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Unit 3 My First Job (word study)

Language Points
Unit 3

? advertise ? attach importance

? depress ? leisure ? prospect

? range ? ultimate ? consist

? stale
? apply ? disapproval ? local ? protest

? incompetent
? plus ? salary ? undo

? suburb

?While I was waiting to enter university, I saw advertised in a local newspaper a teaching post at a school in a suburb of London about ten miles from where I lived.
advertised ? Many companies will only advertise in the Sunday paper. ? We should advise for someone to look after the garden.

? 1) Next day my picture was on the local newspaper. ? 2) The tooth was removed under local anesthetic (局部麻醉).

?Being very short of money and wanting to do something useful, …. ? be short of: have not enough, be in want of ? e.g. I am short of cash at the moment. Would you accept a cheque?

?I applied, fearing as I did so, that without a degree and with no experience in teaching my chances of getting the job were slim. ? apply: write to ask for (a job, memebrship, etc) ? e.g. Out of the 5000 college graduates who applied for this post of public service, only a handful was admitted. ? slim:苗条的; 修长的; 微小的; 渺茫的

? However, three days later a letter arrived, asking me to go to Croydon for an interview. ? interview ? e.g. He went through a series of interviews before being enrolled into the astronaut training program. ? e.g. It is my greatest honor to be granted an interview by Your Majesty.

?As a result I arrived on a hot June morning too depressed to feel nervous. ? depress ? 1. I was depressed after reading so much depressing news. ? 2. If you depress the button there, a robot will come out to serve tea. ? 3. The OPEC countries depressed their oil output a month ago.

? where they struggled to survive the dust and fumes from a busy main from a busy main road. ?vi.幸存, 活下来 ?vt. 比...活得长;经历...后依然活着; 幸免于; 经受 得住 ?1. The crops survived the drought. ?2. Only ten of the crew survived the shipwreck. ?3. The woman survived a major operation. ?4. The man survived his wife by many years.

?He looked at me with an air of surprised disapproval, as a colonel might look at a private whose bootlaces were undone. undo: ①untie, unfasten e.g. In the struggle her hair turned undone. ②cancel 废除; 使失效; 使复旧 e.g.: what is done cannot be undone.

?personal bearing, appearance, or manner; mien He has a victorious air. 他态度神秘。He has an air of mystery. ?an affected, often haughty pose; affectation give oneself airs 装腔作势 (= put on airs) 〖译〗他以饱学而自傲。 He put on high airs with his learning.

?The narrow, sunless hall smelled unpleasantly of stale cabbage; ? smell of ?to have or emit an odor The house smells of paint.这房屋有油漆的 气味。 〖译〗他嘴里有蒜味。 His breath smelt of garlic. fragrant perfume, aromatic coffee, scented candles, acrid smoke, stinking fish…

not fresh e.g.: stale bread/ beer/ vegetable/ food uninteresting because heard before e.g.: stale news/ jokes/ statements/ gossip

?His study, judging by the crumbs on the carpet, was also his dining-room. ? judging by (或from)根据...来判断 judging by [from] appearances 由外观上判断 judging from the fact 由事实上推测

? …he asked me whether I thought games were a vital part of a boy's education. ? vital of the greatest importance e.g.: Government support is vital to the success of the project. full of life or energy有生气的, 充满生机的 e.g.: vital and handsome film star

?I mumbled something about not attaching too much importance to them. ? mumble : murmur ? attach importance to sth. / doing sth. (consider sth. important; treat sth. as important) e.g. Our teacher attaches great importance to listening comprehension.

?The headmaster and I obviously had very little in common. ? have … in common
? (in

common: the same

?e.g. The two brothers have little in common.

?The school, he said, consisted of one class of twenty-four boys, ranging in age from seven to thirteen. ? consist of: ?(1) be made up of e.g. This apartment consists of 3 bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom. (2) have as the chief element e.g. Happiness consists in being contented with what one has.(存在于…中, 以…为主要部分)

range from A to B: vi. vary from A to B e.g. ? Prices range from £6 to £10. ? The ages of the students in my class range from seventeen to twenty. range n. 变化幅度, 范围 ?Several cars are available within this price range. ?在这个价格范围内, 有好几种汽车可供选购。

?I should have to divide the class into three groups and teach them in turn at three different levels; … ? in turn: one after another ?e.g. They spoke in turn at the meeting. I will see you all in turn. Each man stood up in turn and spoke.

? I was dismayed at the thought of teaching algebra and geometry ? be dismayed at ? dismay指“面临突然地令人惊吓、困惑或烦恼的事 时, 表现畏惧、缺乏勇气或手足无措”, 如: He was dismayed at his lack of understanding. 他对自已的无知感到沮丧。 ?horrify 指“使恐怖”、“使惊骇”, 如: She felt horrified at the sight.见这情景, 她感到恐 怖。

?two subjects at which I had been completely incompetent at school. ? incompetent completely unskillful ? e.g. He was fired because he was incompetent for the job/ to do the job.

? 'What would my salary be?' ? salary ? salary (by month / per year); ? wage ( by hour/ day/ week/ piece of work) ; ? payment (for a service ); ? fee (e.g. membership fees; entrance fee; tuition fee)

?Before I could protest, he got to his feet. ? protest: express a strong objection e.g. Farmers protested against/ about / at the export limit by dumping surplus wheat in front the City Hall.

?… the prospect of working under a woman constituted the ultimate indignity. ? prospect: possibility ?e.g. The prospect of living alone in a foreign country for a whole year depressed her.

form; make up; be 1. Smoking constitutes a threat to public health. 2. Nine planets constitute the solar system.

greatest, utmost 最大的, 极限程度的 last or final 最后的, 最终的 Conceit constitutes his ultimate destruction. What was his ultimate goal?

Old words or expressions slight,slender
dislike plainly

New words or expressions slim
disapproval obviously

Old words or expressions free time
manage possibility

New words or expressions leisure
run chance, prospect constitute




be made up

consist of



Old words or expressions ask for

New words or expressions apply for

Old words or expressions frustrate

New words or expressions depress

low bush not fresh
murmur vary object some

shrub stale
mumble range protest a number of



broken pieces crumb of bread fasten attach
monthly pay lack therefore salary be short of as a result


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