳讯告诉同学们。最后一段是故事高潮,作者尴尬地发现,同 学们根本不在那里。文章不失为一篇语言流畅,构思巧妙的记叙文,值得借鉴。 我通过考试了 进护士学院学习那年我刚满十八岁,自然成了班里最小的学员。我—因此也就成了同 学们善意捉弄的对象。 她们当中很多是为另谋职业而重返学校的单身母亲或者是年龄稍大的 妇女。 我不幸生病一周,错过了非常重要的心理健康学科的考试。而这门考试对我尤其重要,


因为我计划等我成为一名合格的护士时将从事心理健康领域的工作。 一向认真的我立即安排 了一个时间补考,并开始恶补功课迎接考试。班里的同学知道这次考试对于我的重要性,都 竭尽全力为我加油。 考试那天,我按计划提前一小时来到教室,我的一位老师在那 JL 为我监考。这次考试 的确很难, 有一百多道关于大脑的发展及心理健康最新趋势的题目。 不过紧张的学习让我能 够在不到四十分钟的时间内顺利通过了考试。 我迫不及待地想要将考试结果告诉同学们,于是一路跑到 医院的咖啡馆,那里是同 学们和医院后勤员工们的休闲之所。 一进咖啡馆我便大声喊了起来, “我通过智障测验了” 等我环顾四周,我发现在忙 碌的咖啡馆里竟然找不到一个我的同学。 相反, 我只看到一群维修人员站在那里. 满脸困惑, 齐声为我欢呼起来。 with flying colors 大为成功;出色地完成 I finished the task with flying colors.我出色地完成了任务。 A difference of taste in jokes is a greats train on the affections. 对玩笑不同的看法会导致不同的影响。 Humor is,as it were,the growth Of nature and accident; wit is the product of art and fancy.幽默从来都是自然和意外的产物:才智是艺术和想象力的产物。

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生活在现代社会中,掌握一门外语显得重要而且必要,对大学生来说尤其如此。当然, 语言学习不能一蹴而就,应该循序渐进,并且要有一定的方法。
Knacks for Learning Language What is language for? Some people seem to think it's for practising grammar rules and learning lists of words -- the longer the words the better. That's wrong. Language is for the exchange of ideas, for communication. The way to learn a language is to practise speaking it as often as possible. A great man once said it is necessary to drill as much as possible, and the more you apply it in real situations, the more natural it will become. Learning any language takes a lot of effort. But can't give up. Relax! Be patient and enjoy yourself. Learning foreign languages should be fun. Rome wasn't built in a day. Work harder and practise more. Your hard work will be rewarded by God one day. God is equal to everyone! Use a dictionary and grammar guide constantly. Keep a small English dictionary with you at all time. When you see a new word, look it up. Think about the word -- use it, in your mind, in a sentence. Try to think in English whenever possible. When you see something, think of the English word; then think about the word in a sentence. Practise tenses as much as possible. When you learn a new verb, learn its various forms. Learn more about the culture behind the language. When you understand the cultural background, you can better use the language.


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本文以总分结构介绍了学习语言的几个秘诀。首段以一种对语言的错误理解引出作者 的观点, 提出语言是为了进行沟通和交流的。 第二段至最后一段, 分别围绕语言的这个目的, 提出了学习的方法。 文章语言平实,句式简单,通俗易懂。内容丰富,角度多元,并引用了适当的名言谚 语,如 Rome wasn't built in a day,为文章增添了亮点。
学习外语的诀窍 语言到底是用来干什么的呢?一些人认为它是用来操练语法规则和学习一大堆单词的 ——而且单词越长越好。这个想法是错误的。语言是用来交流思想,进行沟通的。学习一门 语言的方法是要尽量多说。一位伟人曾经说过,反复操练是非常必要的,你越多地将所学到 的东西运用到实际生活中,它们就变得越自然。 学习任何语言都是需要花费很多努力的,但不要放弃。放松点!耐心点儿,从中找到乐 趣学习外语应该是乐趣无穷的。 冰冻三尺, 非一日之寒。 更加努力地学习, 更加勤奋地操练, 上帝会让你所付出的一切有所回报的,上帝是很公平的。 经常使用词典和语法指南。 随身携带一本小英文词典, 当你看到一个新词时就去查阅。 回想它——然后在心里用它造句。 一有机会就努力用英文思考。看到某物时,想想它的英文单词;然后把它用到一个句 子中去。 尽可能多地操练时态。学习一个动词时,要学习它的各种形态。学习和了解更多关于 语言背后的文化知识。当你了解了文化背景,你就能更好地运用这门语言了。

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在外语学习中,很多学生都害怕犯错误。这种心理影响了他们行动起来的积极性,进 而影响了学习效果。那么应该如何对待语言学习中的错误呢?
How to Correct Mistakes in Language Learning? In order to learn a foreign language well, it is necessary to overcome the fear of making mistakes. If the basic goal of language use is communication, then mistakes are secondary considerations that may be dealt with gradually as realization of those mistakes increase. On the other hand, students should not ignore their mistakes. The language learner may observe how native speakers express, themselves, and how native expressions differ from the way the learner might say them. For example, a Spanish speaker who has been saying "I do it" to express willingness to do something in the immediate future, could, by interacting with native speakers of English, observe that native speakers actually say 'TII do it". The resulting difference can serve as a basis for the student to correct his way of using the present tense in English. But a student who is unwilling to interact in the first place would lose this opportunity to learn by trial and error. [167 words]

整个段落可以分为两个层次。开篇两句首先指明对错误正确认识的第一步是不应该惧 怕错误, 如果学习语言是为了交流, 那错误就应该成为其次要考虑的问题。 而另一方面(on the other hand),引出第二步,即有了错误也不能置之不理。最好 的办法就是在交流中学习, 从错误中提高。 文章语言平实,简洁有力。整篇文章只有一段但是内部层次分明,条理清楚。


如何纠正语言学习中的错误? 为了学好一门外语,有必要先克服对错误的恐惧。如果使用语言的基本目标是交流, 那么错误就是其次要考虑的问题,我们可以随着对其认识的深化而逐渐加以克服。 另一方面,学生们不应该忽略他们的错误。语言学习者可以观察说本族语的人是如何 表达自己的,以及这些地道的表达法和学习者可能说出来的表达有何不同。比如,一个西班 牙人在表达自己愿意在不久的将来做某事时用的是 I do it,而当我们与英语是母语的人交流 时,就会注意到那个人实际上说的是 I'll do it.由此导致的差别可以作为参照来纠正学生对于 英文中现在时态的用法。 但是一个从开始就不愿与人交流的学生将会失去这种通过不断摸索 进行学习的机会。

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演讲之前感到些许紧张是自然的,这表明你渴望把事情做好。不过,过度紧张会适得 其反。本文将向你介绍一些控制紧张情绪,从而使演讲达到预期效果的方法。 Ten Tips for Successful Public Speaking Know the room. Be familiar with the place in which you will speak. Arrive early, walk around the speaking area and practise using the microphone and any visual aids. Know the audience. Greet some of the audience as they arrive. It's easier to speak to a group of friends than to a group of strangers. Know your material. If you're not familiar with your material or are uncomfortable with it, your nervousness will increase. Practise your speech and revise it if necessary. Relax. Ease tension by doing exercises. Visualize yourself giving your speech. Imagine yourself speaking, your voice loud, clear, and assured. When you visualize yourself as successful, you will be successful. Realize that people want you to succeed. Audiences want you to be interesting, stimulating, informative, and entertaining. They don't want you to fail. Don't apologize. If you mention your nervousness or apologize for any problems you think you have with your speech, you may be calling the audience's attention to something they hadn't noticed. Keep silent. Concentrate on the message -- not the medium. Focus your attention away from your own anxieties, and outwardly toward your message and your audience. Your nervousness will dissipate. Turn nervousness into positive energy. Harness your nervous energy and transform it into vitality and enthusiasm Gain experience. Experience builds confidence, which is the key to effective speaking. A toastmasters club can provide the experience you need. [238 words]

本文从十个方面以提建议的方式向人们介绍了在演讲中克服紧张的方法。从演讲前的 准备工作到演讲后的积累经验, 结合演讲的各个环节进行分析, 不仅具有针对性而且符合逻 辑顺序。 文章语言平实,通俗易懂,采用第二人称的叙述手法,使文章更加具有亲和力,能让 读者保持一个轻松的心态。文章构思精巧,按照演讲的程序分别提出建议,循序渐进,充实 而具体。


成功演讲十秘诀 熟悉场地。争取熟悉你要发表演讲的环境。提早到达并巡视讲台,练习使用麦克风和 视觉辅助设施。 熟悉听众。在听众进入会场时向他们致意。对一群朋友演讲总比对一群陌生人演讲来 得容易些。 熟悉你的讲稿。如果你不熟悉你的稿子或者对它不满意,你 的紧张感就会增强。练 习一下你的演讲稿,并且做必要的修改。 放松自己。做些准备活动松弛紧张的神经。 设想你自己演讲时的情景。想象你自己在侃侃而谈,声音洪亮、吐字清晰、充满自信。 倘能设想自己成功,你就一定会成功。 要意识到在场的人们希望你成功。听众希望你的讲话趣味盎然、催人向上、旁征博引 且风趣幽默。他们不愿看到你把事情搞砸。 不要道歉。 如果你说你紧张或为讲稿中不妥的地方表示歉意, 你就可能是在提醒听众注 意一些他们其实并未意识到的东西。绝口不提就是。 集中注意力在内容上,而不是在形式上。把你的注意力从内心的焦虑上解脱出来,转 向外在的演讲内容和听众。然后你的紧张感就会逐渐消失。 把紧张转化为积极的动力要控制你的紧张情绪并将它转变为活力和热情。 积累经验。经验会建立自信,而自信正是演讲取得成效的关键。加入司仪俱乐部你就 能学到你需要的经验。

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良好的阅读习惯,对于提高阅读的自觉性,发展阅读能力,增进阅读理解速度,提高 学习成绩,都有好处。那么,怎样。培养自己良好的阅读习惯呢?本文就介绍了一种在荚国 高校很流行的阅读方法。大家或许可以从中得到启示。
Reading and Learning An aid to systematic study which has proved of value in American colleges and universities is the system called SQ3R. The SQ3R stands for: Survey, Question, Reading, Recitation and Revision. 1) Survey. In brief, this means that instead of picking up a textbook and reading one of the chapters over and over, you should first survey., that is, find out all you can about the aims and purpose of the book, read the author's preface, study the table of contents and the index and skim your way rapidly through the book. 2) Question. This entails going rapidly through the chapters of the book which you are going to tackle, and Jotting down such questions as Occur to you. This is useful because it motivates you and gives you a purpose: it forces you to think and to marshal such knowledge as you already have. 3) Reading. The first reading of a textbook chapter usually needs to be rather slow and thorough. Most good textbook chapters have a structure of headings and sub headings which you need to keep in the back of your mind as you read. Often you must turn back to previous pages to remind yourself of some fact or argument. 4) Recitation. A single reading is never enough, even though you read actively with intent to


remember. The next stage in study is therefore recitation. Bacon said. "If you read anything over twenty times, you will not learn it by heart so easily as if you were to read it only ten, trying to repeat it between whiles, and when memory failed looking at the book." 5) Revision. The final step of SQ3R is Revision. One of the most practical results of memory experiments is that material that has to be retained over long periods should be studied and restudied. Memories become stronger and stronger with each relearning and forgetting proceeds more slowly.

本文是一篇典型的说明文,按照总分的结构。第一段是总述段,引出 S03R 系统学习法 并介绍每个字母所代表的含义。 第二段至第六段分别介绍了 SQ3R 系统学习法的 5 个过程,分别是纵览、提问、阅读、 背诵和复习。 文章结构清晰,很有条理地说明了读书学习的步骤,是一篇很好的说明文。
读书与学习 一种有助于系统学习的方法已在美国高等院校证明了其价值,称为 SQ3R 系统学习 法。SQ3R 分别代表:纵览、提问、阅读、背诵和复习。 1)纵览。简而言之,纵览不是拿起一本书,一遍又一遍地阅读其中一个章节,而是首先 应该浏览一番:尽可能地了解书的写作目的,阅读作者写的前言,学习书的目录与索引,然 后对整本书的内容进行快速跳读。 2)提问。要想提出问题,首先需要快速浏览要攻读的各章节,匆匆记下浮现在你脑海里 的问题。这样做非常有用,能激发你的学习动机,给你定下一个学习目的:它迫使你思考问 题,整理你现有的知识。 3)阅读。首次阅读一本教科书的某一章节时,通常速度要相当缓慢,要细读精读。大多 数编写得好的教科书章节都有标题与副标题, 这种结构在阅读的过程中要牢记在心。 为了提 醒自己某个事实或某一论点,你常常不得不返回读几页。 4)背诵。仅仅阅读一遍是永远不够的,即使你带着记住要点的意图积极地阅读也是不够 的。因此,下一个学习阶段是背诵。培根曾经说过: “你读什么东西连续读二十多遍,你可 能不容易把它记住;倘若你间或试着重复几遍,忘记了就看看书,这样只读十遍,效果可能 更好。 ” 5)夏习。SQ3R 的最后一步是复习。记忆力测试的一个最切合实际的结果就是,必须长 期记住的材料应该反复学习。记忆力随着每次再学习而不断增强,忘却则越来越慢。

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四年的大学生活是丰富而多彩的,给人们留下了许许多多美好的回忆,而入学第一天 的感觉更是令人难以忘怀。 那么就让我们随着本文的作者,看看他入学第一天的活动吧!也许,你可以在其中找到 自己入学第一天的影子。
My First Day on Campus I still remember the day when I first came to the university. Being a boy of 17, I was longing for a new life as a university student, but at the same time, I had no idea what university life would be like.


That morning when the bus carried me to the gate of the university, I was so excited that my heart was beating extraordinarily fast as if it would leap out of my mouth. From then on, I became a student of this university. After registration, we were led by an instructor to the dormitory, where, for the first time, we were going to live without parents but with roommates. I was so clumsy that I did not know how to make my bed or fix the mosquito net. On the afternoon, I took a walk around the campus together with my roommates. The thought of studying in such a beautiful place made me feel quite proud of myself. As we were walking along, talking and laughing, someone yelled, "Oh, look at those freshmen!" We looked like middle school students. That must have been what gave us away. We continued our tour of the university, inspecting every building and appreciating every garden until the sun began to set. That evening, we sat together, talking about the past and the future. We felt so excited that none of us wanted to go to bed. [240 words] 本文条理清晰,按照“上午一下午一晚上”的时间顺序,记叙了“我”入学第一天的 活动。 第一段总述 “我” 进入了大学, 成了一名大学生。 第二段至第四段分别记叙了 “上午” 、 “下午”和“晚上”的活动。 本文多选用小词和简单句式,但内容丰富,有条理地将作者一天的活动展现在了读者 的眼前。 入学第一天 我仍然记得我进大学第一天的情景。那时我 17 岁,非常向往大学生的新生活。但与此 同时,大学生活究竟怎样,我一无所知。 那天上午,公共汽车将我载到学校大门口。我激动万分,不由得心跳加速,仿佛要蹦 了出来。从此以后,我就成为这所大学的一名学生了。报到注册之后,一位老师把我们领到 了宿舍。 生平第一次,我们要离开父母,和寝室的同学一起生活了。我笨手笨脚,不知该怎样 整理床铺,也不知道如何挂上蚊帐。 下午,我和寝室的同学一起围着校园散步。想到在如此美丽的校园里学习,我感到自 豪无比。我们沿路散步,有说有笑。 只听有人喊了一声, “噢,看那群新生啊。 ”一定是我们一副中学生的模样泄漏了我们 的身份。 我们继续游览校园, 细细观察着每一幢大楼, 欣赏着每一座花园, 一直到夕阳西下。 晚上,我们坐在一起,谈论自己的过去和将来。大家十分激动,睡意全无。

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当莘莘学子返入大学校门,他们满怀憧憬却也举目茫然。面对全新的课程设置和宽泛 的选择范围,他们究竟该如何选择呢?什么样的课程安排才能最有益于他们的发展呢? University Courses Many young people go to universities without a clear idea of what they are going to do. If one considers the various courses offered, it is not hard to see how difficult it is for a student to select the course most suited to him. If a student goes to a university to acquire a broader perspective of life, he will undoubtedly benefit. Schools often have too restrictive an atmosphere. Most students would, I believe, profit by the exploration of different academic studies, especially


the "all rounder" with no particular interest. They should have a longer time to decide in what subject they want to take their degrees, so that later in life, they do not look back and regret. There is, of course, another side to the question of how to make the best use of one's time' at university. Some students, who are good at a particular branch of learning, may spend three or four years becoming a specialist, appearing with a first class Honors Degree but very little knowledge of what the rest of the world is all about. Therefore there will have to be much more detailed information in all fields. On the one hand, a band of specialists ignorant of anything outside their own subject, and on the other hand, an ever increasing number of graduates qualified in subjects for which there is little or no demand in the working world.

两段文字分别讲述大学课程安排中应当注意的问题。 首段首句直接提出问题, 从而引发 了论点,并在随后的部分进行了详实的论证说明。第二段首句是主题句,指出大学课程的另 一个 问题是如何让学生充分利用大学时光。之后的 on the one hand 和 on the other hand 句式的使 用,突出了内容的层次感,使说明更加客观、全面。 本文结构清晰,过渡词的使用使文章衔接自然。此外,插入语的使用增加了句式的灵活 性。
大学课程 很多年轻人进入大学,却并不清楚自己究竟想要做些什么。 看一看学校提供的种类繁 多的课程,不难发现,学生选择适合自己的课程的确不是一件易事。如果一个学生上大学是 为了得到更广阔的生活视野。他无疑会受益匪浅。然而,学校的气氛常常很让人拘束。我相 信,很多学生,特别是那些没有什么特殊爱好的“全能型学生”通过对各种学术研究的探索 会收获颇多。 学生们应该有更多的时间决定他们真正想要获得学位的学科, 那样在以后他们 回首往事时就不会后悔。 当然, 问题的另一方面就是如何充分利用大学时光。 有些学生在某一特定学科非常优秀, 在这三四年中他可能成为该领域的专家,获得头等荣誉学位,然而对其他领域却知之甚少。 因此大学课程应该包含更多关于所有领域的详细知识。 一方面, 很多专家对自己学科之外的 事情一无所知,另一方面,越来越多专业知识过硬的毕业生走向工作岗位,可惜的是,这些 知识在工作中却并不实用。 Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum Of all noble education:dancing with the feet, with ideas, with works, and, need l add that one must also be able to dance with the pen?所有高尚教育的课程表里都不 能没有各种形式的跳舞:用脚跳舞,用思想跳舞,用言 语跳舞,不用说,还需用笔跳舞。 How much more profitable for the independent mind,after the mere rudiments of education,to range through a library at random,taking down books as the mother wit suggests! 受到初步的基础教育之后,对于愿意独立思考的人来说,在图书馆里信手取下一本书来,根 据个人的天赋随意涉猎,这该有多大的好处啊!

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教育旨在培养社会需要的各类人才,而非只以考场论英雄。然而,现行教育体制下确实存 在考试决定一切的现象,它已造成了太多的负面影响。


Examinations Exert a Negative Influence on Education Though all the pious claim that examinations test what you know, it is common knowledge that they more often do the exact opposite. They may be a good means of testing memory or the knack of working rapidly under extreme pressure, but they con tell you not tell you nothing about a person's true ability and aptitude. As anxiety makers, examinations are second to none. That is because so much depends on them. They are the mark of success or failure in our society. Your whole future may be decided in one fateful day. The moment a child begins school, he enters a world of sharp competition where success and failure are clearly defined and measured. Can we wonder at the increasing number of drop outs, young people who are written off as utter failures before they have even begun a career? Can we be surprised at the suicide rate among students? A good education should, among other things, train you to think for yourself. The examination system does anything but that. What has to be learnt is rigidly laid down by a syllabus, so the student is encouraged to memories. Examinations do not motivate a student to read widely, but to restrict his reading; they do not enable him to seek more and more knowledge, but induce cramming. The most successful candidates are not always the best educated; they are the best trained in the technique of working under pressure. [244 words]

本文采用总分结构进行论证。第一段,先举出一个反面观点:考试可以测试掌握知识的 程度,然后予以反驳,举出与此相悖的共识,并加以阐述从而提出作者自己的观点:考试并 不能说 明一个人真正的能力和资质。 然后下面的两段分别论述了考试的两个弊病。 第二段主要论证 考试作为焦虑症制造者对于学生身心发展的影响, 并结合事实引起读者共鸣。 第三段论述考 试的第二个弊端,不能训练人独立思维的能力反而与之相悖根本无法训练人独立思考的能 力。 本文的论述十分精彩,第二段详尽的论述将论点表述得淋漓尽致。两个反问句的连续 使用加强了语气使得论证更有震撼力。 第三段中结合实际论述了考试在训练学生思维方面的 欠缺之处,but 否定句式更加强了说服力。
考试对教育的负面影响。 尽管有很多人虔诚地宣称考试可以测试出你掌握了哪些知识, 但却有这样一个普遍的共 识,即考试所做的往往与之相悖。 考试或许是一种测验记忆力的好方法, 或许是测验在极端压力下快速工作的诀窍。 但是它 却不能说明一个人真正的能力和资质。 考试作为“焦虑症制造者”是无人能及的。这是因为有那么多事情都依赖于考试。考 试在我们的社会中是成功或失败的标志。 在具有决定意义的某一天, 你的一生可能就被决定 了。一个孩子从步入学校大门那一刻起,他便步入了一个充满残酷竞争的世界。在那里,成 功和失败都被清晰明白无误地加以定义和衡量。 辍学者的数量日渐增加——那些年轻人甚至 还没有开始从事一种职业便被作为彻底的失败者而被判出局——对此,我们难道不纳闷吗? 对学生的自杀率难道我们能无动于衷吗? 除了其他目的之外,良好的教育应该训练人独立思维的能力。考试却根本做不到这一 点。教学大纲生硬地规定了学生必须学些什么,这便鼓励了学生去死记硬背。考试不但未能 激发学生去广泛地阅读, 反而限制了他们的阅读范围。 它不但未使学生能够去追求更多的知 识,反而诱导了死记硬背。最成功的应试者往往不是受教育最好的人,他们只不过是在应付


工作压力的技巧方面最训练有素罢了。 Education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know; means teaching them it to be have as they do not behave, 教育不在于使人知其所未知,而在于按其所未行而行。 Education has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.教育造就了一大批人.他们能读书,但是不能区别什么书值得读。

Passage 13
只要我们还活着,就得生存下去,要想更好地生存下去,就要参加竞争这场游戏。对于我 们每个人来说,只有懂得生存,学会竞争,我们才能更好地生活。 Competition in My Own World Once my mother told me a story that in Africa, when an antelope wakes us every morning, the first thing it thinks about is, "I must be able to run faster than the fastest lion, or I will be killed." At the same time, a lion wakes from his dream. The first thing the lion thinks about is, "I must be able to catch the slowest antelope, or I will starve to death.' So, almost at the same time, the antelope and the lion get up and start running toward the rising sun. This is life: full of chances and challenges. Whether you are an antelope or a lion, you must go ahead when the sun rises. For students, it is just the same. If we do not study hard, sooner or later, we will fall behind the other students. At first, I did not know what the word "exam" meant. Later, I knew an exam was a kind of competition. In competitions, there are always winners and losers. As I grew up, I got to know competition well. In one's life, there must be competitions, so people can improve. Each time I saw children playing games, and heard their laughter, I wished I were that age again. However, I remembered my parents' words: "You must work very hard in order to have a good future." So I picked lap my pen and began to study hard again. I was still not sure what competition really meant. One day, I was taking part in an English-speaking competition. When I went to the stage, I saw other students looking at me kindly. I suddenly knew what competition was. It is not as cruel as my teacher and parents told me. In fact, competition is the opposite: it is kind and necessary. I learned a lot from realizing this fact. Now I understand more about the world. Competition is important for us all. [326 words]

本文第一段引用妈妈曾经给作者讲过的关于羚羊和狮子的故事, 来引出 “竞争” 的话题。 第二段至第五段讲了作者对“竞争"的逐步认识,最后认识得到升华:竞争是不像老师和父 母所说的那样残酷,相反,竞争是善意的,也是必要的。竞争对每个人都很重要。 文章短小精悍,措辞简单但寓意深刻,将"我的竞争观"很清楚地层现在了读者的面前, 而且语言朴实,很有说服力。
我的竞争观 妈妈曾经给我讲过这样一个故事。在非洲,一只羚羊每天早上醒来想到的第一件事是: "我必须跑得比最快的狮子还要快,否则就会被吃掉。 ”与此同时,一只狮子从梦中醒来,想


到的第一件事是:”我必须抓住跑得最慢的羚羊,否则就会饿死。" 所以,羚羊和狮子几乎 同时起床,并开始向着太阳升起的地方奔跑。

这就是生活:充满了机遇和挑战。不论你是羚羊还是狮子,太阳升起的时候,你必须往 前跑。对于学生,亦如此。如果我们不努力学习,迟早会落后于其他人。我开始并不懂得" 考试"的真正含义,后来我明白了,考试也是一种竞争。在竞争中,总会有胜利者和失败者。 长大后,我对竞争有了深层次的认识。人生当中,必须有竞争,人类才会进步。

每次,看到孩子们做游戏,听着他们朗朗的笑声,真希望自己重新回到那个年纪。但 是,我记起父母的忠告:你必须努力学习,才会有光明的未来。 ”于是,我又重拾起笔,开 始刻苦学习。 我并未真正懂得竞争的内涵。直到参加英语口语竞赛那天,我才真正弄清什么是竞争。 当我踏上讲台,看见其他学生很友善地看着我。突然间,我明白了竞争的真正含义。竞争并 不像老师和父母对我说的那样残酷。事实正相反,它是善意的,也是必要的。 明白了这个道理后,我学会了很多,也更了解这个世界。竞争对每个人都很重要。

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走进大学,意味着从学生向社会人过渡的开始。怎样在学习的同时增加阅历、丰富生 活,是许多大学生面临的问题。而假期打工便成为了许多人的选择。

Summer Job
The summer job is a tradition among students of American universities. Long before the end of the school year, students begin their search for jobs during vacation (June, July, and August). Students send letters to businesses, talk to employers about job opportunities during the summer, and ask friends and relatives to be on the lookout for jobs for them. By June the students have usually solved the problem and begin to make preparations for leaving their books to enter the business world. Reasons for wanting a summer job are different from student to student. Some work to help pay their school expenses; others work to gain experience in their chosen professions; still others work just for the fun of it. Typist, construction worker, salesman, lifeguard, and waiter -- these are some of the more common jobs that students try to find during the summer months. But many young people find work that is a little more unusual.

本文是一篇介绍 summer job 的文章。文章开篇点题。首段主要描述大学生寻找工作的 一般过程。第二段围绕段首主题句展开陈述,列举了学生打工的不同原因。最后一段列举了 学生打工中经常选择的职业。 整篇文章虽然短小, 但介绍全面。 第一段中 long before the end of the school year, during the summer, June 等几个时间状语的使用使得文章结构紧凑。 by 第二段中三个排比句的运用 (some...; others...;still others),使文章在避免了单调呆板的情况下一气呵成。


暑期打工 暑期打工是美国大学生的一种传统。 在学年结束很早以前, 学生们就开始寻找假期中(六 月、七月、和八月)的工作了。 学生们寄信给一些公司,向老板询求暑期工作的机会,或是让朋友、亲戚帮忙打探有 没有适合他们的工作。到了六月,这个问题通常已经解决,学生们也在准备离开书本,进入 工作的世界了。 学生们想要打暑期工的原因各不相同。有些人是为了筹集学费;另一些人是为选择职 业而积累经验;还有些人打工仅仅是因为觉得好玩而已。 打字员、建筑工人、推销员、救生员、服务生——这些都是学生在暑假几个月中通常 选择的工作。当然,也有很多年轻人能够找到一些更为特别的工作。 Part-time jobs not only enable students to cultivate their abilities,but also help them apply their knowledge to practice.打工不仅使学生们培养了自己的能力,也有助于他们学以致用。 After-class work may distract the students' attention from their studies.学生们会因为打工 而分散了对学业的注意力。

Passage 15
你有没有在课堂上进入梦乡的经历?随着社会的进步,学校教育和学生成长越来越多地 受到关注,其中青少年因为缺觉而导致的各方面问题逐渐成为大家讨论的话题。

Why Are Children Lacking Sleep? Just how important is school nowadays? Teachers often complain that homework is not done well and that students are often arriving at school late and yawning through lack of sleep. There are, it seems, two main explanations for this. Firstly, many young children stay up late to watch TV programs suitable for them, which may finish as late as 8:00. No child wants to admit not having seen what everybody else has. Secondly, a growing number of older children, particularly those approaching school-leaving age are taking up part-time evening or weekend work. They feel that working experience, not academic qualification will help them find jobs on leaving school. One can sympathize with both groups of children but it doesn't make a teacher's life any easier. [130 words]

文章首段先描述了学校现在普遍存在的一种现象。 学生们因为缺觉上课呵欠连天。 接下 来的两段中分别陈述了两种可能的原因。 其一是孩子们要熬夜看电视节目, 因为他们不愿意 承认自己没看到别人都看过的节目。 其二是快要毕业的孩子在做兼职, 因为他们认为工作经 验对毕业求职十分重要。文章最后一段作者表达了自己的无奈:能够同情和理解这些孩子, 但却无法帮助老师摆脱现状。 文章短小精炼,结构紧凑。开篇以问句形式引出话题,引起读者关注。随后提出现象然 后进行阐述。两种解释之间用 firstly 和 secondly 引出,实现了段落与段落之间的联系,保 证了全文的连贯性。



如今学校有多重要?老师经常抱怨学生们作业做得不好,上课经常迟到.因缺乏睡眠而 呵欠连天。 看起来这种现象主要有两种解释。首先,许多孩子煞夜到很晚,看那些适合他们的电视 节目,有的结束时可能都到八点了。没有孩子愿意承认自己没看过别人都看过的节目。 其次,越来越多稍大点的孩子,尤其是那些接近离校年龄的孩子,开始在晚上或周末做 兼职工作。他们觉得毕业时能帮他们找到工作的是工作经验而不是学历。 我们可以对这两类孩子表示同情,但是这无法使老师的日子过得更加轻松些。 在大学校园里,手机的普及率越来越高。对于许多学生而言,手机已经成为他们必不可 少的通讯工具。但是手机的普及也存在着许多问题,它可能会影响我们的正常学习。

Passage 16
Do Mobiles Distract study? Wherever you are, you can see many people equipped with mobile phones. It seems that the world becomes smaller nowadays. You could be found wherever you are so long as you take the mobile phone with you. And mobile phones are also becoming a new scene on campus. Students think it is extremely convenient for them to communicate with the outside world by using mobile phones, especially when they are hunting for jobs, so they call it an essential investment. Education experts analyze the entry of mobile phones into campus as an indication of social progress. And mobile phones have been considered advanced for their attractive functions. The youth of today send messages, surf on the net, listen to music and even take photos by using their mobile phones. To some extent, it reflects that college students are more and more involved in this modern society, rather than pedants in the "Ivory Tower". As a coin has two sides, the mobile phone, while providing convenience, causes trouble too. In classrooms, the untimely ringing interrupts lectures and destroys the atmosphere of study, so it prompts many complaints. And the mobile phone users themselves also suffer. Therefore, we need to think more about how to integrate mobile phones properly into our lives. 【214 words】

文章由现象到本质,分为五个段落分明地对主题进行了论述。第一段由普遍现象引 出话题,指出手机已经成为校园里一道新的风景。第二段中,作者从学生的角度切入,肯定 了手机给生活带来的便利。 这样既能引起学生的共鸣, 也为后面观点的提出作了很好的铺垫。 第三段作者从专家的角度指出手机进入校园是社会进步的体现, 增加了说服力。 第四段指明 了使用手机所带来的负面影响。最后一段用 therefore 总结全文,提出呼吁。 文章行文流畅, 第二段和第三段的首句采用了表达观点的常用句型: Students think... 和 Education experts analyze...,使文章结构清晰。第四段用谚语 a coin has two sides 引出反 面观点。最后一段:让手机适当地融入我们的生活,是对文章标题的有力回应,properly 一 词充分表明了作者对问题的认识以及建议。
手机影响学习吗? 无论你在何地,你都会看见许多人使用手机。如今,世界似乎越来越小了,只要你带 上手机出门, 不管你在哪儿, 都可以找到你。 而在大学校园里, 手机也成为了一道新的风景。 学生们认为,手机可以让他们非常便利地与外界联系,特别是当他们找工作的时候。


所以,他们认为这是个必要的投资。 教育专家分析,手机进入校园是社会进步的体现。手机已经成为非常先进的科技产物, 具有各种吸引人的功能。 现在的年轻人喜欢用手机发短信、上网;中浪、听音乐、甚至拍照。 在某种程度上,这反映了大学生越来越融入这个现代社会,而不是待 在”象牙塔”里的书、 呆子。 正如硬币都有两面一样,手机在提供方便的同时,也产生了一些问题。在教室里,不 合时宜地响起的手机铃声不但打断了上课,而且破坏了学习的气氛,因此引来了诸多抱怨。 手机使用者自己也同样是受害者。 因此,我们应该更多地想想如何使手机适当地融入我们的 生适。 Whether you like it or not,the mobile phone has already affected our lives and played an important role in the history of human beings.无论你喜不喜欢手机,它已经改变了我们 的生活,并在人类历史上发挥着重要的作用。 Whatever you do,do with all our might.不管做什么,都要尽全力。

Passage 17
爱情是人类世界永恒不变的话题。有人说缺少爱情会让生活索然无味,而有些人 却认为,爱情让人变得盲目,缺少理性。爱情更是大学校园里的敏感话题。 As a college student, campus is our home, a warm and sunny house, you can find the vigor to live and sustain for ever. But do remember there is unusual scenery you should pay great attention to, which is the love on campus. When it comes to this theme, various words rushed into my mind, sweet, happy, love for ever, everything sounds wonderful. However, our elders always exaggerate about love in college. They believe that it is a waste of time and money. It will make students to forget their studies and eventually may even destroy their lives. As for me, although I am looking forward to having an excellent boy to study and live with me, it is just a dream actually. We are still children, do not have enough experience in love; we do not take in the spirit of true love. For us it is just a good feeling, a slight feeling because of well-dressed or handsome appearance, not instinct. How about the personality or her habits, we do not know, we just love because of her beauty. Love depending on this will certainly not go so far, one day, you find you two are unable to share in the same way, you will quit, leaving tears fallen down. It turns out that love on campus is commonly short and dreamful. I think after you become mature enough, then you can use your sharp eyes to recogniz? people, find who you really suit to, then, take it seriously. 【254 words】

本文遵循总分总结构模式对校园爱情这个话题进行了分析和阐述。第一段引出话题, 第二段列举长辈的意见, 即对校园爱情的反对观点。 随后在下一段中作者又进一步提出自己 对校园爱情的看法。最后一段作为总结,提出希望和建议。 文章结构精巧,论证有力,正反对比加强了论证的效果。段落之间运用了 however,as for me 这样的过渡词使文章思路更加清晰,一目了然。certainly,seriously 等词汇的运用使 作者的态度更加明确。


校园爱情 作为一名大学生,校园就是我们的家,是充满温馨和阳光的大家园,在这里我们永远 是那么活力四射,朝气蓬勃。但是,别忘了,你也应该注意到有这样一道特殊风景正在悄悄 蔓延,那就是校园爱情。每当提起这个话题,各种美好的字眼映入我的脑海之中,甜蜜、幸 福、一生一世,所有这一切听起来都如此美妙。 相反,长辈们却总是过于夸大大学里的爱情。他们认为校园爱情只是在浪费时间和金 钱,而且会使学生们荒废学业,最终可能会毁掉他们的一生。 而对于我来说,尽管也期待着有个优秀的男孩相伴,一起读书和生活,但这只不过是 一个梦罢了。我知道我们还都只是稚气未脱的孩子,缺乏恋爱经验;我们并没有领悟爱情的 真谛。爱情对于我们来说,可能只是一种好感,一种受穿着和外表吸引的微妙情愫,并非出 于本能。关于对方的性格喜好我们一无所知,我们只是倾心于她美丽的容颜。这样的爱情并 不会长久,直到有一天你终于发现你们再没有任何共同点,于是你们选择放弃这段感情,并 为此黯然落泪。这印证了校园爱情往往只是短暂的梦幻。 . 我认为,只有真正走向成熟以后,你才具备足够敏锐的眼光去认识别人,最终找 到真正适合自己的另一半,然后珍惜你们的感情?



电子游戏的本质只是一种消谴,一种娱乐。作为学生,我们的本职工作是学习,可以 体验一下电子游戏的乐趣,却不能深陷其中而无法自拔。 Step Away From the Video Games Every afternoon hundreds of thousands of youths flood Internet cafes, switch on a game console, or otherwise sit down to involve themselves in intense fan- Step Away From the Video Games Every afternoon hundreds of thousands of youths flood Internet cafes, switch on a game console, or otherwise sit down to involve themselves in intense fantasy worlds. 'm talking about video games, games like Counter Strike, Diablo, Smash Brothers or Halo. These games can be fun and exciting, but we need to watch out for when this pastime becomes an addiction. Games are often incredibly exciting and dramatic, but they generally aren't very intellectual. We don't learn as much from them as we would simply reading a book, and spending too much time playing them can take away our study time. We need to remember that we are students first and foremost. Nothing should ever get in the way of proper studying. Video games can also be a bad influence on younger children who may watch. Many video games are violent and the object in most of them is to kill the other players. This does not send the right message to the children who need to be told that violence is not acceptable and need to be taught how to handle situations maturely. Even if we do decide ourselves to sit down and play a violent video game, we need to make sure that it is not influencing the younger people around us. [219 words]

文章以描述现象开始进入主题,逐步分析原因得出结论并提出呼吁。文章开头作者先 提到一个普遍存在的现象:许多年轻人沉迷于电子游戏。最后一句为过渡句,作者先指出 video games 非常有趣、刺激,紧接着运用转折连词 but 将话题一转,顺势提出作者的观点: 我们必须提防不要沉迷于这种消遣。在第二、三两段中,作者阐明了玩游戏的弊端,每段的


首句都是这一段的主题句。第三段结尾处作者用 even if 提出妥协性的呼吁,为短文画上了 一个圆满的句号。 本文使用了一些精彩的固定搭配,使文章增色不少,例如:hundreds of thousands of, switch on,take away,first and foremost 等等。
远离电子游戏 每天下午,成百上千的年轻人就会涌进网吧,打开游戏控制台,或者坐下来自己一人 沉溺于热情的梦幻世界。我说的是电子游戏,像反恐精英、暗黑破坏神、任天堂明星大乱斗 或是光环。 这些游戏非常有趣、刺激,然而当这种消遣变成沉迷时,我们必须引起注意。游戏通常 都非常刺激、生动,但通常并不能锻炼智力。玩游戏并不能像读书那样学到很多知识,况且 花太多时间玩游戏也会占据我们读书的时间。我们必须记住,首先也是最重要的一点是,我 们还是学生。没有什么应该影响我们正常的学业。 电子游戏对于那些只是观看的疹子也是一个坏影响。 许多电子游戏都非常暴力, 其目标 大部分都是杀死另外的玩家。 对于那些必须教会他们暴力是不正当的, 必须教会他们成熟处 理事情的孩子来说, 这并没有传达一个正确的信息。 即使我们自己决定坐下来玩一种刺激的 电子游戏,也必须确保没有影响到周围年龄更小的人。

Lookers-on see more than players.当局者迷,旁观者清。 The time of life is short;to spend that shortness basely,it would be too long.人生苦短; 若虚度年华,则短暂的人生就太长了。

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电脑科技的发展体现在社会生活的方方面面,教育作为创造智慧的第一生产线也受到 了这种普遍趋势的影响。笔记本电脑已经悄悄进军大学校园。 Laptops Enter into Campus Laptop computers are popular all over the world. People use them everywhere. They connect people to their work place. In the United States today, laptops also connect students to their classrooms. Westlake College in Virginia will start a laptop computer program allowing students to study schoolwork anywhere they want. Within five years, each of the 1500 students at the college will receive a laptop. The laptops are a part of a $10 million computer program at Westlake. Students with laptops will also have access to the Internet. In addition, they will be able to use email to "speak" with their teachers, classmates, or families. However, the most important part of the program is that students will be able to use computers without going to computer labs. They can work with it anywhere they like! Because of the many changes in computer technology, laptop use in higher education is workable. As laptops become more powerful, they become more similar to desktop computers. In addition, portable computers can connect students to not only the Internet, but also libraries and


other resources. State higher education officials are studying how laptops can help students. At Westlake College, more than 60 percent of the staff uses the computers. The laptops will allow all teachers to use computers in their lessons. As one Westlake teacher said, "Here we are in the middle of Virginia and we're giving students a window on the world. They can see everything and do everything." [247 words]

本文结构简明:理论——实例——理论——实例。首段首句直接点题,从而引出论点。 随后非常自然地引出笔记本电脑在美国的使用情况, 为第二段有关韦斯特莱克大学的实例埋 下了伏笔。 第二段通过对韦斯特莱克大学的笔记本电脑计划的具体解析, 阐明了笔记本电脑 在学生学习中的重要作用。之后又在第三段中提出笔记本电脑在高等教育中应用的可行性。 第四段再举出实例并总结收拢全文。 文章语言平实,思路清晰,注重理论与实际相结合,有理有据。列举数字,引用 例证等都增加了文章说服力。 特别是在文章最后引用一位名师的话, 更是起到了画龙点睛之 效。
笔心本进军大学校园 笔记本电脑在全世界都很流行。使用它们的人随处可见。它们将人和工作地点连接到 一起。如今在美国,笔记本甚至将学生和教室连接了起来。 弗吉尼亚州的韦斯特莱克大学将要开始一项笔记本电脑计划,让学生能够在任意希望 的地方学习。五年之内,学校将有 1500 名学生每人能得到一部笔记本电脑。这些电脑是韦 斯特莱克大学斥资一千万美元实施的电脑计划的一部分。 得到笔记本电脑的同学还能够使用 互联网。另外,他们还能通过电子邮件同老师、同学或者家人进行“交谈” 。但是,该计划 中最重要的部分就是: 学生不用去机房就能用上电脑。 他们可以在自己喜欢的任何地方使用 它! 电脑技术的变化发展使得笔记本电脑在高等教育中的应用成为可能。笔记本的功能变 得很强大,几乎和台式机无异。而且,便携式电脑不仅能上网,还可以把学生同图书馆等其 他资源联系在一起。 国家主管高等教育的官员们正在研究如何使笔记本电脑更好地帮助学生 学习。 在韦斯特莱克大学,60%以上的教职员工使用电脑。笔记本电脑使得所有教师能够在 教学中使用电脑。正如该校的一名老师所说: “我们位于弗吉尼亚的中心。我们为学生打开 一扇面向世界的窗子。他们能看到一切,做到一切。 ” Computers and scientific tools should not replace school education. 计算机和科学工具取代 不了学校教育。 Modern technology makes life more convenient; tools are the milestones of the technology as well as human being's progress.现代科技使生活更加便捷;工具是科技进步和人类进步的里 程碑。

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如果有需要学习的东西,到哪里去找呢?随着物质丈,明的进步,生活方式越来越 走向多元化,学习方式也多样化了。这篇文章谈论的就是现今流行的学习方式.

On-tine Learning Let us say there is something you don't know how to do. In the past if you were determined to learn, you might have called a friend or a relative, taken a night class or walked down to the local library for a research term. But now a host of websites are springing up to provide free practical advice on these subjects and actually anything else you can think of. In one sense, these "how-to'' sites represent the growing world of on-line learning. This tradition found one of its earliest forms in the FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions files -- that began on Usenet, the Internet's global discussion group. The FAQs, many of which still circulate (go round continuously), took a specific subject and explained it to complete novices. But "how-to" sites take the FAQs idea in a somewhat different direction by addressing subjects that aren't necessarily related to discussion forums. These sites take the style of a written tutorial (teaching period) and a tone of friendly advice. Possibly the biggest and best known of these sites is learn2, com ( www. learn2, com). It offers nearly 1,000 free tutorials and adds new ones frequently. At ehow. com ( www. ehow.com) you can learn how to train for your first marathon, how to buy a vacation home, or how to make a movie in eight steps. [219 words] 本文按照总分结构模式对 on-line learning 进行描述。以假设开头,自然引入正文,首先

指出人总会有需要学习的东西。 紧接着对过去和现在的学习方式做了对比。第二段介绍用于网上学习的 FAQs。最后一 段介绍技能网站的有关情况。 本文短短 200 多字,对比了过去和现在的学习方法,并把现在的做法从起源到现状进 行清晰明了的介绍,列举了许多实例增加了文章的真实性,也使内容更加完整。
A good head and an industrious hand are worth gold in any land. 聪明脑袋勤劳的手, 走遍

All road lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马 上网学习 让我们假设有些事你不知道如何去做。在过去如果你决心要学习如何做这些事, 可能会给朋友或亲戚打电话, 上夜校或到当地图书馆查找。 但现在出现了众多网站可以为这 些话题,事实上能为你能想到的任何其他事情,提供免费实用的建议。 从某种意义上来说,这些“技能”网站代表了网上学习世界的不断发展。这一传 统的最初形式是 Usenet(全球网络讨论组织)最先开始使用的 FAQs,即常见问答档案。许多 FAQs 现在仍很流行(传播已久),它们就某个具体话题对初学者做解释。 但是这些“技能”网站把 FAQs 的创意做了少许改动,选择的主题不一定和某个论 坛有关。这些网站采用书面指导的形式(教学周期)和友好建议的口吻。也许这些网站中最大 最有名的就是 learn2.com(www.learn2.com)。这个网站提供近千种免费指导,还经常加 入新的资料。从 ehow.com(WWW.ehow.com)你可以学到如何进行第一次马拉松训练,如 何购买度假别墅,如何用八步法制作电影。




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