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Plot outline
?Retired state agent Brain bent on being a competent father, to make up for the lost father love of his daughter Kim.Seeing his ex-wife and daughter are now re-established

with others, a wonderful family, Brain fell into deep remorse.
? 已退役的国家特工布赖恩一心想做一名称职的 父亲,弥补过去对女儿肯姆所失去的父爱。看 着前妻与女儿现已与他人重新组建了美满的家 庭,布赖恩深深陷入了自责中

To meet his daughter’s aspiration that she want to be a singer,Brain purchased KTV machine as a birthday gift for Kim and took over the task of protecting a famous female singer. In the task, Brian’s outstanding performance in emergencies gains the thanks of the singer,so he ask the singer to guide his daughter.
他为了满足女儿当歌星的愿望,特意购买了KTV机器 作为生日礼物送给女儿,并接下保护著名女歌星的任 务。在任务中,布赖恩在突发事件中表现突出,得到 了女歌星的感谢,布赖恩于是请求女歌星指导女儿。

? Just turned 17 year old, Kim bent on going to Paris with her friend Amanda who is 19.Looking her daughter first holiday from her parents, Brian trapped in a blue funk.After Kim and her companion arrived in Paris apartment, gang kidnappers burst into the room hijacking the two girls. ? 刚满17岁的女儿肯姆执意要与朋友19岁的阿曼 达去巴黎度假,看着女儿第一次离开父母,布 赖恩心中忐忑不安。就在肯姆与同伴抵达巴黎 寓所后,一伙绑匪冲进房间将二人劫持。

? The next day, Brian arrived in Paris apartment and found Kim have met a man named Peter after her arrived in Paris airport. ? Originally Peter is the childcare of this gang crime group has sent to entice and tracking the teenage. ? 事发第二天,布赖恩赶到女儿在巴黎出事的寓 所,在残破的手机卡里查到肯姆抵达巴黎飞机 场后曾遇到一名叫彼特的男子,原来彼特就是 这伙犯罪集团专门派来引诱并跟踪未成年少女 的托儿。

? Brian found an old friend ---Jane, who is in current national security in France . After several adventure bugs, Brian finally knew that Kim has been sold to others. ? 布赖恩找到了老朋友--目前就任于法国国家安 全局的简,几经冒险打探后得知肯姆已被卖予 他人。

? Seeing the girls who were deep in drugs, Brian thought Kim might be out-played. At this time, however, for fear of Brian causing excessive reduction events, Jane sent someone after him. Brian steady Jane, after many setbacks, finally learned that where Kim was sold. But at the moment, Kim has been sold, and Brian also is caught. ? 布赖恩看到深陷毒品侵害的少女们,越发觉得女儿 肯姆凶多吉少。但就在此时,简因为怕布赖恩引起 过大事件,简派人跟踪他。布赖恩稳住简,几经周 折,终于得知肯姆被卖的地点。但此时肯姆已被卖 出,布赖恩也被抓住。

? However, Brian managed to escape, and killed the principal of organizing women auction and overtook the buyer. After a bloody fight, Brian rescued his daughter, and obtained the forgive of his daughter and re-established affection with his daughter. ? 然而,布赖恩设法逃出,并杀死组织女性拍卖 的负责人,追上买家。一番殊死较量后,特工 布赖恩救出了女儿,并得到了女儿的原谅,父 女之情重新建立。

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