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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module3 BodyLanguageandNonverbalCommunication 外研版必修4

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:必修 4Module3 BodyLanguageandNonverbalCommunication
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.不要泄露我的秘密。 Don't ______ ______ my secret. 2.他们都想用车,于是他们达成了一项协议。 They both wanted to use th

e car,so they ______ ______ ______. 3.我发现这块化石纯属偶然。 I discovered the fossil quite ______ ______. 4.他每次来看我们时,都会买一些精美的礼物。 ______ ______ he comes to see us,he will buy some wonderful gifts. 5.无论他回家多么晚,他的母亲都等着他。 ______ ______ he went back home,his mother was waiting for him. Ⅱ.单项填空 1. (2012 上海复兴中学月考,39)The reason why we set up “a green responsib ility card” is to give people ______ a feeling of accomplishment. A.involves B.involving C.involved D.having involved 2. (2012 吉林期末,34)—Jack,this is the third time that you have been late this week. —Sorry,sir,but I was ______ for 15 minutes on the way here in the traffic jam. A.held up B.put up C.taken up D.given up 3.We feel like ordering a lot of goods,but it is impossible to come to ______ unless you give us any discount. A.make an announcement B.make a deal C.make an appointment D.make a decision 4.She requested that her decision ______ to anyone until next meeting. A.won't be told B.wouldn't tell C.shouldn't tell D.not be told 5. (2012 福建宁德质检, 26) Hundreds of people, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in USA , streamed thr ough midtown Manhattan in ______ they called a “Millionaires March”. A.when B.where C.which D.what 6.Using gestures ______ a cor rect way will help you communicate ______ others in a foreign country. A.on;with B.by;about C.in;with D.with;by 7.It's bad manners to ______ when others are talking to you. A.switch to B.switch off C.switch on D.switch over 8. (2012 福建南安一中期末,33)Made up of people from different parts of the world,the neighborhood is much more ______ than any other. A.reliable B.different C.flexible D.varied 9.My parents never remember my phone number,and they always have to look it


up ______ they call me. A.every time B.for the time C.at the time D.in a time 10.The government is trying to ______ the drug dealing in the southern part of the country. A.wipe out B.wipe away C.wipe off D.wipe up 11.______ guard whom we thought irresponsible was fired,because he fell asleep when he was on ______ guard. A.A;a B.The;/ C.The;a D.A;/ 12.Bob,I'm as busy ______ my homework as a bee,so I'm afraid I can't help ______ your bike. A.to do;repairing B.doing;repairing C.to do;to repair D.doing;to repair 13. (2012 北师大附中期中,33)Fearing that the task would not be completed on time,Anderson repeated his request that we ______ the meeting. A.postponed B.could postpone C.must postpone D.postpone 14. (2012 山东济宁月考,21)—Look! The telephone is broken.Someone damaged it ______ purpose. —That may be right.But perhaps it was broken ______ accident. A.on;by B.by;by C.on;on D.by;on 15. (2012 高考冲刺黄金卷,9)—Did the door keeper let you in? —No.______ I tried to tell him that I was your aunt,he just wouldn't listen to me. A.No matter B.Even if C.However D.Whatever Ⅲ.完形填空 (2013 山西山大附中高三月考) Mr.Gray travelled a lot on business.He sold machines of various kinds to farmers, which he thought was not really a very __1__ job,but Mr.Gray had always been interested in __2__,and he was quite satisfied with his life. He had a big __3__,and usually enjoyed driving it long distances,but he was also quite __4__ to go by train sometimes too—especially when the weather was __5__.He was a little frightened of driving in the rain or snow,and it was __6__ tiring to sit comfortably in a train and look out of the windows without being worried about how one was going to get to the next place. One of Mr.Gray's __7__ was often where to stay when he reached some small __8__ in the country.He did not expect __9__ and wonderful food,but he found it annoying when he was given a cool room,and when there was no hot water __10__ good food after a long and tiring day. Late one winter evening,Mr.Gray a rrived at a small railway station.The journey by train that __11__ had not been at all interesting,and Mr.Gray was cold and tired and __12__.He was looking forward to a __13__ but satisfying meal by a brightly burning __14__ ,and then a hot bath and a comfortable bed. While he was walking to the taxi stand,he said to a local man who was also __15__ there,“As this is my __16__ visit to this part of the country and I was in too much of a hurry to __17__ about hotels before I left home,I would very much like to know how many you have here.”

The local man answered,“We have two.” “And which of the two would you __18__ me to go to?” Mr.Gray asked then. The local man scratched(搔)his __19__ for a few moments and then answered, “Well,it's like this,__20__ one you go to,you'll be sorry you didn't go to the other.” 1.A.bad B.hard C.disappointing D.exciting 2.A.farming B.gardening C.travelling D.driving 3.A.taxi B.plane C.car D.boat 4.A.satisfied B.tired C.excited D.encouraged 5.A.cold B.hot C.cool D.bad 6.A.more B.less C.much D.so 7.A.problems B.questions C.purposes D.jobs 8.A.rooms B.restaurants C.hotels D.places 9.A.pleasure B.comfort C.quietness D.peace 10.A.or B.and C.but D.nor 11.A.time B.day C.week D.moment 12.A.cross B.thirsty C.sleepy D.hungry 13.A.large B.simple C.rich D.wonder ful 14.A.fire B.candle C.oil D.light 15.A.staying B.walking C.sitting D.working 16.A.last B.best C.first D.only 17.A.talk B.think C.move D.find out 18.A.want B.advise C.allow D.permit 19.A.hand B.arm C.head D.back 20.A.whichever B.whatever C.any D.each Ⅳ.短文改错 (2013 四川南充高中月考) Lately in the afternoon,the boys put up their tent in the middle of a field.As soon as this was done,they had cooked a meal over an open fire.They were all hungry and the food smelt well.After a wonderful meal,they said stories and sang songs by the camp fire.But some times later it began to rain.The boys felt tired so they put out the fire and crept into his tent.Their sleeping bags warm and comfortable, so they all slept soundly.At the middle of the night,one of the boys woke up or began shouting.The tent had flooded!


Ⅰ.1.give away

参考答案 2.made a deal 3.by accident 4.Every time 5.However

late Ⅱ.1.C 分析句子结构可知,give 的间接宾语为 people,直接宾语为 a feeling of accomplishment,所选的答案作定语修饰 people。involved 意为“有牵连的;涉及到的” 时,只作后置定语,所以答案为 C 项。 2.A hold up 意为“阻塞”;put up 意为“张贴”;take up 意为“开始;从事”; give up 意为“放弃”。A 项符合句意。 3.B 从前面的 order a lot of goods 知道,应该是做生意,所以用 make a deal 意 为“成交”。 4.D request 作动词后接宾语从句时,从句的谓语动词用“should + 动词原形”的 形式,should 可省略。request 作名词时其同位语、表语从句也如此。her decision 和 tell 之间是被动关系,故应用被动语态。 5.D “call+宾语+名词(作补语)”表示“把??称之为??”,所以应选 what 引导宾语从句并作 called 的宾语,表示在“他们称之为‘百万富翁游行’的活动中”。 6.C in a...way 表示“以??方式”;communicate with sb.意为“与某人交流”。 7.B 句意:当别人对你说话时,你不理不睬是不礼貌的。switch off 意为“关上; 不听;不理睬”。 8.D reliable 意为“可靠的;可信赖的”;different 意为“不同的”;flexible 意为“灵活的”;varied 意为“多种多样的;形形色色的”。由于有来自世界各地的人, 所以答案为 D 项。 9.A 有些名词短语可以引导时间状语从句,如: the first time,the moment,the second,every time 等。此处 every time 意为“每次??”。其他三项是介词短语,不能 引导从句。 10.A wipe out 意为“去掉;消灭 ;消除”;wipe away 意为“擦掉”;wipe off 意 为“擦掉;抹掉”;wipe up 意为“擦掉”。根据句意应选 A 项。 11.B 当 guard 意为“哨兵;警卫;看守”时,是可数名词,前面加定冠词 the,表 示特指;on guard 为固定短语,表示“值/当班; (保持)警惕”。 12.D be busy 后面应接 doing 的形式,表示“忙于做某事”,可排除 A、C 项;can't help doing sth.表示“禁不住做某事”, can't help (to) sth.表示“不能帮忙做某事”, do 根据句意分析可知 B 项错误,答案为 D 项。 13.D 该题 request 后面为 that 引导的同位语从句,谓语应用(should)do 形式, 所以答案为 D 项。 14.A 该题考查两个固定短语。on purpose 意为“故意地”;by accident 意为“偶 然地;意外地”。 15. 根据句意判断应选 however 引导让步状语从句, C 并且修饰谓语 tried, 表示“不 论我怎么和他说我是你姑妈”。 Ⅲ. D 根据后面的 but...看出前后为转折 关系, 1. 后面用了 interested 与 satisfied, 所以此处选 exciting。 2.C 从第二段开始,我们知道 Mr.Gray 为了推销机器,到处跑,因此选 travelling 最合适。 3.C 根据下文可知,他有一辆汽车。 4.A 从破折号后的解释可知,他有时也乐于乘火车。C 项有一定干扰性,excited 意 为“兴奋的”,不合题意。 5.D 根据下句 He was a little frightened of driving in the rain or snow 可知, 在天气不好时,他就乘火车。 6.B 根据后面 to sit comfortably in a train 看出,乘火车比开车要舒服,即 less tiring。 7.A 根据后面 where to stay 及 found it annoying when he was given a cool room, and when there was no hot water 可知应选 problems。B 项有一定干扰性,question 是需 要回答的迷惑性问题,不合题意。

8.D 联系找房子困难可知,他到的是乡下的小地方。 9. 四个选项都有干扰性。 B pleasure 意为“乐趣”; comfort 意为“舒适”; quietness 意为“安静”;peace 意为“和平”。联系后面的 wonderful food 可知,虽然 Mr.Gray 不 奢望舒适与美食(但他也不想得到 a cold room) 。 10.A 从前面的 no 可知应选并列连词 or,hot water 与 good food 并列。 11.B 根据 Late one winter evening,可知,Mr.Gray 坐了一天的火车。 12.D 根据下句的 satisfying meal 可知他很饿了。 13.B 根据下句的转折连词 but 判断,应选 simple 与 satisfying 形成转折。 14.A 联系前面 Mr.Gray was cold 判断,Mr.Gray 想在温暖的火炉旁吃一顿简单但令 人满意的饭。 15.B 结合前面的 he was walking 以及空前的 also 可知应选 walking。 16.C 根据 Mr.Gray 向陌生人询问宾馆可知,这是他第一次来这里。 17.D talk about 意为“讨论”;think about 意为“考虑”move about 意为“转来 转去”; find out about 意为“查明关于??的事情”。 由于是第一次来这里, 所以 Mr.Gray 想知道有多少旅馆。 18.B 联系上下文可知,这是 Mr. Gray 让别人给自己介绍好的宾馆,因此用 advise。 19.C 因为自己也不知道究竟哪个好,因此他挠头。 20.A 显然这个人想表达这两家宾馆都很差,因此他说“不论你走进哪一家,你都会 后悔你没有去另一家。”whichever 此处引导让步状语从句,相当于 no matter which,意 思是“无论哪个”。 Ⅳ.第一句:Lately→Late 第二句:去掉 had 第三句:well→good/nice 第四句:said→told 第五句:times→time 第六句:his→their 第七句:warm 前加 were 第八句:At→In;or→and 第九句:flooded 前加 been



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