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经典的高中英语完形填空题. 高中英语应试辅导篇:完形填空解析 As she walked round the large shop, Edith realized how difficult it was to choose a suitable Christmas __1__for her father. She __2__that he were as easy to ple

ase as her mother, who was __3__satisfied with perfume(香水). __4__, shopping at this time of the year was a most __5__job. People __6__on your feet, pushed you with their shoulders and almost __7__ you over in their hurry in order to __8__ something cheap ahead of you. Partly to have a rest, Edith paused in front of a counter, where some beautiful ties were on __9__. "They are __10__silk," the shop assistant told her with a smile trying to __11__her to buy one. But Edith knew from past __12__that her choice of ties hardly ever pleased her father. She moved on slowly and then, quite by chance, __13__where a small crowd of men had gathered round a counter. She found some fine pipes on sale and the __14__were very beautiful. Edith did not hesitate for long, although her father __15__ smoked a pipe once in a while, she believed this was __16__ to please him. When she got home, with her small but __17__present hidden in her handbag, it was time for supper and her parents were already __18__table. Her mother was in great __19__. "Your father has at last decided to stop smoking," she told her daughter happily. Edith was so __20__that she could not say a single word. 1. A. suit B. card C. thing D. gift 2. A. believed B. wished C. hoped D. supposed 3. A. never B. seldom C. always D. scarcely 4. A. Therefore B. Fortunately C. Besides D. Finally 5. A. unhappy B. careful C. exciting D. tiring 6. A. walked B. stepped C. lifted D. stood 7. A. turned B. hit C. brought D. knocked 8. A. watch B. find C. grasp D. sell 9. A. time B. show C. board D. duty 10. A. real B. cheap C. poor D. exact 11. A. hope B. ask C. force D. persuade 12. A. experience B. things C. books D. school 13. A. stopped B. saw C. asked D. found 14. A. money B. cigarette C. shapes D. shop 15. A. always B. nearly C. only D. never 16. A. hardly B. impossibly C. possibly D. certainly 17. A. cheap B. well-chosen C. expensive D. ready-made 18. A. on B. by C. beside D. at 19. A. excitement B. anger C. sadness D. disappointment 20. A. glad B. happy C. surprised D. excited [答案与解析] 1. D。由下文可知, Edith 在为父亲选择一件圣诞节礼物。2. B 3. C。 由宾语从句中的谓语动词 were 可知,这是虚拟语气,主句的谓语动词应该是 wish。 根据 he

were as easy to please as her mother,可以断定第 3 空填 always。4. C 5. A 6. B 7. D 8. B。给父亲选择一件合适的礼物很难,而且,时值圣诞节购物高峰,买东西不是一件令人愉快的 事情,人们踩到你的脚上,用肩膀挤着你,为了能在你的前面买到便宜货,几乎会把你撞倒。9. B。be on show 是固定词组,意为"陈列着"。10. A。领带是真丝的。11. D 12. A。售货员试图说服 Edith 买一条领带,但从过去的经验中她知道她选择的领带很难使父亲满 意。13. A。Edith 在一些男人聚集的柜台前停下来。14. C。烟斗的形状很好看。15. C 16. D。尽管父亲只是偶尔使用烟斗吸烟,但她认为这个烟斗肯 定会使父亲满意。17. B。从上文可知,这份小礼物是精心挑选的。18. D。be at table 是固定词组,表"坐在桌子旁 "。19. A。由 she told her daughter happily 可知,因为父亲决定戒烟,母亲很高兴。20. C。Edith 对父亲戒烟感到惊讶,因为她给 父亲买的礼物又不合适。



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