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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module3 AdventureinLiteratureandtheCinema教学案 外研版必修5

Module 3

Adventure in Literature and the Cinema

1.____________ n.幻想,想象→____________ adj.奇异的;怪诞的,不现实的 2.____________ vt.解决→____________ n.解决方案 3.____________ n.凶手;谋杀犯→____________ vt.凶杀;谋杀 4.____________ adj.好奇的→____________ n.好奇心;求知欲 5.____________ n.恐惧;害怕→____________ v.使惊吓;使恐惧 6.____________ adj.非常害怕的;极度恐慌的→____________ vt.使恐惧 7.____________ vt.塑造;创作→____________ n.塑造;创作 8.____________ n.例外→____________ prep.除??之外 9.____________ vt.警告→____________ n.警告 10.____________ adj.坚决的→____________ n.决心 1.Since 2000,with the ____________(例外)of 2009,sub?Saharan Africa has recorded an average 5 to 7 percent GDP growth annually. 2.She gave the police a full ____________(叙述)of the incident. 3.Lady Gaga s aid,“Part of me is reality and part of me is ____________(幻 想).” 4.The theme of the concert titled “Light Up the World” closely ____________ (与??相似)London's Olympic slogan “Inspire a Generation”. 5.The cat felt ____________(好奇的)when she saw her own reflection in the mirror. 6.Mo Yan's works always enjoy a high ____________(声望)in the professional field. 7.A foreign teacher who threw a 5?year?old girl into ____________(浅的)water at a swimming pool has apologized to her parents and will go back to his country this month. 8.They believe that God ____________(创造)the world. 9.He was one of my Chinese ____________(同伴)during my stay in America. 10.No sound ____________(打扰)the silen ce of the evening. 1.____________与??有联系/有关联 2.____________捉弄;施用诡计 3.___________(秘密地)逃跑 4.____________有意(做某事) ;有(做某事的)心情 5.____________以??为背景 6.____________编造;虚构 7.____________发财 8.____________出发;启程 1.“It looks ____________ it'll go under soon,” Jim said,after a couple of minutes. 过了几分钟后,吉姆说道:“看来它好像很快就要沉下去了。” 句型提炼:as if 意为“似乎;好像”,后面的从句中常用虚拟语气。 2.____________,the author's name,Mark Twain,is itself an invention,or “pen name”. 首先,作者的名字“马克·吐温”本身就是一个发明,或叫做“笔名”。 句型提炼:to start with 意为“首先”,在句中常用作插入语。


3.He arrived in New Orleans without a penny in his pocket ____________ that there were no boats for South America. 他身无分文地来到新奥尔良时,却发现那里没有开往南美洲的船了。 句型提炼:only to find...为不定式作结果状语,常表示出乎意料的结果。

1.account n.叙述,描写;报道;账目,账户;估计;理由 v.解释;说明;视为 on account of 因为 on no account 决不 take account of 对??加以考虑 take...into account 考虑到;把??考虑在内 giv e a full account of...对??有一个完整的说明 account for 解释;说明; (在数量,比例上)占 account to sb.for sth.对于??向某人作出满意的交代 ①He has given me an account of what happened when he studied abroad last year. 他对我讲了去年在国外留学时所发生的事情的经过。 ②Our company has an account with a bank in London. 我们的公司在伦敦的一家银行有账户。 ③I cannot account for his failure,which only he himself knows. 我不能解释他失败的原因,只有他本人知道。 ④Don't always believe newspaper accounts of events. 不要总是相信报纸的报道。 反馈 1.1I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into ______ when judging my examination. A.regard B.counting C.account D.observation 反馈 1.2(2013 山西示范高中期中,3)He didn't tell the truth.That reason could not ______ his absence from school. A.take into consideration B.account for C.make out D.make up for 反 馈 1.3 ______ his knowledge of the mountainous country , John Smith was appointed as our guide. A.In spite of B.On account of C.Regardless of D.In place of 2.lie vi.说谎;撒谎,躺;位于 n.谎言 tell a lie 撒谎 lie in one's teeth/throat 扯弥天大谎 a black lie 用心险恶的谎言 a white lie 善意的谎言 lie to sb.向某人撒谎 lie on one's back/side/stomach 仰面躺着/侧躺着/趴着 ①I could see from his face that he was lying. 从他的表情我可以看出他在说谎。 ②He was lying in the shade of a tree,thinking what to do next. 他正躺在树荫下,想着下一步做什么。 ③The town lies on the coast. 该域位于海边。 易混辨析 原形 意义 过去式 过去分词 现在分词

lie vi. 说谎 lied lied lying lie vi. 躺;位于 lay lain lying lay vt. 放置;产卵 laid laid laying 反馈 2.1“I ______ awake all night,thinking of you,” he ______ to me. A.lay;laid B.lied;lay C.lied;lied D.lay;lied 反馈 2.2The boy ______ on the bed ______ to us that his hen could ______ two eggs a day. A.lying;lied;lay B.lied;lay;lie C.laid;lay;lie D.lay;laid;lie 反馈 2.3When she returned several days later,she found that all things still ______ where she had ______ them. A.lay;laid B.laid;laid C.lay;lain D.lying;laid 3.warn vt.警告;告诫;预告;提醒 warning n.提醒;警告 warn sb.of/about sth.警告/提醒某人注意?? warn sb.(not)to do sth.提醒某人(不)做某事 warn sb.against(doing)sth.提醒某人提防??;提醒某人不做?? warn sb.that?clause 提醒某人?? ①He warned us of the serious situation. 他提醒我们关注严峻的形势。 ②I warned my son not to disturb his sleeping sister. 我提醒儿子不要去打扰他正在睡觉的妹妹。 ③I warned him against smoking in the office. 我告诫他不要在办公室内吸烟。 反馈 3.1The soldier fired to warn the man ______ forward. A.to going B.going C.go D.against going 反馈 3.2The old man ______ the child not to play in the river but they wouldn't listen. A.suggested B.warned C.hoped D.persuaded 4.persuade sb.to do sth./into doing sth.说服某人做某 事 ①It's difficult to persuade him to do that.说服他做那件事很难。 ②He persuaded her into going with him. 他说服了她跟他一起去。 温馨提示 advise sb.to do sth.相当于 try to persuade sb.to do sth.,意为“劝说、 建议某人做某事”,但不一定说服对方。 反馈 4(2013 甘肃示范高中期中,22)He's so stubborn that I'm afraid I can't persuade him ______ his mind. A.change B.changed C.changes D.to change 5.set off 出发;启程;使爆炸;引起(突发的动作) ;导致(突然的活动) ;衬托; 使更为突出;使更为美观 ①One afternoon she set off from the coast in a small boat and was caught in a storm.

一天下午,她乘坐小船从海岸出发,遇到了一场暴风雨。 ②As a traditional way to celebrate the new year,setting off firecrackers is welcomed by most Chinese people. 燃放鞭炮,作为一种传统的庆贺新年的方式,受到大多数中国人的欢迎。 ③The news set off a stir.这消息引起一阵骚动。 ④This gold frame sets off your oil painting very well. 这个金色镜框把你的油画衬托得很美丽。 用法拓展 set in 开始;到来 set aside 把??搁在一旁;省出;留出 set down 记下;定下;制定 set out 动身;出发;开始做?? set up 创建;建立 set off/out for 动身去某地 set forth 启程;动身 set sb.off doing 使某人开始做某事 set out to do sth.着手做某事 set about doing sth.开始做某事 反馈 5.1(2013 四川绵阳中学月考,11)—What's wrong with Jenny? —A call from her mother ______ an attack of homesickness. A.sent out B.set out C.set off D.sent off 反馈 5.2 Reportedly,yesterday a group of American soldiers were walking along the road in Iraq when a bomb was ______,three of whom were killed. A.set off B.set out C.set up D.set ab out 6.“It looks as_if it'll go under soon,” Jim said,after a couple of minutes. 过了几分钟后,吉姆说道:“看来它好像很快就要沉下去了。” as if/as though 似乎;好像;仿佛??似的。as if/as though 后面的从句中常用虚 拟语气,谓语多向前推一个时态。 ①It seems as though she knows nothing about it. 看来她一点也不知道这事。 ②He behaved as if nothing had happened. 他装作若无其事的样子。 用法拓展 as if/as though 后面除了跟句子外,还可以跟名词、形容词(短语) 、动词 不定式、分词或介词短语。 ①He acts as if a fool.他做事像个傻子。 ②She hurriedly left the room as if angry. 她匆匆离开了房间,好像生气了的样子。 ③He raised his hand as if to take off his hat. 他举起他的手,好像要摘下帽子。 ④She moved her lips as if trying to speak. 她动了动嘴唇,好像要说话的样子。 反馈 6.1If you talk to your children as if they ______ adults you will strengthen the bond and become closer friends. A.are B.were C.have been D.would be 反馈 6.2 Joan stood outside a shopping mall for a long time, if ______ somebody. as A.to wait for B.waiting for C.waited for D.having waited for 反馈 6.3(2013 甘肃天水一中二模,10)The old man sat there quietly as if ______ in thought. A.losing B.was losing C.lost D.was lost 7. To_start_with, the author's name, Mark Twain, itself an invention, “pen is or

name”. 首先,作者的名字“马克·吐温”本身就是一个发明,或叫做“笔名”。 to start/begin with 意为“首先”,经常充当插入语。 ①We can't leave him alone.To start/begin with,he is too weak.Besides,it is our duty to help him. 我们不能对他不管不顾。首先,他很虚弱。其次,帮助他是我们的责任。 ②To begin with,he thanked us for our help. 首先他对我们的帮助表示了感谢。 用法拓展 start/begin with...由??开始;以??开始 His speech began/started with a poem and ended up with a song. 他的讲演用一首诗开始,以一首歌结束。 温馨提示不定式作为固定短语作状语,充当插入语的还有:to tell the truth 实话说, to be honest 老实说,to be frank 坦白说,to make matters worse 更糟的是 反馈 7.1The hotel was awful.______,our room was far too small.Then we found that the shower didn't work. A.To begin with B.Besides C.In reality D.As a result 反馈 7.2______,I would like to thank Professor Osterhaus for offering me the chance to do this study,and for all the support throughout the study period. A.In the beginning B.At first C.To begin with D.To start 反馈 7.3Let's begin our revision ______ Unit One. A.from B.in C.with D.by


参考答案 基础梳理整合 词汇拓展 1.fantasy;fantastic 2.solve;solution 3.murderer;murder 4.curious; curiosity 5 . fright ; frighten 6 . terrified ; terrify 7 . create ; creation 8.except ion;except 9.warn;warning 10.determined;determination 语 境记词 1.exception 2.account 3.fantasy 4.resembles 5.curious 6.reputation 7.shallow 8.created 9.companions 10.disturbed 短语回顾 1.have connection with 2.play a trick on 3.run away 4.be/feel in the mood(for sth./to do sth.) 5.be set in 6.make up 7.make one's fortune 8.set off 典句分析 1.as if 2.To start with 3.only to find 考点归纳拓展 【思路点拨】 1.1 C take...into account 为固定短语,意为“把??考虑在内”。 1.2 B take...into consideration 意为“把??考虑在内”;account for 意为“解 释;说明”;make out 意为“弄明白”;make up for 意为“弥补”。句意:那个原因不能 解释他(为什么)逃学。 1 .3 B in spite of 意为“尽管;不管”;on account of 意为“由于”;regardless of 意为“不管;不顾”;in place of 意为“代替;取代”。句意:由于了解那个多山国家 的情况,约翰·史密斯被任命为我们的向导。 2.1 D 根据句意判断,第一个空应用“躺”的过去式 lay;第二个空应用“说谎”的 过去式 lied。 2.2 A 第一个空填 lying,lying 是 lie 的现在分词,作定语,意为“躺;卧”;第二 个空填 lied,lied 是 lie 的过去式,意为“说谎”;第三个空填 lay,lay 是动词原形,意 为“产蛋”。 2.3 A 根据句意判断,第一个空表示“位于;在”,其过去式为 lay;第二个空表示 “放置”,其过去分词为 laid,所以答案为 A 项。 3.1 D warn sb.against doing sth.表示“警告某人不要做某事”。 【思路拓展】warn sb.against doing sth.相当于 warn sb.not to do sth.。 3.2 B suggest/hope sb.to do sth.是典型的错误结构;persuade sb.to do sth.意 为“说服某人做某事”,与后面的 they wouldn't 矛盾。答案为 B 项,warn sb.(not)to do sth.意为“提醒某人(不要)做某事”。 4 D persuade sb.to d o sth.意为“说服某人做某事”,所以应选不定式形式作补语。 5.1 C send out 意为“发出;发送”;set out 意为“出发;着手”;set off 意为 “出发;引起;激起”;send off 意为“发出;派往”。根据句意判断应选 C 项,表示“她 母亲的一个电话勾起了她的思乡情”。 5.2 A set off 意为“出发;使爆炸;引发”;set out 意为“出发;开始做”;set up 意为“创建;建立”;set about 意为“开始做”。根据句意判断应选 A 项,表示“一枚炸 弹被引爆了”。 6.1 B 根据句意“仿佛他们是大人”判断此处应用虚拟语气,所以答案为 B 项。 6.2 B 该题 as if 后面为省略的状语从句,句子主语 Joan 与 wait 为主谓关系,所以 应选现在分词形式表示“好像在等人”。A 项表示目的,时间错误;D 项表示早于谓语发生, 时态错误。 6.3 C be lost in thought 意为“陷入沉思”,所以应选 C 项,是 as if he was lost in thought 的省略。 7.1 A to begin with 意为“首先”;besides 意为“再说;还有”;in reality 意 为“实际上”;as a result 意为“结果;因此”。根据句意应选 A 项,与后面的 then 互

相照应,表示“首先??,然后??”。 7.2 C in the beginning 意为“起初”,含有后来有变化的意思;at first 意为“一 开始; 起初”, 强调前后对照, 暗示接下去的事情不同或相反; begin with 意为“首先”, to 为后面的意思开场;D 项 to start 不能用作状语,正确的表达为 to start with。 7.3 C 表示“以??开始”时,begin/start 后面应搭配介词 with。



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