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Unit5 First Aid
1.aid n.______________ & v._______________ first aid __________________ in aid of ____________ with the aid of=with one’s aid _________________ give/ do/ perform/ car

ry out first aid (on sb)__________________ .帮助某人做某事;aid sb. ________ /____________sth 以某物帮助某人 aid _______________________ .eg. When someone is hurt, first aid should be immediately offered. __________________________________________。 With the aid of the computer, he worked out the problem _________________________________________________。 The people all over the world aided them with money ,medicine and other things.___________________________________________________It is necessary to learn how to ___________.学习如何进行急救是必要的。 They were accused of _____________his escape.他们被控告帮助他逃脱 They ______________________________________ 他们帮忙解决了这个问题。 2.fall ill ________=___________ =be ill (1)fall(系动词)+ adj.__________ 入睡_____________ 清醒 fall awake 安静下来,变得沉默 fall__________喜爱,坠入情网 ____________【特别提示】辨析 fall ill & be ill fall ill 为瞬间动词短语,____能与时间段连用 be ill 为持续性动词短语,____能与时间段连用 【活学活用】His son suddenly ________ last week. She has _______ for a week. 3.injury n.__________ → v.______( ) →adj. _______( ) be/get injured ________injury to sb/sth ______________the injured____________ 他在意外事故中受了伤。He ___________in the accident.(injure) 他干活时腿受了重伤。He got __________ at work. (injury) §辨析 injure, hurt, wound 区别: hurt 肉体,精神上的伤害(一般用语) ,疼痛 injury __________________________________ Wound_____________________________________________

Harm 一般指对心情,健康,事业,权利 等造成的伤害 do harm to sb 【活学活用】 You’ll ______her feelings if you forget her birthday. The soldier was _______in the war. He was badly _______in the accdient. My stomach _______because I have eaten too many apples. 4.bleed (v)____________blood (n) ______________bloody (adj)__________ a bloody nose ____________Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。 翻译:他在流鼻血 His nose ____________(bleed).He was _________at his nose(bleed). He has a ________nose. 5.poison n./vt.______________adj____________ 1)Poisons must be put out of children's reach.___________________ 2)Heroin has poisoned a lot of people. ______________________ 3)This kind of plant has poisonous roots _____________________________ eg: This medicine is ___________(poison)if taken in large quantities. He is __________(poison) by eating rotten meat. His dog has been _________(poison) to death. 6.…it keeps you warm or cool; it prevent your body from losing too much water; it is where you feel cold, heat or pain and it gives you your sense of touch. sense of sight____________;sense of hearing__________;sense of taste________ sense of smell__________; sense of humor__________ sense of direction _________ sense of touch____________ sense of beauty________ the sixth sense___________ common sense ____________ 7. So as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned it can be very serious. 该句是一 个主从复合句,主句为____________________________________________ _______________ 从 句 为 _____________________________________________ eg. As you can see, if they are not properly protected, the farmlands will become desserts sooner or later. as 为 关 系 代 词 , 在 从 句 中 充 当 _____/_____/____, 既 可 以 引 导 _______ 也 引 导 ____________.引导非限定性定语从句时 as 指主句的内容,译为__________________,位置 灵活,既可位于句首,也可位于________或___________。与_______ 常可互换,但位于句首 只能用_________.as 引导限定性定从时,先行词常被_____,______修饰。 As everybody knows, Shakespeare is a famous writer. As is known to all, china is a developing country.

The teacher is from Shanghai ,as /which we can know from his accent. He is not the same person as he used to be . Such people as you describe can be found everywhere.

10.11.Remove clothing using scissors if necessary unless it is stuck to the burn.除非衣服 粘贴在烧伤面上,否则都要把衣服脱掉。如果需要的话,可以使用剪刀。 stick to________stick(_______,_______)v. 粘住;坚持 n.___________ stick to(后常接名词如 stick to one’s _______/_______坚持自己的决定/意见) be stuck in __________被困在---里;被陷在---里 If you stick to the truth, you have nothing to fear.坚持真理,你就无所畏惧。 Stick a label on your suitcase 【活学活用】No matter what you say, I shall ____ my opinion.

:(上海高考) Pop music is such an important part of society ______ it has even influenced our language. A. as B. that C. which D. where 2. _________is often the case, boys prefer to take part in sports. A. As B. It C. What D. which He passed the exam, _______made us very happy. He passed the exam, ________we had expected.

A.carry out

B.keep up

C.insist on

D.stick to

8. a ( wild/great/large) variety of =varieties of ______________________ adj_________( ), vary vt/vi__________________ vary with _______________vary from ....to ..._______________________ 1)He likes collecting various coins. 2)There were a large variety of exhibits in the 2010 Shanghai Expro. 3)Office hours vary from company to company and country to country. 4)He resigned for a(n) _________of reasons. A. various B. different C. variety D. amount 9. Examples include burns caused by electric shocks, burning clothes, or severe petrol fires. electric shocks ____________ 辨析: electric, electrical 与 electronic

.He promised to help us and he stuck to his word If you can _____________________(坚持练习), you could play the piano quite well. 1. 12.For second degree burns, keep cloths cool by putting them back in a basin of cold water, squeezing them out and placing them on the burned area over and over again for about an hour until the pain is not so bad. S) 1)squeeze vt/vi. _____________ s 2)queeze sth out (of sth)= squeeze from sth _____________ 注意: squeeze money from sb/ squeeze money out of sb 向某人勒索钱财 They have been squeezed out of the job market by young people. 他们被年轻人挤出了就业市场。 3)squeeze through__________4)sqeeze in/ into/out ___________ The car was full, but I managed to squeeze in. 车太满了但我还是设法挤了进去。 The dog sqeezed through the small hole in the wall. He squeeze everything into a suitcase.他把每样东西都塞进了衣箱。 1.He ____ the tube hard and the last bit of toothpaste came out. A.pulled B.knocked C.squeezed D.forced C.get into D.enter through 2.He was so fat that he could only just ____the door. A. squeeze into B. squeeze through 3.改错 the child tried his best to sqeeze the juice out an apple. 2)over and over again ____________________ 还可以这么说 ______________________________________________________ 1. 我一次又一次地警告过你不要再做那么傻的事。 (over and over again) I’ve warned you ________________________ not to do such silly things. 13.in place______________ out of place_____________ (be) in place of sb/ sth = take the place of sb = take one’s place______ 14. 14.If the injuries are second or third degree burns, it is vital to get the victim to the doc doctor or hospital at once. 句法分析:本句采用了句型:It is +adj. + to do sth. 其中 It 为 _________________,而不 定式短语 to do sth 为____________________


electric fan/ light/energy 电扇/电灯/电能 an electric shock 触电 分析总结:electric____________________________________________________________ electrical work 电工活 an electrical engineer 电气工程师 分析总结:electrical_________________________________________________________ electronic equipment/ products 电子设备/电子产品 分析总结:electronic_____________________________________________________________ electricity n. 电 Nowadays electricity is widely used in many ways.

学以致用:Nowadays ___________mails are used more and more frequently. A. electricity B. electric C. electrical D. electronic
10.swell v. ______________( ______ ;________ ) → adj. __________ 肿胀的→
n.__________ 肿胀(处)

The sprain made my ankle swell up. 我的脚踝扭伤肿了起来。 The wind swelled the sails. 风鼓起了帆。 The doctor examined the swelling on my back. 医生检查了我背部的肿胀。

vital adj. _____________be vital for /to _______________ be vital to do sth._______________ It is vital that …(should) do sth It is /was necessary/natural/important/strange/essential that …(should) do Eg. His support is vital for our project. Perseverance is vital to success. 毅力对于成功是至关重要的。 It’s vital that we (should)carry out the operation immediately.

_______________; _______________; _______________; (2) (3) 修 饰 不 可 数 名 词 的 短 语 有 : _______________; _______________;_ ______________; 既 修 饰 可 数 名 词 又 修 饰 不 可 数 名 词 的 短 语 有 : _______________; _______________;_______________; _______________; 【活学活用】1.(NEMT1996) The number of people invited _____fifty, but a _______________;

Using language
1. treat v. _______;______;_______ n._________→n. [U]__________治疗; 疗法;待遇 (1)治疗 treat sb for +疾病 (___________)treat sb with sth_______________ 辨析:cure= heal(治愈)sb ______+疾病(_________ (2)对待= regard treat sb as /like--- (_____________) (3)款待 treat sb to --- (__________)be one’s treat___________ My mother treat my advice as a joke Do you know which doctor will treat Mr Zhang I will treat you_____ dinner. This meal is my treat ,so put your money away. The docter tried to treat his disease ________music. 2.apply vt._____________________; vi.______________________ n application____________ n,____________申请者 (1)申请 apply to _____ for ____( ) (2)应用,运用,涂抹 apply (____)to(_____) ____________ (3) apple to ____________ apply oneself to( doing) sth I made up my mind to apply to my school for a scholarship. The nurse is applying some medicine to his wound. These methods apply to learning English. He applied herself to learning English. 1) You can’t _______this rule _____every case. 2) We have seen that method _________(apply)to some other conditions and it does work. 3) now a lot of new technologies can be applied to ______(solve) problems industry. 4)He went to the American Embassy many times to apply ____his visa. A.with B.in C.for D.at 3.pressure n._______;_______;_______ 【高考考点】under pressure ____________ blood pressure ______________ put pressure on sb 给---施加压力 4. a number of_____________ the number of_________(作主语,动词用单数) 【高考考点】常用来修饰名词的短语: (1) 修 饰 可 数 名 词 的 短 语 有 : _______________; _______________;

number of them ____absent for different reason. A.were;was B.was;was C.was;were D.were;were 2. (2001 上海)As a result of destroying the forests, a large ______ of desert ____covered the land. A.number;has B.quantity;has C.number; have D. quantity;have
5.it shows that a knowledge of first aid can make a real difference. make a difference_________________ 【 高 考 考 点 】 make no/little / some /any /much difference (to sb/ in sth) ______________________ Make all the difference__________________ 1)The rain didn’t make much difference (to the game).______________________ 2)The sea air has made a difference to her health.……________________________ 3)对我来说,你来不来都无所谓 It makes no difference to me whether you come or not. 4)你的选择事关重大。 Your choice makes a difference. Morning or afternoon ,it ______________me.对我来说,上午或者下午都没关系。 Changing school _______________to my life. 转学对我影响很大。 It isn’t what you have done but what you will do that _______________. 重要的是不是你做了什么二是你将要做什么。 6.John was studying in his room when he heard screaming be doing……when ……..______________________ 这里 when__________She was doing her homework when the telephone rang. be about to do sth …….when_______________________ be on the point of doing sth….when____________________ be doing sth ….when..___________________ had just done sth…when …______________________ I was ____________when an old friend visited me.我正在吃午饭,这时一位老朋友来看我。 He ______just_______home _____it rained.他刚到家就下雨了。 He __________________________he heard a strange sound.他正要锁门,这时听见了 一个奇怪的 7.doubt v.__________;n.______________ 【高考考点】 Doubt(n)

___his cancer?

There is no doubt that______________ There is/sb has some doubt ____/____ 、About /of 对………有些疑问 Doubt (vt) doubt whether/if_____________not doubt that……_____________ he has some doubt about his honesty. I doubted if that was what he wanted. I don’t doubt that he can do a good job. 【活学活用】1._____ is no doubt that we will communicate in English freely if we work hard. A.It B.There C.That D.Here 2 .Our class adviser doesn’t doubt, in any case, ______ we can overcome the difficulties in our study. He always giveas us a confident smile. A.how B.whether C.that D. / 3he never doubted _____they would succeed A where B whetherC when D that 8.it was john’s quick action and knowledge of first aid that saved Ms.Slade’s life. 本句为___________句式,强调的是句子的___________. 强调句的基本句式 ____________________________________ 强调的句子成分有___________________ Not…until ..句式的强调句 it +be +not until+that +其余 It It It It is I who/that am to blame for the mistake. was because the water had risen that they could not cross the river. was him that/whom I met in the street yesterday. was not until midnight that he came back home.

.强调句高考链接: (2008 全国Ⅱ )It was New Zealand _____Elizabeth first met Mr Smith. A.that B.how C.which D. when C.while D. as (2008 重庆) It was not until midnight ____they reached the camp site. A. that B. when 练习、 一,单词 1.生病 ___________________ 2.榨出,挤出 ___________________ 3.在适当的位置,在通常的位置_______________ 4.找到,得到 ___________________ 5.许多,大量(只修饰可数名词________________ 6.受伤 ___________________ 7.被烧伤 __________________ 8.保护……免于 __________________ 9.触电 __________________

10. 轻微的红肿 __________________ 11.be proud of __________________ 12.carry out __________________ 13.close to __________________ 14.depend on __________________ 15.first aid __________________ 16.hang up __________________ 17.in honour of __________________ 18.in hospital __________________ 19.in place __________________ 20.make a difference __________________ 二,用所给词的适当形式填空、 1.injure vt.伤害,损害_________n.伤,伤口;伤害,损害_________adj.受伤的 ⑴ He ___________ (injure) in an accident. ⑵ He escaped from the train wreck without ________ (injure). ⑶ The_________ (injure) passengers were rushed to the hospital. 2.blood n. 血,血液;血统,家族_________v.(使)出血,抽血;榨取_________adj. 血污的, 流血的;残忍的 ⑴ Jack came home with a_________ (blood) nose. ⑵ She _______ (blood) a lot soon after the baby was born. ⑶ The government calls on the youth _____________________ (献血) voluntarily. 3.poison n. 毒药,毒害;vt.毒害;放毒于_____________ adj.有毒的,有害的 ⑴ It’s time that________ (poison) TV plays should be forbidden to play. ⑵ He tried to kill himself by________ (服毒). ⑶ Gases from cars___________ (正在污染) the air of our cities. 4.temporary adj. ___________ 反义:permanent adj.__________ 运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 The boss had to hire some _____________ (临时工) to do some______________ (临时工作). 运用:用适当的介词或副词填空。 ⑴ She squeezed some juice______ the lemon. ⑵ He squeezed________ the crowd and then went up to the stage. ⑶ The elevator was full,but I managed to squeeze ____. ⑷ He squeezed everything______ the suitcase. ⑸ Those outdated products were squeezed __________ the market. 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 我要请你们每人吃个苹果。I will _______ each of you_____ an apple. ⑵ 他们热情招待了这些农民。They gave______________to these farmers. ⑶ 我妈妈总把我们当孩子看待。My mother always ____________ children. ⑷ 这个男孩正在接受心脏病治疗。This boy _________________ for a heart condition.

运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 我们应当把理论运用到实践中去,要不然,这条理论是无用的。 We should_________________________,otherwise,it is no use. apply theory to practice ⑵ 这项规则不是所有情况都使用。This rule doesn’t ___________ every case. ⑶ 不要向经理申请这份工作,那工作太无聊了。 Don’t____________________________ the manager____the job,because it is boring. apply to 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 他因总是想家而病倒了。 ____________because of his homesickness. ⑵ 他直到午夜才睡着。 ___________________ until midnight. 运用:请完成下列句子。 ⑴ Before you leave the office,everything should _______________ (放好/放在适当的位 置). ⑵ The books were all neatly ____________,carefully arranged.Otherwise,it will be difficult to find them. 运用:用所给词的适当形式填空。 ⑴ The number of people present at the meeting ______ (be) 3000,a number of whom ______ (be) from Guangzhou. ⑵ There____ (be) a large amount of false information on the Internet. 5. make a difference(to sb./sth.)_____________________ 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 下不下雨对我来说都一样。Whether it rains or not _________________ _______________. ⑵ 这次的旅行将会对他以后的生活有很大的影响。 The travel will______________________ to his later life. ⑶ 努力点吧,你会与众不同的。Work hard, ________________________. 三.翻译 1.Tom 以他是一名医生而自豪。(be proud of) 2.他的工作就是保护很多病人,使他们免受严重伤害。(a number of,protect... from;) 3.一挂断电话,Tom 马上出发到工厂去实施急救。(hang up,carry out,first aid) 4.到达工厂后,他马上接近伤者。(close to) 5.伤者除受到电击外,而且还被烧伤,已有轻微的红肿。(be burned,mildly swollen) 6.他的急救很快有了效果,病人情况有了好转。(make a difference)

四 填空 There are three types of burns. Burns 1 _______ (call) first,second or third degree burns,depending on 2 ______ layers of the skin are burned. First degree burns These affect only 3______ top layer of the skin.These burns are not serious and should feel better 4________ a day or two.Examples include mild sunburn and burns caused by 5 ________ (touch)a hot pan,stove or iron for a moment. Second degree burns These affect 6_______ the top and the second layer of the skin. These burns are serious and take a few weeks 7_______ (heal). Examples include severe sunburn and burns caused by hot liquids. Third degree burns These affect 8_____three layers of the skin and any tissue and organs 9 ______ the skin.Examples include burns caused by electric shocks,burning clothes,or severe petrol fires.These burns cause very severe 10_________ (injure) and the victim must go to hospital at once.


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